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How to wear in the end how to van cleef and arpels pendant necklace imitation wear ah

Sisters have not only wearing a watch, but also wearing a bracelet? What are the hands to wear ah?

My bracelet or my mother gave the bracelet, thousands of exhortations asked not to pick the summer when the short-sleeved, always bumpy feeling. Now bought a watch, but do not know how to wear it. . . . Sisters have not only wearing a watch, but also wearing a bracelet? What are the hands to wear ah?

My bracelet or my mother gave the bracelet, thousands of exhortations asked not to pick the summer when the short-sleeved, always bumpy feeling. Now van cleef arpels alhambra necklace replica bought a watch, but do not know how to wear it. . . . Sisters have not only wearing a watch, but also wearing a bracelet? What are the hands to wear ah?

My bracelet or my mother gave the bracelet, thousands of exhortations asked not to pick the summer when the short-sleeved, always bumpy feeling. Now bought a watch, but do not know how to wear it. . . . Watch City produced must be fine! Sell ​​top 1: 1 engraved mechanical watch! Affordable top quality! Panerai Rolex Omega all nations love Peterland Di Tuo Longines! Only the best version of the market! perfect quality.

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The old irons who have doubts about ancient legendary equipment choices can come in and have a look

So do a lot of legendary equipment faster, previously only fake pigs, 20 days a piece, and now you can do the total or can be done relics, but also sadness is a strong stone, 20 days to do more than three, after all, some single Pieces are also more than two trumpet tricks, one is now for fun to move bricks may later charge when large, a purely when moving brick tools. I personally do not like a few ten on the same job role in moving bricks (admire those who number a dozen Shura move bricks Emperor), a lot of players an account from a large number, the composition of the following different professional trumpet I have to list some of the trumpet worthy of the ancient legendary equipment 1 injury-related pigs 6 sets for high attack frequency (lightning effects) and no shortage of crit rate and speed of occupation, it is best to bring light attributes , Suitable for Soul Calibur and flowers, Shura is also, but he moved brick short so the left can wear a total of three (one of three), the right Ring of Mourn and 85 pink bracelets (or trace bracelets)

The total of 6 sets of blue for those who do not pursue the strength of pigs, rely on a dozen injuries, but also want to fast three-speed job. Left 5, add the right ring, 17 attached to the injury plus two levels, there are many three attack, suitable for Uncle Sanda fight dark emperor and so on 5 sets of Poseidon for playing strong ice dragon fast, left 5, ring ice Magic Mirror (produced strong effects of the Society chart) or dirty soul curse (Poseidon 5 sets of curse effect, so theoretically equal to 15 yellow words, I have not tried), relics bracelet necklace left Cao, sadness is a strong stone ruins 5 Set of single brush injury is good, the panel is high, the most suitable for the nanny playing group, the four on the left add up to 20 crit rate, three sets will halo magic sector abyss blame, go non-light property of their own occupation is more suitable, such as mad war (In fact, three sets of enough), he can suppress the blood so it is suitable for the total jewelry with blue (one on the line, more useless) Weapon no epic words preferred fables, such as pigs or two million pig legendary weapons, In short, what do you see yellow and white burst, holy weapons have black merchants in the fried bracelets still relics bracelets do not explain the necklace, then the words or the total

Left slot ruins (85 lord powder is also OK) plus three Gong, Lan total 8 Beng injury, but if there is a trace of 5 Bang Bang bracelets do not need blue total magic stone recommended sad, equivalent to between 25 to 40 range All the property to strengthen the group? If it is fake pig 6 want to play the mission, then the left five, the left left Cao, just like the other, the best of the magic stone into 90 strength stone, in fact, even Shura , But also at least the right of the epic strong and hard to force when the pile of light can be C2. Move the brick acceleration equipment Dark Emperor, Shura, Sanda (now male Sanda to break the frog, we all understand) These moving speed is not high occupation, move Brick up is very fucking (probably because of adaptation to the large moving speed), equipped with three pieces of artifact can add about 7% of the three-speed and high panel, but the five injuries are not enough to read. With a ring of grief ring obviously felt faster. Scarlet Sun (Callet Command, commonly known as the total orchid) head and shoulders or shoes or belts plus 10 speed 10 attack speed 12 cast (but can not be superimposed so one of three selected on the line). Plus 85 pink bracelets, but also add a lot of three-speed. Shura is not suitable for with the sacred objects, brush an abyss should be revive the currency, hedging a little better, such as shadow plus six relics, but difficult to play the dragon, embarrassed Occupation, you can do the total blue (coat and leggings choose one, 10 crit rate there are three offensive), such as mad war (of course, mad war is not strong krypton gold can only move brick Dandy Grand live C dream Lane like this), as well as the legendary fish ball necklace also add 10 crit rate. Lack of crit rate of occupation, such as sword blood blood wind method of resolute exorcism (did not list please forgive me)

4. nannies and relics Set early June female celebrity came out, there must be a lot of people practicing nanny, after all, nannies can milk plus three-speed, those who said nanny as milk father, are high-end nanny milk competition Ordinary milk fashion are all neat alhambra necklace copy nanny is certainly good, so the main C Lian Guangbing are not brought. The wet nurse is to rely on the street intelligence to increase milk, which means that after the attack into the figure the chances of intelligence plus equipment for her milk can not be increased, such as the ring and so on Rolla, so we must rely on high intelligence panel equipment, which Relies on the relics must rely on the relics (Figure), in addition to the remains of shoes, are the legendary equipment plus the second highest intelligence panel equipment. I heard that the nanny made relics buy some auction house legend, intelligence can be 3000, I do not know is not true. So a large legend soul awe-inspiring, you can now do relics equipment, female holy post came out to singer spandex to her 5. Solve the phenomenon of brush death often abscess pig's coat and leggings to you from the milk father Love (egg shell immune physical attacks), ruins three-piece set: Who hit you who dizzy, monster killing Magic abdication of the knock off necklace van cleef arpels abyss strange 6. Daddy pile of physical darkness magic stone 135 physical with you wandering horizon. Of course, this figure is still difficult for the trumpet, I put the URL of all ancient map Raiders last, we do not understand can see. Dad can take mobile materials for the sun stone

