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DNF's recommendation on Luke C as soon as possible for players below volcano C

Justices: Crash is a price! ! ! 1. Basic investment, 3000 dollars (excluding fashion pet aura) Now Anten manual group 8 yuan is a better group. 12 times a month count 100 yuan. 3 months 300 yuan Luke gold group generally quoted at 50 or so. 8 times a month, three months 1200, that is, the car costs 1500 for the first three months of 1500 to buy the game to buy the day-to-day space stone stone votes, about 20,000 can buy. Press a total of 50 percent of the votes (including the negative of the negative votes), or 30,000. 36 turtles to protect the end of 10000 votes, 24 times Luke Paul at the end of 24 dog eyes that is 2400 votes, counted against a total of 18,600 votes, together 38,600 votes a day dragon 1 pass, 3 months 90, plus a variety of street About 100 activities. By 1 to 28 count, equivalent to about 8,000 votes against the vote plus three daily cracks (a lot of free zone), 270 times in 3 months, counted as anti-ballot 1W votes about a total brush 5.5 to 60,000 tickets press 5.5 Calculation. The votes out of a set of 90 three-piece plus two strong casual is no problem, the right is also a strong dispersion with left and right earrings below said 3 months Luke material can upgrade a set of 3. As copy van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra long as the leather does not upgrade 3, with two arbitrary scattered (90B single no red), the basic damage is not lost 90A (90A5 likely to be trance dilution, but 90B3 does not exist this problem). Then the left to get the right. Turtle revision three months is sure there are 10 red beans, this is the average. Do not change this ancient beans, to take to upgrade the ring or bracelet. Recommended ring. Because the Saiyan Venus outstanding performance in the bracelet, and the necklace has a yellow chain, the size of the soul chain, 氤 氲 and so on. So 30 blasting ring with strong scattered words on the right with the trance gap less than 20%. What is the concept?

That is to say, the armor jewelry fully meets the current 90A plus trance (a yellow blast conflict) the choice of strength weapons, investment advice can use a variety of weapons career. Ghost Swordsman is the first choice. 5.5 million votes if it is a ghost swordsman almost will be allowed to graduate weapons. Most of the national dress is also a ghost swordsman, here is not about to add about the earrings, 5.5 million votes at least two parts of the SS, the overall gap with the three artifacts will not exceed 30% (these parts SS gap Are very limited) If you think you are right, fear of the difference is too large, you do Luke daily three-piece, Luke Li difference is about 30%. Luke gold group with daily free of charge, this is not much to talk about is the next three months after van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace knock off the national day. Skills aura, skills orb is a must. Gold book can change, at least the graduation part of the increase to 8 (relative to a lot of savings). Enchantment to the level. Coupled with the Luke wasteland basic stability, play is relatively skilled, and further reduce the requirements of C, then at this time you already have Luke C's. While sitting in the gold group you can learn a lot of play at the same time, C is also very helpful to their own For such a crash C, can be considered catch up with the opportunity. Hentai 2 to strengthen scattered 90B sets basically do not lose trance, and molding speed is about six months. Three months is Luke C, volcano is a cynical friend asked, then I upgrade 3, after two do not out how to do?

Asked very well after six months generally enough anti-armor enough material, this time is still unlikely to third-class two, in general at least four one. One is further into the abyss, the second is Luke can turn B sets, the third is more able to cross. Fourth, when you upgrade in three months, you can choose fourth-class armor to enhance planning inadvertently control the player graduation imitation van arpels and cleef necklace costs (abyss vote), I should say that the way is the most cost-effective civilian gamers. Most players do not move brick, not tycoon, not face dog, then we grasp every detail, really build their own Luke C.
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80 white-collar workers and girlfriend broke up prosecution each other to ask for 100 yuan condom costs

