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    Education Week To Be Observed In Pennridge

    Smoke free mall: The Plaza and The Court at King of Prussia, one of the largest shopping centers in the country, will announce a smoke free policy for the New Year during the American Cancer Society's "Great American Smokeout" on Thursday.

    The smokeout encourages smokers to extinguish their tobacco products for 24 hours. in the Wanamaker Court area. Area physician Estella F. Graeffe, president of the Norristown Unit, American Cancer Society, and a radiation oncologist at Montgomery Cancer Center, Montgomery Hospital, Norristown, will talk about the hazards of second hand smoke.

    Mall newcomer Modell's Sporting Goods will mark its Grand Opening at The Plaza by inviting shoppers to walk for five minutes on a store treadmill and receive a $5 gift certificate and gift. Also, the first 250 smokers who turn in their cigarette packs will receive a free lunch at The Plaza valued up to $5.

    The Plaza and The Court are two of the shopping centers managed by Kravco Company that will go smoke free Jan. 1, 1995. imitation cartier jewelry Other area Kravco shopping centers that will create smoke free shopping environments include: Montgomery Mall, Montgomeryville; Berkshire Mall, Reading, and Lehigh Valley Mall and Whitehall Mall, fake bangle cartier both in Whitehall Township.

    New exhibit: A new exhibition of photographs is now open at the James A. Michener Art Museum, 138 S. Pine St., Doylestown.

    "The Artist Revealed: Photographs from the Collection of Peter Paone and Alma Alabilikian" will continue at the museum through Jan. 15. The exhibition features more than 100 images of well known artists in their studios by portrait artists such as Berenice Abbott, Robert Doisneau, Henri Cartier Bresson, Arnold Newman and August Saunders. Those photographed include Pablo bracelet cartier knock off Picasso, Salvador Dali, Willem de Kooning, Georgia O'Keeffe and Henri Matisse. Children under 12 are admitted free. weekends. The museum is closed Mondays.

    For information, call 340 9800.

    Admission is $3 for non members and $1.50 for senior citizens. For information, call 345 1500 Ext. 2283 or knock off love bangle cartier 2244.
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    Earnings Power Points to More Upside Potential

    Along with certain REITs, Global Ship Lease (NYSE:GSL) and eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY), Harry Winston Diamond Corporation (HWD) has been one of our best performers over the past 1.5 years.

    Although we did slightly reduce our position last July in the $13 14 range to fund other purchases, we continue to hold the majority of our initial stake. It's important to remember that just because a company's share price has a large run, an investor who keeps holding (as Jim Cramer likes to say) isn't necessarily a "pig" nor do "pigs [always] get slaughtered!" Let's explain.

    Per our Sonic Foundry (NASDAQ:SOFO) and Key Investment Musings post the other week, we always need to separate a company's market price from our reasonable estimate of fair, or intrinsic, value. average earnings over a full economic cycle). Later, assuming a share price recovery on the back of better fundamentals and improved visibility, we continue to watch the balance sheet but really need to keep tabs on valuation as a multiple of earnings (which is what garners the Market's attention). In this case, current, expected, and normalized earnings all come into play, as well reasonable assumptions around valuation multiples.

    With Harry Winston, we estimate that normalized earnings power might be anywhere from $1.00 to $2.00 ($1.50 mid point), depending primarily upon rough diamond prices and retail segment performance. What multiple is appropriate for one of the world's premier luxury brands that also bangle cartier knock off happens to own a 40% stake in one of the world's most valuable diamond mines? Maybe 15 20 times? Assigning this to the mid point earnings estimate of $1.50, we have a fair valuation range of $22.50 to $30.00. This is somewhat similar to our Sotheby's (NYSE:BID) analysis in 2009, except that we never purchased this company (primarily because of our concerns around Sotheby's large debt burden coupled with poor luxury fundamentals at the time unfounded worries in hindsight = our mistake!).

    While past performance is no indication of future performance, it's amazing how countless many companies now trade around pre crash levels. Psychology in the "Market" and around particular stocks also plays a role here. We can see that shares of Harry Winston formerly traded in the $30s and $40s pre recession.

    Okay, the next question: how are fundamentals tracking? We detailed key elements in our August post: Healthy Luxury Market? Harry Winston (HWD) Says Rough Diamond Prices Above Prior Peak; Provides Glimpse of Earnings Power

    For those interested, we recommend revisiting the August post. Essentially

    the CEO said the retail segment's jewelry sales pipeline into the fall was the best it's ever been since he's been with the company (more than a decade), and

    Rough diamond prices for the quality mined from the company's Canadian interest are "past the peak, by a measurable margin." Sounds very good.

    Another question: what can we learn imitation bracelet cartier from the results of luxury peers? Here's one large, well diversified luxury company to review for a broad look into global luxury trends: Compagnie Financire Richemont SA. Richemont owns several of the world's leading companies in the field of luxury goods, with particular strengths in jewellery, luxury watches and premium accessories.

