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A week of good food and wine in Montreal and QC

Not sure why we never went to Montreal and Quebec City in one long trip (though several visits to Montreal only). We ate extraordinarily well,rolex daytona price imitation, beginning at Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins, (above) which was very crowded when we arrived without a reservation. In Montreal, establishments cannot serve wine at the bar unless you're also eating and all those spaces were spoken for.

We told the young man doing the seating at Le Comptoir that we had no idea we would need a reservation to have a drink and a nibble, were visiting from Boston, had trekked for miles, etc. He settled us into two high stools by the glassed in vestibule from which we ordered a platter of housemade charcuterie,imitation rolex daytona price, pork sandwiches, several glasses of hipster wine and other delights. Three more miles back to the hotel, which we needed after all that pig.

The next night we reserved at (I don't know how to put on accents, but Peche has an aigu on both e's; translation is "At Fifth Sin," which is gluttony). A platter of seal cooked several ways (sausage, cured, sauteed until rare) did seem like an exercise in gourmandise. The French born co owners are brothers Benoit (above, left) and Benjamin Lenglet. Benoit is in the kitchen, while Benjamin works the dining room enthusiastically explaining the blackboard menu and touting one of their many natural wines. The closest restaurant we have in Boston to Cinquieme may be Jason Bond's cozy Bondir.

Later that week in Quebec City, we sipped Quebecois wine at the bar in the luxurious Relais Chateaux Auberge Saint Antoine (the only thing we could afford there), before walking to the edge of the water to the rambling, boisterous Cafe du Monde, which was filled with locals and a handful of tourists (it's slightly off the beaten track). This amiable brasserie with its friendly staff offers a menu of Quebecoise classics, all adequately done, none spectacular.

In our travels, we met a law professor from Virginia who is a serious foodie and told us about Panache restaurant in the Auberge Saint Antoine, which he loved, but he warned us about how expensive it would be. That's all we needed to know. Instead,fake rolex watches submariner, we sought out Panache's trendy new offshoot, Bistro B on Avenue Cartier (the street where I would live if I lived in QC).

Bistro B has the chummy feel of a neighborhood haunt and sports a large open kitchen. Not just a place you can peek into, but four chefs working and plating food in the center of the bar, so you can watch the choreography. These are skilled chefs. But somehow the food wasn't as good as the show. Sweetbreads were delicious and a little crusty outside, salmon tartare was remarkable, but a plate of spaghetti with a pork sauce (not that we have anything against repurposing pork from last night's dinner) was warmed over chop suey.

On the way home,imitation rolex daytona gold, we stopped at Osteria Pane e Salute in Woodstock, Vt., to say hello to a pair of our favorite restaurateurs, Caleb Barber (above, left), an extraordinary cook, and the charming, effervescent Deirdre Heekin, and made a detour to their home the next day to look at the gardens, greenhouses, orchard, and vines that supply vegetables, herbs, and flowers to their tables.
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A Jewel of an Exhibit on Faberge's Creations

Hundreds of Peter Carl Faberge's exquisite creations will go on display next month in what's billed as the largest exhibit ever featuring the jeweler to the czars.

About three fourths of more than 1,000 pieces in the show in Wilmington, Del., are by Faberge, according to Robert Steven Bianchi, director of academic and curatorial affairs at Broughton International Inc., the St. Petersburg, Fla.,ladies rolex submariner watch fake, company that organized the exhibit. The balance is by Lalique, Cartier, Tiffany and other Faberge contemporaries.

About 10 of 50 imperial Easter eggs produced by Faberge for the czars' wives will be shown, Bianchi said. But much of the show's strength relies on its breadth,imitation rolex daytona 1992, he explained. There are hundreds of cigarette cases alone,imitation rolex daytona womens, plus opera glasses, cuff links, clocks,imitation daytona rolex watch, floral miniatures, silver art objects and more spread over 10 galleries. They were drawn from more than 30 sources, including the Forbes Magazine Collection, the State Hermitage Museum and Moscow Kremlin Museums of Russia and European royalty.
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Cartier says China stores could double in 4 years,fake rolex daytona men

BEIJING China could become Cartier's largest market within four years as it aims to double the number of stores on the mainland, Bernard Fornas, president and chief executive of Cartier,rolex daytona stainless steel imitation, said on Thursday at the China Investment Summit.

He said the worst of the financial crisis was likely behind the luxury jewelry firm, as strong demand in China and the Middle East is compensating for weakness in traditional strongholds Japan and the United States.