Judge Sui, who presided over the majority of such cases, said that for such cases of returning love affair fees, it is generally difficult to prove how much the cost is spent by the other party. In addition, this is equivalent to a gift contract, and no special case is required to return of. However, this is for some daily living expenses, if it involves the purchase of cars, cars and other large consumer, will be the specific circumstances of a specific analysis, can not be generalized migrant workers unmarried man Aging, 60 years old. Last year, introduced by the people, he and the 56-year-old Guangzhou single woman Ahong met, Ahong has an adult daughter. A year after the deal, Ahong proposed to break up, Amin did not agree. After several unsuccessful attempts to recover the case, Amin a paper on a red report to the court filed a petition in Amin, densely laid out the process of communication between the two sides consumer spending, including hotels open room rates, charge mobile phone charges, charge Household gas and pay the other costs, a total of more than 1 yuan. However, the above evidence shows that the actual expenditures are only a few open deposit (each deposit amount is 10 yuan) and invoice Amin told the judge that he did not want to break up, he thinks Ahong is someone else, even if Is sued the court, it still hopes A red can change their mind. He also said that after Ahong had borrowed 2,000 yuan from him, he later returned. If Ahong is willing to change his mind, he is willing to give her 3,000 yuan. Ahong, who appeared in front of the judge, performed rather calmly. She admitted having confessed with Amin. However, she chose to break up because she was dissatisfied with her personality and her life. She resolutely stated that she could no longer continue with her On the day of the hearing together, Ah Hong did not appear, his lawyer on behalf of the expression. After many judge mediation, Amin also resolutely refused to mediate. In the end, Amin lost. At present, Amin has filed a petition of small ducks and snow is a pair of '80' couple, after graduating from primary school Du has a more good job. Two friends introduced their understanding, dating four months after breaking up. Since then, Xiao Du a paper petition will snow to court, only one request for a lawsuit, asking the woman to return half the cost of condoms, and claims of litigation less than 100 yuan. For this weird claims, even the judges feel ridiculous, and then find a small Du asked and give it comfort, etc. But Du is very determined, it will be more than half of Taobao to buy condoms screenshots download and print out , Submitted to knock off van cleef white gold bracelet the court, said it must be with the snow on the court at the age of 77 can be described as stubborn, he insisted to prosecute twenties years ago, 'lover' thank aunt. Old Lin said that the two fell in love more than 20 years ago, he had presented to Xie aunt, including four gold rings, a gold bracelet, two gold bracelets, a gold necklace, including gold ornaments, and deposits of 15,000 In fact, today's old forest life is copy van cleef white gold bracelet not bad, his wife around, children have grown, but he remembered the past or very unwilling. He said that when the two fell in love with each other, Xie aunt birthday to take him to the open house, and to his birthday, Xie aunt has only sent a 13 yuan Pho, Xie aunt also often find him something, even take After leaving his house of soybean oil ... ..., Xie Yi said he liked gold ornaments, after receiving the gold ornaments promised to give birth to a child, but has never been honored ... In fact, so obsessed with the forest, its family is also very objectionable, age One, walk unsteady ear, but the frustration of the elderly invading the ground at home, children really have no way to read, had to personally accompany him to the court and the related incident outdated for a long time, and all the ideas of the forest in addition to their own confession , There is no relevant evidence, the judge repeatedly come to him for work, I hope he no longer litigation. Initially, Lao Lin accepted, withdraw the law; did not expect a while, he regretted, every day to the court reported innocence, and ultimately set the case. It is reported that many times after the old forest to the public security organs, inspection agencies reported Xie aunt fraud, but were due to insufficient evidence to formally enter the relevant judicial proceedings, the 61-year-old Xie aunt also arrived at the scene. Emotion excited, several times rushed to Xie aunt before, and its confrontation. In response, Xie aunt calm, she said that year through the working relationship with Lao Lin met, but the two are not lover, did not receive anything he gave, etc. Finally, due to insufficient evidence of forest, the court ruled that the loss. At present, the forest has been appealed Sui judge introduced, the general content of such cases are very simple, and the woman is generally proposed to break up, the man filed a lawsuit. Judging from the current situation, there is no deep hatred between the two sides. The man seems to have signs of wanting to restore his feelings. However, the woman tends to be determined. Therefore, successful litigation is not easy because of the fact that there are mostly lawsuits to 'vent revenge.' 'Relationship between love and marriage is different from the marriage, it is difficult to prove.' Sui judge said that nowadays a lot of people met will be a photo, intimacy can not really prove that love relationship, unless the other side is willing to admit otherwise difficult to identify. In the lawsuit, Case A's Xie Yi denied Lao Lin's 'lover' that she denied that both men and women were involved in the process of getting in love. In order to cultivate the feelings of both parties, one party spent the other's expenses on living, such as eating and traveling Etc. or give each other mobile phones, jewelry and other items, is a very common thing. Once prosecuted to court, according to the principle of 'Who advocates and who evidences' in the civil case, the plaintiff should give evidence of his claim that the defendant return all expenditures and economic losses during the engagement between the two parties. In such cases, the plaintiff presents the defendant a gift and the plaintiff is very Difficult to prove that the defendant actually received a gift. As for the two exchanges, opening a room, eating, travel expenses, even if the plaintiff provided the invoice, it is difficult to prove that the actual costs spent on the defendant. In fact, most of the defendants failed to confirm the outcome of losing the plaintiff's claims. In three cases, except Xiaodu himself withdrawal, the other two plaintiffs have lost the trial Sui judge pointed out that in the absence of written agreement or the formation of claims and debts, the law between the couple of such acts as Gift, even if the two sides to terminate the relationship of love, one party shall not be required to return the other party under the 'Contract Law' on the relevant provisions of gifts, gifts are generally withdrawn prior to the handover can be withdrawn at any time, promised to purchase items but has not been honored, Such promises can be withdrawn at any time (except for public welfare or notarized gift contracts such as disaster relief and poverty alleviation); but after the transfer, they can not be revoked in general, even if the conditions for revoking them are very harsh. Only when they severely damage the donor or His close relatives, and non-fulfillment of the obligations as stipulated in the gift contract, can only be withdrawn. At the same time, this right of revocation should be exercised within one year from the date of knowing or should have known the cause of revocation. Therefore, even in such cases, Evidence that the evidence was indeed given to the defendant's property and that its right to revoke the gift must also comply with the above legal requirements in order to be supported Pearl District Court Civil Tribunal President Yang believes that the parties were once a couple love each other, when Everlasting, who pays for who pays the bill, and there is no deliberate attention. In reality, most men are willing to pay for living expenses while in love. This shows precisely the gentlemanliness of China. There is a saying in China that 'the sale and the sale are not good and where are the righteous ones.' For those who have once been buried, those who once fell in love with the court, Many people sigh. 'As a judge, we do not want to see replica vca bracelet such a case. May the lovers of the world get married, and if you can not let the love go, let go of your sleeves and take away a cloud.

Article 186 of the Contract Law The grantor may withdraw the gift before the transfer of the right to gift the property. A donation contract or a notarized gift contract with social welfare and moral obligation of disaster relief and poverty alleviation is not applicable. Article 192 If the donee has any of the following circumstances, the donor may revoke the donation: A) Serious infringement of the close relatives of the donor or the donor; (2) Obligation of the donor to be indemnified; (3) Failure to perform the obligations stipulated in the gift contract.
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Legend 3, one of the ultimate equipment and how