7. Shura Immobilier array Dressup yellow and white explosion equipment In the Seimitsu Wang's ball to start when the turn into a sad down loading, can improve the ball rotation and explosion damage

8. Abnormal state related to career men and women Street Fighter (male Street Pa Albatros super cool super cow B), Jian Hao (by the dizzy when the control and deputy C's occupation, a few days ago I introduced the post no longer say ), These need to heap anomalies, and ultimately, wild boar around the slot (Figure) 9. On the ancient map of the ancient abyss to the task legend, hit or master ghost train can be used above said pig eggshell and relics , Or hit a simple pseudo-pig twice, the collar to send 50 pieces of legendary material (you choose, such as gas to make the total orchid, but the end of the event you only four five, which rely on the ancient abyss or Cross-border to do a), can also do large, finished twice collar materials box, box account binding. Either directly alhambra necklace van cleef copy increase the team of older drivers, some captains look at your small equipment is too poor, he was afraid of you into the map is not lost endless, you can take a look at the upper right corner of the abyss Niu Tou (picture), the mouse on top if the show abyss attention Degree is very high, you can abyss, you can trade him outside, but if you wait outside for a long time to enter the map, even if the attention is very high may not be abyss, the next one will be out 10. About Dragon dragon recommended to enchant ice, 9 ice hundreds of thousands of strong gold coins, and the ice is a small ice cream mermaid tens of thousands of ice, but also can do ice property Poseidon sets (50 20 injured 47 ice is not strong blow Blowing) Trumpet Thirty seconds brush giant is not a dream 11. Ancient legend activities 50 activities a day to send the material, 30 of their own materials, less than 8 days for a legend, twenty-five days after the event also sent a . Play two or three innings every day ancient (fake pigs and relics of mechanical cattle hit the fastest), more than 40 days of activities, can do seven legends, I did not suddenly come out of the black business Gabriel sell legend material. At that time, your Shura has Enchantments do a good job wearing fake pigs to play group C Emperor Emperor Guangbing as Vice C, is not beautiful? Say my dad to be deputy C's I do not stop, provided you brush too fake Pig (Shabusi plan quickly revised version of Devil May Cry revised occupation balance heard no!
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The fifty-third chapter refining puppet

Finally, Li Fan Zhang Chen stayed in front of a door, and then cautiously Zhang Chen said: 'Now, the master is not, you can use, but do not let people see, but also absolutely can not say that they used This house, we have been practicing, have never been here, never get in to know it?

Zhang Chen also understand the meaning of Li Fan, nodded his head, 'I know brothers, we have never been here, have not been in more, is always practicing it, rest assured, brothers, I know.' Zhang Chen replied Li Fan After listening to did not speak, just took out a bunch of keys, and then carefully opened the door of the room, then put the key to Zhang Chen Road, 'Teacher you can be faster, out must remember to lock the door, I go first If you let others see me in this road that can be greatly bad, and your own teacher also all the careful point, the movement also engage in the small point, do not come out before doing something, be careful to be found, well So, I'll go first. '

Finished Li Fan Zhang Chen did not wait for the answer back to the head quickly slipped away, apparently also very scared. However, Li Fan walked Ye Hao, if he still stayed in this morning but can not be refining, take the keys, Zhang Chen walked into the room and then from inside the house door to close up to prevent someone suddenly broke in to influence My own refinement locked the door Zhang Chen began to look at the room in front of their own, to be honest, there is not much room in this house, and Zhang Chen's imagination looks completely different, there is only one bed inside the house , A futon, a table, a few chairs and a few cabinets just Dingding just in the middle of this house stood, see Zhang Ding came in to see big tripod, Zhang Chen did not think of his master life Will be so simple, from Li where they know their master eat something so picky seems to live something that is not the same as Zhang Chen and Zhang Chen, but Zhang Chen also do not mind, and now how the relationship between Zhang Chen Speaking of refining puppet, this is the first time Zhang Zhang saw replica van cleef necklace pink Big Dipper, in the end how to use their own are not clear, but these are the morning by the Rain Le Yu also seems to know everything, do not wait to call Zhang Chen, himself Been there, only to hear the music of Zhang Chen Yu said, 'Boy, that you first walked in front of the tripod, Hey - this thing is not tripod ah, but seems to be a furnace alchemy, the quality is not bad actually strange.'

Yue Yu then startled Zhang Chen, quickly asked, 'What, seniors, this is not a big trip you, that is alchemy furnace, then what is it? Can you use it.' Zhang Chen is still mainly concerned about Can not refining, the other is the tripod or alchemy furnace for Zhang Chen is no difference between 'nonsense, of course, can refining, I was just amazed you Wei this place will actually have such a good alchemy furnace. In fact, not used to refining things, as for the end is what I do not know, but big Ding also have the effect of refining things only!

The alchemy furnace, then you listen to the name is not clear what, alchemy furnace was originally dedicated to refining, the effect is much better than the big tripod, after all, the real use of big Ding is not used to refining things, alchemy furnace, though But also mainly used to alchemy, but refining the puppet can also be used with one, and your master's alchemy furnace is a good thing Yeah, compared to Dajing those senior Dan teacher Alchemy furnace is about the same I remember me Seems to also have a collection of alchemy furnace, do not know and this is better, but with this alchemy furnace, your life is even more simple, if it is big tripod but also your own fire, and alchemy furnace most of themselves With a flame!

