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DNF Dad halo sets how to do

The main advantage is the use of a variety of equipment to increase the effect of teammates to enhance the teammate's injury vca alhambra bracelet fake or to provide a more comfortable teammates output environment Xiaobian here today to give you a DNF Halo sets with As the name suggests, Halo sets can be added to amateur halo Of the package, mainly through the property of the equipment to enhance the output gain teammates the ability to output the current DNF halo kit is a better tactical sets, each of the equipment has a property gain for his teammates to increase teammates attack speed, casting speed, moving speed, violence Hit rate and many other attributes. Set replica vca alhambra bracelet of attributes is the strength of 500 points and the increase in intelligence, but can be met but can not be obtained, you need to vigorously anal abyss to get together The second set of epic equipment is the Class 90 Plate Set Star destiny package, its main effect is to increase teammates Skill level, from a certain level is also greatly enhance the output capacity of teammates, but it is also a nurse's graduation sets. Star sets of cohesion relative difficulty of coaching will be higher The third is a more friendly set, 85 legendary equipment broken bowel injury set, do not need to abyss as long as the ancient map can brush the ancient map. A single piece of property also has some bonus, but more importantly, its package effect. 6 sets of teammates can be applied to the hegemony body, although there is a 5 second gap, but the body was cut in the body today, it is extremely good attribute two, the remaining location options

Because tactical sets, sets of stars are very face-looking equipment, so here too much to explain. Broken heartbroken set is mainly obtained daily ancient map, now 6 words made quickly, and there are a variety of activities to send ancient materials and ancient equipment, etc., we can prepare for the same time, in the last The revision, the ancient map has no daily tasks, but still can get through the task of ancient materials, customs clearance 2 times a day can receive 70 corresponding materials, we must not forget to receive the bracelet you can choose the magic of the wizard, level 85 legend Equipment, available knock off sweet alhambra bracelet through the auction house. Attribute is to increase teammates 50 four-dimensional and 7% of the physical, magical crit rate. The current price of about 600 million gold coins, you can consider starting.
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DNF new world fell to the ancient three-task process of large literacy

1, open a new world, at the same time, the next single open outsiders open admission, but it is reflected, it seems like a single can not brush fake van cleef inspired clover necklace the king level, but then, after waiting for a new world, we are anti-magic up, this is vast Unable to form a team of students, it means that, at least to have a non-blessing flat cut parts. A single brush better

2, the ancient two changes on the core capabilities without any strengthening, but the value of anti-magic and intelligence forces have increased, a basic reached more than 400 anti-magic

3, the ancient three new neighbors need 34 individuals, at least three 70-level characters to enter. Corresponding to the four resistance requirements are 350/500/650/800, a figure limit access to twice a day. This is what is the concept? That is, you wear the ancient two, plus the ghost car + anti-magic right groove, plus anti-magic left slot, barely reached the ordinary anti-magic admission, you upgrade to the ancient two Change, in order to reluctantly arrived adventurous admission anti-magic, the ancient two changed with the ancient three parts of the mix and match, barely reached the Warriors admission anti-magic, more than seven ancient three, in order to achieve the king's request. Then the ancient three falling items linked with the difficulty of the type, magic stone with aids only fall in the king, the other with the ancient two fall species distribution. Although you can choose your own skills, choose the type of breath, but the fall is still very much look at the character 4, hit the ancient three first do not happy too early, but also need to be marked by the color of the three colors to use. Three colors of atmosphere similar to magic ball, falling in the hell. Red flavor: increase the ability to attack skills related skills. Blue breath: reduce skill CD related ability. Green breath: special abilities (increased attacks, increased attack duration, etc.). In theory, for the first time, the failure rate of ailments is 10% 20% and the second is about 90%. Failure of the equipment disappeared, the actual use is a very test of character, his friends playing hanbok time, hit three pieces of spare parts, both in the first breath attached to the explosion on the 5, on the Internet A variety of tasks, a bunch of people so copy van cleef mother of pearl clover necklace happy, ancient three original playing ordinary hero map, there will be a few days. Those tasks to make things, all the ancient three sets of corresponding parts of the material only. Similar to the ancient one, the unfinished armor, the need to synthesis drawings, drawings where? Drawings in the new world, so even the ancient two did not think about directly to the new world can wash people to sleep, Even the ancient two are now feel uncommon, you can wash and sleep 6, and finally, the ancient three suits still useless, or because of parts of the problem, as well as the high property of wild boar, there is the same problem, because only one day Into two, so nine basic do not consider, certainly faster parts. Six basic barely able to see the specific effect of it, until the time someone did it out, the parties have the floor alhambra clover necklace knock off 7, the last of the last, ancient Trinity out of the ancient two eliminated? Of course not, first of all, the effect of ancient three Ancient two eclectic integrated version. What concept? For example, this part of the coat, you can only choose to reduce anger 9% of cd or + anger 9% of the attack power, but the ancient three words, aside from the second 90% Top + 5% angry attack at the same time, minus 5% of cd. Of course, the answer is no, because the increase is fixed, plus the attack rate is certainly not enough, which is why the current flat-cut parts will not be eliminated, because now flat cut Parts, at least 4% of non-blessing ring bracelets, not to mention at least 6% of the body's five non-blessings, as the card finished on the change, there is no natural substitute. Of course, flat cut magic stone with flat cut aids are needed.
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Westward Journey 2 game Wikipedia