Just started playing this game, I was still studying abroad, just on the line, do not card, the game is very smooth, far more than 1W km away I did not hesitate to choose this area, built 3 large Warrior, FS, Taoist, rose to 33 manually. Nightmare started from that time. Basically, others run 5 steps I ran 1 step to kill BOSS? Have been to a cow, ran faster than me, and even the ship I do not even think about the task, but to use someone else on-line time spent on the hook above, the card, I manually on the FS, with hanging outside the soldiers and priests Followed by the group Ma 1 Qing lattice. Finally maintained the level of the gap. Because of the card, hang up more expensive, put eggs and other items stored up to be sold by others as profiteers. At that time, I almost gave up. Fortunately, there are a bunch of friends who want to wish the British moss and whoever wants to go. Step by step, take me to the boat and add 11 books to the new map for the third time. I Finally did not go, persevered. Because I feel wish Eryng very enthusiastic, they joined their guild, and destined to become a lifelong fate with the edge poly family. I thought there are still six months to graduate home, enjoy the super smooth speed, I bite my teeth, insisted a few months later, in addition to a MAX + 8 purgatory, a soul +2, sacred +12 Cicada wings knife, 45 level, nothing. Fortunately, I returned home for two weeks because of the smooth writing of the dissertation, plus a few other things. Home speed is fast Oh, unfortunately, basically dragon, fan, thunder and so the ultimate weapon in the open area that day almost the storm, this time, the basic BOSS nothing violence, had to go Run the boat. Because the foundation is relatively thin, no good equipment, always a store of goods + soul +2, sacred +12 cicada wings knife to run the boat, so not afraid of death, a boat rushed in the front, we can say that two weeks , Died in the boat is the fastest I grab the king to guard the largest number of me, but ah, nothing hit the edge of convergence of heart, huh, huh, favorite in the boat to kill me, told me a word 'Play for so long, you have what equipment, garbage.' Really bitter ah. It was forgotten whether it was ice mineral water or peaceful coexistence to help me speak 'He is not equipped, but he has a grade.' Yes, as long as there is life, not afraid of no return. Oh, I wish I copy bracelet van cleef alhambra could say so again. Just finished the second day of this sentence, I will take the task to do the number, was already 6 o'clock, I have to eat at home, I also want to leave. However, the 6 people who did task 3 in the meeting did not have priests and asked me to wait for a while. No way, had to take them to find guards, guards storm my dream decision. More fortunately, I stepped on it. Since then, my soldiers bid farewell to the era of chain. During this time, I killed a lot of tyrants leader, unfortunately, nothing gave me 2 weeks passed quickly, I started a foreign card was dead hang up career. This period of time, many people have left, knock off bracelet alhambra van cleef I wish the British moss their gang, Xuanyuan a bunch of people, the server about deserted a lot. Graduation thesis only 2 months, insisted it. I thought about changing edge, so that more people chat. But think about it, if there is only one server in the line there is no enemy what is the point, I built a few lines will stay finally graduated from home, looking for work most of the time to stay home, Oh, I am worried that nobody wants me. So began a new round of impact. This period of time is my fullest time. 3 numbers are 52, super fast speed, every day I on the priests, FS to fight BOSS, to ship, kill the king, the soldiers to PK, the most proud of a war I am a warrior, in the face of 2 Warrior, 3 FS, stole the Shacheng down, after 2 days, together with the assassin, holding each other about 8 people hold the sand. Rely on the speed and operation, soldiers walk in the crowd, a handful of seconds; Priests flew in chaotic battles, shouting shield who can kill me. In the 3G before and after these days, before and after the violence of the sacred ring, Zijin ring, colorful golden ring, 3 7 secret, vanity, meteor necklace, heaven and earth, some non-ultimate, such as prayer helmets, Say more. Coupled with the continuous combination of 100 times 1 3 death gloves failed, the success of many 0 8 emperors, 0 7 Run God, the Department of +1 magic wand bracelet, 3 6 magic wand necklace. It can be said that the previous bitterness has been rewarded. A lot of people M I want to buy my equipment, I was rejected, I do not want RMB, I want is that I can see the seed I cultivate flowers I am not a person to give up easily. Calculate our server from the open area until now, GT done N times the maintenance, GT constant commitment to delete the 7 trumpet to reduce the server load, 3G compression to smooth game speed and so on, but after each maintenance , The server has only more cards. Forget it, our district just opened area about 300 people, outside + trumpet why there are 500 people, the loss of people, continue to GT killed small accounted for 80%. Now in this area I can see the living + robot absolutely no 50. But what? Starting at 12 noon, until 12 o'clock in the afternoon, it is almost like a card abroad. 007 plugin or not, it is absolutely a walk to stop 1 second 2 seconds. I think this is not for the maintenance of players, but to compress the server GT nothing more. Is such a server, a 57-level soldiers, 165 offensive soldiers were a 54-level Master fought to find teeth; a 56-level priests, all strong elements, 50 magic defense, was 3 54 Master level can play full flight. Siege tonight, 5 minutes my soldier died 5 times, medicine lost 1000 special, card plug-in can not even drink red. Put on the Taoist, was hit within 3 minutes flying 5 times Someone told me that a good equipment do not wear, really boring. I think so too, so the card server, I wear the best out, people give the violence, that is only interesting, then it will not be criticized as rubbish. Back to the topic, what is the use of a Need? My girlfriend is more angry than I am, threatening me to continue to play this junk game just broke up with me. Seen these three numbers, just as I saw the shadow of a few years abroad, has experienced a tribulation, biting the teeth clinging to the ropes of hope, step by step to climb I really reluctant to sell the number, and hope My girlfriend understands my mood. This is my shadow, how can I give up yet. Now sell the following equipment:

Soldier Set: Natural +5 Meteor Knife, MAX + 12, Phantom / 1 ruling, Wu Sheng, Zijin ring, meteor necklace, green necklace, 0 8 emperors 3, moon shoes Taoist set: Nether, 0 7 Run God, the whole department +1 magic wand bracelet

Gift Pack: 2 magic replica van cleef white gold bracelet blood, 2 iris, ship goods, N more than the best synthesis

'8' fate is the case, life is not the case? I hope my friends in the real kinds of melon seeds, beans were beans.
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Beimiaozhai hidden in the mountains unknown

