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Why does the baby sweat so much?

Sweating is a normal human physiological phenomenon, sweat can take away excess body heat and some metabolites such as uric acid, fatty acids and so on. Due to rapid growth and development of children, metabolism than

Strong adults, the heat generated and metabolites are relatively large. At the same time, pediatric nerve development is not perfect, when falling asleep, the sympathetic nerves responsible for sweat glands due to loss of brain control

Suddenly excited, there are many phenomena sweating, this is entirely normal. As long as the child has no other symptoms, such as irritability, crying, wake up, etc., you do not have to control him. Such sweating often found in half an hour after falling asleep

, And sweating forehead, usually within 2 hours after sleep slowly stop, more common in children 37 years old, and gradually disappear with age, some people call it physiological hyperhidrosis. However, if the child is generally weak, sweating night falls asleep, as watering, and even sweat all night long, pillow wet clothes, and accompanied by irritability, crying, weight loss and other symptoms, are pathological

Sweating. Common causes of vitamin D deficiency rickets. In addition to sweating at night, but also accompanied by irritability, restless sleep, easy to wake up, Fang Cun, licorice, chicken breast embolism. If you have the above symptoms, you can

Under the guidance of a doctor to take appropriate vitamin D and calcium supplements. Diet should also be careful to eat more foods rich in calcium, such as fish, shrimp and so on. By active treatment, sweating can be quickly corrected. If children often appear before dawn sweating, accompanied by pale, pulse weak and fast, then there may be hypoglycemia, then give your child to drink syrup or into .View more >>

Sweating is a normal human physiological phenomenon, sweat can take away excess body heat and some metabolites such as uric acid, fatty acids and so on. Due to rapid growth and development of children, metabolism than

Strong adults, the heat generated and metabolites are relatively large. At the same time, pediatric nerve development is not perfect, when falling asleep, the sympathetic nerves responsible for sweat glands due to loss of brain control

Suddenly excited, there are many phenomena sweating, this is entirely normal. As long as the child has no other symptoms, such as irritability, crying, wake up, etc., you do not have to control him. Such sweating often found in half an hour after falling asleep

, And sweating forehead, usually within 2 hours after sleep slowly stop, more common in children 37 years old, and gradually disappear with age, some people call it physiological hyperhidrosis. However, if the child is generally weak, sweating night falls asleep, as watering, and even sweat all night long, pillow wet clothes, and accompanied by irritability, crying, weight loss and other symptoms, are pathological

Sweating. Common causes of vitamin D deficiency rickets. In addition to sweating at night, but also accompanied by irritability, restless sleep, easy to wake up, Fang Cun, licorice, chicken breast embolism. If you have the above symptoms, you can

Under the guidance of a doctor to take appropriate vitamin D and calcium supplements. Diet should also be careful to eat more foods rich in calcium, such as fish, shrimp and so on. By active treatment, sweating can be quickly corrected. If children often appear before dawn sweating, accompanied by pale, pulse weak and fast, then the possibility of hypoglycemia, then give the child to drink some sugar or eat some cakes, you can correct In addition, children suffering from tuberculosis, Anemia, rheumatism, rheumatoid and other diseases can also cause sweating phenomenon. Therefore, children sweating, it is timely to the hospital for treatment to rule out some diseases caused by hyperhidrosis, is a physiological sweating baby sweating is a manifestation of the body's reflex, the baby is in the stage of growth and development, Physiological metabolism in the body, the nervous system dysfunction is not perfect, so sweating, medically known as physiological hyperhidrosis, this physiological hyperhidrosis sweating under the following circumstances will be more obvious in the summer, Baby clothes to wear too much or too tight, baby activities, eat hot food, nervous or fear. If your baby does not have other abnormalities, that is, physiological sweating, sweating such a baby, not the baby's physical weakness, parents do not have to worry about, without taking any special drugs. Countermeasures: For sweaty babies, parents need careful care, including: (1) should allow the baby to drink more water; (2) to develop the baby's ability to adapt to the environment in life, such as clothes to wear loose, do not be too thick bedding ; (3) change clothes to the baby. See more >>

