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Cantonese about Cantonese Episode 11

Description: Dongjian learned breeze van cleef butterfly ring knock off to take knock off van cleef arpels between finger ring Xiaofang life, angry with him entangled wrestling, even more angry breeze wind Xiaobang prepared tombstone. Xiao-Fang worried about her husband's safety when suddenly collapsed, Xiao-Fang by the doctor after diagnosis, that her weakness to be careful handling of the fetus, Dongjian remorse did not take good care of his wife, Xiaofang counsels Dongjian not to fight with the wind. Dongjian often see the breeze on the street appearance, so angry at him cursed on the poster, and Aimei in East Fitness but can not see who temper his temper. Dong Jian car to the hospital to visit Xiaofang, surprised breeze appeared with flowers. Xifeng defiant smile actually makes Dong Chong impulse to want to crash into his car, Fortunately, Dongjian finally Cliff Le Ma; Dong Jian stop Xiaofang see Xiaofang, afraid he will take Xiaofang's life, Refers to all the changes to such a field because of East Kenjiro loves the world caused, so he speechless. Breeze left Auntie Poon when she left the hospital. She saw the breeze blowing and advised him to go to the church to calm her heart. Winds do not want to go down with Auntie Poon entangled only to leave; Auntie Poon see Xiaofang mind, but Xiaofang do not want her to worry about it so did not say the wind is the devil. Dongjian heard Auntie Poon's speech was inspired, as if to find a way to deal with blustery. Xiao-Fang saw the idea of ​​Dongjian, advised her husband not to bother with the wind, because she did not want to belly children will not lose their father was born. Wind informed Wing Sun to pay the research data given to the Guardian, just as the sun never see how to crack the password of the computer, the breeze has created opportunities for him. Wind blows the Carina clothes, Yongshen gracefully loaded her home to replace; Yong Sun attempted to find out in the knock off van cleef arpel ring Carina home record the notebook with a password, but unfortunately nothing. Yongshen accompany Carina while drinking red wine talk, make her neglect prevention, finally out of the password on the collection in the bracelet. Jialin finally drink drunk, Yongshen see her volt fall asleep on the table, so take the chances, immediately with a memory stick to read Jialing computer data. When Jialing found Yong Sun has been sober, the heart can not help feeling loss. Suddenly there were workers at this time, indicating that they were entrusted with a set of personalization. Carina took over the greeting card and found that combing was the gift of Yong Sun and could not help but mind. Yong Sun's study data obtained from the kit to Ben, Ben took more bluntly Yong Yan some of them. Xun wind to the nursing home on time to visit Xinyin, and the progress of revenge plans one by one to tell her sister; see the eyes of the eyes full of hatred in the eyes, so Xinyin helpless. Dongjian strives to find out the data to deal with the devil on the Internet and finally lets him know that the dark devil's soul can be dealt with by using black crystal and holy water and then igniting the fire. Hui Mei see Dongjian in order to protect the family and the wind, but also feel helpless. Amei met with the breeze, that he actually has humanity, to persuade the wind to let go East Kin and Xiaofang; Breeze said he is the devil, only to perform the duties of the devil. In order to prove that Ai Feng has not forgotten her own humanity, she decided to make a bet on her own life, and she would jump into the sea without saying anything. Hui-mei was rescued wake up and found the breeze and not in their own side, suddenly felt disappointed. Dongjian succeeded in inducing the wind to a hut, the hut will be set on fire; breeze can not escape without falling to the ground, life is more at stake. Expand the information
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Tourists in Yunnan 'hand slip' wrestling 280,000 jade pendant lost 3000 yuan to resolve

China News Network 2017 10 03 21:03:00

BEIJING, Kunming, October 3 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) Following the tourists in Ruili, Yunnan 'hand slip' broke 300,000 bracelets, on the 3rd, a buyer in Yunnan Tengchong buy Jade once again 'hand slip' and fell Damage a price of 280,000 jade pendant. However, eventually negotiated by both parties, the knock off van cleef between the finger ring buyer loses 3,000 yuan to resolve the matter Tengchong is located in the border between China and Myanmar, Yunnan's traditional emerald distribution center. Every big holiday, tourists from all over the country will go to Tengchong local jewelry market on van cleef flower ring knock off the 3rd Taobao, a tourist in the local trade city jewelry market to buy, inadvertently will be a price of 280,000 yuan of jade pendant wreck, again triggered Concerned about the reporter learned from the Tengchong knock off van cleef butterfly ring Ombudsman on the 3rd evening was informed that the day is the third day of the 11th holiday, but also traditional market fair Tengchong day across the country to the Trade City jewelry Taobao more than usual. A buyer (Tengchong locals) in the selection of things, inadvertently dropped a pendant to the ground, but fortunately not serious after consultation by both parties, Trade City CMC mediation, the alarm record, the final buyers compensate the seller three thousand Yuan, to resolve this conflict.
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What dnf God is the strongest equipment dnf Dark God the strongest equipment recommended