Xinghua Township, Rongjiang County, Baimiao Miao shell mount deep in the mountains, is one of the important Miao Lunar mountain hinterland. It is never a travel hotspot, there is no tourist reception facilities, services, but it is one of the most favorite places to go home to Guizhou has a saying. 'Dongs live in the waterfront, Hmong mountain tip.' Qiandongnan Miao Village are almost without exception are located above the mountainside, difficult to reach by means of transport. Water is also often drained into villages from far away. Pendulum is located in Hing Wah Township behind the tip of the hill, from the highest point of the village can be seen from afar crystal clear Dujiang Jiang a green belt between the two sections of the general sliding. A thin road through Hing Wah Township, but do not see the dusty heavy truck, also can not hear the harsh whistle when it is about to enter the village, the roadside there will be some towering maples, Ye are the shellfish Baizhai tree. If anyone dares to deforest these deities, not only will they be severely punished by the entire village, but it will also be considered as a disaster for the entire village. In Miao's ancient songs, 'Maple Mom' ​​is not only the ancestor of the Miao people, but also the ancestor of man-made. Just like the legend of the Han nationality, the goddess is not only Baoding Walled, Paul Walled Stone 'equally awesome, not good at other uses, two square beveled stones, looks no different from ordinary stones, casually squatting on the roadside. Do not forget to find a stone seat or stampede in your village. These two heads each have their own different roles, one for protecting the whole village and the other for protecting the surnamed Jiang and Yang surnames in the village. If there is a conflict between the various clans in the village, or a big disaster in the stockade - usually the disease and the fire, everyone will raise money to kill the pig and sacrifice the god of the stone. The primitive religion of the Miao people manifests as the worship of many gods. Trees, stones, butterflies, and spring eyes all can serve as worship objects. And these objects of worship are closely related to ordinary life. It can be said that taboos are everywhere. Unlike the mainstream religions such as Buddhism and Christianity, there is always a concrete and eye-catching place for people to climb after they worship the village. Put Pui Village Primary School is a wooden floating house as if floating in the clouds. Looking out from the window is boundless mountain view, the green trees can be seen in the summer, the vast white world in winter. The village did not work outside the boys, nothing to barefoot in the small playground basketball, ping pong with a wooden board the entire village women wear national costumes daily. Cloth and other parts of the Hmong no difference, are woven, dyed copy van cleef and arpels flower necklace their own pulp and through a series of tedious processes to make a shiny texture. The difference is that women here do not wear pleated skirts, but the big pants, legs tied leggings, much like the men's clothing from the Yangtze River sand. Belly plus upper body coat, seams plus embroidered piece. Here are a few ordinary women wearing bracelets and at least one, as many as several thick silver collar. Jewelry styling is very old-fashioned, and tourist souvenirs are very different, but this is not the most special. Chinese New Year holidays, the men and women put the shell will wear a long and ankle dress - a hundred birds clothes. Hem the white feathers floating in the wind, has been dense, full of colorful costumes set off gorgeous. Anyone who has several hundred birds clothes, you can go in to ask. However, most people will misunderstand that you are going to buy their birding clothes. If you do not have such an intention, you must explain why you should be good and do not conclude that it is commercialized here. Per capita annual income of only a thousand dollars, be regarded as very poor places, replica van cleef and arpels flower necklace to improve life is their imminent demand festival: the shellfish drum festival with awe-inspiring day to describe it, but theoretically once in 13 years. During the Tibetan Festival, every household should have at least one banner replica black van cleef necklace streamers, a few meters in length, gathered together and visually shocked. On the first day of the festival, people all dressed in gorgeous birding clothes, worshiping ancestors, bullfighting, singing Lusheng, and releasing firecrackers. A series of activities are solemn and solemn. The next day is a large-scale cattle killing ceremony. A small village of Beibei completely immersed in a dozen to a few dozen deep but direct roar of human heart, accompanied by continuous Lusheng music, as a tribute The cattle sent off. Moreover, the pendulum there is another musical instruments not elsewhere - the old scoop, is a kennel made of hollow hollow cutters, shaped like a water scoop. It is said that there is a historical correlation with the Tang Dynasty musical instrument called 'Hu Lei'. On the drum festival, you can also see ancient scoops accompanied by ancient scoops. Pendulum ordinary diet is very simple, mainly clear water boiled vegetables, dip chili water to eat. If you want to live a little more comfortable conditions, you can live in the Hing Wah countryside. A few small hotels along the street, a bit cleanliness, but there are public toilets and hot water shower, it is best to bring their own sleeping bags, there are single rooms there are double rooms, about 20 yuan a. Restaurants are also on the street, not many varieties of vegetables, meat is also pork and dried fish, but fair prices, the taste is not bad, big oil, taste. In the morning there are selling soy milk and buns in the street. To put shellfish, you need to reach Hing Wah Township. Hing Wah Township, 53 kilometers away from Rongjiang County, is located on the road between Sandu and Rongjiang. It takes about 1 hour by car from Rongjiang. Three are to Rongjiang, Congjiang car have been Hing Wah Township. Hing Wah Hing Tung Tau, walked through the family planning station, in the vicinity of a pole with a shoulder width of the stairs, is a direct pendulum to the pedestrian path. Down the road until you reach the end, you can take the road to the pendulum of the country road, the remaining half of the village road, fast, then 4050 minutes to go. The beginning of the country road in the poles more east, cars or motorcycles can be directly opened to put Pui Village, if it is the whole walk this road, it will take more than an hour.
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Identification and analysis of the characteristics of the emerald green emerald and the current forecast of market trend