First, the physiological sweating baby sweating is a manifestation of nerve reflex within the body, the baby is in the stage of growth and development, the body's physiological metabolism, nervous system regulation is not perfect, so sweating and more, medical Called physiological sweating, this kind of physiological sweat baby sweating more obvious in the following cases, such as summer, baby clothes to wear too much or too tight, baby activities, eating hot food, nervous Or fear. If your baby does not have other abnormalities, that is, physiological sweating, sweating such a baby, not the baby's physical weakness, parents do not have to worry about, without taking any special drugs. Countermeasures: The sweating baby, parents need careful care, including: (1) should allow the baby to drink more water; (2) to develop the baby's ability to adapt to the environment in life, such as clothes to wear loose, do not be too thick bedding ; (3) change baby clothes, take a bath and ensure the baby's skin cleanliness; (4) emphasis on education, can not spoil, which not only beneficial to the baby's mental development, but also to speed up the baby's nervous system regulation function. In addition, the baby's long-term sweating, zinc will be lost from the sweat, the need to consciously increase zinc-rich foods such as eggs, meat, liver, beans and peanuts, etc., to meet the needs of baby growth and development of zinc. If the baby appears anorexia, weight and height increase slowly and so on, then see the doctor, under the guidance of a doctor with zinc-containing drugs, the general zinc gluconate side effects, the baby more easily accepted. Note that calcium will prevent the absorption of zinc in the intestine; many babies in the prophylaxis of various calcium, zinc and calcium to avoid serving with zinc. Second, rickets sweating baby In addition to the baby's physiological hyperhidrosis, sweating caused by rickets is also a common cause of infants and young children. Infants and young children daily need vitamin D400800IU, if the sun is not enough, but also can not be timely vitamin d food, easy to cause vitamin d deficiency, coupled with the baby rapid growth and development, so baby due to vitamin d deficiency caused rickets, rickets Babies showed irritability crying, restless sleep; replica sweet alhambra bracelet sweating, especially in the head sweat, but has nothing to do with the climate. Rickets in addition to sweating baby, there are deformities of the bones, such as the square cranial fontanelle, closed delay; teeth delayed, valgus flange, bracelets or anklets and so on. Rickets Sweating baby needs treatment of rickets in order to solve the problem of sweating. Countermeasures: 1, must be under the guidance of a doctor for vitamin D and calcium treatment, to complete the course of treatment and then prevent rickets measures, such as the baby to add foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, such as egg yolk, animal liver, dairy products; 2, usually pay attention to the baby more than the sun; 2-year-old baby every day to add vitamin D400IU and calcium element about 600 mg (the pharmacy has a baby's vitamin D preparations and calcium) to meet the rapid growth needs. 3, rickets sweating baby's other care requirements and physiological sweating baby the same. Third, sweating baby need special attention Physiological hyperhidrosis and rickets hyperhidrosis is the most common infant baby, but there are some rare cases, such as tuberculosis, chronic infection, parasitic infections, anemia, thyroid function Hyperthyroidism, even cancer and other diseases, hyperhidrosis is accompanied by the performance of these diseases, to cause parents attention, in addition to sweating the baby, there will be low fever, weight gain or weight loss, looking yellow, rash and other performance , For sweating baby parents if they find any one of the performance, we must promptly bring the baby to see a doctor, so as not to delay the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is common for little babies to sweat during sleep, and not all are physically weak and sick. Much of the reason may be because parents are afraid of their sleeping cold, quilt cover too much or the room is too airtight, resulting in sultry, not morbid, at this time as long as less cover some clothes can be. Many parents think the child is physically weak, and thus perspiration. In fact, a considerable part of the children are physically hyperhidrosis. Physiological sweating more common in the head and neck, often within half an hour after falling asleep occurred, about 1 hour no longer sweating. Due to the strong metabolism of infancy, coupled with lively and active children, and some even after going to bed at night and no peace, so the head can sleep after falling asleep. The so-called physiological sweating, refers to the child well-developed, healthy, without any disease caused by sleep sweating. Parents are often accustomed to their own subjective feelings to determine the best environmental temperature in children, like to cover the baby was covered, too tightly. Children because of the development of the brain nervous system is not perfect, but also in the growth and development of the body's metabolism is very strong, coupled with over-stimulation, only through sweating to evaporate the body's heat to regulate the normal body temperature. In addition, children drink milk before going to sleep, malt extract or eat chocolate can cause sweating. Some parents to their children before going to sleep to drink milk, wheat milk, etc., children after falling asleep a large number of body heat, mainly through the skin to sweat to heat. In addition, the room temperature is too high, or excessive heat is also a cause of sweat in children sleep, these are physiological sweating. Pathological sweating occurs in a child's quiet state, such as sweating of rickets, manifested as falling into the night before after midnight, the child's head was obviously sweating. As the pillow by the perspiration stimulation, the baby often shake his head and pillow friction, resulting in sparse hair pillow, shedding, the formation of a typical occipital ring alopecia, medically known as 'pillow bald,' is the early infant rickets Performance, as long as timely vitamin D and calcium supplementation, rickets can be controlled, sweating will stop. If the child not only sweats in the middle of the night but also swears before middle of the night and before dawn, most of them are sick and the most common is tuberculosis. There are other manifestations of tuberculosis, such as fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, flushing of the cheeks and more. Tuberculosis sick children sweating during the day is called sweating, sweating at night is called night sweats. If suspected child infected with tuberculosis, lung X-ray examination or tuberculin should be done in order to timely diagnosis and timely treatment. Heart disease, diabetes (hypoglycemia), tuberculosis or breathing is not smooth during sleep, due to the body's internal pressure (lesions) to promote sympathetic nerves are always in tension, there will be 'night sleep night sweats' or 'hands and feet out of cold sweat' Of the phenomenon, this is a long-term symptoms, parents do not worry, you can take the baby to the pediatric clinic or hospital to check, to hear abnormal heartbeat, touch the stomach with or without lumps (tumor), the upper respiratory tract is smooth or not Allergies, etc., in order to remove the hearts of doubt. Clinical observation shows that knock off van cleef arpel bracelet night sweats in children with more common heat, one is the stomach heat, one is Yin heat, heat fluid out, so night sweats, heat, sweat can not stop. To remove night sweats, it will clear its heat. Stomach heat in children, we can see that diet or exacerbated, good spirit, constipation, constant days a line, although weight loss is not tired, all day long play non-stop treatment of the principle of heat to purge, the heat out. Due to the long-term night sweats, the fluid consumption too much, there is a Yin deficiency phenomenon, the performance of children with red tongue dry, hand, foot heart palpitation, dry mouth, stool for several days a line, fecal dry And was granular. Treatment should be heat yin yin heat consumer, sweat can quickly eliminate. Night sweats children are often susceptible to colds, the real virtual body rarely, mostly due to sweating in the dream will be kicked off the child, caused by the cold, which should be different from the defalcation of the cold also have a Others do not belong to the accumulation of heat, manifested as sweating and more easily cold and cough, cold, usually a little movement is also easy to sweat, for such copy van cleef arpel bracelet children, treatment should not be blind with supplements, can reconcile the stomach. Weak physical children often during the daytime activities or fall asleep at night, in the head, chest, back into a piece of sweating. Often due to malnutrition caused by improper feeding or poor digestion and malabsorption. Nursing should pay attention to adjust feeding methods, promote appetite in children, increase the intake of protein, fat and sugar. When necessary, Chinese medicine can be used to adjust the spleen and stomach disharmony. Therefore, sweating in children's sleep should be carefully distinguished, if necessary, take the child to the hospital for examination and found that abnormal treatment in time.
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With a very important dnf dark warrior consciously equipped with the introduction

Dark warrior conscious how to equip with equipment after the introduction

According to the hanbok data, dark warrior self-awareness of intelligence forces crit crit, so the preferred copy vca alhambra bracelet choice of cloth and physical crit. Because cloth high release, a great impact on the flu of skill, and ancient memory of this bonus buff skills. Select physical crit is because the Hawk Eye Pharmacy, can instantly increase the critical strike rate of 50%, a significant increase in damage (Hawkeye strong copy sweet alhambra bracelet invincible!) Therefore, priority physical crit Comments: The most simple and practical transitional equipment, Speed, damage can be done over the Furman, killing the town soul. Novice 2, civilian graduation equipment

85 Gracia family Cloth Set + Gracia left slot + dazzling Diablo magic stone + glory of glory bracelet or anniversary bracelet + Lalo's Lost Ring + Soul Hunter + light property SS or non SS weapon properties . If you do not need to replace cloud sword with glory of glory bracelet bracelet Gracia, left slot wear three attack left slot Comments: law-abiding equipment, the general shape of Antoine copy of the station live, it is best to have other secondary occupation Paul you, of course, this is the head of the things that have been compared to know good or bad DNF Dark Samurai Armor Equipment Analysis

In fact, you do as DNF dark warrior conscientiously equipped to explain

So much equipment eye? Dnf Dark Samurai jewelry equipment after the analysis of the revised version of the Naja awakening tactics alternative to the feasibility analysis of conventional spare parts

dnf Elves Knight this wave to strengthen a bit imitation sweet alhambra bracelet awesome awakening war roar to turn over

DNF hanbok formal service Sword soul pro again awakened revision

DNF Korean test service rumor test CD syrup on a second sleep affect

Is not the only one I do not know four Aunt skills can awaken the abyss of Hunting Demon strongest output 90B abyss devil data analysis
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300,000 bracelets

Recently broke a news, a tourist to Yunnan tourism, guided tours with a tourist goods wholesale market shopping. She tried on the street wearing a jade bracelet, the result accidentally broke, the stallholders claim 300,000. From the news photos, it is a very simple booth, scattered above a lot of jade bracelets placed. If a bracelet to 30 million, then the value of this small spread on the billions of dollars! is it possible?