To Luoyang City, the bottom of the city gate (that is, the task of the gang there) to find the Tokgo Swordsman or the unknown chivalric dialogue, the story prompted to find the old man to Bodhi ask Fang Bingshan ask Bodhi old man, and then find the equal king, and his gamble (10W Silver ah), and then he said that the last East and East China Sea Dragon King bet lost, you need to change into his cronies (that is, the prime minister) looks like to move, called soul shifting soul surgery. This thing in the horse surface, the horse said that God will borrow a borrowed from God, to find a god will take back him to the transfiguration of the stuff to you, and then is a god of heaven (a Large, next to 4 magic), kill finished to find the horse face, get the charm character, into a turtle to find the old dragon, get the imitation alhambra clover necklace deity beads, back to the sunset samurai even if the task to complete the PS: If you get transformed Charm in 3 times did not become the prime minister, may also be seen by the Dragon King, you can go find the horse to buy, directly to the horse 10000 to proud to Zixia pick up the task, she will give you a golden bell, called To the Monkey King, and then kill the Monkey King directly, pay attention to, remember 10 million good team to give him a golden bell, because a give will hit. Zisha back to the task after killing kill, you can get five peacocks Ming Wang Yu

Go to the palace to find Li Shimin, he told you to find the monk to host the amphibious assembly, go find the monk, he said no clothes, and then to the temple to find the Jade Emperor, ask the Temple of people, we must remember that all people have to ask, including Chang E, Laojun too, as well as clairvoyance and who next to the transfer point of people, in addition to the prison on the jail and beast generals do not ask outside, and then go back to find the Jade Emperor, he told you to Guanyin sister there, Guanyin Tathagata said to him 袈 裟And what the rod was taken down by the jade monk under the mountain, kill him back to the small house next to the Tsz Wan Yamen to find Yin Wenjiao take the task, she was looking for a son, and then go to Jinshan Temple to find a monk, he gave you a blood book, call you To find the monk, but also to find the Dragon King (do not fight), and finally came back Yin Wen Jiao, the blood book to her, and then into the top of the Yamen to find Liu Hong (remember a good team to go, will be mixed) Take the task, say how her daughter, first find three Miss, she told you to run the Snitch, Snitch in the lower left corner of the map river coordinates of about 40.13, kill the first time, kill him, have been asleep , So he ran, summoned him to get rid of all blame. The task will appear to call you to find proud to blacksmith Huangge, and then he will call you to find the van cleef & arpels necklace alhambra knock off fear of black sand blacksmith, get the gold Mingshi, but sand blacksmith said Wuzhishan old monkey fine robbed to kill the old Monkey fine, finished killing the stone to find a burglar, he became a demon, kill. And then find 3 Miss back to the task to find 2 Miss, she said the bracelet dropped out, full of spring there, spend ten thousand two silver in exchange for bracelets, and then to find Miss, in the most inside the waterfall, proud to Holy Temple, and the goalkeeper monk speak, and then find the next Thunderbird strange, go there to find Thunderbird, he gave you a letter, and then outside the sanctuary Thunderbirds will give you the oracle, with this one can Into the temple, you want to point the half rotten grass for half an hour, it grows a leaf, to nine, grow good to Missy, back to the old lady where the complex life, get prestige to find the fairy sister, she said Pig Journey and Sha Monk Reluctant to get through, and then went to the pig where to ask what is going on, the result is his stalker stolen, said the Monkey King Luoyang Music Square wins heaven sounds are heavenly weapons, and from the victory of the mouth Lane know that the nail rake in the Turtle Ridge area, that is, many demons steal, the group of good team, and long to kill, get the rake after finishing kill, to the pig, the task then go to find sand Monk, first talk to him, Go to the temple to find the queen mother, get the edict, Set a good team, and the edict to the old sand, open to kill PS: If you do not hurry to kill, Do not lead the task, as if looking for a victory after the sounds of nature had not finished the story can not do Cheats

