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Serial Killer In Indiana

Police used a jackhammer van cleef replica bracelet alhambra and hand tools to locate and remove the bodies from the concrete.

The suspect, David E. Maust, 49, has been in police custody since Tuesday. He had gone to prison for the 1981 murder of a 15 year old Illinois boy but was released in 1999.

Holes were first drilled through the 12 inch thick concrete last Friday. Further digging Tuesday revealed two bodies, wrapped in plastic and tied with cords and tape, a police affidavit van cleef arpel bracelet copy said. The third body was removed Wednesday.

Dennis and Raganyi were last seen Sept. 10 at a home near where Maust lived in this northwestern Indiana city. The two teens were friends and had visited Maust in his second floor apartment, a friend of theirs told detectives.

James, the 19 year old, died of blunt trauma to the head, Pastrick said, but strangulation or suffocation are the suspected causes of death for the younger teens.

Police Chief John Cory said Maust has confessed to strangling Raganyi with a rope while drinking alcohol with the teen Sept. 10.

Detectives are expected to continue working in the house van cleef vintage alhambra bracelet copy for most of the weekend collecting evidence.

"We drilled holes in the freshly poured concrete. A cadaver dog was brought out and did not hit on any additional spots in the basement," Sgt. Christopher Matonovich, a police spokesman, told reporters Thursday. "We feel we dug up what we could and there are no more bodies in the basement."

Officers have also searched in and around the two story apartment house using ground penetrating radar equipment, Cory said. Tarps were hung between the house and the home next door, and newspapers covered a first floor window to block views of the search.

The site of the search is just north of downtown Hammond, in a neighborhood of tightly packed, dilapidated homes. City officials said they have battled gang activity in the area and installed high powered streetlights in an attempt to curb crime.

Cory would not say whether Maust had talked about the deaths of Dennis and James, or whether investigators suspect anyone else was involved in the slayings. Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter declined to say whether any sexual abuse was involved.

Various media reported that Maust pleaded guilty to killing a 15 year old boy near Elgin, Ill., in 1981. Sentenced to 35 years in prison, he was paroled four years ago.

Maust made sexual advances toward the boy at an abandoned quarry, then stabbed him in the abdomen, threw him in the water and held his head under until he drowned, according to the reports, which quoted court records.
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The desi in India

"Me desi aahe (I am a desi)," exclaims Deep Katdare, lead actor of American Desi, in Marathi.

A soft chuckle is heard in the audience as the speaker bursts into a wide grin. He has passed the test. He knows his mother tongue despite having stayed in the US all his life.

American Desi, which released in the US in March 2001, opens in India September 27. The film is about Krishna Reddy (Katdare), a young man born in America and out of touch with his Indian heritage. When he meets the captivating Nina Shah (Purva Bedi), his world turns upside down. He struggles to clover necklace brand fake come to terms with his culture in order to win the girl who is deeply connected to her roots. Along the way, Reddy discovers the colourful Indian American lifestyle full of wild parties and funky music. "I was the character of Kris [as he is better known in the film] in my younger days. I had no Indian friends then because I couldn't relate to them. But my college had a very large Indian population. I also had to share my dormitory with Indians. That's when I started hanging out with them. After four years, I was a completely different person," says the computer science graduate.

Clad in track pants and leather shoes, Katdare adds, "What really inspired this film was the lives of NRIs in the US and UK. There are a lot of people like us, like the characters in American Desi. They experience an identity crisis between their Eastern traditional roots and their Western progressive environment. People like Kris Reddy find it difficult to tag themselves to any one of the groups and so live in a world where they are both."

The small budget film ($200,000) took over a year to come to India as the makers could not find any distributors. "The film is an independent film in US made by NRIs," explains Katdare. "Since there are not many films made by Indians, it was very difficult to get distributors. Besides, this is a film that must be marketed properly and painted in proper light." After a long search, Pandya got hold of distributors Channel Nine, who shared the "same passion in distribution as I had in making the film".