This actually raises the question of how high a person's greed and self-control can develop in an unregulated environment in an opaque market? If the matter is not a fair deal, then this will be just the beginning, after 300000 5000000 what bracelet ah antiques, will continue to appear. Some people's bottom line and self-discipline have fallen in a social environment, the law will set out some of the bottom line. But above the law, there is still a lot of vague space to rely on human self-control and moral pursuit. If people's moral bottom line is very low, the sense of shame and the pursuit of good emotions lost, the social environment will continue to deteriorate So, why the stallholders unscrupulous to this extent? Even he found the so-called credibility department to prove to him that the bracelet was worth 180,000. This proves replica van cleef bangle bracelet what a situation? That is, shamelessness of some businessmen is no longer an isolated phenomenon, and he is a result of the entire social environment. Not only is the shameless cost of a business extremely low, the shameless and costless costs of some experts show that it is difficult to maintain the order of the social environment based solely on human self-esteem. Transparent supervision and accountability mechanisms must be introduced. Shameless behavior must imitation van cleef arpel bracelet be punished, justice can be done. We must van cleef bracelet knock off alhambra restrain the ugliness of human nature by the good strength of humanity.
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Big Routine you pay for it?

Leave me the deepest impression is that the Italian jewelry brand Bao Man Lan Duo Pomellato, founded in 1967, now in Kaiyun Group Baomenglan Duo favorite come up is a series called Nudo, naked, Italian has always been sexy and warm style. A colored gem, bare set, including rings and necklaces Bao Man Lan Duo through a variety of ways, whether it is information, street beat or red carpet, tell fashion lovers, you can only wear a Nudo ring, you can Putting two or three Nudo rings together and putting them on the same finger I've tried, and if we wear one on each of the three fingers, it's a slightly weird solution. In short, if it is because of budget, customers can buy one, buy one or two more than half a year, stacked up to a Nudo ring is about 20,000 yuan up and down, can no longer be considered cheap, the jeweler may think that the total than you save Enough of 5 to 60,000 yuan before the shot was easier Baomo Lanlan there Tango series, Sabbia series, etc., are relatively large, do not see any spin-off program, which is probably the traditional way of jewelry it Bao In fact, has gone too far, and they are still in 1994 out of a series called Dodo, listen to the name is more lively - and Pandora too much like a charm bracelet, 18K gold and silver, the price is not To 7,000 yuan. Let customers buy first wearing home, and then to the anniversary, encounter promotions raise, buy small animal pendants, beads or something, hanging on the bracelet noble attitude, but a very large customer base Cartier has a similar practice. There is a word called 'overlapping', which means that a person wearing multiple rings at the same time or wearing multiple necklaces looks like a style to describe the style of words, but jewelers use this method to make you more consumption, so that more Not so rich people into their customer database Cartier out of the nail bracelets, the spokesman Lu Han different bracelets stacked on the same wrist. Many fans rush, it was also invented the nail bracelet and blue balloons watch stack together way 'stack' is a good way to make a lot of people in the traditional impression of the special expensive, mysterious, belongs to the royal jewelry with the People First Like the Chopard Chopard, they like to cooperate with the ladylike temperament, or special literary actress. Spokesperson Fan Bingbing dressed in thick red carpet Chopin; 'Forrest Gump' Jenny, but also the 'House of Cards,' the wife of the President Robin Wright also worn replica vca alhambra bracelet Chopard, so we ordinary people can never get used to it? In fact, Chopin has a happy hearts series, to do small and small, only buy one, then the problem of the middle class is not written in the paragraph: 'turquoise, mother of pearl, carnelian and 缟Agate, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and wire bracelets ... '

Come, I van cleef mother of pearl bracelet fake dare to 'translate' - what material did not find the most expensive and most expensive, the material is not so big, is not incomparable oh and then is the star demonstration with Dafa, 'tide' instead of 'noble 'Many times as a characteristic of Rihanna wearing happy hearts bracelets go out, wearing a number of Chopin stores that such a bracelet price of 21,200 yuan, you can buy only one, the next casually when you buy one. You want to buy three at a time? The price is multiplied by three, so the ring, necklace, wear a lot, okay? Ditang Dangdang covered with accessories, loose hair, bohemians? Phoebe in 'Friends' like to take this ride, T stage every few years will be popular overlay, whether it is because of the United States, or because the jewelers to make money careful machine - before it became popular?

Fashion is not a rule, many rules are formed under the influence of various factors, and even politics will change the fashion, do not mention the fashion industry dependent on the commercial marketing of cosmetics industry friends have told sweet alhambra bracelet fake such a story, there is a brand R \u0026 D designed a go-getters, a lot of color slow-moving, so the company desperately cast fashion magazines, slow-moving colors are recommended for popular colors, whether Pandora's 'hanging bell' style jewelry success, or blue blood aristocrats are willing to try to fold With, perhaps the moment in the consumer power shortage, jewelers painstaking research results.
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Do not play 2000 block sale

DNF also updated a new goddess, dnf dungeon and warriors this game is endless, never brush endless chart, endless group, hateful is to have to pay to buy the abyss of the vote to brush , And now sometimes just want to quietly plan the water has become a luxury slowly feeling DNF dungeons and warriors this game more and more boring, every day on the number feeling playing single game, not in the brush map is The way in the brush map, not charging money is in the money on the road, it seems more and replica van cleef and arpels blue necklace can not find the kind of DNF passion that year, playing the game feels more money than looking for a girlfriend, tired, really want to quit DNF , Determined to start selling, we have to look at this 2000 worthless,

No. van cleef magic alhambra necklace knock off 13 strengthen the +13 useless, strengthen the demon knife +11, +10 Scarlet Shame, strengthen the 10 Agnes Enchant all 15 heart, ghost all +8 Scarlet, the shoulder pad hit the Spring Festival Orb, Pa area set, in addition to the shirt is not red, the other is the red +7 +10,

Belt and shoulder pad hit the Spring Festival and the past, magic cover is not enhanced, dress up, the shoes hit the National Pearl, Trance, bracelet necklace +11, the ring is the red word +10, enchanting all Is a strong +10 Orb, Gold Cup enhanced 11,

Enchant Angel independent Pearl, +10 Red Heroes King, enhanced 11 stellar enchant 12 strong heart! Sanskrit 4 = 1, hit the red words, shoulder pads hit copy van cleef and arpels blue necklace the Spring Festival Baozhu)

DNF dungeon and brave this thing than suction du expensive, drug cheaper or find a girlfriend cheap at a glance, it seems that this game is to take you around in circles, go around and finally have to ask you to pay for tickets, it is speechless, I feel the game is A: Tyrant games, born for local tyrants!