Five spectacular door of the two children, breeze and moon, they seem to whisper, I was eager to eavesdrop, they actually did not say. I have to find Yuan Tiangang asked (in fact, change the bees, it is recommended to go to the border grab a poisonous bee, so run around), changed the bees to find the news of ginseng fruit, the need for gold and Dan Dan, suddenly Remembered Nantian as if there is sleepy insects that can make people sleep, look for him to see, came to Nantianmen, he promised to sleepy insects, but to find his three incarnations, this time limit, we note that , May be within half an hour, and then look at the small taskbar, this place is random (Luoyang, Wanshou, Sansheng), get sleepy insects, went to five Zhuang concept, 'give' breeze moon, got Take two stuff, went to the use of ginseng fruit trees, strange, how ginseng fruit disappeared, seen TV or novel should know that the soil is entered so to find the land ran out the door in the upper left corner of the dead old man, Know the reason, and then go again, get ginseng fruit to increase experience 300w, just the gold and Dan Pan back to the breeze moon, the two Taoist began to curse, simply ginged trees killed. Good team, came to the backyard, kill the fruit trees and town Yuan Da Xian (the old man and nine monks) If necessary, the middle of the team for the equipment, Zhen Yuan said I should pay the tree, and find the old man, he let me go Find the fairy fairy, then go find Goddess sister, get Xian Lu, save ginseng fruit trees, looking for town old man, YY also sworn to get Wuzhishan land that you imitation van cleef inspired clover necklace want to help look at his brother Burye Hill land, go go. Came to Bailu Mountain land (92,89) Department, he said there was a monster on the mountain endanger the world, so decided to snoop on the news. The other three npc women (212,76), the old lady (74,59) and the old man (145,57), who found the Bailu Mountain respectively, got no news. So I had to go chat and talk to the land. The old man actually said that from the king of Lee could get the mirror now. Came to the temple, Lee King also said that according to the mirror was demon camel camel crazy mad cow robbery, had to kill took a photo of the mirror went straight to the woman, it really is a monster, said to open fight. After she defeated she escaped. Ask Li Tianwang to ask, the original fairy deed is too deep, according to the demon mirror there is no other way. Let go to ask too Laojun refused to borrow his gossip heaven and earth. The old man is another condition, give him 3 drugs (red blood scattered, breeze snow and Buddha relics, remember ready). Get the heaven and earth sovereign gossip mirror universe, you can take the original old woman is also the embodiment of bones essence. Can not find after killing this, the Laojun also helpless. Anyway, there is nothing to go around the temple. Came to the Guanghan Gong, Chang'e sister actually please bring her accessories to the canopy (on that pig's head), to the South Zhan to pigs, the fool is very happy to help him with a 'love letter' to Chang'e. Chang E gave pure heart jade mirror. Just take to try. Sure enough, the old man is the embodiment of bones fine, kill kill three avatars to find the buryeyside land to ask the situation, the original white bones and Phoenix seven white is a sister, talking about the terrible XXX. Fung seven to seek help. White tells Bai Jingjing's life experience, so holding her bones fairy hairpin to persuade. Came to the legendary Bone Cave, baijue fine actually looked furious three battles, to kill, (9 fire kids, thunder fire law) remember the good team and then talk to her ah.
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Chapter 7, who came to the Western Ocean repair