And some of the more advanced flame temperature can be controlled, that is, do not know what the fire of the alchemy furnace fire, how high the temperature, forget it, anyway, when you try it yourself, you refine this puppet process or Very simple, as long as there is no accident with dim sum, so you do not have to worry too much about it. Well, you go now to open the alchemy furnace. Yue Yu explained to Zhang Chen

Zhang Chen just ignorant nodded, he just knew that the alchemy furnace is more useful than the big tripod, but also simpler than the big tripod, but what other music Le Yu division said, what controls the flame, Zhang Chen is still not very good To understanding. However, there is no problem in these Yuele Yu Listen to Rain Music Zhang went up to go alchemy furnace, to be honest still stopped heavy, with the strength of now Zhang Chen opened the alchemy furnace is still very difficult!

Zhang Chen tried for a moment, did not open, twice, did not open, Zhang Chen with enough strength or not can pick up a little, Zhang Chen is outside his own way to open is a mistake, and finally no way, Zhang had to take Out of that bracelet Faqi worn in your hand before starting Reiki alchemist oven to open it!

Alchemy furnace empty inside, Zhang Chen can not see the inside, only to copy van cleef lucky alhambra necklace hear the rain and then said, 'Now it is very simple, you just need to throw the body of the rat into it, and then let you prepare things that are all-encompassing Throw in, just drop a few drops of your blood on a rat and then just cook it for a few hours, just like soup.

Zhang Chen did not think refinery puppet will be so simple, but simple Ye Hao, Zhang Chen took out the body when the mouse in the storage bag, but it has also some stiff up, the blood has long been solidified, Zhang Chen It is in the rigid body pierced fingers, drops of a few drops of blood, and then put the body thrown into the alchemy furnace, and then what the prepared herbs have come in and then say to the music, 'Seniors So good, do not do anything else? '

Music rain listened replied, 'Well, like this, of course, simple, but you do not do things outside is so simple, but you are refining the most rubbish puppet will be so simple, refining some high This is not the case with the grade. This is the first to say good to you, but you do not have to worry about it. Now you just need to seal the alchemy furnace, do not leak, just cover it up. '

After listening to music rain, Zhang Chen just once again shipped the bracelet to alchemy oven to cover a tight, so Yue Yu then went on. 'Now you have to use their own aura to control refining alchemy, you have eight layers of training gas The initial repair, but the amount of Reiki and practice the latter part of the eight have been almost gas refining, refining such a puppet is definitely enough you do not have to replica van cleef lucky alhambra necklace worry, rest assured that the Aura into Alchemy furnace, practice four layers You can put the practice of gas outside, you just try to bring the body Aura into alchemy furnace on the line, but you have to be careful, when you shipped into the alchemy furnace, there will be a flame output, you have to use Aura control the temperature and size of the flame, which you wait for yourself when you should have the feeling, but you are refining the puppet is very simple, you just need to control the flame asked not too high just fine, I will use soul to explore alchemy furnace Everything, what changes to make I will tell you, you just listen to my command on the line, do you know. '

Zhang Chen replied, 'Know the predecessors, I listen to you.' Then Zhang Chen tried to bring their aura out of the body, and sure enough, Aura can now smoothly let Zhang Chen shipped out of the body, and then Zhang Chen brought Reiki Alchemy furnace, and sure enough, Zhang Chen felt an atmosphere of hot breath, even if Zhang Chen Alchemy furnace outside the door can feel the 'kid, try to let the temperature down.' Yue Yu rushed out loud reminded Road. Zhang Chen immediately try to control the aura so that the temperature down, and sure enough, Zhang Chen feel the temperature around the heat is not just as it was, Le Yu also said, 'Yes, this is the temperature, stick to live with this temperature refining two The hour can be refined successfully. '

The next step is to adhere to the issue of Zhang Chen, the process also from time to time to change the temperature of the alchemy stove, Zhang Chen, although the practice of eight-tier training, but adhere to the two have also been tired of the time has not A 'kid, so soon die, what seems you still have to exercise it, if it is a large tripod, it is estimated refining one day, you are now alchemy furnace as long as the two do you have to hold on to it.' Yue Yu Cried, 'predecessors, you do not think about it, Big Ding words should just fire on the line, and now I still have Reiki control, of course, tired ah how I say that only 8 layers of practice, so long control has long been very Tired. 'Zhang Chen explained that' This is also, forget, boy, refining soon, as long as you hold on just fine, do not give up, or you lose a big, know 'Yue Yu know their own right, simply do not argue with Zhang Chen, Zhang Chang must only be persevered. Zhang Chen himself also knows that now can not give up, but also biting teeth in the insistence on time a minute in the past, and finally, in the Yue Yue's voice 'became, kid, you can rest.' Zhang Chen finally refining System was successful, then Zhang is already sweating profusely, his face is also no color, and obviously already desperately, I heard Le Yu, then collapsed on the ground on the big mouth to breathe though Zhang Chen Alchemy refining furnace is used, but this refining is really a self-work, such as Zhang Chen was directly tired to climb up. And Zhang Chen own all the goblin have also been run out, Zhang Chen, even if you want to restore is not alright, so only, leisurely recovery.
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The 104th chapter enemy sword