Emerald green generally appears on the emerald, and emerald if there is emerald green, then the price is even more expensive because the emerald green is very rare, is now very scarce, so the price is very expensive. This emerald green emerald is a kind of jadeite, can be made into a variety of jewelry and decorations, not only in the light shining green shiny, but also said to be made into 貔 貅 and other things more conducive to recklessness and avoidance. From the price can be comparable to gold, and from the appearance of gold more dazzling than the colorful King of emerald green is the best color, the highest value of green, also known as 'emerald', giving the dignified beauty of the king is a green Unique color, empennage in the sun shows a dignified lake green, at first glance similar to the lake blue, bright van cleef arpel alhambra necklace knock off green light in the show under the digital flash under the sun green, unpredictable variety of which waxy emperors green, It belongs to the best of modern jadeite. Its material structure is silky, transparent and fine in texture. The crystal is flickering, the green silk is suspended and polished. There is no crystal emerald on the surface after polishing, and the emerald green is famous for its dignified value. Citylink emperors green emerald price is presented to people is a kind of breath of life, deep connotation, and it is rich in rich cultural information. Among ice emerald green emeralds, the ice emerald green emerald bracelet is the highest price for some of the reasons why bracelets are made and one of the aesthetic standards people make on bracelets. So it can become a ice green emerald jade bracelet, no doubt its price, the ice green jadeite emerald bracelet price will sometimes be measured in grams emerald green emerald bracelet including glass, ice, waxy, full of green And dissatisfied with the color of the emerald green bracelets and so on. No matter what kind of water, are rare treasures, the price is naturally very high. Glutinous rice emperors green, pure clover fake necklace van cleef green part of the tone, although the green is just a small part of the bracelet, but fake van cleef pearl necklace because of this regiment green so that the bracelet adds endless charm, the price shot 19 million.
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Diablo seeking Paladin practice method

White 20, sacrifice 20, fanatical 20, sacred shield 20, revenge 1, the rest plus resistance (melee) vengeance + faith type: suitable for Daguai

Vengeance 20, Resist Fire 10+, Resist Cold 10+, Resist Lightning 10+, Reliance 20, Divine Shield 20 (Melee) Critical Strike + Fever Type: Suits kboss and pk

Hit 20, fanatical 20, sacred shield 20, resistance 20, the rest plus charge (spell) blessing hammer + Focused: suitable Daguai, kboss and pk

Blessing hammer 20, energy 20, the blessing aiming 20, focus 20, the rest plus the sacred shield Note: 1.13 version of the demonic and undead monster magic resistance amended to blessing hammer effective, so the blessing hammer van cleef knock off rose gold bracelet Paladin Daguai ability was weakened (magic) Heaven's fist + faith type: suitable pk

Heaven's fist 20, holy light bomb 20, holy impact 20, faith 20, the rest plus sacred shield strength enough to wear all the equipment can be, agile added to the sacred shield open shield block rate of 75%, the rest plus physical strength , Energy is not ideal equipment Recommended:

Helmet: [melee Paladin] crown of the highest age, Ji Yong face helmet

[Blessed Hammer Paladin] Harmonic Champion Cap, 2 Paladin Skills / 20% Spell-casting speed of the first ring

[Heaven's Fist Paladin] Grignard's Eye Crown set with beads

Armor: [Melee Melee] Fortitude Armed Forces Armor, Archon Armor, Chet Stein Weaving Battlegear

[Spell Paladin] Enigma Armor Armor, Snake Magician Leather Sea Snake Leather (Upgrade to Cologne), Guardian Archangel Templar Robe

Main Weapon: [melee Paladin] death breath Berserker ax (invisible), Death Berserker ax (invisible), and finally hope Berserker ax, remorse berseller ax, doom Berserker ax, Estelle's steel guard God makes the rod, the penitence of the penitence, the light of the heavenly scepter

[Blessed Hammer Paladin] Oak Heart Flail

[Heaven's Fist Paladin] Crescent Crystal Sword

Vice weapon: war summon crystal sword

The main shield: van cleef and arpels butterfly bracelet fake [Melee Paladin] Exile Tornado Shield (invisible), exiled Saqamuang Shield (invisible), Phoenix Tornado Shield, Phoenix Scarlett shield, Saqamram messenger decorated with gold shield Kalam Shield)

[Spell Paladin] spiritual sacred shield, sakkalam messenger gold shield imitation vintage alhambra bracelet (escalated to the scakram shield)

Deputy Shield: spiritual sacred shield

Belt: [melee Paladin] Weierdeng heart knot Mithril belt, blood vampire Sting ring Vampire fangs belt

[Spell Paladin] Spider Web Cobweb belt, the power of Raytheon giant war belt

Gloves: [Melee Paladin] Dracula Grips Vampire Skeleton Gloves

[Blessed Hammer Paladin] Master's Fist Light Iron Gloves (Upgrade to Battlefield Gloves), Tagage's Claw Heavy Bracelet
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300,000 bracelets should be worth how much

We first review the next 300,000 bracelets incident, the shop attendant to a group of bracelets for wrapping paper, bracelets on the replica van cleef and arpels butterfly bracelet counter, visitors into the shop, try on one of the bracelets, after wearing how much she asked, Waiter said 30 million, visitors would like to listen to the bracelet removed, did not expect a hand slip, the bracelet fell on the tile floor broken into two parts, the coordination of the local police station, the two sides invited the Ruili City Gem Society evaluation The association's appraisal book is as follows

In addition, the owner said, 'We will announce the results, but no matter what the outcome, we are off.' We first analyze the inside of things. The bracelet is the waiter said 300,000 yuan, not the price tag, that is to say this bracelet Waiter asking price 30W, and tourists have not bargain, if the bracelet did not break, and tourists have a lot of money, the specific transaction price will be how many unknown, but certainly not more than 30W yuan. Jewelry Association identified the market price is 18W yuan, look at knock off van cleef butterfly bracelet the top appraisal book is clearly written in the market price, not the cost price, that is, the majority of local businesses market transaction price is 18W yuan. This is like we broke a cup in the hotel, the hotel manager said the cup got 100 yuan lost, we find the supermarket manager appraisal, the supermarket said that we sell the cup market price of 15 yuan, while the supermarket purchase price of this cup is 5 yuan a , While the cup factory sold to the hotel cost may be 3 yuan. The owner said no matter what the outcome, he lost, it is a little difficult to understand, do not lose 30W will lose? Or that the owner knows the result will imitation mother of pearl clover bracelet be worse than the original price of thousands of miles away, so the exposure will have a very bad influence on his business. Since the market price is 18W yuan, then the cost price is how much? General large-scale (non-tourist attractions) jewelry shop with the price tag selling price will have several times the gap? The price difference between tourist attractions and costs significantly more. Is that we usually buy a bottle of mineral water in the scenic area to buy 35 yuan everyone can understand this is not pit people, people rent high cost it? If you go to the attractions of the top of the hill are generally drink a turn ten times are normal things, a bottle of water are so, Moreover, jade and other goods, we can carefully pondering inside the poor times? How is this bracelet broken? No one described the specific details, but the business of the tile floor is certainly one of the main reasons for fragmentation, jewelry business for many years to accumulate will occasionally encounter jewelry did not get the ground off the case, and if your ground that made it Kind of children playground foam board or covered with thick carpet, may not appear broken this situation, so your own ground is also one of the reasons leading to the fragmentation of bracelets, businesses also need to take part of the responsibility.
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Tomb of the Empress Dowager Ci Xi