Qin Wu dance watch as the robbers fish out, and then lock the cargo door. And he threatened under the muzzle did not dare to move slightly closed the door, a dark car at the moment, Qin Wu Yang finally be sure they are directed at themselves, this girl may be suffering from pool fish. Qin Wuyang sigh, not even a curse too lazy to export, now every second is precious. Qin Wu Yang impression touched the door began to undermine the smooth interior walls without force. Qin dance Yang closed his eyes, fist, Xu Li, bang '嘭' huge body shock, the wall leaving a touch of fist, but the door is motionless feet without roots, the force can not dance Qin Yang floating in the water, Force, but also a big imitation van cleef vintage alhambra necklace effort to make a discount. Oxygen will soon run out of light, Qin Wu Yang even out of three punches, nothing Qin Qin Yang angrily accept the hand, and now only one road left!

'Enter the selection space!'

Only get enough strength in the next adventure, to get out of trouble, this time without retreat dizzy, light and shade, Qin Wuyang moment has returned to the selection of their own exclusive space within the room 'Welcome back to the selection of space from the next mission scene There are ten minutes as a newcomer to the first mission, the space comes with a space bracelet, containing novice spree, please check!

Qin Wu Yang a slight hi, even there are such good things! The reality of their own bear the brunt, it is rather surprising here. A closer look at the sudden appearance of gorgeous wrist gorgeous bracelet slightly touch, some information into the mind. The original bracelet can be transformed into any style, when back to the real space, the bracelet will automatically disappear until the return of space Qin Wu Yang slightly pondering the space bracelet into a faint Dipper pattern, on the right palm done, Qin Dance Yang open the bracelet to see the space inside about 11 cubic meters so big. Three packages floating in them. Qin Wuyang God read a little contact with the package, the package will suddenly appear in the hands of kneeling in the hands next to a few, Qin Wu Yang looked at the front of the items, a large also Dan, a within a bottle of drink, as well as Du Kang Map and eye king snake pistol big also Dan (pseudo): the legendary Shaolin Temple secret Need immortality, there is the effect of living human bones. Later, a large number of imitation. Bendam is a replica that removes all the injuries after use, restores the best condition, restores the condition in half an hour, and halves all drug effects in the next 24 hours. Please be careful!

Nightmare in a: Nightmare animals with the Devil's fur fake van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace made, protection is quite good. Ghost Monsters have a deterrent effect. Equipment, the devil +5 hostile. Defense +10, texture 60 Good Coke: a limited company issued by the Star Coca-Cola bottled drinks, the use of the next scene has fortunate. Message - your patronage is our luck!

King Cobra Eyes: Attack 89, the effective killer distance of 80 meters, the maximum firing frequency of 2 rounds / second. Ad slogan - make good use of it, like the venom of the eye king snake, very fatal ordinary bullets: attack 2 3, texture 30.

Duke hyperthyroidism map: This map is Yan Prince Dan for the Ciqin painted, with Jing Ke and Qin Wuyang famous world. The holder increased the prestige of the six countries 800 points, Qin Qin prestige 1000 points out of good luck Coke, breath imitation van cleef turquoise necklace drank a fine. Feel free to throw an empty bottle on the floor and pick up the eye. The king snake begins to contact the shooter. Six rounds round the bottle to hit the flying chameleon.