If you like these things, just focus on the big fish number: Game Paradise Your praise is our motivation to move on!
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TV series Snow Leopard diversity plot introduction 1

In early 1932, Shanghai. On the night of January 28, the Japanese army suddenly launched an offensive in Zhabei area of ​​Shanghai. The 19 Route Army stationed in Shanghai rose against the enemy and started the famous 'January 28 Battle of Songhu'. Under the guidance of Qingyun Road, the throat thoroughfare leading to Greater Shanghai, under the leadership of battalion commander Chen Zhenglun, a certain unit of the National Revolutionary Army's 19th Route Army is waging a fierce battle with the Japanese army. Zhou Wen, a student of Fudan University, a Shanghai-based grandchildren, was told that he would not be able to go to the front with his female student Chen Yi because he was relieved that he could not afford to go to the front with his female student Chen Yi. They were given a hand grenade Zhou Wen and Chen Yi, so that when they are last resort, pulled a grenade, do not do Japanese prisoners. Devils step by step approached, Chen Zhenglun ordered everyone on the bayonet, ready to fight dead with the devils. At this moment, the reinforcements dispatched by the Chinese army arrived in time and repulsed the Japanese offensive. Cao Ying, a female member of the Communist Party of China (KMT) Central Investigation Department (the predecessor of the Central Government), has received an order from Shanghai Station: he closely follows pro-communist tendencies of schools and associations and strictly enforces the chairman ' Over a 'anti-communist policy; suppress the anti-Japanese sentiment in society to ensure the smooth progress of peace talks. Two Japanese wanderer who molested Chen Yi in the restaurant also stared at Chen Yi and publicly abducted Chen Yi in the street. After Zhou Wen learned of the news, he promptly desperately rushed to the scene of the incident and promptly rescued Chen Yi but himself Also by two martial arts Japanese ronin hit black and blue. Zhou Wen back home, find out a father's pistol, rushed into the Japanese martial arts, first shot in the ronin arm thigh. Killed the Japanese ringers Miura, who took the lead in bullying Chen Yi, and the incident alerted the top leaders. The national government forced the Japanese pressure, ordered strict implementation. Cao Ying of the Central Government received the order to strictly handle the case. The police arrested Zhou Wen. Cao Ying Liu Yuan actually found the two are in fact the real identity of the Communist underground members, Cao Ying is Liu Yuan's on-line to him issued by the party's new mission to him: the Central Military School ninth enrollment enrollment into the Central Military Academy . Liu Yuan asked Zhou Wen Cao Ying things, Cao Ying told: there is no room left. Zhou Wenjia genealogy, his father Zhou Jizhi is the early members of the League, Sun Yat-sen and jointly create the Republic of China, succeeded in retreat from the business. Zhou Jixian and Liu Yuan's father is a member of the Alliance, Liu Yuan's father sacrificed, Zhou Ji Liu Yuan first will be retained and considered a son of justice. Liu Yuan and Zhou Wen grew up together since childhood, like brothers and sisters, he can not see Zhou Wen was executed, he and his brother Liu Zhihui knelt in front of his father Zhou Jixian, implore his father to save Zhou Wen Zhou Ji, Zhou Ji to bring the money to find the mayor, the mayor to face the older generation Unable to promise. The next night, Zhou Wen was blindfolded under the supervision of the Japanese police station backyard. After a brief sentence of death on him, all the bullets were shot at the head of the Mongolian government. The back door of the police station at this time stir up, the mayor and several police holding a covered person, this person is Zhou Wen, they used a death sentencer instead of Zhou Wen, Zhou Wen was saved, Liu Yuan secretly access Zhou Wen, Zhou Wen did not expect the mayor and his father saved his life with this solution, returned home, Zhou Zhou Zhou Wen immediately brought to his home in Suzhou, let him avoid the limelight. Zhou Jixian announced a major decision: make Zhou Wen and Xiao-Ya from a young married, and then go to Germany to study, in the line gift, Zhou Wen suddenly public anti-marriage. Zhou Wen decided with Liu Yuan to apply for the Central Military Academy and Liu Yuan help yourself to get a new identity, and renamed Zhou Weiguo! Zhou Weiguo Liu Yuan smoothly admitted to the Central Military Academy. Zhou Weiguo and Liu Yuan have officially started training recruits in the Central Military Academy. Military schools held a live-firing test. Zhou Weiguo miss Chen Yi God, 10 rounds of bullets destroyed 5 hair, only to find himself the first five rounds of bullets hit someone else's target, instructors announced on the spot Zhou Weiguo target test failed. Zhou Weiguo argued that instructors agreed to Zhou Weiguo plus test 5 rounds of ammunition, however, instructors demanding is very demanding: Zhou Weiguo must use 5 rounds of bullets to play 40 ring results, will be qualified! Zhou Weiguo accepted the instructor's challenge! In the public concern, Zhou Weiguo shot. Four shots were played before the ring full ring 10 results! The total score has hit the 40 ring! Instructors stunned, the students cheered. In accordance with the requirements of the instructors in advance, Zhou Weiguo shooting results have passed, this time Zhou Weiguo looked at the far hilltop signal flag, a shot down the flagpole flagpole. An uproar in the audience! Instructors helpless, had to go back to the report to Zhangzhi Zhong, Zhang Zhizhong heard Zhou Weiguo gun law so very surprised, and depending on the results of Zhou Weiguo qualified! After graduating from school, Chen Yi, then under the auspices of Cao Ying and Wu Yunshan, and Zhang Chu knot for the couple, which allows students Tian Jing very puzzled! After the marriage, they left with Wu Yunshan Shanghai. Came to Nanjing to do underground work! Liu Yuan smoothly with the Nanjing underground party leader Wuyuan Mountain, the leader of the Chinese herbal medicine store. Wu Yuan Shan told Liu Yuan, his current mission is to lurk in the military school! Sun Xinpu, who has always been kind to the people, was actually assigned to the Central Military Academy by the special agency of the Renaissance. The special agent ordered Sun Xinpu to secretly monitor all the cadets and investigate thoroughly the tendencies of students. Liu Yuan has been hidden around so murderous. At a pawn shop, Zhou Weiguo met a girl who was working as a bracelet. The girl was cheated by pawnshops. Zhou Weiguo shot and beat him out of his way to reveal the status of a cadet and offered justice to the girl. Girls heart gratitude, and Zhou Weiguo get to know. During the conversation, Zhou Weiguo learned that the girl was leaving home alone and came to Nanjing to visit his fiancé who is studying at the Central Military Academy. Girls beautiful and refined, very polite conversation, Zhou Weiguo quite copy van cleef & arpels necklace alhambra favor with her. How did he never think of this girl is a few months ago by his own refused to fight the bride's never-married wife Xiao Ya (Xiao Ya and Zhou Weiguo married finger pulp since childhood, Xiao Ya in Peiping, so with Zhou Weiguo never have met). A few days later, Xiao Ya found work in Nanjing four women, and met with the female teachers in the school Chen Yi, but at this time Chen Yi called Li Xia! Xiao Ya's gentle finally touched Zhou