    Here are several slides and brief commentary from Richemont's latest report for the six months ended 9/30/10: (see Web site for more details).

    Noteworthy Americas retail "nearly back" to where it was and "close to peak":

    Drilling into the company's "jewellery" business:in millions 30 September 2010 30 September 2009 Change Sales 1 619 1 222 + 32 % Operating results 541 349 + 55 % Operating margin 33.4 % 28.6 % + 491 bps The Jewellery Maisons' sales increased by 32 per cent overall, with stronger growth in the Maisons' own boutique networks. Sales of high jewellery pieces were good and the more accessible jewellery ranges also performed well. Sales of watches, from Calibre de Cartier editions in precious metals to classic models in steel, were very strong, benefiting from the Maison's position in premium watchmaking. Cartier's leading position in growth and established markets provided a base for double digit sales growth, albeit against weak comparatives. Van Cleef Arpels also saw double digit sales growth during the period. Due to the Maison's relatively high exposure to Europe and the US, the comparative sales growth was lower than the business area as a whole.

    So, based on Richemont's results, we can surmise that the luxury market continues to chug along nicely despite ongoing macroeconomic concerns. Side bar: the strong results are consistent with better fundamentals across numerous sectors, a positive sign for the broader economy.

    Finally, what about the global supply/demand dynamic for mined diamonds? An October Bloomberg article provided thorough insights on this topic, including commentary from Harry Winston's Canadian partner, Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO):

    Rough diamond prices will extend gains through the next decade as dwindling production fails to meet rising demand from India and China, Rio Tinto Group said. "We have seen copy love bangle cartier a rapid recovery and prices are back to pre crisis levels," Harry Kenyon Slaney, chief executive officer of diamonds and minerals at London based Rio, said in an interview. "What we see going forward is a long decline in production and a significant growth in demand." Diamond miners are struggling to keep pace with growing consumption in emerging economies as older mines are exhausted and producers lack new discoveries. Prices of rough, or unpolished, diamonds have risen as much as 91 percent from a six year low in early 2009 as jewelry sales collapsed, according to data compiled by WWW International Diamond Consultants Ltd. Of copy cartier love bracelet course, a cynic might merely say that Rio Tinto is talking its own book. YET, we're pretty sure there haven't been many new discoveries in recent times. As a result, diamond mines remain quite scarce, especially high quality resources like the Diavik Diamond Mine.

    This week, we'll learn first hand about market fundamentals directly from Harry Winston, which reports fiscal 3Q 2011 results Thursday after market close. Based on the above and commentary from other luxury vendors, our expectation is that trends remain favorable for Harry Winston.

    Importantly, we believe key risks are mitigated and continue to hold our shares with a margin of safety. In fact, we're hanging onto our shares and see reason for meaningful, incremental upside.
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    Don't Slack Off

    In today's uncertain economic climate, workplace dress codes are being revised. Casual Friday outfits, whose popularity soared like that of the dot coms in the 1990s, now are crashing like the stock market. Once again, traditional business attire is being promoted as the safest wardrobe investment. Each is subtitled: Wardrobes that Win in the New Workplace.

    The books are aimed at everyone from entry level employees to CEOs, in regions ranging from subtropical Florida to the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast. They are the first in what undoubtedly will be a flood of style books devoted to the swing back to more formal business attire just as there was a wave of books focusing on business casual attire in the 1990s.

    Suits are not right for everyone, in every workplace, all the time, say Johnson Gross and Stone. But right now, the dress code pendulum is swinging from casual to dressy. With this in mind, the person wanting to land a job, keep a job or advance up the career ladder would be smart to choose a suit (or a jacket with tailored pants or skirt), over the old casual Friday combo of polo shirt with khakis or jeans.

    The books give clear definitions, illustrated with dozens of photos, of casual and corporate attire. They also define the new "business appropriate" dress, which falls between the two and which, they say, is rapidly becoming the new standard.

    In a nutshell, "business appropriate" for men is defined thus: Dress shirt mandatory, tie optional; jacket mandatory, suit preferred.

    For women, "business appropriate" means a suit is preferred, not obligatory but any outfit should approximate a suit's polish and decorum. For example, a skirt worn with a sweater set, or tailored trousers paired with a turtleneck and jacket.

    This focus on business appropriate attire is a key emphasis that sets the Dress Smart books apart for the other business attire guides on the bookshelves.

    Jeans are OK in the new workplace only if the denim is dark and "if you're the boss, or the office is home," according to the Dress Smart guidelines.

    In knock off cartier bangle fact, Johnson Gross is wearing jeans at this very moment, she confesses during a phone interview from her New York office.

    But then, she is the boss (along with Stone), the denim is black and the rest of her outfit is distinctly upscale: black cashmere sweater, black leather boots, honey colored suede jacket, Cartier tank watch, and her signature piece of jewelry, a bold Kazuko crystal heart necklace.