Prior to this, Qin Wuyang never touched guns, reimbursement of more than 40 rounds of ammunition, the Qin Wuyang finally had a little gun on the countdown to understand the countdown began: 10,9, ..., 1, into the Hulk Space Description: In the United States Western, Berkeley, California Biotechnology Research Institute is studying microbiology and nanotechnology. Their top researcher, Dr. Bruce Chrell, found herself a little strange ...
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Good start in 2017, but can not be lost

F sister also has one, has been wearing for more than six months, then bought when you feel so fine a rope, it should be very easy to break, and too light, every day if the bath to take off to wear too tired, but it turns out , F sister want more, the founder in the design of the red string considered this issue, so it is a very strong and will not fade and light rope without objects, so you do not need van cleef gold necklace knock off to get off, and wear necklace van cleef knock off In the hands of the basic feeling of its existence ... ...

Another advantage is that you can match any other bracelet or bracelet, it is in line with the trend of the current influx of people wearing the b and cartier 啦, herems heavy luxury match, and some hand-woven or designer niche brand bracelet also Very match, so wild and discuss to good color, can not it?

FRED Founded in 1936 and marketed by LVMH in 1995, FRED has a range of 700 to 1,500 filaments per hand, regardless of material, and is manufactured exclusively by experienced artisans following the oldest craft of ropes Hand-crafted orce 10 series hand rope and buckle colorful and diverse styles: hand rope material, including entry-level nylon material, unique rigid material, and stylish wild silver, gold, rose gold material. Bracelet length can be freely adjusted, based entirely on the wearer's hobbies and occasions with buckle style not only has no pure precious stones inlaid, more inlaid with sapphires, tourmalines, diamonds, 25 different precious stones, and the buckle of the rope The size of the points, so men and women are very suitable to wear the essence of the brand is: love of loyalty imitation van cleef pendant necklace and courage. So it is also particularly suitable as a Valentine's Day gift yo in the New Year's season, of course, recommend red to you if you are interested, you can also vote for your male votes or brain a black or gray invincible. Stacked with the watch, but also the most popular nowadays think about it If it is 5 years ago, this style of underwear, is certainly most Asian sister tried to avoid, why? Because people pay attention to minimalist luxury. Like full lace with transparent, super-thin stretch fabric, for that kind of so-called 'gather', 'correction', 'upup cup' is completely scoff!

But I found a rather strange phenomenon in the last 12 years. It is reasonable to say that the Asian sister's chest is obviously not full of Europeans, but LA PERLA is more and more popular among the independent women! Because these women, no longer need to rely on business lines to be successful. They have ideas, independence (economic and life), self-unfettered LA PERLA also done well in social media, many celebrities are surrounded.
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31 grand in Shanghai Exhibition Center

It is understood that the Hetian jade, emerald, Huanglong jade and so on, all of which are good and cheap, are presented by Hetian jade, emerald and Huanglong jade from Xinjiang Jewelery Exhibition. ; Ice kind of jade, a rare glass species, charming color violet, more emeralds full of green verdant emerald pendants and other really shines; Huang Longyu large ornaments, famous carved jade Buddha, landscape, Pavilions pavilion is to make you feel good, stop watching for a long time do not want to leave, but also want to take home with its day and night, enjoy the fun to watch the Shanghai Red Jewelry Zone Exhibition is full of red, hand pieces, beads, The chain, bracelets, bracelets, rings, necklaces, with beads, etc. should be a whole, with the red resources near the depletion of South Red prices are also rising, but in this Shanghai Jewelry Show, van cleef & arpels necklace imitation you can really super Low prices, buy your favorite products van cleef arpels necklace imitation In recent years, lapis lazuli in recent years has been favorable for people, more big names such as: Fan Bingbing, Sun Li and so wear gold jewelry, making lapis lazuli prices all the way up, and this time There are a number of lapis lazuli exhibitors at the Sea Jewelry Show, since the price will be the lowest, so smart you get the biggest discount Other such as: pearl, agate, jade, turquoise, amber, beeswax, Shoushan stone, mahogany , Craft ornaments and so on is more to your dizzying Shanghai Jewelry Show also prepared a few million gifts, see those who have, what are you waiting for, call your friends come together to visit the Shanghai Jewelry Show collar knock off van cleef necklaces gifts! !!
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667 tourists travel by train to Fushun