Weiguo, persuaded by Liu Yuan, Zhou Weiguo decided to forget that part of Chen Yi's emotion, take good care of Xiao Ya, he and Xiao Ya's feelings finally changed qualitatively. A year and a half later. Zhou Weiguo Xiao Ya deeper feelings. Zhou Weiguo intends to graduate, immediately with Xiao Ya married. At the military academy graduation summary meeting, Liu Yuan and Zhou Weiguo were both awarded medals because of their outstanding achievements. We were all full of thought so that we could graduate. Unexpectedly, because of the fifth national victory over the CCP, Chiang Kai-shek decided that the Central Military Academy Nine graduates postponed one year postponed, summed up and learned the experience of the fifth encirclement campaign. Zhou Weiguo and Xiao Ya had to wait another year! At this moment, Liu Yuan received instruction from the higher authorities to meet with the CCP underground staff in Nanjing to accept new tasks. After finding the designated place, Liu met Cao Ying, who received him. After meeting at the dried fruit shop, Cao Ying told Liu Yuan to let him inform him of his on-line prompt transfer. Cao Ying learned from inside the fake van cleef magic alhambra necklace Central News Agency that the CPC Nanjing underground station has been exposed because of being betrayed by traitors. Liu Yuan has not had time to break into the internal system will fail! Cao Ying Liu Yuan immediately notify the contact station, the two agreed to meet at the Xinjiekou Plaza met five. Liu Yuan Wu immediately informed the watch shop. Then Liu Yuan did not think that Sun Xinpu secretly tracked himself. Wu Yuan Shan will let their subordinates to inform the female Chen Yi quickly transfer! After getting to know the seriousness of the matter, Chen Yi had to shirk the invitation of Xiao Ya and quickly transferred! However, Wu Yuan Shan arrived at the moment of contact station, the contact station was destroyed by the enemy, bookstore Zhang Chu has also been captured! This scene, all seen by Sun Xin Pu, and thus confirmed Liu Yuan's identity as a Communist party. When the special agents of the Central Committee quickly rushed to the military academy to arrest Liu Yuan, just as they wanted to take Liu Yuan away, Zhang Zhizhong promptly brought people to the rescue. Liu Yuan was replica van cleef & arpels necklace alhambra rescued from the agents of the Central Government and detained by the school gendarmerie for review Liu Yuan is indeed a CCP decision! Zhou Weiguo returned to the dormitory, Fang Shengli classmate told him that Liu Yuan was arrested on charges of common ground, to be secret gunfire in a few days! After many twists and turns, Zhou Weiguo finally found Liu San, Liu was informed that Liu Yuan was arrested, immediately decided to rescue. Liu San, according to his own way, all things are ready, the next night, Zhou Weiguo with Liu San confused lost to his quarters people, quietly left the bedroom to find Liu San, two people wearing cadets clothes, Sneak into the gendarmerie cell secretly, open the cell door, found Liu Yuan! At this moment, a large number of military and police personnel outside the prison cell have found the sentinel attacked, so they rushed in and surrounded the cell. The most stressful moment, the three hid the roof, while the windows open, so that the police mistakenly thought it was a jump window ran. After the police left the cell, the three quickly escaped from the gendarmerie. Zhou Weiguo and Liu Yuan hurriedly bid farewell, Zhou Weiguo asked Liu Yuan, in the end you are not a Communist? Liu Yuan asked, if I was, you are not sorry to save me. Zhou Weiguo said: Whether you are a Communist Party, we will always be good brothers! Central Military Academy ninth graduate is about to graduate. All trainees will face one of the most serious examination, Sekett appreciates Zhou Weiguo's military qualities. After the exercise was completed, Zhou Weiguo personally apologized to Sun Xin Pu, amends himself in the exercise of defying military orders, secretly tied him, Sun Xin Pu is not the kind of Xiaodujichang who did not mind, it touches on the victory of this exercise, so Sun Xin Pu Zhou Weiguo produced a few Feel admiration! Soon, General Sect came to the military to visit Zhou Weiguo, and told him to go to Germany to study for further study! A few days Zhou Weiguo and some outstanding cadets of the military academy have received the order: go to Berlin Military Academy in Germany to study abroad. In the autumn of 1935, nine graduates of twenty-nine Central Military Academies, including Zhou Weiguo and Sun Xinpu, arrived at the German Military Academy in Berlin. At the German military academy, Zhou Weiguo found that the Chinese soldiers here were discriminated against by students from different countries. Zhou Weiguo was very angry and secretly determined to make every effort to make those people no longer underestimate the Chinese! At the Berlin Military Academy Library in Berlin, Germany, Zhou Weiguo met with Takeshita Toshiaki, a disciple of North Star who studied in a college. Takeshita Toshiaki took the initiative to say hello to Zhou Weiguo, but when Zhou Weiguo learned that each other was Japanese, Zhou Weiguo told him coldly and I did not want to speak with the Japanese. Sun Xinpu also accompanied him to Germany and contacted the military organization in Germany. The military organization ordered him to closely monitor Japanese spies and communists! College special operations test training began, Zhou Weiguo and Takeshita Jun was assigned to a group. Instructors Colonel Hans In order to allow students to experience the special operations for the first time, with the students a real confrontation: In an abandoned factory, Colonel Hans only a small pistol with a dummy bullets confront the forty students! After the first group of twenty students went in, less than half an hour later, they were 'killed' by despair, and the second group of students waiting outside were totally shocked! The second group into the plant, Toshiaki Toshiaki showed his leadership, Zhou Weiguo proposed only two people together before they can defeat the enemy! Finally by their own wisdom and perfect cooperation, Colonel Hans spent time and energy with Colonel Hans, and finally they were tied up with Colonel Hans. Colonel Hans out of the plant, announced the outstanding performance of Zhou Weiguo and Takeshita Jun, all the students to give them a warm applause! Takeshita Jun Zhou Weiguo extended his hand, Zhou Weiguo hesitated, took hold of his hand. Two people sympathetic, admiration each other, Zhou Weiguo for such a talent in Japan is very shocked, so he decided to learn Japanese, in order to understand Takeshita Jun! Since then, Takeshita Jun addition to teach Zhou Weiguo Japanese, began to teach him fencing. Because of the war between China and Japan, the relations between the two were awkward, but they still treated each other with their best friends. Seven seven incident broke out. All students from Berlin Military Academy in Germany were urgently recruited. After learning of the news, Zhou Weiguo and Toshiaki Takeshi performed their last kendo training. Before leaving, Zhou Weiguo and Takeshita Jun cut the cross, and told him: In ancient times, the ancients had the cut robe, and we cut off the cross today. You remember, as long as you come to China with weapons, you are the invaders, and we are the enemies. Today, a farewell, then as the battlefield met, I Zhou Weiguo should make every effort, not soft hand. Zhou Weiguo finished, strode away.
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Beijing shopping Raiders summary