    In 1992, she and Stone launched their company, Chic Simple, to dispense their philosophy of "economy, simplicity and practical style." They do it cartier bangle love fake through the Chic Simple series of books on personal style; through a monthly magazine, Chic Simple; through twice a month shopping segments on CBS's The Morning Show; and through their style consulting to corporations both large and small.

    Before the pair teamed up, Johnson Gross was fashion director of Esquire and fashion editor of Town Country. Stone was a publisher at Bantam Books.

    Of the 25 titles they've produced, they consider the two Dress Smart books the most important.

    Of course, ever since John T. Molloy penned his acclaimed Dress for Success in 1976, style gurus have been researching and writing about appropriate workplace attire. So why two more books on the subject?

    "Because imitation cartier bracelet love the workplace has changed dramatically in the last two years," says Johnson Gross.

    When the economy soared in the '90s, people became more relaxed and so did dress codes, she explains. Now that belts are being tightened, dress codes are following suit.

    "But the work wear culture has been so laid back for several years, many people don't know where to start. They lack the knowledge and the confidence to put together a classic, formal business wardrobe," she says.

    Hence Dress Smart.

    Not all the guidelines are new, but they bear repeating for the simple reason they've been out of bangle cartier knock off vogue for a decade or more, she says.

    "Dress is a matter of survival at this point. It's no longer a fashion statement. It's not a matter of personal style. It's a tool to help you succeed in business," she says.
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    difficulty can be freeing

    Embracing pain, difficulty can be freeing

    Professor Mark Williams and Dr.

    Shortly after the British mountaineer George Mallory disappeared while attempting to climb Everest in 1924, a journalist asked why the team had continued with their assault on the summit on that fateful day.

    "The price of life is death," replied one of the survivors.

    That single sentence sums up the human condition more than any other. We are here on this earth for a short while, experience a panoply of bittersweet emotions, and then depart. We forget this at our peril.

    Virtually all of us avoid thinking about pain, suffering, failure, loss, and death as much as we can, for as long as we can, usually until it is too late. While this is entirely natural, it carries a high but largely hidden price. For if we cannot face up to life's difficulties, then we cannot deal with them effectively. Such "aversion" closes down the mind, reduces creativity, and leaves behind a deep seated sense of fear and caution. And paradoxically, not facing up to them also runs the risk of dulling our awareness to all that is wonderful about life, in all of its tingling beauty.

    The late Steve Jobs, a keen devotee of mindfulness meditation, realized this. In 2005 he told Stanford University graduates: 'Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to knock off bracelet cartier love help me make the big choices in life because almost everything all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure all these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important."

    Whenever we're faced with a difficulty whether it's the stress of a job, illness, exhaustion, or malignant sadness it's only natural to try and push it away. We can do this in myriad ways, such as, endlessly churning through previously failed solutions in the mind's eye, by ignoring it, or burying it under a pile of distractions.

    But sooner or later there comes a point where these strategies no longer work because we either run out of steam or the difficulty we're facing is truly intractable. When we reach this fork in the road, we have two options. We can carry on and pretend that nothing is wrong (and lead an increasingly miserable existence), or we can embrace a different way of relating to ourselves and the world. This different approach is one of acceptance of ourselves and of whatever is troubling us. It means turning towards it, befriending it, even if we don't like it, or it fills us with fear and dread.

    For many of us, the idea of "acceptance" is heresy of the first order, but this initial reaction stems from the frequent inability of individual words to convey true meaning.

    Can mindfulness help manage pain, mental illness?

    Mindful acceptance, which arises from the full conscious awareness engendered by mindfulness meditation, is subtly different to the usual passive flavor of acceptance.

    Acceptance in the context of mindfulness is not the passive acceptance of the intolerable. It is not "giving up," nor is it resignation or spinelessness. Neither is mindfulness anything to do with detachment.

    Instead, acceptance is a pause, a period of allowing, of letting be, of clear seeing. Acceptance takes us off the hair trigger, so that we're less likely to make a knee jerk reaction. It allows us to become fully aware of difficulties, with all of their painful nuances, and to respond to them in the most skillful way possible. It gives us more time and space to respond. And often, the wisest way of responding is to do nothing at all.

    Paradoxically, taking action in the conventional sense is often an automatic reaction that will simply force us to endlessly repeat past failures. It's not proactive at all. And remaining a slave to our automatic reactions is true resignation to our fate.

    In short, mindful acceptance gives us choices.

    Of course, such acceptance can be extremely difficult to attain. In our book "Mindfulness: An Eight Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World", we detail the "Exploring Difficulty" meditation. This short meditation encourages a different approach to dealing with life's problems, one that is endorsed by the latest advances in psychology and by neuroscience in general.