The northern Wei young priest who battle experience is fake van cleef and arpels zipper necklace extremely rich, the sword in his hand is already facing the front of that Tiechang army raised, but at this moment, his body still fly to the side to the past, extremely powerful in the air There was no change in the action of twisting the forest, and he had already prepared for a long time and waited for the moment. He did not fancy, the sword in his hand as a heavy hammer, straight to the northern Wei practitioner who took the blanks but I do not know why, even now, he did not feel each other's body from the strong aura Rebellion Listen The young Northern Wei practitioner gushing between the lips and teeth, black sword in his hand, such as electric cut out, seal the Linyi sword 'when!' A loud noise in the eyes of the Northern Wei monk suddenly filled Pain and countless incredible emotions Pang pain between his wrist bones, almost the strength of each other fractures, even larger than he did Many Linyi did not hesitate in this name of Northern Wei practitioner blocking his sword Moment, he will already hold in the left hand of the Red Dragon Silver Shark bracelet cast out fiercely, to borrow this lean forward Northern Wei practitioner even if the other side of the eyes of all the pain and incredible clarity, but each other's Face is still calm and focused, giving him the feeling at this time is like a tiger, even if injured, are extremely dangerous and each other's dexterity, for real dollars control and use of a very standard, compared to those days The five-year-old did not know how clever, if it was pulled away, do not know what the consequences will be and he expected, the young Northern Wei practitioners tight lips, grim left hand grip the handle sword, and then Picked out to pick the pair he knocked out the bracelet He wanted to fly out this pair of bracelets, and then instantaneous into the sword, anti-kill forest any flying things are track, and even when flying throwing Power is amazing, still can point to a fulcrum, easy to change the direction, will not hit the body However, all this is not what he expected when his blade gently fell on this flying pair of bracelets, will be Sword body startled, this pair of bracelets homeopathic fly out when he felt his arms sink, not pick a pair of bracelets, but fake van cleef lucky alhambra necklace the sword on the pressure of a mountain he really element of the body toward the left hand crazy flock However, the pair of bracelets was still firmly attached to his sword. The heart of this young priest suddenly sank, just as there was a bottomless abyss in his body, and he touched it all. In the end the sword wind mournful sound Lin Italian sword fell on his body, 'puff' sound muffled The Northern Wei young monks body slightly backwards, Lin Yi this sword did not cut his head, but fell on his chest This sword still fails to break his black armor directly, but cuts a long cleft on the surface of the black armor to reveal the lined metal object, yet the power of the sword still van cleef and arpels clover imitation necklace rings his body Numerous bone fragmentation sound, let him mouth spray a mass of blood mist.
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11.2 billion two sleep

105 Furman + broken stride dad 3800 fine, 24 +2 sun, 47 honor, do not eat cake, no star tactical sets, when used in the outbreak of a white rabbit, the specific dress I am not too sure because I do not play milk

Qigong is 141, with 4 stars to dad replica van cleef and arpels zipper necklace plus skill

c element is dead magic Willy van cleef and arpels clover imitation necklace cut ghost Araki, eat a cake

Ah, all the above drugs, dressups are practical combat available

According to this output, then I pocket watch a pair of volcanoes + other skills a set of estimates can play 260 300e look

It seems that 3 Paul can take a steady look Father, but the Father has energy buff blessing + defensive high, do not know the result Zeyang

This injury is not the limit because I remember after I missed a lot of things leaked, milk Dad Qigong also said a lot of leaks, such as Tianjula 啦, Tianjula 啦, there are days robbed

Conservative estimates and then increase a 50% is not a problem

And my equipment is not good, if you give 6 God + 90A sets of players, this output can be very scary

Please also do not be discouraged elements teachers, at least at this stage elemental division can still play

Also recommend that you want to pit this career have to play, in fact, still very fun. This playable, cd short, gorgeous skills, and lovely career, I can play five

Hanbok prospects continue to wait and see Recently red-eye redo I always have a kind of NX to cut full-time job rather than just the illusion of these three occupations

The best in the world Never for the sewer! ! !

Monkey play content, with the reason why I said why not the limit

However, this time, there are really no monkey shows that are actually available

Surprise surprise, Italy is not unexpected

Elvin single cut + cake +75 + fighting God +50 +88

Death Devil set + Willie + soul chain + Qingquan + Saiyan bracelet Ghost + Remains hand + soul chain + explosive ring +

After eating medicine is a matter of a few buttons

I was in the monkey finished 1 day after I remembered, I missed my 8 level 2 feel dress, but also because of the ancient monkeys can not trigger magic because it can not be triggered so high, much better than happy stick, but also soul chain Forgot to change the big soul chain

So at least two of the perception of Level 5 8, happy stick + big soul chain, rough estimate is 1.36 (II) 1.86 (happy stick + big soul chain) /1.35 (go out of van cleef clover imitation necklace the wild ancient) = 1.88 times, Qigong Tianzhu I will not count for a while now
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Cartier cheetah series

Cartier family Cartier family in van cleef and arpels zipper necklace knock off the mid-19th century is famous for the famous French jewelry manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry. Louis Cartier was a goldsmith appreciated by royalty at that time. In 1888, Cartier Cartier attempted to attach a mechanical womenswear to a diamond-studded gold bracelet. A gold watch made in 1904 for his friend SANTOS Started. Since Cartier Cartier watches has always been a high society pet, ever-lasting 99 SWAROVSKI diamonds, black leopard points and green eyes part of the top color zirconium. Plating imitation van cleef lucky alhambra necklace 24K gold, will not easily fade. Give away, personal use is too cost-effective. Imitation on the world version is very large, just look at the material to know. Can guarantee that in the same price in terms of both technology and quality are the best Whether it is simple with leisure or graceful banquet occasions, you can improve your details, God or the role of finishing touch. Very feminine The bracelet is very unique and leopard is as flexible as a real leopard. Very stick wrist type. Wearing replica vca butterfly necklace a comfortable circumference of 17 cm, with a paragraph about 2 cm extension. Even if the wrist is thick it does not matter.
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After the revised edition of 525 force recommended gameplay