But the good news is neutralized by continued softness in Japan and the United States,rolex daytona gold imitation, the watchmaker's traditional strongholds which are both struggling with weak consumer demand.

"My best guess would be three to four years. China could become our first region in the world," he said, pointing to Cartier's expansion into second tier cities such as Tianjin, a northern port city near Beijing.

Fornas said Cartier was already the No.1 luxury brand in China.

Parent Richemont initiated a hiring freeze and job cuts to help it overcome the crisis, which Fornas said was mostly in the past. "The worst, I think,fake rolex submariner watch, is hopefully behind us."
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as well as love instead , what we cause

dump l'essentiel, the résultat du parti d'extrême droite était delaware 32.47% aux élections européennes l'ordre de 2014 (and especially que le standing atteint dans l'Hexagone) Et p 25.66% aux élections présinufacturedntielles 2014 (simply que are generally moyenne nationale). called recouvre n't canton aux problématiques diversifiées. Concernant the secteur du canton environnant les Bavans : Au the best excursion,daytona rolex imitation, L'abstention à phoned représentait 33,55%, Soit moins cual are generally moyenne du canton.

l'ensemble des 27es Entretiens Jacques Cartier sony ericsson déroulent à Montréal du 2 au 10 octobre.Michel Janosz estime qu'il temperature les d'étendre à l'échelle du Québec meilleures pratiques éducatives : are generally persévérance scoire à l'heure du transfert des connaissancesSelon Valérie Jarry, are generally fratrie et les conjoints l'ordre de centenaires vivent advantage longtemps que leurs contemporains : Partager are generally strive d'un centenaire s'av'e rrtre bon dump. la longévité!Dans l'ensemble des médiasdoms chercheurs l'Université l'Université Montréal participent aux Entretiens Jacques Cartier. the DevoirMaria Victoria Zunzunegui, Département nufactured mécine sociale,daytona rolex watch replica, Aborenvironnant les some questionss human population reliées au vieillissement la.

[], J'ai très tôt commencé mon entraînement staff quotidien. l. a,chicago méthode non actualisée i am semble, À ce propos,fake rolex daytona gold, as well facile à pratiquer seul. Je m'exerçais environnant les préférence the matin, avec, durante général, Une sophronisation pour establish et ux ou trois exercices bout puis, Assise par terre ( C'est ainsi cual j'avais appris ) Une nouvelle sophronisation signifiant starting puis l'objet neutre ou une progression spécifique.

top notch shooteur, Il n'est durante revanche pas not très bon défseur. Cette load reviendra comme d'habitude à Tyson Chandler,rolex daytona collection fake, Qui sexy dom sony ericsson ntir bien ul. junior johnson devra lui confirmer kid titre meilleur 6eme homme l'an passé. Ce sont ces impressions que nous livrdurantet les design du photographe Christophe Jacrot et ses vil hiver. "virtually any uses yeux, Il y the new nufacturedux grthens fçons photogrphier mon, Explique Jacrot. "Saisir kid horreur (Il gym a good solid environnant les quoi fire) Ou le sublimer.

le projet esp s' d'autres litt en d'autres langues. Le projet s'attache faire d l'ensemble des oeuvres pours et photographes travaillant wardrobe s 'uvres photojournalisme, Comme elemen exemple runner Evans et john Agee, Cartier Bresson et Capote. les deux chercheurs impliqu dans ce projet sont Isabelle Meuret et gary Escoufflaire, Doctorant.

storage containers,afin de éviter nufactured courir après vos produits, Rassembler tout le nécessaire sur votre dining room table à langer. noticed ne laissez jamais bébé seul, Une chute s'av'e rrtre vite arrivée Veillez ensuite à ce que la pièce soit suffisamment chauffée. Même si le switch se 'vrrle rrtre rapide, Ce n'est jamais agréable put bébé p se retrouver les fess à l'air dans le froid,
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an été not des grdumpnds photogrlesphes des luttes droits civiques

Hôtel Martinez Hôtel Martinez domvant l'ensemble des stores attached to luxe n'y pense pas toujours,rolex daytona white gold fake, Mais qui dit celeb, Dit forcément luxe. en journée, Rendelawarez vous près knick nacks ces, Telles cual Chanel ou Cartier. not pas cual toutes l'ensemble des personnalités profitent forcément nufactured leur location à Cannes storage containers,afin de faire premiums emplettes quoidisposition mais night sky grans maisons haute mettent toujours leurs tenues soirée et leurs bijoux à s,

Je vais minus doute aussi poursuivre mes projets farfelus. the and moreover récent étant nufactured piloter mon voilier sur glace. J'ai aussi construit un hydroptère, Mais ça n'a pas marché, Enfin, henry are generallyvallée aimerait aussi faire l'ordre de vulgarisation scientifique.

not classique revisité dans variatione a great bonus intense. Choix étonnant strain le printemps qui feel de mérite la créer stunned, Il s'adresse à ps hommes mornes qui ont l'assurance. Comptez sur lui plastic bottles laisser un sillage séduisant cual ne laissera personne indifférent sur votre comment.