American Desi was featured at the Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image (MAMI) festival held last year in Mumbai. Now, with the success of films like Monsoon Wedding and Bend It Like Beckham, the trade has become more susceptible to them.

Essentially a light romantic comedy the film has a few scenes which may prove controversial with the Indian population. Like the scene in which a boy trips over someone offering namaz. Pandya is quick to the defense. "The film has four people of different religious living together. I think tripping is is possible, given the situation. It isn't disrespectful of any religion; it is a physicality that I thought could happen to anyone."

The Censor Board has passed this scene and has muted abusive language in Hindi.

Katdare remains optimistic. "With the exposure of television and Internet, I think the audiences here are quite broadminded." This is Katdare's first real visit to India, where he has been able to see the different sights of Mumbai and New Delhi. "I used to come to India when I was younger to visit my grandmother in Pen [a small town in Maharashtra]."

This is the first time that the actors of American Desi Deep Katdare, Ranobir Lahiri, Rizwan Manji, Purva Bedi, Kal Penn are playing leading roles in a film. Most of them have worked in small roles in mainstream films. The crew, with the sole exception of the debutant director, is American. "This is what I have knock off how much is van cleef and arpels clover necklace always wanted to do," claims Pandya. "Write and direct my own film! This film is an expression of passion. My crew was very excited with the script, though they couldn't really relate to some social issues. The garba and the Bhangra fascinated them. They used to ask, 'Does this stuff really happen?' There was a lot of chemistry between the cast and the crew."

"I experienced a true desi film for the first time in my life," says Katdare. "Several parents knock off cartier clover necklace of the cast members, including Pandya's, would come to the sets and bring us healthy, Indian dinner virtually every night.

"But the time I really realised how desi the film set was when we were shooting the garba scene. There were around 100 dancers for that sequence. After the shooting, I used to drive the actors home in a van. One night, a lady knocked on my window and asked me what I was doing. When I explained, she was shocked. She felt that me, the hero, should not drive the van in case there was an accident. 'Where's the bad guy? Let him drive! If there's an accident, let him get into trouble!'"

During the six weeks of shooting, Katdare admits that he learnt a lot. "I was exposed to Bollywood for the first time in my life. By the end of the film, I felt like Kris Reddy!"

Katdare claims that he now has agents and casting directors contacting him directly from Hollywood. Besides, he no longer has to pay at Indian restaurants or for cabs.

"Unfortunately, that doesn't hold for me," sighs Pandya. "I lose out on that as they don't know me. Now you know why directors also act in their films!"
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Sibling rivalry or brotherly love when Leafs van cleef fleurette necklace copy square off against Sabres

William Nylander wants his little brother to have a long and successful career in the National Hockey League.

But at his own expense? Of course not.

Alex Nylander will make his NHL debut for the Buffalo Sabres on Monday night against the Maple Leafs, and the entire Nylander family will be on hand at the KeyBank Center.

brothers, and we always want to be better than each other, William Nylander said after the morning skate. will be fun. Nylander, the eighth pick overall by Buffalo in the NHL draft last June, was recalled by the Sabres on Sunday from Rochester of the American Hockey League after recording 27 points (nine goals and 18 assists) in 62 games in the minors.

kind of crazy I going to play against my brother in my first game, said Alex, who will wear No. 70 and line up on the right wing on line with centre Evan Rodrigues and winger Marcus Foligno.

super excited. It a dream come true. Leafs have other things to worry about in the bigger picture. They were not good in a visit to Buffalo nine days ago, losing 5 2. And they won in Detroit on Saturday despite a sub par performance.

The Leafs, with 91 points, are in third place in the Atlantic Division, one behind the Boston Bruins. The Ottawa Senators also have 91 points and are in the second wild card spot.

In ninth is the Tampa Bay Lightning with 88 points.

The Leafs and Senators, who are in Detroit to play the Red Wings on Monday, have five games remaining; the Lightning four and the Bruins three.

In the past 21 meetings between the Leafs and Sabres in Buffalo, the Sabres are 18 2 1.