I play exorcism also has a period of time for the 525 version, Kennedy people to see the postings, of course, there are some valuable posts, but some of the more erroneous orientation, leading to misleading many new people to play Magic friend, can not afford to hurt, skill is not smooth enough, is to play a career fatal injury I personally think. So after seeing a lot of posts in the middle of the night, I decided to send a post to discuss the trend of drive after the exorcism revision. Law drive to bypass. For force flooding the official division of these two occupations I think from the fifth chapter of the purification version of the light, that version of the exorcism increased a lot of French drive skills, ascension, such as Suzaku skill is that version over For the diamond clover earrings replica time being, aside from that, let me first of all say the first point, that is, the choice of starting, driving and deporting. Many newcomers to this issue will ask, after all, this is a genre problem. I also positive answer (personal opinion, do not like do not see) 1 force drive more expensive, do not ask me why, if you are GLY C can bypass, if you want to be a volcano C or a future Luke C friends, drive for equipment growth is very large, probably because no brain. After several times that version, many people say that the Z Gladiator die, outdated, but I would like to say, Z Gladiator formation damage is still impressive, and forming faster, because the three can choose to do a lot of Aeolus (SS Set of uncertainties and more), the first you have a magic shoulder, if OCD is the same as my jewelry three-piece suit, if the general set of magic war, will disperse the soldier left Cao, real man Magic stone, pocket watch left Cao, or some people are not magic war together, take the magic war, pocket watch left Cao, necklace soul chain or other, explosive ring, etc .; if you do not go Z, But Z is still full, whether you are magic cover, this is an exorcism core skills, playing for a long time the exorcism PK and brush are like to use, and then, if you want to go SS genres, I Want to say, what to wear what, but also do not arbitrarily create, preferably Magic sets, the benefits of others say a lot I will not say anything on a word CD cool! Why do not say that do not want to build it, because here involves the 90 version of the SS sets you want to upgrade when you are not necessarily able to retain van cleef earrings ebay replica the attributes of 5 sets, it involves the late casual, so the magic cover or to last about 1 year Mainstream sets, if there is a magic boxing priority training, if there is no magic cover, what kind of day Royal physical package is to go big tricks exorcism, take the big tricks of the exorcism because of the lack of CD-plus like Under the big bird. Not to say that can not, but personally think that you point the big bird to stand for too long, regardless of the version before and after the same time you can choose to put together a number of small skills, the effect may be better, and Bird CD , Really not recommended, a very cumbersome skills, of course, I also added before, and then slowly improved, but also read a lot of God's video, a comprehensive look, the following is to say small skills, blast, breaking the hammer and Suzaku Symbol, a lot of people will ask something, in my opinion the blast is more like a small sudden skill, cut-off hammer for the time being called a small double-click (many people like to move zombies, etc.), but I want to focus on this Suzaku, I used to out of this skill has never been used, but after the 86 version, I feel really good this skill, range, high damage, cast speed, who used to know!

2 French drive is not to say that no money, but the French drive can do the land 9, comparable to the SS sets, the occupation of the earth as long as the 9 with a good point rosary what can be very comfortable to the gun, and even delayed three Do not say what is not the current combat gun, then why not delete the gun picture? Do you hit all the regiment do not hit the gun? I said I do not want to delay one to three? Do not foolhardy Law flooding can use the earth 9 brush map and play group, to deposit tickets, brush the abyss, if you continue to drive the Frenchman to brush what sets of cloth SS sets, if you want to force the drive to brush magic war, this is not Very in-depth understanding So a very few digital over, inadequate but also looking at the sea han 3 talked so much nonsense, many people want to ask is to add something, that satisfies everyone

Here, the first row of physical crit, the beginning of this point I 1:00, because I stand tall on the street, into the map a little heap will be able to exceed 100%, so point 1, of course, the addition of equipment So naturally more than a few levels, the power of God will increase the type of crit, lightning throwing speed is too slow, I do not like the ink so I did not point, of course, some people are accustomed to clear the mobs can point Chakra , Gangster point 1 is to cut 2 feel, hit some strange combo break what, most people do not point, the three small skills by habit point, the front is very clear, benevolence see benevolent wisdom, large Point level 1, control what can even move the zombies is not bad, big brother with the light 2 feel together batter passively explained, to that step you will understand, the following is the TP point, many people asked why Point full of Z? I do not like obsessive-compulsive disorder, a point above the slow healing is the truth! Some spray will spray, casually. Someone would like to ask the main points of the TP suppress it? It's embarrassing to point up, when you move the zombies, the zombies are not allowed to move. When you hit Luke, you move the clown. The clown does not get into the circle. It's awkward. Experience. Do not point the big bird, no matter van cleef and arpels earrings alhambra replica how high damage, boring 2 words before, unless you can more than 2 damage and range, not to say nothing. France flooding their own judgments. Force drive does not point, what day of the Royal Clover, I would like to ask you to have magic wars you will bring days Royal? Not waiting for the magic war or 90SS sets, do not eat grapes that sour! Do not play exorcism are known to exorcism band magic war 4. Exorcism drive installed

Normal chakra set of 30 dressups, not much explanation of counter-attack 6 scattered here I take the title of what the problem so overflowed the level, the overall does not affect the atmosphere can diffuse outsider, but too annoying I did not get to Normal to a set of meanings

If the dog sets, I have nothing left or right groove badge weapon is the flop turned over, chase 9 normal collocation

Of course, a lot of Daddy 525 uneasy observance of the flow of judgment, so the exorcism of the Sao operation or have to, because the Raytheon so made a set of arms blessing to ask you afraid of? The mosquito is also a small leg of meat Finally, my personal output of 2 sets, the magic war because of the CD problem with the sickle, take the Z flow, of course, because I poor bracelet and time set of yellow conflict, or the last horse to me When I accept the manual funny. Haha!
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The fourteenth chapter ghost thing completed

Lou Lanfeng looked Duchadun two people go far, and my heart a little sad, he went back to ask where still sit down and drink Xiao Han asked: 'Xiao Shixiong, then how are we?