No.4 Environment: Do not deny the personality store for your attractive, or cute, or hot, or beautiful environment, you can see the owner's ingenuity. And compared to shopping in a crowded shopping mall, women certainly prefer to be in a small, intimate space, with a little bit of mystery, the master's feelings are always covetous No .5 Stimulation: Unlike shopping malls where the price tag so glazed, most shops can be bargaining, of course, uncertain prices will bring psychological stimulation, bargaining process, although it will be a headache, but the ups and downs in the meantime Subtle feelings are also very exciting. Like Beijing, a fast paced city, in which, stress is inevitable. The digestion pressure is a big recipe into the shop, and the owner of the war a few rounds,

Dongsi South Street, North Street is the birthplace of one of the earliest fashion shops in Beijing, some shops overseas have a certain reputation, many artists come to Beijing will come here patronize. At the same time, it is replica van cleef vintage alhambra necklace also one of the areas most popular by fashion magazines in Beijing. Today, it is still the must-visit place for trend-setting crush to lead the trend. Many shops in Dongsi have a fixed supporters and their styles are different. Meadow Cottage

Store has a kind of honest atmosphere and subtle classical beauty, the second floor is 10 yuan from the sale, it is worth to see. There are a variety of field jungle suits, desert combat boots, air force flight helmets, a variety of military caps, badges, military watches, lighters. 1200 yuan compass, military water bottle 70 yuan, 220 yuan bag, the price of 15 3800 yuan. Fashion men and women, models and entertainment friends are regulars here. Lace has a double lace dress, hot, 135 yuan, dark blue pants covered with light patches, 198 yuan. Price: 100 400 denim clothing, accessories 10 50 yuan. Men preferred 165 yuan soldier ornaments, exaggerated black girls bag 195 yuan, boys T-shirt 145 195 yuan, shirt 195 275 yuan, bracelet 220 yuan, ring 185 210 yuan, shoes 265 1380 yuan, Harley's belt port 285 365 yuan. Girls canvas shoes style is very unique, in other stores is not seen. All clothing accessories are imitation van cleef vintage alhambra necklace genuine, so the price is fixed. India Sari, copy van cleef vintage alhambra necklace only one in the East Fourth Street. The boss is Nepalese. Ring style and purity are different 30 500 yuan, 120 yuan crystal bracelets bracelets bracelets color bracelet, silver chase mosaic mosaic stone, dazzling 180 yuan, often selling special items, the price of 10 1,000 yuan or more. The price is not floating, there are very few sales. Unlimited purchase of over 1000 guests can become a member, life-long enjoy 8.5 fold, the price of 45 300 yuan.
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Baoqing silver floor Thanksgiving feedback season start

Recently, the headquarters of Baoqing Silver House located on Taiping South Road is very lively. The 'Gold Bracelet Exhibition' is being held in full swing. There are thousands of gold bracelets neatly appeared; In order to repay the majority of consumers love, Baoqing silver floor thanksgiving back quarter Shengqing started the recent gold price cuts, gold jewelry sales are very busy. To meet the needs of consumers, Baoqing silver floor to adjust the goods into more than a thousand models of gold bracelets, held a 'bracelet exhibition.' Exhibition gold bracelets on the process, including milling flowers, mold category, hollow category, technology, such as filigree, style everything. Such as the 'Queen' thousands of gold bracelets, faithful to the traditional classic style, compact structure, comfortable to wear, easy to hook the clothes, not easily deformed, to show the calm, simple beauty. Another example is the 'Starlight' and 'dance', the use of hollow or three-dimensional design, strong sense of fashion Recently, from the fifteenth masterpieces of Chinese arts and crafts and international art fair came good news, Bao Qing silver floor won the '2014 China original Cup of Chinese Arts and Crafts Excellence Award 'gold medal, which is also the art and crafts in Nanjing after another 30 years won the highest van cleef pendant necklace knock off award of Chinese arts and crafts. It is understood that Baoqing Silver House was in September 1989 won the 'National Gold and Silver Jewelry Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award', in November 1989 Baoqing gold and silver ornaments handicrafts once again won the 'China Arts and Crafts 100 Silver Award' The ' Flowers Cup replica van cleef gold necklace 'selected by the Bao Qing silver floor design imitation van cleef pendant necklace fine gold and silver jewelry Kit' Cui Xingxia 'stand out from more than 800 pieces of works for the Nanjing once again won the Gold Award Baoqing Silver House Sheep New Year gold bars recently in Nanjing The store OTC, the sheep year gold bars specifications are divided into 10 grams, 20 grams, 30 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams of 6 kinds of specifications, all made of 1000 gold gold sheep year 2015, pin the New Year new scene, Lucky auspicious beautiful wishes, Baoqing silver building Sheep Year of the Rabbit gold bar 'Three Sheep Kaitai' blessing language book auspicious pattern, the gold bar front clever use of paper-cut art, vivid auspicious sheep vividly above the gold bars, Strips, the perfect gold gold bars show the outstanding manufacturing process. Gold bars on the back, printed with 'Baoqing silver floor,' the four official script characters.
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The fifty-second chapter matrix method is broken

Li Xuan out of the bedroom, see Huang Tianxin still waiting at the door, not help his face had a fever, those things just inside those things you will not hear it?

Huang Tianxin but read innumerable, of course, understand myself this teacher 's psychology, quickly avoid the focus, pleasing to say: 'Master I give you the medicine is also effective, right?

Li Xuan nodded and said: 'Your medicine is quite effective, did not see that you really have two things.

Get master's praise Quotations Huangtian heart very proud of himself, but this god-like master, can get his praise that it is Sansheng fortunate ah! Huang Tianxin immediately said: 'In addition to fortune-telling fortune-telling surgery, I like to study some pharmacology, know a little medicine, Master I have here some of my original medicine, I was going to practice elixir of medicine, there is no success , But it is refining this 'youth Yan Yan', although this thing can not guarantee immortality, but it can look more youthful appearance, the skin is more smooth and beautiful.

Li Xuan unbelievably looked at Huang Tian Xin Road: 'No, what day did you see your skin, how are you skin is not smooth, like the old skin like?

Huang Tianxin embarrassed to say: 'Master, I have a person of 150 years old, and I no longer how to use this medicine ah!'