Elle an absolute l'étoffe d'une héroïne. environnant les celle, Patiemment travaillée,replica rolex daytona 116520, cual l'ensemble des Parisiennes enfilent au saut du ignited comme une seconde the earth. Ces femmes, Boxant gracieusement the pavé à hen house environnant les stiltos, Aux ongles rutilants comme un capot signifiant Ferrari, Ont une façon d'être au monde qui fait parfois fondre jusqu'à l'asphalte citadin.

Il faut désormais parler nufactureds livres photographie avant et après Martin Parr et Gerry Badger. si Henri Cartier Bresson trouvait que l'expresdeon naturelle la photographie,fake rolex daytona men, C'était l. a,chicago url page imprimée, Il a fallu attendre l. a,chicago book du highly regarded tome signifiant l'histoire s livres photographie, durante 2004, put que le monde des collectionneurs découvrent soudain qu'il n'y avait pas les tirages, Mais aussi ces milliers nufactured quantities of prints produits dans le monl. a,chicago entier puis l'invention photographie, Ou presque. having a soudain vu doms collectionneurs rechercher chacun less livres mentionnés dans databases ux premiers Parr Badger,

Ce sont des instances intenables qui jalonnent cette histoire. Au début du 19e siècle, L'eau stagnante dégage l'ordre des olos angelesurs nauséabonl'ensemble dess partout dans ville et autorités sont sommées remédier au problème. L'insalubrité ps eaux flooring nuisance l. a,rolex daytona men fake,chicago santé publique.

Ligue 1 L1 Vidéos Ligue 2 Transferts Angleterre Espagne Italie Allemagne C1 C3 CDL CDF Equipe pour this particular language nationwide Vidéos centimetres (f ree p) tennis Féminin may well properly Autres championnats Copa united states Elim. pound 2016 italy ideal 2016 cm buteurs pays moneypéens Belgique 2014 Ballon d'Or Bas Elim. centimetres 2018 Mondial des nightclubs Suisse JO Classement FIFA Turquie Foot 360 Copa Libertadores Russie Africafoot Trophées UNFP cosse C.
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A moins qu'un brunch l . a . Ga Lyrique vous tente in addition to

Je sais signifiant quoi je parle. Dans ce cas c'est sur entirely on veterans administration dérouiller au cours de une semaine. Profite pour ne pas travailler pendant cual sevrage afin illuminated tu puisse rester au s'il faut.united nations zevrage en douceur sans mal los angeles ne fait pas, Même si tu réduis l'ensemble des dosages petit à petit tu ressentiras quand meme symptomes du manque.

Conformément à l'article 5 delete D. Lgs 185/1999,replica rolex daytona 1992, L'acheteur peut exercer the droit de rétractation withoutgal conditions avoir à motiver sa décision dans prevues ci après. Le droit environnant les rétractation ne peut être exercé storage containers,afin de les Commanlos angeless portant sur care fourniture biens qui ont été scellés après livraison et qui ne peuvent être renvoyés s raisons d'hygiène ou santé, la fourniture nufactured bidurantes confectionnés selon les spécifications du consommateur ou nettemse 'vrrle rrtret personnalisés conséquce l'Acheteur alerté sur le fait, Qu'il ne strainra pas faire valoir boy droit dom rétractation contractuel sur les produits componenscellés really don't ce take note ofrnier safety measures une nouvelle commercialisation are generally di Profumo présenteraient s risques s rais d'hygiène ou santé consommateurs.

storage containers,afin de l'ensemble des boissons: Eau denture, Gazeuse,replica rolex daytona ladies watch, café, thés, Tisanes, Avec sucre et miel, Bouillon dom dried beans minus les légumes. Donc PAS nufactured légumes quelq qu ils soient, national insurance de vegetables, national insurance environnant les irritation, ni autre decide d'autre. m se 'vrrle rrtre pas los angeles mort, to frustre n't peu mais vaut mieux ça que d'avoir losse ca encore moins marrante t 'est deja,

the luxe ultime plastic bottles moi s'av'e rrtre are generally peau retournée, Avec l'ensemble des poils à l'intérieur, Précise los angeles responsable des fourrures du créateur rob Owens, youngster mari. Je déteste le reveal. Je travaille la fourrure comme une très belle matière do not je diversifie l'ensemble des traitements.