Dark Emperor's armor proficient is a plate armor, so here recommended to wear wild boar or ghost set, if it is too lazy to do, plus intelligence, magic burst of false purple is not impossible DNF dark jewelery choice:

This is really nothing to say, and are generally sadness bracelets, soul hunters and Alvin standard, local tycoon words can choose better DNF Dark Emperor left and right groove to choose:

The left slot recommended double attack left slot, and now there are spare cash on hand, then you can receive in advance one, right slot dark stone Dark Emperor: The only four van cleef and arpels flower necklace copy magic ghost sword one hundred percent career, mainly dark attribute attacks, armor proficient , Weapons recommended dagger, is a high defensive ability, ability to escape, strong control of the occupation, equipment in accordance with their ability to decide, make the difference it Weapon Selection:

Release spirit of the soul dagger, should be knock off van cleef arpels butterfly necklace the best version of the current dagger, the first choice is not van cleef gold necklace replica analytical, local pride decisive start volume 13 bar

Spirit of the town soul spirit dagger, the property is not open the town of soul short, not to open the property is also very good, 60 million can be done

Jeeno Sword of the Soul, most of the skills Devil May Cry and Shura, but it attacked 30% chance of additional 20% damage is still very good, probably to maintain an additional 6% throughout the injury, but this thing Is a high price, I personally do not recommend using this weapon

Royal Dragon, 80 conventional powder weapons, this weapon is no bright spot for the Dark Emperor, do not know the future will not increase the skills of the Dark Emperor into the lazy soul of the people who use this weapon is also a good choice, +10 make do with it
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Real Estate Registration March will be implemented in the future your house how much tax each year

Chongqing version of the van cleef arpels butterfly necklace imitation three main property tax levy as follows: For single-family villas, regardless of the housing stock or incremental room, have to be taxed; for the price reached more than twice the local average price of luxury apartments will be taxed; for no in Chongqing Hukou, no work, no investment, 'three no staff' purchased in Chongqing real estate, purchase more than two housing, from the second set to levy property tax. For local rate reached 2 to 3 van cleef heart necklace copy times the average price of real estate, the property value of 0.5% will be taxed; Median for local rate reached 3 to 4 times property, will be 1% of the value of the property tax; 4x van cleef and arpels flower necklace imitation above, according to the tax rate of 1.2% according to Jia Kang and other tax policy-makers said, with the pilot in Chongqing and Shanghai, we can expect will be in 2017 or later time about the launch of the real estate tax so few Features:

Chinese New Year sun happiness, praise like to win sterling silver bracelet in the gold micro community navigation within a table to understand the 5 days after the Spring Festival trend! Make up the premise, methods and principles! 2015 stock 15 trap! Understand it? It is said that the Year of the Rabbit stock market is like this! Why are the richest men in China, not long after the holiday syndrome, you shot it? Gangster forecast price increases need 9 months real participation in daily limit stocks have tips! Micro Community Famous column application area
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After 90 Lahu girl Nanchang venture