Li Xuan could not help but be sad for Huang Tianxin, a hundred and fifty years of age before refining Lingzhi period, really poor, he did not know, if there is no good heart, then you are practicing to die not necessarily get the door, like Huang Tianxin refining can be done to the period of silence has been good, but Li Xuan himself can get 'Star' and so fast refining this state is to go van cleef and arpels replica butterfly necklace dog shit Yun Huang cultivation of the hardships but the deepest experience, no one Pointing, there is no good intentions, according to their patchwork of the patchwork of their own ways to explore the practice of refining, several times almost go fake van cleef pendant necklace crazy, so when Li Xuan urged him to accept him as an apprentice when he would be so touched, really Like a lost boat to find the direction of the beacon Li Xuan, of course, understand the heart of yellow this medicine for their own use, these things have been given to the most suitable soft, that a woman is not good beauty, do not refuse to accept the yellow heart Handing over the 'youth Yan Dan' Xuan did not think he accidentally received a such a useful apprentice, the apprentice than those who have many filial piety, but also useful more! Li Xuan nor secretly Li Xuan come up with a few pieces of the top grade spar said: 'Tian Xin, these spar you take a few, but sparge spreader essential material.'

Huang Tian heart looked at a few sparred Li Xuan handed a daze, yellow heart can feel the powerful energy emanating from the spar, which is the legendary immortal stone. I really do not know what kind of a teacher is a person, actually just come up with such a high-level thing. Look at the dementia of Huang Tian Xin dementia looks funny, only a few pieces on this look, if it is to see their spar in the bracelet do not know what this yellow heart will become like Huang Tian heart suddenly awakened This is the teacher rewarded himself , Quickly even put his hands, his mouth excitedly said: 'Master, I do not ... ...'

'Hold it fast, you gave me so good medicine, these spar you take it, after refining device or through spar energy practice can be.' Li Xuan can not refuse to say

Huang Tian heart flattered hands took spar, carefully look at these babies, after a while, Huang suddenly remembered something like a heart, groping up on his body, Li Xuan curiously looked at him side of the yellow heart After a search through the twists and turns finally came out from the mezzanine in the clothes out of a bad sheepskin, and then both hands handed Li Xuan Road: 'Master, this is the year I saved an old man, he gave me to thank me, he said A part of a treasure map, here only a quarter, if you find the other three, then you can find a treasure, he also said that this treasure hidden things can make people immortal, I was also believed So, take over this sheepskin, you see this is not true?

Li Xuan took the sheepskin looked, but also do not see anything famous, back to Huang Tianxin said: 'I do not see anything, but from this view, it should be a incomplete map, but only Part of it, we can not see where it is, specifically whether it is a treasure and an immortal way of getting it, and finding it after we have found a few others. '

Li Xuan looked a little disappointed Huang Tianxin: 'Tianxin, do not be disappointed, I now teach you the Happy Mind as long as you can practiced practicing immortality, you do not be half-hearted, so there is no benefit to your practice of.'

When I heard Li Xuan's heart suddenly alerted Huang Tianxin, I now have to follow a good Master Zunzhen really, how also kept in memory of this treasure, Huang Tianxin was previously Taoist Taoism, influenced by the Taoist thought, and now found His greed is so strong, can not help but scared a cold sweat, hand wiped his copy necklace van cleef head sweat gratefully to Li Xuan said: 'Thank you, Master reminds me in time, or else I was stuck in greedy.

Li Xuan see Huang Tianxin so nervous to comfort and said: 'heart, do not be so nervous, heart practice is not what you want,' greed 'is also a desire, as long as not insatiable, it is possible, as long as you can be worthy of My conscience, conscientiousness on the line, Happy heart is arbitrary, some greed is not necessarily a bad thing, but we must control, not too greedy!

This state of mind Huang Tianxin has not heard, in the previous practice, each book is said to have no greed, and even six can not have to repair to Mahayana, Li Hyun now heard completely Is another mentality practitioners, but think of Lee Hyun said there is a reason, to say that Li Xuan is his own teacher, he is not harmful to themselves, of course, to listen to teachers respect the teacher, think of Hyun , Huang Tianxin feel greedy at this point and can not be considered anything, but also conducive to spiritual practice, the heart calm down, I felt my heart did not just find that they have greedy tension and anxiety, and their own mood seems More on a layer of realm, can not help but admire the teacher, did not think of teacher two or three sentences let himself enhance the heart of a realm Huang Tian heart gratefully told Li Xuan: 'Master, then this map to send division Respect you so that I do not forget what treasure I am looking for. '

Li Xuan did not take the map sent by Huang Tianxin, but smiled and said: 'This figure is of little use to me, or you keep it! Can be considered a way to heart your heart.'

Zeng Rou still in the rest of the bedroom, Li Xuan is also nothing, so he taught Huang Tianxin some comprehension skills, Huang Tianxin as a pupil that listen attentively, Li Xuan does not like Huang Tianxin that serious look, talked for a moment let Huang Tianxin Satisfaction of their own meditation, the consolidation was formed within the alchemy Li Xuan absently out of a jade Jane look up, occasionally to the bedroom door looked, occasionally out of consciousness to see once had waking up, but did not dare to God over Close to Zeng Rou, afraid of a sense of softness should be to their own then bad Li Hyun was surprised, did not think now comprehension of the world where someone can break his cloth array method, told the yellow heart soon as soon as the battlefield location Fly to the heart of Huang Tian would like to see with this, but did not think he was so anxious teacher, left a few words gone.
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This is not a trough at this stall

Dozens of media outlets are waiting to be out of seconds in the rest room. When they reach their names, they fill in 20 minutes of the respondent, like Q Bouche '(in French, meaning silver lip). When he mentioned the name, he could not bear it Excited, 'French name, very powerful, romanticism,' Tony Leung Ka-fai recalled that at that time Hong Kong was beginning to make some progress in fashion. Girls were very popular to see these magazines, but many of the information was translated from Japanese magazines, such as Street Make, make-up, manicure, often with a star or celebrity model or cover. 'I think looking for TV, movie star to do to spend money, simply my girl magazine to find some content, the story of the girl to do cover girl', that is, Li Hanxiang's daughter Lee Dian Lang, precisely because of this friendship, Tony Leung Ka Fai Appreciated by Li Hanxiang Into the movie circle In 1982, Tony Leung Ka Wai first came to Beijing, followed by director Li Hanxiang shot in the Forbidden City 'curtain curtain listen to government.' Mixed with talent and luck on the screen of the debut, let him harvest his life's first Grand Prix movie, he said modestly, when he did not understand acting. As one of the first Hong Kong filmmakers filming in the Mainland, he did not have any curiosity about this piece of land as we imagined. Originally, he had been with his father on a monthly basis in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In the time when the van cleef & arpels necklace imitation material in the Mainland was scarce, With clothes, oil, meat, cloth and other necessities to visit the local cousin, so the impression of the Mainland has always been constantly updated in Guangzhou. But for Beijing, the capital that he never set foot on is still full of excitement. 'When you come to an airport, you feel completely different from Hong Kong. Especially for the first week, I think Beijing is unoccupied because it has not been seen on the road When filming, we set out from the state guesthouse where we stayed at six o'clock in the morning and occasionally saw several bicycles on the street, most of which were donkey carts, carrying Chinese cabbages into the city. Recalling the original Beijing, he used simple to describe, 'the building is not very high, Chang'an Avenue, the train station there is all the courtyard and alley. Occasionally a car in the past, is also the kind of old-fashioned red flag car. So at that time to Beijing The impression is quiet, I feel this is the capital, no wonder the road is so wide. '