Empress Ci renovated after the elegant materials, fine workmanship, luxurious decoration, magnificent. Three wooden hall all the expensive yellow rosewood. Beam and ceilings on the painting is not to do battle, not enough paint, but in the pieces of wood directly Lek paste gold, the pattern is the highest level of gold dragon and Xi painting. Inside the temple carved with the meaning of 'Wanfu Wanshou', 'longevity cotton' brick pattern, and all the screening of red gold. Three temples 64 Lu Ming column all coiled semi-solid gold-plated copper dragon. Seal wall pendulum to the top, the eaves eagle carved 'Wanfu Cloud' pattern. Basilica and the platform around the stone railing, regardless of the fence, looking at the pillar or drum stone, are all kinds of dragon and phoenix are Relief Cheung, sea cliffs pattern, especially in front of Dan boulder stone, with high relief and openwork techniques, The Danfeng volley, dragon water portrayed demeanor vivid description, is a rare stone art treasures. This sweeping the walls of gold, gold pastels, they spent two gold 4592. Gold-plated Panlong and exquisite stone art masterpiece, the three Hall decorated resplendent, exquisite. This luxurious decoration not only in the Ming and Qing dynasties Mausoleum unique, even the Forbidden City is also difficult to see. Underground Palace for the five vouchers two door, tunnel vouchers, cover vouchers, door vouchers, Zi coupons and vouchers, walls and doors are not carved cixi buried in the coffin of the buried treasure: Cixi into the coffin before laying a layer of gold in the coffin Inlaid gem van cleef & arpels ring price imitation of the mattress, inlaid with the size of pearl 12604, 85 gem of red light, white jade 203; jacquard imitation van cleef emerald ring mattress and covered with a layer of beads on the 2400; on top of a bead covered with beads, beads 1300 This layer a total thickness of one foot. Empress wearing a gold beaded color embroidered robe gown, there are pearls 5920, 1135 gemstones; wearing a pearl inlaid crown, the above embedded foreign tribute weighing a four or two Baozhu, as large as chicken eggs, the value of silver 10 million two; mouth with night pearl, the beads within a hundred steps can be seen at night within the hair; the head of the first place a jade lotus leaf, green and clear, the tendons on the foliage grow naturally, non-artificial polish is According to the artist's natural emerald shape, due to circumstances, can be described as wonderful; feet placed two large jasper lotus; corpse placed lotus lotus. Her 衾 衾 was covered with a large peony flower made of pearl piles; the bracelet was made of diamonds in a large chrysanthemum and six small plum flowers. Beside the left and right sides put a jade watermelon, two melons, cabbage two, peach, plum, gem made of more than two hundred, That emerald cabbage are green leaves white heart, cabbage heart is also covered with a full green shy, leaves next to stop with two yellow wasp. On the corpse left a jade lotus, three white jade lotus root, a natural gray mud dirt, green leaf lotus leaves at birth, out of pink lotus; next to it there is a black jade water chestnut. The corpse is van cleef & arpels engagement ring imitation a jade carving red hill on the right tree, green leaf around the green leaves of red peach sticks, the park top off a kingfisher, imaginative, originality. In addition, there are a large number of value-grave funerary objects in the coffin of more than 700 treasures of Jade Horse, 8 deities and 18 Arhats of Jade. It triggered a calamity disaster. In July 1928, Sun Danying, the warlord, dug up the Empress Dowager Xi Ling, split the coffin into the corpse, and swept away all the treasures. After the robbery took place, Pu Yi sent people to rebuild, and still retains the status quo. Compared with the mausoleum, the tomb is not the Great Bei Lou and stone statue of Health, the building layout is similar, but the smaller size of the two set at the same time the eastern tomb started construction in 1873, completed in 1879 at the same time, with 6 years of consumption of silver each more than 200 Wan two. Two mausoleums in all the mausoleums are superior, but Empress still not satisfied. After the dowager of Empress Dowager Cixi, the empress monopoly took control. She ordered the demolition of the three palaces in 1895 to rebuild, and strictly prohibited the slightest possible relocation of raw materials. Rebuild the project lasted 13 years, what is the treasure buried in Empress? His confidant eunuch Li Liangying personally attended the ceremony of the burial treasure in the coffin coffin. According to him and his nephew, 'love month Xuan notes' records: Empress corpse into the coffin, first in the coffin shop three layers of gold silk beads and a layer of pearl mattress, a total thickness of one foot. Head of the first Tsui lotus leaf; foot pink pink tourmaline lotus. Wearing a pearl phoenix crown, crowning the largest such as a large pearls egg, worth 10 million two silver. Put aside gold, gems, jade, emerald Buddha 27. Emerald watermelon, melon, cabbage, peach, plum, apricot and jujube are more than 200 pieces on both sides of the foot. Body left jade lotus, jade carving coral tree on the right. In addition, Jade Horse 8, jade 18 Lohan, a total of more than 700 pieces. Funeral finished, and into the four liters of pearls, gems 2200 coffins filled a coffin treasures, natural gathering is a huge evil. She closed her eyes only 20 years, and another she and the same robbery robbery robbery, black hand stretched out to her, and her coffin cast Ci Xi death after 20 years, that is, July 4, 1928 to 10 days. Warlord Sun Dian-ying dug Qianlong emperor Yuling and Empress Hill, destroyed the coffin and cast the corpse, swept away all the buried treasure. Empress was thrown out of the coffin, the mouth of the Pearl was pulled away, the shirt was stripped of light, the body left after an underwear robbery occurred, Pu Yi sent Ze, Qi Ling, Po Hee et al to the East Lingling Empress The body was re-burial. Set in Ze and others into the underground palace, see the Empress corpse lying on the coffin cover, head north, feet south, left hand on the back of the anti-ride. In the underground palace has been corpse for more than 40 days, there have been many spots on the body, covered with white Mao Zetze and others see the coffin is still intact, you can continue to use, so life flag woman with a piece of yellow silk Empress corpse cover, will A piece of yellow satin bedding shop in the body side, and then slowly flipping the corpse, just lying on the yellow satin mattress. I saw Empress looking gray, his eyes deep without beads, high cheekbones, lips scars. All help, with the wishful board Empress Dowager body carried into the coffin, wishful board was not withdrawn. The body covered with a yellow satin was, picked up from the underground palace of Xi Xi cut nails and lost teeth with yellow silk wrap, on the was. Because in order to catch up in the May 1st opening of Empress Palace and Cixian Ling ground construction, the custody of the leadership decided to leave the Empress coffin to the tourism off-season and then clear In early December 1983, tourism has entered the off-season. The custody of the leadership decided to clear Empress coffin. On December 6, after clearing the coffin lid, the cleaning team saw a large yellow satin lid that was tightly covered with two pieces of clothing. Obviously, this was the status quo at the time of the founding of Zezai and others in 1928, and no one has been touched for 55 years. For the sake of safety, the custody of the leadership decided to put a coffin cover, closed underground palace, the matter reported to the higher level January 4, 1984, the State Administration of Cultural Relics sent a few experts, and the Qing Tombs heritage set up a heritage Cleaning the Empress inside the coffin 10 people group the next day, the cleaning team in turn uncovered the two pieces of clothes, found the Empress painted nails and teeth small yellow package. Sprayed in the coffin antiseptic disinfectant liquid, then the Empress of the body carried into the coffin. This was the third time she was carried into this coffin after she died. Then be, small yellow and two pieces of clothes completely as they are, put back in place. Everything was restored to its original state, and then sprayed again to the coffin liquid medicine, cover the coffin cover, seal the coffin lid, carpenters will repair the broken nephew, set in the coffin Now, Empress remains intact Lying in a coffin, the original image was retained for the second time in 1928.
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The fifty-fifth chapter crazy buy seeking votes