June 23, 667 Zhejiang, Shanghai tourists take the Y352 tourist train from Hangzhou into the Qipao hometown of Fushun and step by step in the scenic spots to understand the cultural history of the city to understand the tourists In Fushun City tour itinerary for two days, respectively, to clear Yongling, He Tuala city, night tour of Crescent Island Ecological Park, watch water dance show, feel the Manchu culture, qipao hometown. Speaking Fushun, visitors from Zhejiang and Shanghai to give a new definition, although it is the first time to enter the city of Fushun, but they are no stranger to Fushun, Fushun is the Qing dynasty, the Zhaoxing place, transformed Japanese war criminals and the last emperor, the city gave birth to Lei Feng spirit. Tourists have said that after going back, will tell the relatives and friends in the tourism in Fushun, neighbors, so that more people know Fushun, Fushun Tourism City Tourism Commission deputy director Zhao said that over the years, Tourism promotion efforts, a wide range of travel agents signed a cooperation agreement, attracted visitors, travel has become the norm. Fushun has become the main destination of ecological, leisure and vacation cities. Tourists from foreign countries travel to Fushun. 'Looking forward to the future, coming playful and leaving thought' The ice used in Starbucks coffee contains faecal bacteria

A British based sample survey conducted by the BBC against ice drinks at Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero, the three largest coffee clover necklace van cleef imitation chains in the United Kingdom, found that the ice contains a variety of bacteria, of which> [detailed]

Tourists tried 300,000 bracelets smashed on the spot fainted

A tourist in Ruili, Yunnan broke the price 300000 yuan (RMB, the same below) emerald bracelet fainted on the spot after the scene, triggering network hot discussion, the reporter learned from the Ruili gem association on the 28th, after assessment, the hand> [detailed]

Fake map: the more developed the van cleef and arpels clover necklace imitation more fake economy

In 2001-2015, the top three provinces with the highest average GDP in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces also had more exposure to counterfeit news, while white wine, chemical fertilizers and pharmaceuticals were the three most exposed types of counterfeit products. > [Detailed]

16 van cleef and arpels necklace imitation pairs of sample online and offline purchase price difference over 30

At present, online shopping has become an indispensable part of consumer life, ranging from small household appliances to home appliances, consumers can purchase products without leaving home. Product Quality> [Details]

Hyundai Motor recalls 641 vehicles in China

Starting from June 30, 2017, part of the imports of 2012 2013 Kia Sorento and Pa Rui series cars will be recalled. According to the company's statistics, there are 641 vehicles in mainland China. > [Detailed]
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Chapter Ninety also see the dream edge

'Dream edge, is you.' Jianghua saw her, a little surprise, 'skill has a breakthrough, has come mid-Yuan Ying.'

'Jiang Meng Lord, this is the gift you donate immortality, I do not know van cleef & arpels necklace copy how to thank you for it.' Dream edge seriously said, 'We have two very familiar, do not be so polite, how old are you this year?' Mind meditation, I hope not an old woman, then boring, 'There are twenty.' Dream edge a bit curious, I do not know the age of Jiang Hua asked why 'Fortunately.' Edge a little puzzled 'You later call my brother, do not call the lord, do you know?'

'Do not call the lord, should also call you younger brother.' Dream edge sparkling cunning eye. 'My skill is not so high than you.'

Dream edge nodded 'Comprehension community is not up to the first.'

Dream edge nodded again, 'that's not got, you call my brother is right ah.' Jiang Hua trick to smile and said 'However, you are 18 years old, four years younger than others yet.' Dream edge whispered Ganghwa did not hear the 'dream edge, you are too beautiful, you go out a lot of people will touch the poles.' Jianghui stared at the edge of dreams, said 'I am very beautiful? This touch pole has anything to do? Asked: 'Of course it is related to you, so beautiful people walking in the street, many people will look back at you, accidentally hit the front of the poles.' Jianghua said while demonstrating dreams, funny Dream edge giggling, laughter crisp and clear, 'Do you think I am pretty?' Dream edge stopped, stopped in front of Jianghua, bright eyes staring at Ganghwa asked ' beautiful.'

'Do you like me beautiful?' Dream edge seriously asked, 'Of course, like.'