    If you bring a difficult situation to mind the natural response is to fight it or flee. The Exploring Difficulty meditation bypasses this reaction by asking you to briefly bring a difficulty to mind and then observe how the body reacts. Often as not, the heart will begin pounding, beads of sweat may appear, the body might start to tingle, some parts might even begin to ache.

    Why do we fake cartier bracelet ask people to observe the body when it's their minds that are suffering? Firstly, recent developments in psychology have shown that stresses and strains in the body can drive negative thought patterns. By observing such stresses, they tend to dissolve away of their own accord and so sap the momentum of negative thoughts.

    Secondly, it puts a thin sliver of space between the meditator and whatever is troubling them so that they don't become further entangled in their difficulties. It also helps people realize that negative states of mind tend to flux, so that they come to understand that anxiety, stress, and depression are not permanent features bracelet cartier knock off of their lives. For many people, this is incredibly liberating.

    The exploring difficulty meditation is central to mindfulness based cognitive therapy, which was developed by bangle cartier fake our team at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, and Toronto in Canada. It grew out of the inspiring work of Jon Kabat Zinn at the UMass Medical Center near Boston.

    The eight week MBCT program not only helps people face up to the worst difficulties in their lives but has also been proven to help relieve anxiety, stress, depression and exhaustion in numerous clinical trials in America and elsewhere. It's so effective that it's now one of the preferred treatments for depression recommended by the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

    There are countless solid psychological reasons why we should face up to life's difficulties. But perhaps the best reason of all is the one which originally motivated Mallory and countless other explorers.

    When asked why Everest should be climbed, Mallory famously replied: "Because it is there."

    For females who like to use their jewelry safe, usually opt for these kind of earrings, for various reasons comparable to their skin maybe responsive to some metals, fear of infection. Buying Replica Watches provides you having a lot of variety that you simply wouldn have having an original watch. Alain Perrin has helped Cartier Replica as well as Cartier regain the track record of making fashion statements and being a chic original watchmaker. In 1996, the 82 year old Duras buried in Paris Cemetery, then a whole world can finally say that this is indeed the very last love of Duras. Buying Replica Watches provides you having a lot of variety that you simply wouldn have having an original watch. Alain Perrin has helped Cartier Replica as well as Cartier regain the track record of making fashion statements and being a chic original watchmaker. In 1996, the 82 year old Duras buried in Paris Cemetery, then a whole world can finally say that this is indeed the very last love of Duras. t use it along with swimming, especially within the sea.
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    consensus chez les

    Ce n'est ni la proposition de Bernard Svigny ni celle de Chantal L'Esprance qui a t retenue. Ainsi, dans la formule choisie, le conseil municipal passera de 19 14 lus et knock off love bangle cartier les arrondissements de six quatre. L'arrondissement de Brompton sera fusionn celui de Rock Forest Saint lie Deauville alors que l'arrondissement du Mont Bellevue sera annex celui de Jacques Cartier.

    Des lus ont tout de mme vot contre la proposition. fake cartier bracelet Les conseillers de Brompton, Nicole Bergeron et Benot Dionne ont refus que leur arrondissement fusionne celui de Rock Forest Saint lie Deauville. Ils ont mme quitt le lac l'paule avant la fin de l'exercice.

    Mme son de cloche du ct de la conseillre municipale de Jacques Cartier, Chantal L'Esprance, qui aurait voulu que sa proposition soit retenue. Brompton mrite de garder son statut copy cartier love bangle d'arrondissement. Les citoyens avaient fait un grand pas en acceptant de se fusionner avec le secteur Saint lie. Aussi, copy cartier love bracelet fusionner le Mont Bellevue avec Jacques Cartier me semble irraliste. Avec ma proposition, on arrivait un consensus en or, mais on n'en a pas voulu , dplore t elle.

    Au final, les conseillers Chantal L'Esprance, Nicole Bergeron, Annie Godbout, Jean Franois Rouleau et David Price ont soit vot contre la proposition ou se sont abstenus de voter. David Price n'a pas assist au lac l'paule.
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    Clock a bargain in antique watches

    Emma Wall explains how to invest in the buoyant market for second hand watches and why steel timepieces can be worth more than gold

    When Sotheby's held its first wristwatch sale in New York in 1980, it was a trial auction. After the success of the quartz watch, the mechanical type was on the decline and the market in second hand watches had not yet developed.

    How wrong the sceptics were. Since that auction the market has continued to grow: Sotheby's sales in New York, Hong Kong and Geneva hit an all time high last year and sales in the first half of 2008 reached those for the whole of 2007. So much for the credit crisis.

    Even in those early days, though, there were clear front runners in the market. Patek Philippe and Rolex dominated, and still do today. Although imitation cartier jewelry there are many differences between the makes style and production numbers being the most important the two manufacturers are as popular now as they were 30 years ago.

    While Rolex has a much larger modern production run, 800,000 a year to Patek's 50,000, vintage watches from these two brands, particularly from the 1920s to 1960s, are the most sought after and the most valuable.