The first chapter today. The new week began, but also the miners in the new book list the last full week, much support for miners to allow miners to advance a few, thank you!

Lei Xiang in the store management van cleef arpels between finger ring imitation there really find the option to buy NPC, there are a lot of kinds of NPC, management class, life skills class, ordinary shop class, such as a variety of sub-management of Ray-Ban interest, such NPC is similar to the ancient housekeeper, he has a lot of features, can not be a long time to manage the shop player is really easy to use things, he can usually shop in accordance with the requirements of the owner management, as well as a certain degree of autonomy, is a very good assistant Sex NPC Lei Xiang looked behind each NPC has a skill level, intelligence, understanding of the profile, very intuitive. Just those high prices are not cheap. A smart, savvy are advanced, management skills for master class 500W gold will need. Really not ordinary players can afford it. Lei Xiang now rich, though not much, but also a lot less. Spent 500W gold bought a housekeeper, 200W gold coins bought two senior buddy. Also set up through the management page of the store opened two acquisition windows, one acquisition of raw materials for refining, a collection of equipment and materials. Two dutiable management acquisitions, one to help the original two buddies manage the sale of drugs and equipment thing Now there are some drugs inside the store of immortality, talking about these stocks, or Spark and Starlight two for the impact of skills, no life practice result. Just because the material has not been very adequate, so it is the first part of the supply of the sale, the rest of the store to take a look at the store is also taken care of, skills have learned, the transfer matrix but also more than two hours to build, Lei Xiang decided to go to the player market to see, the main point is still want to buy material market players Pangu four main city gates two hundred meters, the system is specifically drawn out of four nearly 10,000 square meters of area, mainly to those who have no money Ordinary players to buy the shop to prepare, where the system of tax levy than the shop inside a little less. Each stalls occupy a square of square area, two stalls separated by half a meter, a market for thousands of players at the same time stalls, or quite lively Lei Xiang came to Simon market, players inside bustling, coming from time to time Bargaining voices, watching this familiar scene, let Lei Xiang remembered three years ago, when the scene began to be a professional player, that is why they are not all day Daguai and shopping market?

Looking at the familiar scene, Lei Xiang mouth hung a faint smile to the entire market go again, this time down, those reasonable prices of various materials have been into the Ray-Ban bracelets. For those who sell high, deliberately the wrong price did not care, do not buy it?