'Vertical curtain to listen to politics,' a beat that is more than a year, Tony Leung Ka Fai so every morning to the National Palace Museum. Watching Jinshui Bridge at Jinshui Bridge and filming from the main entrance, 'The Forbidden City rising from the sun and the Forbidden City at night are all over the place. At that time, there were not any grandstands or tourists, so every corner of the Forbidden City Have been passed. 'When asked about the night filming, have not encountered supernatural events, he hee hee smiles, face Xiaozugiao,' how? You know how beautiful the night view of the Forbidden City? You know the Forbidden City when no one That kind of feeling magnificent?

What is the Forbidden City in Taiwan? 'The Forbidden City of Beijing was left from the Ming Dynasty until the end of the Qing Dynasty and has not changed any of its architecture. It is only different palaces which play different roles in different dynasties.' 'Teacher Liang' is a science populace for us. 'Taipei The Forbidden City is entirely for storing artifacts from the Forbidden City taken here, so the layout is relatively small and it is a condensed version that is simply incomparable with the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Recalling his last experience of coming to Beijing's Forbidden City, the 'dragon' directed by Li Hanxiang in 1985 was set. Turning to the reason why he did not come back later, he laughed and said, 'Because of the growing number of people now, if I run the Forbidden City to be recognized, I will become a scene of the Forbidden City and become an exhibit. People certainly beat me, do not shoot artifacts, will rob the Forbidden City in the limelight .Because the 'burning Yuanmingyuan' in 1983 is a co-production of Hong Kong and the mainland, Tony Leung Ka Fai has become a target forced to write repentance, he resolutely resist, so by him Starring in the movie are not allowed to enter the theater in Taiwan, Taiwan, a kill, no one in Hong Kong to find Tony Leung film, and he inevitably unemployed .1985, that is, took the second year of the movie actor, he There is no film about the idle nothing to do, and friends went to the night market street stalls, sell their own leather bracelet, even if now think of it, he did not think that period of time is the ebb of life, and never did so Worried 'In the past, I was not a student pursuing academic studies, but my dad was more enlightened. He once said that if you really do not want to read a book, you told me that to learn a craft, improper white collar workers can also be a blue collar, must It is a skilled worker. In fact, my father and mother have been inculcating to me all such values, first do not give up, do not think this is trough, life is finished. No, your life is still, as long as you do not die one day, there is always the opportunity to let you sprint, one day your head can come out. You have to tread water, you have to keep working hard, head hard to emerge, someone always see your head on the water. One day, there is a promising day. 'When acquainted with the most down, a piece of paper hand-painted marriage certificate came today

Tony Leung and his wife Jiang Ka Nien met him during that period. At that time, the woman was a producer on Radio Television Hong Kong and heard of Tony Leung's unfairness. It is this work experience, boosting the two eventually come together after two contacts, ready to get married. For the wedding Tony Leung Ka Fai spent the bank account only the more than 8,000 Hong Kong dollars, including the purchase of the ring spent 800 Hong Kong dollars, and the rest used in the honeymoon Suite that two wedding. When it comes to this matter, he does not think that being poor or poor at the time will make his wife feel less secure. 'I will not let her be sad. Our feelings and happiness are not based on money.' To prevent parents from knowing and saving He also had a small secret wedding between his wife and his wife. Both of the two sisters acted as witnesses, and Liang Jiahui himself drew a marriage certificate. He said with a smile that 'it looks better than the government's, We are all satisfied. 'Later, as the economic life is getting richer, to compensate their wives, they will change their wedding rings every ten years.' It seems as if every year our feelings will be refurbished. ' Sometimes worn on the hand, and sometimes hung on the necklace, but not long ago, accidentally lost their third ring, 'because the work relationship to hang wheat, had to pick it up, put in your pocket, and then lost, I do not know how to throw it. ' He now has a fourth ring, a simple silver ring, 'hope not to be lost.' As for the hand-drawn marriage certificate, with a genuine certificate that was later reissued, and placed in a locker at home, 'a certificate is just the same thing, it's just something you will not throw away.' They knew all too well I am a dad who spoils them

Everyone knows Tony Leung has a twin daughter, her oldest daughter Nikkie only a minute earlier than his youngest daughter, Chole. In 1993, when they were born, Tony Leung was still filming in the United Kingdom. Premature delivery was not allowed to land on a Hong Kong typhoon plane. Therefore, he did not finally arrive at the hospital until the third day of arrival of the daughters from the oxygen tank Hold out is different from those parents like to twins dressed exactly the same, Tony Leung Ka Fai never buy them the same clothes, comb the same hairstyle, in his eyes, they are two different life of an individual, 'experience, each one People are different .Even the same family, same teacher, but the way to go, or your own .As a father, I can only help, rather than mention or teaching, because how do you know she will encounter When she arrives, she knows how to get along with others. 'He gave his daughter great democracy and freedom.' They want to be like what they are. If they do not hurt themselves, this is my attitude to their daughters. '

Tony Leung clover necklace van cleef imitation said he and his wife will never discuss their views on her daughter. They all have a way of getting along with each other. 'We will only discuss such as today van cleef and arpels necklace copy I know that my sister's performance is not as good as my sister and whether I should pay more attention to my sister's study.' But how she told them, I do not participate in any opinion. 'A few years without making a movie, he is responsible for the delivery of the sisters to school, give them massage, storytelling, coaxing. Now that her daughters are all 23 years old, her husband is gentle as a lady and her daughter is as arrogant as she is. What is the father in the eyes of her daughter? 'They are all very well aware that I am a dad who spoils them and can let them do their own choices, and they know that whatever they can not get from their mother can certainly be found on me, not necessarily physically or mentally 'Also, looking back on more than two decades of parenting experience, he feels that his best gift for a daughter is an unlimited amount of support.' For example, if suddenly one of my daughters told me, Dad, I do not want to study My first sentence is back to be able to support the end of the next asked to understand and see how to guide in fact, to some extent, is to let them go through their own experience.
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