    When the second hand market began in the early 1980s, a Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar sold for around $10,000 (about 5,000); now you wouldn't get much change from $350,000. This is not a market affected by economic turmoil the average watch collector is male and 35 to 65 years of age, with the cash to indulge his passions.

    In fact Alexander Barter, a Sotheby's specialist, believes that anxiety in the financial industry has had a positive effect on the wristwatch market. "The extraordinary thing is that the market is very buoyant," he says. "My feeling is that clients are very reluctant to put their money in stocks and shares, and watches are a tangible asset."

    Contrary to what you may assume, gold watches are not necessarily more valuable than steel ones. When people bought watches in the 1920s to 1940s they usually bought a special timepiece as a luxury item. The idea of the wristwatch as an indulgent purchase meant that they were traditionally cased in a precious metal. But now, as with all collectables, rarity defines price, and steel is the less common casing for many watch types.

    Yellow gold is most common, followed by pink gold then white gold, with steel and platinum the rarest. In difficult economic times, such as after the Wall Street Crash in 1929 and in the period following the Second World War, watches were cased in steel because the price of gold was so high. Now, with sought after watches easily reaching 250,000 at auction, the base value of the metal is no longer relevant.

    Barter gives an example: "A Reference 1518 Patek, a very complex hand wound watch from the 1940s which displays the day, date, month and has a stopwatch, was made in a limited run of 281 pieces. Most of these were in yellow gold and would reach around 100,000 in a sale today. Two or three of the watches were made in imitation cartier love bracelet steel and would now be worth between 800,000 and 1.2m."

    But watches' rarity value depends on more than their metal. Generally, the more complications a watch has, the more valuable it is. A complication is any function in addition to telling the time. Complications include displaying the date, day and month; with the addition of a stopwatch function the timepiece is known as a chronograph.

    While it is always advisable to buy something only if you really like it, there is no denying the financial returns possible in the watch market. In the past 20 years Patek Philippe and Rolex watches have outperformed a number of other investment sectors and there has been a surge in new buyers entering the market recently, particularly from Asia, which makes for a promising future.

    The typical watch collector being male, there is a gap in the market for female vintage watches. You can buy a female vintage watch, even from the more sought after brands, for a fraction of the price of the male version. Their relative cheapness makes them a good investment opportunity as experts believe they will grow in popularity in the future with the rest of the market.

    Other investment opportunities in the market lie in bucking fashion trends. Particularly popular at the moment are large round faced gold watches, so it is advisable to pick up a piece with a square or barrel shaped face now in the hope of future appreciation when fashion changes. Lot 73 in the Sotheby's sale on Wednesday, a 1938 Patek Philippe yellow gold rectangular wristwatch with a 3,000 5,000 estimate, is a good example of this.

    Lot 91 in the same sale, another Patek, is a particularly fine example of a wristwatch. Although with a higher estimate of 12,000 18,000, this limited edition, pink gold, barrel faced watch is a "jump hour" timepiece, meaning that it has only one hand, the minute hand, and displays the hour in an aperture.

    While the market is dominated by Patek and Rolex, there are other brands that perform well at auction and are worth having valued before arranging contents insurance. Cartier, well known for producing luxury goods, does well, particularly its watches from the 1920s to 1950s.

    The less well known Audemars Piguet is also particularly sought after; its watches from 1920 to 1960 are the most popular.

    There is also demand for products from independent watchmakers such as FP Journe, who makes all his own movements and has unusual complications. His design layout is unique and quite different from traditional makers and he does well in a niche market.

    It is difficult to predict how independents will fare in the future, however, as they are relatively new to the market by comparison with the big brands.

    As with any vintage item, it is important to ensure that any watch you buy is in good condition. Scratched glass can fake bangle cartier be replaced without too much loss in value, while the crown which you turn to adjust or wind the watch and can often get quite worn can also be replaced, although this can affect the working of the watch. Over polishing can wear bracelet cartier love knock off down angular watches, changing the shape of the setting, which can result in a loss of value.

    The good news is that Patek will always restore and repair any watch it has ever made; for other brands watch repairer Steven Hale of SHWR (33 St George Street, London W1) will make the part you need himself if he can't source it elsewhere.