'Really.' Dream edge bouncing forward Ganghua a little confused, a few words that she was so happy. As everyone knows, Meng Yuan grew up in Kunlun grew up, no one said she was beautiful, knock off van cleef arpels necklace like her, just blindly want her to practice. But her heart is very desperate for affection and friendship, combined with the early appearance of Jianghua there seems to have similar feelings in the shallow consciousness seems to be the most important person, Jiang Hua distinctive gift gave her van cleef arpels necklace fake a few best spar, just Recognition of her sister, can be recognized by the Ganghwa, of course, for her, of course, is a very happy thing, 'then I'll call your brother.' Dream edge in front of happy shout with the dream edge, Like a bird surrounded by Jianghua twitter to say non-stop, childhood infatuation, anecdotally brainy down to the Jianghua, completely changed the initial time and time. She is purely a piece of white cloth for her social experience. However, for the comprehension of what she knows, it is sometimes a set of sets sometimes giving Jianghua all ashamed of her two people all the way to the south. Many people really hit the poles by their dreams. At this scene, Dream Edge will smile on my heart wide mouth. Sometimes make a face, attracted many pedestrians envy Jianghua bought a lot of modern clothing, for convenience, but also specifically gave her a storage bracelet. Dream edge excitement one night, how to put things out, put in, and then take things out, into it, the cycle of recycling, bored the day after, she took Jianghua to the mall, brush more than five million cards After the general manager of the mall came out to accompany yourself to buy high-end introduction, but also brush a few million, Jianghua as long as she is happy, that is, moving the mall is also meaningless, as long as she has this intention, waved his hand, packing car. However, the general manager of the mall opened his eyes smiling, my heart kept calculating the bonus of this month, but also with a few lovers out smart and lap.
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26 fairy Road van cleef butterfly necklace fake v2

Warcraft 3 1.24 / 1.26 Fairy Road v2.0 捌 chapter by the 'White Bird' production, you can have a new gameplay and experience here, the game plot, mission, boss, skills have been adjusted and updated, The game is more full of fun, this van cleef necklaces fake site provides Warcraft 3 fairy Road v2.0 捌 chapter, the player needs do not miss it!

Prenatal bag of fruit, enough money to buy meat and vegetables can do a small front pottery, and then leveling people to pick up the bag fruit, blame home before the delivery of fruit bag (baguette fruit can also be used to bird ),

Money should be enough to buy gold bracelets 8,000, keep the first wave should be no problem. The first wave of finished, go bear hole to kill a wave of bear, drop all the luck is not bad enough money to buy gold necklace with

Bracelet is a set, so that will save a small pot very smooth this process applies to all the difficulties, of course, the more difficult the first wave the more difficult, the first wave of difficulty after 4 you need skills, especially

Is difficult 6 bags of fruit directly to the necklace is van cleef arpels necklace imitation better than to use Instructions:

Unzip w3x / w3m file to the game directory under the map folder, you can create a new custom map in the folder to find their own download map.
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The seventy-sixth chapter evil cave

Mo less from the first to dig out from the Terran monk Yuan Dan removed, thought for a moment, trying to devour, did not expect really can become, and soon, a fine bead in the left hand after the formation of hesitation for a long while 劼Pull out from his arms and asked: 'Do you want to eat?

Mau away from the throne will be thrown on the ground, make a fuss about the hands of the Yuan Dan swallowed condensed into the essence of the beads, all lost to the front and rear close to twenty-one storage ring, seventeen storage bags. Major monk's main wealth concentrated in the fairy token, most of the storage equipment contained in the cultivation of essential things, Lingshi rarely have more than ten million. Dan and Ministry of the Ministry of people are considered the most fat, French sword and Dan Ding are very, especially before the Yuan Dan monks to use refining spirit Ling Ding since Yuan Dan can swallow, demon Dan should be no problem, Mo Less from the first all the demon Dan together, and then received the original Ling Shingo that storage ring from Nagano, and then immortality a little finishing into a separate storage ring, and then in turn deal with a variety of materials Finally, All kinds of debris still piled up a lot, there are many did not take out, Mo less patient from the tidy, sub-categories received, back all thrown into the cents trading hall, the same can exchange for some contribution value Finally, all objects Induced to the three largest storage ring, the storage bags are all thrown away, very valuable storage ring, reluctant to throw, full of finger and turned into a bracelet in the left hand wrist set a few laps, has been standing on the Mo From the shoulder, it can not stand it, could not help but once again posed, asked: 'Boy how many years of your practice?