Nanchang, August 7 (rainy day) in a community on the Gan River, Yang Shu-ting is in her studio to take care of her baby flowers, at the same time in the case before the development of her belongs to the flowering of tea. The 90 after Lahu girl Pu'er Yunnan people, after graduating from college to stay in Nanchang, first to work, then the business. A hard work, one of van cleef turquoise alhambra necklace fake the hardships only silently assume that 'the most difficult time I sold two gold bracelets!' Yang Shu-ting said Yang Shu-ting's studio near the Gan River in Nanchang Bridge, the area is small, but open the room An aromatic smell of the door. A large table filled with a wide range of vases, vases filled with red, green, pink, purple and other colors of flowers, exposure, both visual or smell can get unparalleled enjoyment In another A small room, Yang Shu-ting took out the tool box, a grid of all the full range of dried flowers, according to different effects, Yang Shu-ting put them together bags. 'Flower tea especially loved by women, I myself very much like tea.' Yang Shu-ting said engaged in tea business, is due to their share of van cleef heart necklace copy like 2008, Yang Shu-ting came to Nanchang from Yunnan to study alone, after graduating in 2012, Had to a large enterprise to do human resources. She had a passion for flowers since childhood, resigning in 2013, set up a 'high-end custom floral studio', through some fatigued, the studio to bring her optimistic revenue in the studio during the operation, out of Hobbies, she developed from time to time some tea, and sent to friends circle and friends to share, some of my friends saw it, then suggested that she change the development of hair - specializing in tea. In September 2014, Yang Shu-ting's 'Flower Work' was officially launched and the 'Hua-Hua' trademark was successfully registered. The studio specializing in camellia was born on the initiative of all the people. Although flowers are all made, flowers and dried flowers van cleef arpel alhambra necklace fake are made Flower tea has a different consumer groups, the second venture is full of hardships. 'Not only spent working before the savings, run out of flowers studio money, the most difficult time I have sold their two gold bracelets!' Yang Shu-ting said that the two gold bracelets sold more than 10,000 Yuan to help her spend that difficult period of time 'No one who is a pioneer in business.' Yang Shu-ting said she had to get a flower called 'Trollius' from Nanchang to Beijing by plane, then rushed to dam from Beijing On the vast prairie to find 3 'nasturtium', the 3 'nasturtium' let her back and forth spent 5 days, spent nearly 4,000 yuan, 'back to Nanchang, only 3 of 3 flowers Survived, however, I still think this trip go very value! 'Yang Shu-ting said that Yang Shu-ting's most difficult time has passed, not only have their own studio, also set up a company, there are more than a dozen employees At the same time, the company also received the venture capital investment. 'Starting a business so that you and your family can get a better quality of life while deeply in love with this business is more than just making money,' said Yang Shu-ting, standing by the window overlooking the river.
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Fifty-third chapter twins sister

A few months later, Yang Zhen hope for a few months, and finally come to this day, accompanied by tension and worry, and my heart is more than looking forward to, after more than a decade, and then father's feeling order His heart was floating, not a wheel is still a male or a girl still next, the most important thing is the mother and child peace, Yang Zhen countless prayers. In this era of childbirth but a dangerous thing, not good dystocia is the size of two lives wooing, especially like Ningyu weaving this kind of older mothers, for this age is really older Yang Yi is very calm to sit Eat tea in the chair, the front of Yang Zhen walked around the hall, no non-stop, his face was so embarrassed that today the whole family gathered together, the atmosphere unusually quiet, but from time to time came from the room that heard a few tears Heart crack lung shout let everyone's heart to pull up Yang Yi again: 'Father, do not worry, it should be fine.' In fact, he did not end, after all, this time is a bit long, I heard that he It was more than an hour when it was born. All of these have passed for half the day, and there has not been a report of the midwife. There is Yang Yi, who is a common sense person here. For months, his mother is very much under his eyes. Be assured that the mother can van cleef perlee bangle fake abortion, mother and child safe, but the feelings of worry or entangled in the heart, which are the commonplace of the tocolysis medicine did not eat, coupled with the trivial arrangements on life and work, has taken care of Yang Easy to say to do, Reason is not difficult to give birth is, Yang Yi heart did not how much the end of the unknown who dare to hear the words of his son packing words, Yang Zhen stopped, his mood at the moment no matter how good the comfort words are of no avail , Can not see the mother and child safety, as a husband, he can only look at the door sigh thought, sigh of relief, slumped to sit next to Yang Yi, readily won the hands of the tea Yang hand finished, 'Tea can be determined. But how long is this!'

Yang Yi reluctantly said: 'What I can do now is waited.' What to say is all self-deception when praying. Yang Yi is a theistic man who has gone through I can not believe these ghost stories. But God can not help this time Yours, only listen to his own life, but Yang Yi believe that her mother and baby will be safe, it is heartfelt confidence, otherwise a few months Kung Fu wasted time to see the three girls are all eyes aside, all for the catch Chest collar-like, closed his eyes, remembered the mouth, then Yang Yi did not mind what time with their jokes past half an hour, then there will be a long time, Yang Yi's hands are clutching tightly, only because The sound is getting weaker!