    If you do decide to invest in a watch, always ask for a certificate of authenticity and a history of any restorative work. If you want to know the value of a watch you already own, the in house specialists at an auction house will value it free of charge.
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    Chteau Bilquin de Cartier

    Origins of the love bracelet cartier knock off chteau can be traced back to the 17th century, around 1635, when the Honor family builds a castle on the Sambre river bank. The place had formerly been occupied by a seigneurial manor which was dertroyed on 21 July 1554.In 1667, the unfinished Spanish fortress of Charleroy is captured by Louis XIV's troops during the War of Devolution.In 1695, the castle is bought by Guillaume de Bilquin,[1] a wealthy forge owner, who completes and enhances it. In 1717, his daughter, Marie Agns Bilquin, marries Jean Louis Cartier, son of the general treasurer of the prince bishop of Lige. As such, the castle becomes the property of the Cartier de Marchienne family.In 1740, the castle hosts Remacle Le Loup, a famous draftsman from the Lige region. It is severely damaged by a fire in 1932, and bought over by the municipality of Marchienne au Pont in 1938, ending more than two centuries of ownership by the Cartier family.Marguerite Yourcenar, a Belgian born French novelist knock off bracelet cartier love and essayist, and the first woman elected to the Acadmie franaise, is the daughter of Fernande de Cartier de Marchienne, from the Cartier family related to the Cartier castle. She visited the castle in Marchienne au Pont in 1956, and mentions her Cartier de Marchienne ancestry and the castle in her 1974 memoir Dear Departed: A Memoir (French language: Souvenirs pieuxScript error).The Cartier castle was listed on 21 August 1980.[1] It underwent restoration in phases between 1986 and 2001 (helped by ERDF[2]), after having been left in a sorry condition (infested by dry rot).The castle today hosts a public library on the ground floor (Bibliothque Marguerite Yourcenar), and administrative services of the Walloon region on the first floor. The library has a section dedicated to books in Turkish language.[3]The courtyard is equipped with benches and is publicly accessible fake bangle cartier as part of the Marchienne au Pont municipal park. The castle wing which was located on the southern side of the courtyard has been demolished to create an entrance for the De Cartier station of the Charleroi metro. At the tip of the western wing, a stone porch is adorned with the arms of the Bilquin Baillencourt family, and a 1699 date inscription. Similarly, the lintel copy love cartier bracelet above the northern wing door shows a scalloped key with the arms of the Cartier family. Other demolished features include a barnyard where the Marchienne au Pont municipal swimming pool now stands. Plans were drawn in Marchienne au Pont, and bricks, slates, tiles, panelling and other materials were transported from Belgium to China for the construction. The building, which is now the Zijin Guest House,[4] still exists in the Beijing Legation Quarter, although the original entrance has disappeared (Photo).
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    CEO Discusses Q3 2012 Results Earnings Call Transcript

    Good day ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the AmTrust Financial Third Quarter Year 2012 Earnings Conference Call. At this time, all participants are in a listen only mode. Later, we will conduct a question and answer session and instructions will follow at that time. (Operator Instructions) As a reminder, this conference call is being recorded.

    I would now like to introduce your host for today's conference, Hilly Gross, Vice President of Investor Relations for AmTrust. You may begin.

    Thank you. Thank you and good morning. And again thanks everyone for taking the time out to join us with this our third quarter earnings conference call at AmTrust Financial. With us this morning are Mr. Barry Zyskind, President and CEO of AmTrust and Mr. Ron Pipoly, Chief Financial Officer of AmTrust as well as Ms. Beth Malone, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations and Corporate Development.

    Before I call on Mr. Zyskind and Mr. Pipoly to give you the review and analysis of these third quarter results, I would with your indulgence read into the obligatory paragraph on forward looking statements. Since this morning's earnings conference call may contain certain forward looking statements that are intended to be covered by the Safe Harbor's created by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

    All statements other than statements of historical facts included in this presentation are forward looking statements including statements accompanied by words such as, believe, expect, anticipate, intend, estimate, plan, project and continue or future or conditional words such as will, would, should, could or may. These statements include the plans and objectives of management's for future operations including those relating to future growth of the company's business activities and availabilities of funds and are based on current expectations of involved assumptions that are difficult or impossible to predict accurately, many of which are beyond the control of the company. There can be no assurance that actual developments will be consistent with our assumptions.

    Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in these statements as a result of significant risks and uncertainties including the factors set forth in the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission including its Annual Report on Form 10 K and its quarterly reports on Form 10 Q. The projections and statements in this presentation speak only as of the date of this presentation and the company undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward looking statement whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise except as may be required by law.

    Having dispensed with the legal niceties, it is now my pleasure to call on AmTrust's CEO and President Mr. Barry Zyskind. Barry?

    Good morning and thank you all. I'm very proud of our quarter, our third quarter of 2012. We had a very strong high return on equity, and as you can see from our press release, we had strong growth in almost all the lines of business. We believe the success of our business model is due to our diversified model. As you can see couple a years back when the workers' comp market was very competitive, we put a lot of energy into growing our specialist and extended and extended warranty, but now we are starting to see a lot of opportunity in the small workers' comp market and we are taking a lot of advantage of that opportunity.

    We are starting to grow on almost every one of our states very, very nicely in the small workers' comp. We've been conservative. We have been disciplined. It's something that's niche, something we are very focused on and now we're just seeing a tremendous amount of business, as well as our expansion into California which is going very, very well.