Xiao cold this period of time, and even his own can feel their own changes, he covered his face with both hands, made a few deep breaths, finishing from beginning to end his thoughts from the mountain did not understand anything Fool boy, now suddenly become the same as the leader of the same existence, a variety of abilities, are not enough of their own, relying on what exactly is it?

Thought of here, he could not help but think of the dry yes, from start to finish, his own reliance seems to be the only sword, and if not a steady stream of force will be passed on to myself, they simply can not stand so long. As for the devil ... ... he could never feel it no longer exists for some time, he not only to understand the particularity of their own body, but also a new understanding of their own Taoism , The most important, the devil to help open their own if the dust to their own bracelets, from the inside, he got the third Tantric mantra, the power of this truth naturally needless to say, in the dry supply of their huge magic under the premise, This third mantra exerted the power of destroying the sky and destroying the ground and directly repelled the torch during the transitional robbery. In the process of using the same, he realized that some things are understandable and understandable. 'Is this Heaven? He could not help but ask myself for a moment, he just recollection said: 'We go to Chen Jiazhen to find fake van cleef and arpels flower earrings my child it, they Chen town eyeliner wide, chances are met cold teacher ... ...' Xiao Han's words seem

All along, there are a variety of things constantly bothering me, changeable, there are immutable, resulting in the recent update has become very slow, white also know that this is wrong, but the reality is that Naked, can not let you choose, since these things have happened, we have no way to change, the past in fake arpels van cleef earrings the past, I hope in the future will not encounter a variety of things, let the white reserved a little bit In fact, the only section in order to update slowly become slower there is a more important reason is that do not want to irrigation, white hair every chapter, are spent a lot of effort to write, to set, to modify, because of this, I deleted no less than 15W word manuscript, every change, every day new ideas, make white feel that they are slowly growing, although delete the manuscript will feel some regret, but white feel very Happy visual to be shelves, fake van cleef stud earrings here, white first thanks to always support me to go to my friends, then, is always with my readers and friends! Without you, there is no me today, I sincerely thank you, bow!
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Boshan glass how to create greater glories

Glass cigarette holders, flower balls, stationery, glass bottles, bracelets, small pendants ... ... almost every old Boshan people have so few glass objects. A woman shopping, told reporters: 'I remember when the seventies, there are selling glass, there is a West Street store, and now can not see.'

In the past these small objects can be seen unconsciously out of sight of ordinary people, shopping malls, jewelry line is hard to see the shadow of glass. In fact, the glass products have never disappeared, part of them draped gorgeous coat, upgraded to collectibles; the other part is turned to foreign markets, 'Shandong glass (glass) master of arts,' Liu Tao said: 'Carved glass as a work of art mainly for high-end market , For glass collectors, the lowest unit price of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan.Among them, the price of a Rohan chicken bottle to more than 300000. As for the daily glass, you must rely on pure handmade, each process has a variable factor, And in the process of the need to repeat the experiment, the work of a similar color, the workers need to master the superb technology, production is extremely difficult.Large need to mass production, labor costs are too high, so the added value is very low, in addition to the main export business Few people are willing to make such products. '

Another reporter found that most people's awareness of glass ornaments and handicrafts is low. 'High-end glass art we can not afford to buy, the popular and rough, feel a bit polarized, as layered jade gold and silver, the selection of the room is also large for the glass of cultural value, I am not sure. Ladies shopping in the jewelry store said that for the promotion of glass products, many people in the industry are not enthusiastic. 'I am here to the majority of patrons, selling one or two, one year worry, so there is no need for excessive publicity.' Liu Tao said recently in Zibo Fine Art Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhai Zhaoxu proudly told Reporter, 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing Olympic Stadium nest 21 meters by the water cube and the 'national harmony Que' and the surrounding glass decoration, it is up to them to undertake the production. Look at the gorgeous tall glass on the photo, the reporter is very difficult to put them in front of the plant and the shabby businesses linked to 'lack of funds is the biggest obstacle to business development.' Zhai Zhaoxu repeatedly mentioned this point, 'the old business unlike the individual Small workshops, raw materials, fuel costs, product promotion to spend money, workers wages can not be less. The factory has a single-cylinder furnace, four pigment furnace, electricity 700 yuan a day, with raw materials and other flowers to spend at least 6000 Multivariate.However, even van cleef imitation flower necklace if there is no order, the furnace can not be closed during the kiln.A kiln period of 2 to 3 years, because the furnace is refractory material, the furnace must be a little warm, this process takes half a month, It is impossible to stop now orders small, had the original capacity of 7 tons of furnace into 2 tons.

It is understood that Boshan glass enterprises to export-based. However, in recent years, frequent economic crisis, the appreciation of the renminbi, the export business efficiency has also been affected to some extent, the original annual profit of 3% to 5%, but now there is a loss. 'A few years ago, our factory and a Beijing The company negotiated into a business, the contract was signed, it is because funds can not keep up, cash flow difficulties, the sale of the hands and yellow again. I also hope we Boshan bigger and stronger glass, but no other industries to do support, did not Backing is very troublesome. 'Zhai Zhaoxu reluctantly said that enterprises lack of money directly led to the lack of talent, not only cited not into college students, the old workers also could not keep. According to Zhai Zhaoxu introduction, due to the glass factory wages are not high, a bit technical workers to go it alone It is understood that the majority of workers in Boshan glass industry groups, that is, inherit the father of industry, many masters also imitation vans necklace followed the father of this craft. But now only one child more and more, not many people are willing to let the children to learn this technology. The traditional concept of 'technology is not the outsider,' but also increased the difficulty of heritage. Many ancient crafts, such as the old cigarette holder, feeder bracelets, rolling beads are on the verge van cleef clover necklace sale replica of losing. Even if there are people who can do it, it is also very different from the original traditional crafts. The first 'Shandong glass (glass) master of arts' Wang Nai Bao said: 'My ancestors are doing glass, and I have been the fourth generation. Practicing Kung Fu, regarded as the most painstaking art line when I was 13 years old, put on a daily basis, just follow my parents to do glass .In summer, guarding the stove, winter shirtless, but then high income, it Perseverance, but nowadays, children are not willing to do this. '