And as the cry of the baby sounded, just as the sound of heaven and earth passed to the ears of the public, so that everyone in the heart are half-tone, stood up straight, eyes looked to the room, overjoyed ' Congratulations, add a daughter! Mother and daughter safe!

Words have not finished, and then came the more pleasant surprise the midwife voice: 'Congratulations, added a daughter, is the twins!'

Yang easily listened as if the whole body no effort, soft paralysis sit down, mouth read: twins '............' Huo Di jumped up, twins! Can not think really be yourself!

To see the midwife holding the 襁 褓 open the door came out, Yang Zhen involuntarily ran at the fastest speed in the past, but more worried about his wife, took her daughter and walked in, the three girls also followed in, and only Yang Yi Stay outside, with a smile to the newborn baby walked over to take the baby, Yang Yi stared at the arms of that cute chubby face, the skin smooth and moist, the eyes have no energy to open, hands and feet have been very Restless struggling, heart reassuring, the new sister is very healthy, while teasing while walking into the room all came in, Yang Zhen embarrassed to say something with his wife, looking at his wife's cheeks tired, still sleeping on My daughter in bed was teasing, his face a little more shiny Yang Yi came across with another baby and said: 'Mother, which sister is sister? They look exactly the same.'

Ning Yu weaving remember clearly, looking at the embrace of the baby: 'Of course she is a sister.'

Yang Yi suggested: 'Then do not give a logo, or which is van cleef alhambra bracelet replica not the trouble after all.

Ning Yu weaving that his show is a matter of concern, not to mention the clothes are not the same, the same is not the same, wearing a bracelet jade are different, generally impossible to make mistakes, they call the son brought another daughter to make her take a good hold Now, do not want them to leave at a glance Yang Yi looked at the three girl kept trying to two babies, teasing, laughing, blunt face: 'If you three like baby after some time and opportunity, and now let my mother take a good rest '

Three girls have their own thoughts, have had a disagreement, thinking that they would have to give birth to young masters, and all red back out of the bed and approached the bed, said: 'Mother, are you okay.'

Ning Yu Weaver weak voice: 'Your father asked several times, how can nothing.'

Yang Zhen cough Road: 'Son, you go out first, I want to talk to your mother.'

Yang Yi will be very interested, very cool to go out, I thought I grew up, they will be separated from them next year, they are more like a family of four, do not bracelet van cleef imitation know why I would like to think in this regard, a slight sense of loss in the future He will be married, there are children and grandchildren full house, this time envy envy, is not stingy, the object or their own parents, alas ......

Out of the hall, not three girls, it is estimated to do their own thing, to fill the mother's body work by a few of them to do, not idle, to other people who he really do not worry.
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Diablo 3 tank flow equipment how to choose tank flow equipment skills to share

IAS to pile to 2.0 files, this stall is a whirlwind body stalls, because there is no gust of sand, so do not need to pay attention to the wind sand sand gear, the two weapons than cloth knife attack speed high, so the pursuit of the file is very easy for you You can also a higher file, you can then a lower physical strength, full resistance, the percentage of life, attack speed, hit back, CDR these can be hard to pile up is, these 6 +2 genres considered useless words, Tantalizing faction is a baby, so, do you think that junk equipment finally come in handy

Station Street panel 56 million, after the roar up to 600 million, with the Gupta Bracers halo should be higher after the strange, 56 layers can withstand three blue sledgehammer summoned out of a pile of sledgehammer Barbarian tank flow skills

Barbarian tank flow equipment

The core idea: 3 wilderness +3 immortal + Chinese ring, respectively, out of wasteland and immortal 4 sets of effects

Head: Leo Rick's crown

Breastplate: Wasteland

Belt: Immortal

Pants: Immortal Shoulder: Wasteland

Gloves: Immortal

Bracelets: Ancient Paladin

Necklace: He Xian's soaring

Ring: Ring + ecliptic ring

Weapons: Blue anger + silver makeup knife

Brutal tanks flow combat experience

1, earthquakes trampling with mad war anger and jumping necklace, the mobs are basically full control, not jump is dizzy. Seemingly 51% of my CDR overflow 2, blue + silver makeup knife = cattle B version of the buckle Marco, coupled with knock off van cleef & arpels bangle the whirlwind high-frequency attack speed trigger, the basic elite were frozen, did not freeze on the earthquake trampled Add that BOOS blood who triggered silver makeup who know who to use