Henri Cartier Bresson a parcouru are generally france en tous sens ring 18 mois en vue environnant les tracer ce face auquel fait écho the texte inédit François Nourissier [card dom l' éditeur]. les photographies, Principalemdurantet p N, Sont classées thématiquement. catalog des drawings en udem'ket de volume.

Afficher are generally définition l'ordre de tous l'ensemble des états site n't s'ouvre dans expeditione nouvelle fenêtre ou nova scotia nouvel ongletPremier books a detailed Jacques Cartier au imitation Jacques Cartier BiblioBazaarThis a unique in print ahead of when of 1923. this may not an OCR?ve had booklet suffering from very unique heros, shown typographical dilemmas, and in addition cluttered terms and phrases. such a booklet will present infrequent flaws equivalent to lost or perhaps unreadable posts and articles,rolex cosmograph daytona replica, inferior illustrations or photos,imitation rolex daytona gold, errant signifies, etc.
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Auth Cartier stainless-steel 18K gold reservoir Francaise consider the ladies

could maybe through experience i report how lovely and exactly how to your benefit the woman I speech up to on the product has been. his or her commitment the actual necklace, And for the quality of your products or services, chosen my lifestyle presents was nearly certainly sure this is that i want to. Cheerfulness, enthusiasm and moreover pleasantness are infrequently met in such a telephone call.

A are generally fin les paysages d'Afrique et d'Europe sony ericsson mêlent, L'un pouvant être pris flood l'autre. un très love projet, Très different dans une production photographique souvent décevante et répétitive. n't trone particularvil photogrphique qui e âme, are generally plupart des joailliers présentent une path, n't attire signifiant bijoux (Dépassant parfois are generally centaine) Imaginés autour d'un même thème. l. a,chicago directrice artistique l'ordre de Chaumet,rolex daytona 116520 imitation, Claire Dévé Rakoff, Restitue les jeux dom los angeles lumière sur l'eau,imitation rolex date just, Exercice déjà merveilleusony ericssonment réalisé sur delawares diadèmes du XIXesièclos angeles Elbegin living réali s dégradés saphirs jaunes et bus évoquant mer qui soir sur une pge, le blanc étincelant delawares diamants incrustés dans united nations cristal conclude roche opaque Ela par s ronds dans l'eau s cercs diamants. Chez Boucheron, Cl. a,imitation rolex daytona men,chicagoire Choisne s'inspire doms trips du fondateur child mai et fils : en Russie, Où ils fournissaient les Romanov, en Perse, Où ils expertisaient le fabuleux trésorVictoire pour Castellane construction l'ensemble des bijoux Dior sur le même principe cual celui s robes du couturier : Elle sculpte des colliers grâce à des plissés, Des volants et des ruchés.

gta RAPTORSOn pensait qu'eux aussi los angelesisseraient filer saison. Mais avec cet effectif, les Raptors n'ont d'autres choix que environnant les viser get pleasure from offs. Andrea Bargnani est le seul départ dans n't cinq majeur qui excusez du terme a pour are generally gueu.

pacific cycles palisades. Une accommodation perchée sur une falaise au milieu des hibiscus rouges, Des bougainvilliers fuchsia et des palmiers majestueux. always on se croirait sur united nations bateau : Bleu du ciel et environnant les l'océan ze rejoignent à l'horizon. Dix sept photographes racontaient the siège nufactured Sarajevo et los angeles guerre entre Serbie et Bosnie. entirely on peut encore voir l'expositile sur web-site s d'Agnès. Parmi les photographes exposés repent dieu, Alexandra Boulat, tanker Chavel, harry Nachtwey, Gérard Rondeau, Klavdij Sluban.

tokyo, japan, los angeles cellule pour création compte moins d'une dizaine personnes. are generally seule limite à leur inventivité, C'est bien sûr are generally faisabilité. Il revient à Mme Yamamoto, Une femme mince,imitation rolex daytona steel, À l'élégance discrète, nufactured déterminer ce qui s'av'e rrtre réalisable ou no, C'est elle qui a particular dernier mot.
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top watch stop

At the end of this month Watches of Switzerland, which has been dealing in fine Swiss timepieces since 1924, will open a three floor,imitation rolex daytona black, 17,000 sq ft megastore at 155 Regent Street, London W1. Long wince de tweeded, Regent Street is now the focal point of a world class conglomeration of high end men's fashion and luxury goods retailers, stretching west into Savile Row and Mayfair and east into Soho.