    The California market as many of you know is starting to turn. Pricing is increasing. Some competitors are having real issues there. We entered at a very opportunistic time. We are very fortunate with the acquisition of Majestic and the acquisition of BTIS. We pushed very strongly to, that our book that we're underwriting should be small workers' comp, should be our top 60 classes which we like and we are having a lot of success there, not only in underwriting the business, but in getting the pricing that we want. So we think California for the next couple of years is going to be a strong market as well.

    We continue to bracelet cartier love knock off focus on niche businesses in the small commercial package as well. As we always said, we didn't want to play with our balance sheet. And even though we write a lot of small workers' comp in New York, we hardly write any property of any New York and the property that we do write is not near the coast so we do not expect this to be an event for us at all. We feel terrible about the event, of people's personal loss and from an AmTrust standpoint we just feel very fortunate that our balance sheet will be strong and that it will not affect our earnings.

    We continue to grow our fee business. And you can see this quarter, we've had growth in fee business and that really is coming from the acquisition of BTIS and Case New Holland, it's coming from our IT in which we're basically I'm very happy to announce that we completely finished the build out of the IT platform for ACAC and we are billing almost $1 million a month net, which is drop might down to the bottom line. So we continue growing our fee business.

    We also announced last week the acquisition of Cartier (ph). This is a fantastic opportunity. market for warranty and deals with a lot of auto manufacturers. It also has operations in China and Brazil and other parts of Europe. We think this is going to be a great platform for us. We bought it very, very well. So we're very excited about this acquisition. We think we bought it very very well. We hope to close it at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013, just it's subject to regulatory.

    Our balance sheet is solid. We continue to grow in assets, investment assets. We have very strong cash flows. We continue to be very conservative about our investment portfolio. We're not really taking a lot of risk either way; we continue to keep our duration short. We don't where interest rates are going to go. We know we have to make money and we have to make investment return but at the same time we don't want to be cowboys, we don't want bend either way, so we're trying to be as disciplined as possible.

    And just to wrap it up, we think it's a very strong quarter for us. We continue to manage our expense ratio, make sure that it's low. We continue to be very opportunistic. We believe that this event of last week is actually going to really push the market. We've been seeing a firming of the market. As you can see our program business has been growing, we can see a lot of opportunities, not just in the worker's comp but in the programs. So we think that this is going to be an event that's going to just push the market further and the players that have been disciplined and have solid balance sheets and have enough capital and rule to write the business are going to have great opportunities. So we think the next couple of years are going to be very strong for AmTrust. We hope to continue and we feel confident that we'll continue to be able to have high returns on equity and we're very excited about the years to come.

    I'd like to turn over to Ron Pipoly.

    Thank you, Barry and good morning. We had another record quarter in terms of our gross written premium as well as our total revenues; additionally we had very, very solid quarter in terms of operating income as well as net income. I believe that these results reaffirm our approach to maintaining pricing and being risk selection discipline.

    Gross written premium for the quarter was 737 million, an increase of 31.2%, from the third quarter of last year. In terms of premium by segment, our small commercial business premium increased by 98.2 million or 67.5%. The increase in premium in this segment was driven by a combination of a $44 million increase on our small compensation product combined with $13 million of growth in our servicing carrier premium we write as part of our NCCI, National Reinsurance pool arrangements as well as $24 million of business produced by BTIS.

    We recorded $30.3 million in premium in our personal line segment which represents our core share agreement with ACAC. Special risk and extended warranty at top line premium growth of $4 million or 1.5%. Without the effect of foreign currency, the increase would have been approximately $11 million of 4.5%. We continue to experience growth both domestically and internationally. For the quarter 73% of our gross written premium came from international operations.

    Our speciality program segment increased by $70 million or 52.5%. This growth is attributable to additional programs during the quarter. For the nine months, our cartier bracelet replica gross written premium increased by $412 million or 26.3% from $1.56 billion to $1.97 billion. Small commercial business increased by $229 million, specialty program increased by $152 million, specialty risk and extended warranty increased by $17 million and personal lines reinsurance increased by $13 million.

    Our net written premiums for the quarter rose to $483.7 million, compared to $321.9 million for the third quarter of 2011. Premiums ceded included approximately a $189 million to Maiden. For the nine months, our net written premium was $1.24 billion and we ceded $575 million to Maiden.

    Net earned premium for the quarter totalled $387 million, which is a 34.1% increase. Small commercial business accounted for 42% of our net earned premium. Specialty program 31%, specialty risk and extended warranty was 30% and personal line reinsurance was 7%. For the quarter we ceded approximately $179 million of earned premiums to Maiden. For the nine months, net earned premium is $1.03 billion and we ceded $514 million of earned premium to Maiden. Our combined ratio came in at 90.2% for the quarter compared to 89.3% last year. The loss ratio totalled 66% this quarter compared to 64.2% for the same period last year. Our expense ratio was 24.2% compared to 25.1% in the third quarter of 2011. Without the effect of Maiden cede intermission our expense knock off love bangle cartier ratio copy cartier love bracelet this quarter would have been 25.4%.