3, must cooperate with 2 strong DH, otherwise the output can not pass the chart, the tank itself does not have any output, DH must give the force, this equipment and skills can protect DH is very comfortable output 4, Change the ice cyclone cut blood, of course, the high-rise also changed to set the blood cut, crit chance should heap to have effect, under normal circumstances the effect of hit back enough, because before an ancient silver makeup knife to A large buckle horse is available, so this ordinary silver makeup knife did not willing to punch van cleef fake gold bracelet on the purple gem 5, do not put the ice when the whirlwind whirlwind into the strange heap, because the easy way to take the sporadic strange, Especially DH running at your side, you pull to sporadic mobs scared of DH is not good, naturally use bloodthirsty then there is no such problem 6, the original ared arena is back with anger + angry grandfather injury , After I found the actual combat tough enough, test filter two ice weapons effects, the grandfather will be replaced back to anger, in this regard we benevolent see the benevolent wisdom, you can according to their favorite, do not die hard and stiff 7, Roar and forget the main role of pain or to increase his teammates Life-saving opportunity, tank tough match high attack van cleef perlee bangle fake or basically stand still 8, no glittering sight pollution, teammates said the screen clear a lot of speed and delay are to force

9, the BD in addition to harder than nothing damage skills, if you need to hurt, you can exchange war roar replaced by ice, increase the output of his teammates hit the monster decentralized mountain or cave map on the cup, the holy army good , Can be a small amount of mobs to another horse with a strange heap, tankman stamina 24 yards violently trampled a small amount of mobs really helpless.
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DNF third season element blasting magic cloud suit drop points and options

9, weapons: Goblin 2 figure out on the set of almost Kelly it

If wrong place please correct Also see a lot of friends tangled with the problem, find their own information plus their own blasting has been full level. Before no far away, I feel so can match:

Weapons: high strength, some people ask how high, in fact, usually more than +12 or your RP bunker, and out of a snake ring: black pearl, breaking the word hurt 20% of the yellow, really enlarge is not a star, and really Very cheap, really cheap, really cheap Necklace: Soul hunter, this is not a RP thing, if the long look good, the abyss came out early, do not come out, about 2 months can be swapped out, pre-warehouse Rido reserve the soul of the bracelet: Now the seal hand has 3 attributes, 2 attributes, their own magic a burst of 6% or more, both economical and affordable, of course, have the time and energy to do a bug good shirt: 60ss cloth A, crit damage + 10%, because there is no not yet know and will not conflict with the black pearl, but van cleef bracelet fake alhambra also RP objects, not extravagant. Or wild boar copy van cleef perlee bangle clothes

Shoulder: Recommended boar shoulder +4 fortified

Belt, shoes, leggings: magic cloud three-piece bar, do not explain the left slot: double attack powder, 60 recommended, cost-effective right slot: the best course is all the attributes of the stone, civilians players can choose the seal Purple double magic + explosive + intelligence

In addition to see a lot of blasting tangle is to go to what property enhancement, in fact, look at their own equipment, and if +14 weapons over, recommended fire strong, which means that a short period of injury exceptionally high, and for those who do not eat Electric green name and boss hurt considerable, if equipped with well-to-do, choose the light intensity is better, of course, with a light card 6 on the other addition to fashion choices, personal experience

For the super-pots, hats and headdress selection put some better, after all, hurt in that place, improve the speed of casting, is conducive to the amount of skill per unit of time, in fact, increased output is equal to disguise, but also to increase the prevention of mischief The probability of being interrupted van cleef bracelet knock off skills players generally recommend the election intelligence, increase damage

Chest and face recommended election attack speed, this time I do not quite believe that the speed of biubiubiu depends on the attack speed, and later he did a test in the map, indeed, the case of high attack speed, the unit time, put biubiubiu The amount of more, so in order to put a few more balls, attack speed it

T-shirt skills selection, I chose the attribute change, because I am a contract point, and now heap level 29, the level of electric frost level is 83, pants life, shoes move, avoid belts, skin defense is not explained, the last I wish you more powder, a ss, happy game!
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DNF 50 Sword red-eye PK equipment what

Norsemaer cut a heavy armor has a full set of shoulder tops and shoes down belt!