Boshan ceramic glass art director Wang Xiaocheng introduction, very complex process of glass. An ordinary glass products generally go through the design, mold, dewaxing, firing, finishing and other more than a dozen processes. This effort is difficult to train in a short period of time mature, and difficult working conditions, making many people are reluctant to engage in this industry to face many difficulties, Boshan District efforts to build a platform for talent, organize the 'master with only' activities, the region 52 Master tie with only 150 people. Invest 10 million to build ceramic glass art center to further accelerate the resource integration of ceramic industry, speed up industrial agglomeration, attract private investment and promote ceramic culture industry to a new level Tao Since last year, Boshan District has also organized the glass culture and art festival, Attract all over the country master glass together Boshan. September 26 this year, the second session of China (Boshan) glass culture and art festival will be Boshan Ceramics Glass Art Center grand opening.
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From abroad to buy brand-name handbags is absolutely genuine but not necessarily in the country

Shot at a food supermarket in Sydney, Sydney, Beijing is planning to buy milk powder Xiao Hui, tour group buy a lot of friends in milk, everyone's attitude is similar, that foreign standards improve, supervision in place, the quality of milk can be better Guarantee 'every time you return to the parcel, some too much.' Xu Xiaoyu in Hefei, Anhui Province to study in Germany before returning home before the Spring Festival, as expected, received a long list of purchasing. Xu Xiaoyu said that if only the purchase of domestic products are not easy to buy down the German specialty, but most of the list is not lacking in domestic products to milk powder, for example, Xu Xiaoyu said purchasing milk in Germany very naive. In order to protect the needs of locals, the German store to buy milk powder tourists limit the purchase of up to two cans per person per purchase. Completion of a dozen cans purchasing tasks, to run several stores. She can feel strange eyes every time she checks out. Obviously spend money on things, but made like in the cheaper, this taste uncomfortable. Xu Xiaoyu very puzzled: 'foreign milk worth we so buy it?

Zhao Ping, a researcher at the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Research Institute, said that when domestic consumers travel abroad, it is normal for them to buy some special products that are not available domestically. However, there are van cleef alhambra necklace imitation many domestic products that Chinese tourists are buying overseas, such as milk powder, stockings, toilet covers, rice cookers, clothing, household products, health products and toys. This part of the outflow of consumption of the majority of unreasonable factors, should be carefully analyzed, and efforts to guide the return of a great difference in quality? Some products are not. Take rice cookers, some people have used overseas purchasing rice cookers and domestic brands of rice cooker test, the result simply can not tell the difference between the two boiled rice and then say milk. An industry insider told reporters that although the start was late, after years of development, especially after the melamine incident in 2008, Chinese milk powder companies learned a lesson and their production capacity and safety level have been greatly improved. Milk powder produced by well-known domestic enterprises , The quality is guaranteed. 'In fact, purchasing milk powder is risky.' The insiders said it is equally important to safeguard the safety of milk powder, the transportation process and the production process. Consumers purchasing milk powder, transportation is often not enough professional, high temperature and other environments, it is difficult to ensure quality. Moreover, different countries and regions, milk formula, are based on local diet and physical conditions may be, purchasing milk is not necessarily suitable for Chinese babies quality no significant difference, or even risk, why consumers are still keen to go abroad ' Buy buy '?

'One of the root causes, or the market environment has been a problem.' One in the milk industry fought for many years responsible person said that consumers have a threshold of trust in the product. When the threshold is exceeded, trust can collapse, consumers do not trust information from regulators, but rather believe in rumors of vying for evidence that the industry is in a vicious circle. This problem is not solved, milk powder industry is difficult to develop this mistrust manifested in many ways. For example, the same to buy a brand-name handbags, bought from abroad is absolutely genuine, but not necessarily in the country to buy. Even if it is genuine, some consumers will think that the quality of the products sold in the domestic market is different from that of the foreign ones in the market environment, such as the soil is in the flowers. A good environment is the basis for the market to play a role in resource allocation. If the market environment is a problem, bad money will be driven out of good money, good business difficult to have good development. There is a strange phenomenon in China's milk powder industry: Some enterprises do not rely on improving the quality of their products to win the market. Instead, they are bent on finding opportunities to discredit others and pull others down to climb up. Some unscrupulous negative information is pervasive in the market, exacerbating consumer concerns about the market Zhao Ping believes that in some industries with disorderly competition, it is imperative to further improve supervision. This regulation can not be oversized, but to the responsibility specific to the enterprise, specifically to people. Only by setting up a market environment for the dishonest who can not afford to walk in order to allow consumers to buy more at ease, so that enterprises develop more space for the lens 2 'similar in shape and function.' At a supermarket in London, Shanghai tourists Jiang Yixin Bought two baby bottles. She said that in terms of safety and humanity, the details of foreign products are obviously more in place. Although the price is more expensive, it is still willing to purchase foreign products. 'Products purchased by consumers in foreign countries are indeed superior in quality to those in China.' Guan Lixin, deputy director of the Institute of Consumption and Circulation of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said analyzing this part of consumption Outflow, we need to combine the new characteristics of both ends of supply and demand in China's consumer market demand side, the scale of growth at the same time, the rapid upgrading of the structure. Domestic consumption has enjoyed double-digit growth for many years in a row. In 2015, the total retail sales of social consumer goods were about 30 trillion yuan, ranking the second in the world. At the same time, the demand of ordinary people is changing from being 'satisfied' with 'not being good' to 'not being tidal'; shifting from pursuing quantitative satisfaction to pursuing qualitative improvement, shifting from tangible products to service consumption, Wave of consumption diversified consumer diversification in the supply side, but failed to keep up with changes in demand side. Although the market supply is large, in many industries there is a serious shortage of effective supplies. Today, the deep integration of the global economy and the new consumer demand can not be satisfied domestically. Naturally, they have been pushed to overseas markets. 'To go abroad to' sweep goods 'is to a certain extent the domestic consumers to utilize their global market to meet their own needs.' Zhao Ping said that Wang Wei, a member of a unit in Jinan, Shandong Province, traveled to Inner Mongolia last year and bought a well-known scenic spot for 100 yuan Top hat. According to the merchant, this hat is hand-knit by local people and is especially memorable. Unexpectedly, a month later, Wang Wei in a scenic play in Hunan, actually saw the same hat, but the words in the hat from 'Inner Mongolia' replaced by 'Hunan' 'This sounds like a joke, but reflects China's tourist souvenir market homogeneous homogeneity. 'Guan Lixin said that tourist souvenirs could have become a major tourist spending point, but the major scenic souvenir shops, put out to sell nothing more than pendants, scarves, paper fans, bracelets, etc. Lack of local characteristics of cultural handicrafts, but simply printed on the scenic pattern to distinguish. Such a souvenir, how to open the consumer's pockets?