    Our service fee income totalled 44.6 million and was up 54.6% from the prior year quarter. The increase from last year was driven largely by the acquisition of BTIS as well as the acquisition of Case New Holland insurance agencies during the third quarter. They contributed $3.6 million to $4.4 million of fee income respectively. Additionally, our fee revenues associated with acting as a sourcing carrier for the NCCI national reinsurance pool increased by approximately 4 million quarter over quarter.

    Our total revenues grew by 35% for the quarter and for the nine months; total revenues grew by 39%. We generated approximately $18.4 million in investment incomes for the quarter and have 1.4 million of net realized gains. For the nine months, we've generated investment income of $49.3 million and had net realized gains of 2.4 million. Additionally, our investment in ACAC has generated equity income of $3.2 million from the third quarter and $8.7 million for the nine months, this income is included in our operating earnings.

    For the quarter, we generated net income of 43.2 million or $0.66 per diluted share, operating earnings of 48.8 million with $0.75 per share. A gain on life settlement contracts for the quarter was $0.01 per share. For the nine months, we generated net income of 122.7 million or $1.93 per diluted share. We have operating earnings of 138.2 million for $2.17 per diluted share; a gain in life settlement contracts for the nine months was $0.03 per share. Our effective tax rate for the quarter was approximately 23%. Annualized return on equity from quarterly operating income was 18.8% and annualized return in equity from quarterly net income was 16.7%.

    Shareholders equity has exceeded $1 billion for the first time in our history; shareholders equity is $1.07 billion which represents a book value of $16.01 per share. The increase in book value per share since December 31st 2011 has been $2.54 per share. During the quarter, we cleared a 10% stock dividend and those shares were delivered on September 22nd. Additionally, we also declared a quarterly dividend of $0.10 per common share.

    Total assets as of September 30th were approximately 6.7 billion, total invested assets were 2.6 billion, fixed majorities comprised 72% of the portfolio. Cash in short term investments 23% of the portfolio, equity securities 1% of the portfolio, other investments 4%.
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    Celebrity Style and Fashion Guide

    Shay Mitchell was on hand at the Teen Vogue Back to School event on Saturday (August 11) in Los Angeles, California.

    She dressed up in a trendy hot pink Rebecca Minkoff "Becky" blazer paired with a white top by Whitley Kros and black leather shorts also by Rebecca Minkoff.

    Blazers are a staple and must have wardrobe item for every woman. Rebecca Minkoff designs a stylish one that has been worn by several celebrities, including Kristen Stewart, Jordana Brewster, Sophia Bush, Christina Applegate, Michelle Trachtenberg, Kristin Chenoweth, and Lucy Hale.

    The brand's "Becky" tailored silk blazer features a shawl collar lapel, shoulder pads, a single button closure, two front slit pockets, and a pointed hem.

    You can team this modern blazer with a solid or printed top and skinny jeans or shorts.

    The celebrity favorite blazer is currently available in a variety of colors.

    Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo visited the New knock off love bangle cartier York Stock Exchange on Tuesday (June 12) in New York City.

    The actress, who stars in the new television show "Dallas," kept it casual yet colorful by sporting a tangerine button down blouse teamed with coral cuffed shorts by Joie and a clean white Rebecca Minkoff "Becky" open blazer.

    Her ensemble was accented with a pendant necklaces, a statement ring, a brown skinny belt, and tan criss cross platform bangle cartier fake sandals by Rupert Sanderson.

    Wavy curls and pretty makeup finished her look.

    Kristen Stewart joined Kirsten Dunst at a photocall for their new film, "On the Road," during the 2012 cartier love bracelet 17 replica Cannes International Film Festival on Wednesday (May 23) in Cannes, France.

    The "Twilight" star wore a pair of vibrant yellow, blue, and red printed pants with an ankle zip by Balenciaga teamed with a white tank top by Juicy Couture and a stylish black Rebecca Minkoff "Becky" open blazer.

    Kristen's accessories included a long pendant necklace, a gold bracelet by Cartier, and trendy sunglasses by Persol.

    Carefree and wavy curls, natural looking makeup, and black pointed toe cartier bangle love fake pumps by Balenciaga finished her ensemble.

    Filed in: outfit identifier Related: Balenciaga Manhattan Nappa Pumps, Outfit Identifier: Kristen Stewart Blazer and Pants at the 2012 Cannes International Film Festival: On the Road Photocall, Kristen Stewart at the On the Road Photocall, Kristen Stewart at the 2012 Cannes International Film Festival, 65th Annual Cannes International Film Festival, 2012 Cannes International Film Festival, Rebecca Minkoff Becky Jacket, persol, outfit identifier, 2012, kristen stewart, Juicy Couture, actress, Rebecca Minkoff, Cartier
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