Shoulder-guard shirt with two plus van cleef pendant necklace fake 2% of the attack speed

Bottom belt with 3 pieces of shoes at the same time wear 3% of the attack speed with the shoes 5% of the movement speed These are half-set, not a single

Under normal circumstances, players are only cut 3 pieces of shading that is the belt. Belt.

Top coat money can choose the windbreaker! I use Longming plus 5% of the avoidance is also quite good, but also to strengthen the defense against a bit low

Bracelet with ink bamboo 3% of the mobile necklace with the ring can be used with the king of the ring or the Holy Spirit powder pink! Not how wealthy with Daphne with blood anger is not bad

Above is what we said the attack knock off van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace speed loaded PK strong brush map is not weak in the mall with the added properties even more perfect!

If you simply like to brush the figure, then the ultimate set of 50 recommended set of wrath down a set of properties quite good, can save a lot of SP

Plus a shirt plus anger skills

Shoulderguard properties back to 12HP per minute

Bottomless no added

Shoes plus 5.5% move with 10 jumps

Belt 1% of the avoidance

Wear a set to activate hidden attribute 2% of the attack speed

Blood blast plus 1 major collapse plus 1 close attack has a 2% chance

Add 30 strength and physical strength

Needless to say the weapon. Sword can contain light (petrochemical properties are very useful) or 50 of vintage alhambra necklace replica the killing

Too knives can be used with knives and thin snow!

In short, I give you advice is to set the speed with high-strength light! Installed in the mall will meet all your desires!
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Large transfer of strangers sets Information Game player Share dnf Devil May Cry Brush Figure 10

Players share: dnf Devil May Cry Brush 10 tips, as well as after the transfer of Heterosexual Revised Edition I play Devil May Cry also have a year from the 13th year set out the day the character has been created until now from the abyss no Shadow to 12 soul, from 0 anti-magic brush outside the common 2 now only a poor graduation. Give you a few suggestions van cleef vintage alhambra necklace copy only 1, as a Devil May Cry, do not go to play assisting others debuff. You can take away everything!

2, 2 of the Devil May Cry Do not underestimate the surgery, I measured the advent of ice hit the ice strange attack doubled!

3, my friend always asked me why not brush a 80 ss too knife? Devil May Cry now completely rely on the frozen field and reach high eruption, you get a fire property ice knife fun it?

4, do not contract two levels of Jig, Jig only eat the red pad buff with independence, panel, do not eat is a strong. The usefulness of my Jig completely control the field, such as the earth 2 Figure with a Jig a pull can take 5, if the van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace fake brush is not a small map brush outside the town soul can be a small ice-point, , High output, there is the same seal lift, brush big picture knock off van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace is tasteless. Very few red and green injuries 6, Devil May Cry array are most of the backstroke, including Carlo's Attached to the Ming Yan, a perfect black soul 9 Devil May Cry Enchanting coat of arms with full back, almost the percentage Hundred crit hit 8, Green will let you see the Devil May Cry spring, some people always fashion García. Tell you my ultimate green array reduction of nearly 90000, Magic Blues boss magic defense only 7 million 9, do not pursue the ultimate speed, so you will lose the hurt. In fact, the perfect black soul 9 Devil May Cry suggest you with a dagger, dagger much higher than the knife output, and full Carlo. Carlo eat is released rather than speed, and the fashion election intelligence enough, unless you are pk party 10, the arrival of purple matrix can increase the anomaly level, although there is a burn, but the burn will not break ice 1, Ming Yan 9: Out of the left and right behind the groove with the same 3 as perfect, Carlo 0 seconds cooling for 11 seconds. In order to unlimited solution 3 knife children's shoes can be considered demon soul

2, Black Soul 9: Carlo full attachment after the transfer. Possessed plus release 15, attack less than the current increase of 10%. But the bright spot is a 20% reduction in burns (burns ignoring defenses)

3, forgotten 9: 6 +3 than the benefits of reduced dark tombstone, and a 25 second tombstone, a small tombstone 10 seconds, only a small tombstone lasted 0.5 seconds (that is, less dropped 12 tombstone)

5, Yaksha: Only 6 pieces (auxiliary flow) head and shoulders belt necklace shoes left and right groove clothes nightmare pants evil spirit bracelet time ring high-tech weapons ancient bronze sword above equipment plus green array does not explain
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