Tourist souvenirs in many foreign countries are unique and enjoyable. In the Netherlands, tulips, as a native element, have been developed into a variety of tourist souvenirs such as tulip-shaped ornaments, small ornaments, headscarves and the like, and tulip seeds have also become memorable souvenirs for tourists; in the United States, souvenirs from Disneyland not only Rich variety, also derived from toys, stationery and other cultural and creative products product quality determines the total market. Data show that in many scenic areas in developed countries, tourism shopping revenue accounts for about 60% of total tourism revenue; while in the country, tourism shopping accounted for less than 20% of total tourism revenue 'If you can buy at home, certainly not willing Sea Amoy, after all, very troublesome. 'Not long ago, a Longgang District, Shenzhen, a company employees want to buy a fiery' fart peach 'dolls, give friends a birthday present. Search online for several days and found that many dolls domestic sellers modeling almost exactly the same, but not beautiful. Helpless, he only through the sea Amoy, a Korean website to buy a satisfactory product. 'From the productivity point of view, domestic enterprises can produce such a doll, why always lost in creativity?'

Strong manufacturing capacity, lack of innovative awareness, is the embarrassment of many industries in the status quo. Many companies do not value innovation, and even think that 'with its laborious innovation, it is better to concentrate on imitation.' Over time, not timely adjustment of supply according to demand, even with the total market access to temporary survival space, eventually inevitably be eliminated Guan Lixin said, encouragement Innovation, the government must have something as well. It is easy to say that innovation is difficult to do. For enterprises, innovation is invested heavily and market returns are uncertain. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property, so that less innovation to worry about, is conducive to inspire the creative vitality of the lens Three 'the same money, the experience of foreign consumption was significantly better.' Li Li, an Internet company in Beijing Haidian District staff travel to the United States, at A large local mall bought two pairs of shoes. Five minutes after checkout, the discount for these two pairs of shoes changed from 20% to 40%. Staff found Li Li is preparing to leave, told her that she will put more money back to the bank card. 'Although the amount of money withdrawn is small, but such a responsible attitude, people really want to buy something more.'

Guan Lixin said that with the more personalized and diversified consumption, the factors influencing consumer decision-making extend from the product itself to various service links related to the product. Many consumer outflow is not in place for service, poor consumer experience caused by Today, people to the restaurant for dinner, not only requires the dishes taste good, but also increasingly concerned about the decoration style, service quality, dining environment; to shopping malls, product categories are complete , The price is affordable is only based on the ability to meet the children's entertainment, friends and other personal needs become important; stay at the hotel, concerned about the room environment, entertainment facilities and other hardware at the same time, pay more attention to whether check-in quatrefoil necklace van cleef fake is convenient, whether the human services hotel ... ... consumers high-vision, service did not increase, and some people simply go abroad to 'buy experience' of 'the domestic famous mountain Xiushui, why can not stay tourists? Service is weakness.' Chengdu, Sichuan travel leader Li Ming said that traveling with groups at home and abroad on many occasions is not inferior to landscape and domestic scenic spots. Compared with culture, traditional Chinese culture has a long history and profound significance. However, compared with experience, the scenic spots alhambra style necklace copy in China are significantly shorter than many scenic spots in China. , Enhance service, blindly seeking perfection, commercial flavor is too thick, exposure, which is difficult to obtain Relaxed experience. From arrival to departure, tourists may encounter a series of problems: parking spaces can not be found in the parking lot; parked car, can not find the ticket gate signs; Into the area, the staff to explain like a back script, not vivid nor Characteristics; difficult to find the toilet, poor sanitary environment; seek help, scenic staff take a paranoid attitude ......

Li Ming said that the feeling of foreign areas are completely different: intelligent management of scenic spots, tickets in advance reservations, do not have long queues; adequate parking spaces, Do not need to worry about parking; scenic lines marked eye-catching, convenient transportation; scenic staff patience to respond to tourists needs, and even take the initiative to ask tourists if they need help ... ... 'In contrast, the difference was significantly to foreign consumers vote with the rational select.'
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