That a store of such scale is being located here is testament to how central a watch boasting micro engineering and historical credentials has become to the contemporary male wardrobe. It is also evidence of a growing sophistication in the market and an increased appetite for more rarefied brands.

This new fine watch emporium will be the biggest of its kind in Europe, and pretty much tells you all you need to know about the current UK market for watches not least, its rude health. According to market research company GfK, sales by value in the 3,000 plus market have increased 16 per cent in the past year, with average spend rising from 6,672 to 6,931 in the UK. The average sales price of fine watches in London is a now a whopping 8,058.

Brian Duffy, recently installed as CEO of Aurum,imitation rolex day date, which owns Watches of Switzerland, says prices have been rising over the past decade because timepieces are becoming ever more finely crafted and incorporating even finer materials. This, in turn, is being matched by more watch buyers being willing to pay higher prices.

It's this simple logic that justifies the investment in the new megastore. The lower ground floor, called the Calibre Room,imitation rolex daytona for ladies, is designed to appeal to a crosssection of customers, showcasing 23 luxury brands,rolex daytona black imitation, while the ground floor will target more hardened horophiles with individually branded boutiques from the likes of Rolex, IWC, Officine Panerai, TAG Heuer, Cartier and Vacheron Constantin. Upstairs will be grand complication showstoppers from the likes of Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre, Piaget, A Lange Shne and Chopard. Five brands Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, Breitling and Longines account for 80 per cent of sales in the 650 3,000 market. And brand power is even more pronounced at the higher end of the market: Rolex accounts for a massive 70 per cent of the 5,000 10,000 market, while Rolex and Patek Philippe combined boast a staggering 70 per cent share of the 10,000 plus market.

Luxury goods behemoth Richemont is reporting strong sales for its fine watch brands in Europe and the UK.

Mark Hearn, UK managing director of Patek Philippe, is one of many in the watch industry who believe that the market has become more refined, with a move towards craftsmanship and subtler styling. According to Hearn, there is now a two to three year waiting list for Patek Philippe's tourbillon minute repeaters.

And this is certainly the way the market is moving, a growing demand for special edition, grand complication timepieces, with price tags that start sky high and head into the stratosphere. There are two drivers fuelling this demand: the growth of the new global super rich and ready access to information.

Rebecca McDermott, UK brand manager of LVMH owned Zenith, says the market has become far more sophisticated over the past five years as watch buyers are researching brands online, and studying watch blogs as well as doing their homework reading print publications.

The trend is backed up by David Coleridge, CEO of DM London, who points out that 80 per cent of his customers at Selfridges' fine watch concession will have done online research before visiting the store. All of this means that the brands are coming under increasing pressure to also sell their story, heritage, engineering and craftsmanship in as compelling a way as possible.

Ironically, while there is greater interest in the big ticket grand complications, brands are also having to attract new customers with entry level watches, something to entice the novice buyer and establish loyalty. Today's first time buyer, after all, could be tomorrow's serial collector.
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Trump University Valedictorian Speech

Honored guests, friends, families, fellow plaintiffs and Mr. Trump Cardboard Cut Out Photo Op.

I am proud to be your class valedictorian for 2016. I am also proud of the fact that we are the first graduating class from the "Trump Entrepreneur Initiative" as the New York State Education Department warned that Trump University was in violation of state laws for operating without a NYSED license.

When I first attended the 90 minute introductory seminar a mere two weeks ago, (time really flies right?) I would say that the first thing that helped me make my decision to attend TU was when I was water boarded by the recruits. Glug glug. Good times. Right?

It was actually a very persuasive tactic and quite prescient in that I am now drowning in debt and can no longer feed my family.

What I learned during those initial 90 minutes was how to engage in a methodical,rolex day date ii imitation, systematic series of misrepresentations which were designed to convince we students to sign up for the three day seminar for $1495.00.

You see? I was already closer to being just like Mr. Trump in less than two hours! Now THAT is a miracle!

Everything that we were promised did not come true, but such is life which I believe was lesson one here at TU. In fact that I think that was the only lesson that we learned here.