Looked at the material in the bracelet, Lei Xiang is not only big sigh, or the largest player in general power, ah, just refining the refined tower inside the second-class medicine Bu Ling pill needed to buy more than 40,000 clover Strains, each plant only 5 silver coins, a total of less than 2,500 gold coins, but also Ling Cao has more than 10,000 strains, an average of 10 silver coins per plant, spent less than 1300 gold coins, and if these make up Spirit pill, that is more than ten thousand copies, one is 15 gold ah. 4000 cost, 15W selling price, Lei Xiang imitation van cleef clover ring finally know the gap between selling materials and selling finished products may be addicted to buy things, Lei Xiang directly find a place to buy the other stalls all over, and then accounted for That player's position, spent 100 gold coins in the head imitation van cleef gold ring showing a big sign 'high price of 1 3 grade pharmaceutical materials and equipment materials, the price is higher than the market price 10%, prepared 100W coins, stock do not stay I set up a stall in the Ximen market. '

And even spent 1,000 gold coins in the entire area of ​​the ancient city of the region made ten consecutive advertisements this time throughout the ancient city of Pangu and Pangu within the scope of the players know that a guy holding a 100W drill money at a high price to acquire materials or Stall acquisition. Many people are whispering in my heart, I do not know which wealthy sophomore ancestors of panic-stricken course, of course, those who think they would rather trust its non-credible players quickly toward Pan Gu Xi Men Market 'Hello, really Higher than the market price of 10% buy? 'A small number of players a bit shabby looking Lei Xiang' Well, what do you have? 'Lei Xiang can see that this is an ordinary player, should still be a student' I have blood Grass, Clover, Angelica, Chuanxiong four, there are some fine iron, copper or something. 'Small players look shy look like a strange player Ray-ray looked strange, could not help but ask:' See you To those who do not know very shy? Then how dare first asked me?

Small player face a red, a little unnatural said: 'I am a little autistic in reality, the doctor let me play games, make more friends, the treatment of my illness is good, so I will take the initiative to speak up, in fact, I am not shy, but a bit scared. '

Lei Xiang looked at his look, knowing there must be other reasons, see he did not say, did not continue to ask 'how many do you have?' Lei Xiang asked 'a total of 491 herbs, 327 ore.'

'Grace, herbs are two, a 12 silver coins, a total of 60 gold coins, ore is also two, each 50 silver coins, a total of 164 gold coins, a total of 224 gold coins, right.' Lei Xiang asked with a smile ' Really expensive into a, ah, good, I went to my classmates, so that they are also sold to you, ah, can you add friends? 'Small man asked Lei Xiang surprised a moment, this is a tendency to autistic People?

'For now, I'm not a friend.' Lei Xiang said: 'If you still have the material, it's all over the Internet.I recently received this time'

'Well, I call them off the assembly line, my friends are classmates in our class, very fast,' said out of self.
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What to eat baby food calcium Good baby from when it started calcium it

Therefore, the milk is called the most perfect food, 'the best natural food.Parents and children best after the baby 1 year old gave him to drink milk Oh, to prevent allergies 3, cheese: dairy products is the best food calcium Choice, cheese is the most calcium-rich dairy products, and these calcium is very easy to absorb. Cheese calcium content: 250 ml milk = 200 ml yogurt = 40 grams of cheese 4, calcium-orange juice: Orange is known as the treatment of diseases, Rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, etc. 8 ounces (about 226 grams) of orange juice contains 300 mg of calcium equivalent to the amount of calcium in a glass of milk 5. Cheese: Into the high nutritional value of food. The salts in cheese contain large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which are the main components that form the skeleton and teeth. 6. Legumes: Legumes have very high nutritional value and most legumes contain significant amounts of calcium. But mothers, please bear in mind that after one year of age children can drink soy milk, to prevent a drink too much to avoid protein allergies 7, dark green leafy vegetables: baby should eat different green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, collard kale leaves, Kale and van cleef and arpels necklace butterfly knock off mustard; try different types of canned, fresh, frozen and add butter to seasoning 8, kelp: kelp is a high nutritional value of vegetables, not only rich in calcium and iodine, Helps to synthesize thyroxine. In addition kelp also contains high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids 9, shrimp: shrimp skin is rich in protein and minerals, especially calcium content is extremely rich, calcium library, said calcium is a better way calcium, multi-purpose Shrimp to do some supplementary food to the baby is a good way to calcium two, when the baby began to do it calcium

After the baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut off, and the nutrition channel between the mother van cleef butterfly fake necklace and the fetus is discontinued. The growth and development of the baby can still be continued. Therefore, the demand for calcium is not enough every day. Therefore, parents should give birth to the baby on the third day after birth Began to calcium, has been added to the child can eat the same as the average adult food until the baby is born from physiological calcium to 6 months, whether the baby has no calcium deficiency symptoms need calcium. Because of calcium deficiency caused by birth after birth calcium deficiency symptoms, usually until 6 months after the emergence of the baby's nutrition mainly from milk, breast milk is the best baby food. Breastfeeding babies less calcium deficiency or rickets. Pre-mothers can take calcium through breast milk sent to the baby, when the baby is bigger, you can buy calcium for him to eat, you can also supplement the calcium by calcium supplement to absorb the symptoms of calcium deficiency

Baby lack of calcium, you first need to analyze the baby's diet, take a look at the quality of the baby's diet to get the amount of calcium is adequate, and secondly to understand the baby's performance Baby mild calcium deficiency can show the following replica van cleef black clover necklace symptoms such as irritability, Good crying sleep disturbed or easy to wake up, easy to startle, sweating, occipital alopecia, teeth and other serious calcium deficiency can cause rickets, and even cause a variety of skeletal deformities such as square skull, ping pong head, bracelets or anklets , Valgus ribs, chicken breast or funnel chest, O-shaped legs or X-shaped legs, etc. In addition, there may be low muscle tension, motor function and development lag, abnormal cerebral cortex, apathy, language retardation, low immunity and so on. These symptoms can also occur in children with vitamin D deficiency three, baby calcium supplement recommended food recipes

1, shrimp egg soup

Ingredients: 1 egg, shrimp amount. (1) shrimp wash, soak, remove and chopped (2) after the egg shell, take the amount of egg yolk boil warm water (3) into the shrimp, the small fire steamed 2, mushroom turmeric

Ingredients: 50 grams of mushrooms, north tofu 60 grams, 30 grams of fresh peas, water, starch 15 ml, soy sauce 5 ml, 2 tablespoons oil, salt 1 gram. (1) wash the mushrooms, cut in half; pea washed, cooked; tofu slices, spare.
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