'There are seven or eight years now.' Mo asked strangely, 'What are you doing?'

I said snappily: 'What do you get in with the rubbish? The previously evil cave caver is the treasure, and you can get everything with you.'

'Of course I know that mosquito legs are small and small flesh thing, the contribution value of cents towards the North can still buy a lot of good things, such as the Dragon Blood.' Mau away from the Thirteenth Soul Tower , Asked: 'This is a spiritual device, I can not get it?'

劼 said: 'Of course you can not drive the battle, but can be simple sacrificial alchemy, can be used as cultivation Dong Fu, but also when the storage ring, you look at how much space inside.

'The world of heaven does not conflict with the space of the space ring, and you can say that the ring of things is put in.'

'This cave spirit Po evil is very strong, you put me into the sacrificial alchemy, just to me is a big complement.'

'Also, you have just received a ghost artifact quality apparel, the initial sacrificial alchemy can reap income, later no longer need to change the shape so troublesome to change clothes. Move defensive ability. '

劼 finished lifting the attachment, standing Mo less off the shoulder Mo less in accordance with the method of sacrificial magic, squeeze out a little blood trickle down, hands pinch tactics, continue to infuriating, and gradually perceive the Soul Tower Of the ban, more hard-working into the infuriating within the ban. Continuous casting more than two hours, infuriating almost exhausted, only the first layer of the barely sacrificial alchemy to complete the removal of two fine beads, rest a moment after a move of mind, with a dodge into the tower Genyuan is born Department of War, Strength is not weak, but should also quite a status. The first layer of the soul of the soul of the tower space was actually ritual vintage alhambra earrings fake to a radius of three years in size, I do not know how much consumption of five elements source. Tower empty without any living things, the land was maroon color, filled with a touch of red mist, the atmosphere dark and chilly, overhead sky overcast gray, stay inside feel extremely depressed discomfort 劼 mouth, like a red mist The whale was absorbed into the abdomen by a steady stream of swallowed mo to watch for a long time, see it has never stopped the meaning of the wrist and finger empty imitation sweet alhambra earrings storage ring van cleef mini alhambra earrings fake thrown to the ground, the mind a move out of the tower There are thirteen floors within which there is a total of thirteen floors of the Soul Spirit Tower, and now I will only exercise allegiance to the first floor and ban the second floor completely. I do not know how much space there is in the second floor. '

'This stuff is indeed the best home to travel after the transformation of some of the best equipment to kill more cargo.'

Mo less sitting cross-legged knee, the soul of the soul tower placed in the body, remove the eight-step demon Dan pieces, working magical, gather twenty essence ball. Swallowed a refinery, quickly confirmed that purely for refining effect is very good, the benefits of refining the body is much smaller. This is within his expectations, Xiongshou beast Dan and animal beast, demon beast demon Dan, human Yuandan, are all the most pure real dollars from condensation, condensation of essence of the beads is also natural All kinds of spiritual power are mainly demon Dan with their own properties of Wicked, condensed essence of the bead is also true. Mo less from the main Gong Gong 'Hunyuan' is a non-attribute Gong Gong, or mixed attribute Gongfa, taking a single kind of essence of the essence of the ball is not very good a total of one hundred and six demon Dan, Ninety-seven of the eighth order, eight of the ninth order. There is also a turned out to be ten orders, the spirit of the soil to the main properties, but can not identify what kind of Wicked not less than pick and choose, choose twenty different properties of eight demon Dan, one after another phagocytizing condensate into fine Gas beads. Soul Calm blood soul tower, and found 劼 has been devoured the power of evil inside almost, dodge into them and asked:
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