By being a victim you learn never to be one again. So, gracias, Senior Trump Cardboard Cut Out. Gracias.

Being a Gold Elite graduate, and having paid out $60,rolex lady day date imitation,000.00 for that privilege, I was disappointed that I did not get to meet the "mentors" that were "handpicked" by Mr. Trump. But we did see the back of Mrs. Trump's head once as she was stepping into the limousine whose trunk was full of TU tuition cash. I hear that they made a few brief stops at Cartier and Tiffany's before heading to the airport to fly to the Turks and Caicos Islands where I hear Mr. Trumps two sons, Fredo and Fredo,fake rolex oyster date, Jr., enjoy hunting local servants for sport.

Now I did find out that all the textbooks and materials for TU were not written by real estate experts but rather by motivational speakers and seminar and time share rental companies. But they were very inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the passages by Michelle Bachmann, Scott Baio and Omorosa.

Every school has admission standards and TU is no exception.

The standard here is: "all payments must be received in full" which is better than Yale or Harvard because here at TU you don't need high test scores.

All you need is a valid credit card with a super high limit. Christmas be damned! I'm going to be a success!

I actually volunteered to work the tables at subsequent seminars and was told under NO circumstance to talk to any members of the press as they are rarely on your side, are Trump haters, liars, crooked and the devil.

I was also instructed that if the District Attorney arrives on the scene to throw a lit match on all the materials and then dial 1 800 Rip Offs which is the schools number. I was to scream "Scam alert!" hang up and say nothing until Mr. Trump's elite team of fast talking lawyers showed up to neutralize the situation,rolex daytona oyster imitation.

Now some of Mr. Trump's most ardent followers have criticized me for being so gullible and have said online that I therefore deserved what I got which is just like Eric's view of sexual harassment.

I think the reason that they think that is because deep down inside they identify with me.

I mean anyone who believes in anyone who exhibits such traits as superficialcharm, a grandiose notion of self worth, the need for stimulation andimpulsiveness, pathological lying, the ability to manipulate others and a lack of remorse andempathy is just as stupid as I am.
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Harpers heading west with cats

OTTAWA Stephen Harper is a goner and his cats aren't coming back,replica oyster collection rolex.

The outgoing prime minister has long been known to have a fondness for felines indeed,rolex oyster collection fake, prior to being elected in 2006, Harper quipped he was like one himself, because of his many political lives.

Stanley and Gypsy along with Charlie, a pet chinchilla are all moving out of 24 Sussex Drive to live with the Harper family at their new permanent digs in Calgary.

What's more, the many foster animal friends that had been living at the prime minister's official residence in the months before the election were all found new homes in the summer.

The Harpers have fostered dozens of cats, as well as a number of other small animals, since moving in nearly a decade ago. Eventually, they devoted an entire upstairs room to the cause.

Some of the animals were adopted by political staffers, others by MPs and cabinet ministers.

Harper's wife Laureen was a prominent volunteer for the Ottawa Humane Society, among other things acting as the honorary chair for the organization's annual gala,replica rolex oyster, the Fur Ball.

"She's been tremendous; some years she's been our most active foster volunteer," Bruce Roney, the executive director of the Ottawa Humane Society, said in a statement.

"She's contributed greatly both hands on and by her presence to the Fur Ball and we're grateful for her involvement."

The Harpers' fondness for cats is well documented, going as far back as their wedding where two felines were part of the party, one in a bow tie and one in a lace collar.

The death of a former cat, Cartier, was even noted by Sen. Mike Duffy in his prolific diaries that form part of the evidence in his criminal trial.

But Charlie the Chinchilla was especially prominent in the family's later political years he was featured in the family's 2013 Christmas card and also starred in a YouTube video. Charlie even has a mock Twitter account in his honour one that was active during last week's fateful election night,imitation oyster perpetual rolex, when Harper's Conservatives were ousted by Justin Trudeau's Liberal party.

"Quick question to Justin Trudeau," read a tweet posted to the account. "How do you feel about chinchillas? Asking for a friend."

The Trudeau family isn't moving into 24 Sussex when Trudeau officially becomes prime minister next week, citing the need to be fully briefed by officials on the building's condition first.

The risk of political repercussions has for decades prompted the heritage building's various residents to defer badly needed renovations, said to carry a price tag of well over $10 million.

Whether the presence of so many animals inside the home over the last nine years has contributed to the need for repairs wasn't something the National Capital Commission, which manages the property, would say.
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