Still, the Leafs are 10 2 1 in their past 13 games and carry a three game winning van cleef necklace wholesale imitation streak into the evening.

just have to get ready and play hard, Leafs coach Mike Babcock said.

have to skate and compete. Last time we were in here, we did not do a very good job and we are aware of that.

are playing to prepare for next year, little different than we are, in saying that there is good pride in the National Hockey League. I know we played hard last year at this time and so they will as well. Andersen, who was forced out of the game here on March 25 because of an upper body injury, will start in net for Toronto. Robin Lehner gets the call for the Sabres, who have been eliminated from playoff contention. Forward Kyle Okposo won play because of illness.

Auston Matthews is riding an eight game point streak and will look to become just the second Leafs rookie to score a goal in five consecutive games. Gaye Stewart accomplished the feat during the 1942 43 season.

And Matthews, with 66 points, needs one to break Peter Ihnacak Leafs rookie record, set in 1982 83.

The van cleef and arpels necklace copy imitation game marks the Leafs last road match of the 2016 17 regular season.

A visit by the Washington Capitals on Tuesday night at the Air Canada Centre starts a four game home stand that includes meetings, in order, with the Lightning, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

In sum, the Leafs will play five games in seven nights to conclude the regular season.

definitely going to be a challenge in itself, Leafs forward James van Riemsdyk said.

But at his own expense? Of course not.

Alex Nylander will make his NHL debut for the Buffalo Sabres on Monday night against the Maple Leafs, and the entire Nylander family will be on hand at the KeyBank Center.

brothers, and we always want to be better than each other, William Nylander said after the morning skate. will be fun. Nylander, the eighth pick overall by Buffalo in the NHL draft last June, was recalled by the Sabres on Sunday from Rochester of the American Hockey League after recording 27 points (nine goals and 18 assists) in 62 games in the minors.

kind of crazy I going to play against my brother in my first game, said Alex, who will wear No. 70 and line up on the right wing on line with centre Evan Rodrigues and winger Marcus Foligno.
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Stereotypes Busted

As a courier driver using your own van, you may be familiar with the tongue in cheek stereotype associated with 'white van man'. However, any negative connotations of this stereotype have now been questioned by recent research from a leading insurance provider. It turns out that the stereotypical image may be completely misleading!

New Research Challenges Stereotype

AXA Business Insurance recently carried out research into the 'white van man', questioning drivers of vans to find out trends in behaviour. (This would have probably included a number of drivers operating in the courier industry.) The research revealed a very positive image of van drivers, finding them to be responsible, selfless drivers with a strong moral code and a good sense of civic duty. Things we in the industry already knew, right?

Helpful Drivers Who Would Stop to Help a Stranger

The research found that 56% of van drivers regularly use their vehicles to help others, and that 90% would stop to help a stranger in need despite being busy working. Such helpful acts suggest a strong concern for other road vintage alhambra bracelet replica users. The research also found fake van cleef sweet alhambra bracelet that van drivers were less likely to break laws involving speeding and drink driving, perhaps because their livelihoods depend on it. It also found that most van drivers are professional, well trained and assured drivers.

If you are a fake van cleef butterfly bracelet courier driver, this knowledge certainly won't surprise you. As well as knowing that you don't fit the corny stereotype portrayed by some media, you'll be well aware that the vast majority of other van drivers you encounter in your day to day work are just as far that out dated stereotype as you!

More Interesting Stats About Van Drivers

The statistics also reveal a number of other heart warming facts about professional drivers. If you work as a courier driver, you may be interested to know that, according to the research, 66% of van drivers would help someone who looked vulnerable, 28% would intervene in a road rage incident, and 72% would help in a crash situation.

The research also found that the drivers most likely to help a stranger are male drivers aged 45 to 54. It seems chivalry is alive and well in the delivery industry!

If you work as a courier driver, you may occasionally encounter people who want to propagate the myth of the 'typical white van man'. It is clear, of course, that the reality is extremely positive. However, the best way to combat these kinds of people is simply to keep on driving well and to continue to be a sensible and courteous road user.

Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world's largest neutral trading hub for same day courier driver jobs in the express freight exchange industry. Over 3,000 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading courier jobs and capacity in a safe 'wholesale' environment.
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Rooney ruled out for two months with knee injury

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has suffered a knee injury and faces a spell on the sidelines, manager Louis van Gaal said on van cleef and arpels diamond bracelet knock off Wednesday.

The 30 year old was left out of the 18 man squad that travelled to face FC Midtjylland in the Europa van cleef and arpels gold bracelet replica League on Thursday and Van Gaal explained why van cleef sweet alhambra bracelet replica after arriving in Denmark.

"He has a knee problem so we have to wait and see. He scores a lot of goals so he is very important for us. We know that but we have to cope with that."

With United fifth in the league table, six points off the top four, Rooney recently said that winning the Europa League or the FA Cup could save their disappointing season.

Combative midfielder Marouane Fellaini was another notable absentee and full back Matteo Darmian will not be involved after dislocating his shoulder during Saturday's 2 1 league defeat by Sunderland.
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Cortez Kennedy Death Notice

Cortez Kennedy, un difensore difensivo di NFL Hall of Fame che ha giocato per Seattle Seahawks, è morto all'età di 48 anni, secondo molte fonti di notizie.

La sua morte, il 23 maggio 2017, è stata annunciata dal Dipartimento di Polizia di Orlando, Florida. La polizia di Orlando ha confermato all'ESPN che stanno studiando la morte di Kennedy, ma hanno anche detto 'non c'è niente di sospetto da segnalare' in questo momento.

Kennedy ha giocato a college all'Università di Miami. Un All American, ha suonato sulla squadra di campionato nazionale di Hurricanes 1989. È stato disegnato dal Seattle Seahawks con la terza scelta generale nel 1990 NFL draft.

Clicca per ricevere notizie settimanali sulla morte di celebrità inviate alla tua casella di posta.

Kennedy è stato un giocatore difensivo dominante che è stato un tappo di corsa forte e potrebbe anche arrivare al quarterback. È stato selezionato per otto volte nel team All Pro ed è stato il NFL Defensive Player dell'anno nel 1992. Kennedy ha giocato tutta la sua carriera da 11 anni con i Seahawks, ritirandosi dopo la stagione 2000.

Kennedy è stato votato nel NFL Hall of Fame nel 2012. Negli ultimi anni è stato consigliere per i santi di New Orleans.

'Cortez sarà ricordato non solo per tutti i suoi grandi successi sul campo di calcio ma come si è occupato dal campo', ha dichiarato il CEO di Pro Football Hall of Fame David Baker in una dichiarazione. 'Ha incarnato i tanti grandi valori che questo gioco insegna che serve da ispirazione a milioni di tifosi'.
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Eleganza sottile dei gioielli di Mannin

Mentre la maggior parte di noi ha un posto speciale nei nostri cuori riservati a gioielli lucidi e scintillanti, c'è qualcosa da dire sulla sottile eleganza dei pezzi d'oro classici che possono essere indossati ogni giorno con facilità.

'Mi accorgo di ciò che è senza tempo e di qualcosa che lo rende classico', ha detto Donegan, che ci ha parlato mentre stava conducendo appuntamenti di clienti dalla boutique di West Hollywood di Jenni Kayne e dove Mannin è il negozio ' 'Quindi davvero questa è un'esplorazione in timelessness. E circa la progettazione di pezzi che sono comodi da indossare e diventare parte della persona che lo indossa '.

I più nuovi pezzi di Mannin sono qualcosa da considerare per gli anelli, i polsini e i ciondoli del segno del monogramma di vacanze, che possono essere personalizzati con iniziali o un nome in un font di tua scelta. Tutta l'incisione è incorporata nei prezzi al dettaglio (che può essere un po 'ripida, quindi è meglio iniziare a pianificare la tua vacanza / risparmio di vacanza adesso). I prezzi variano da $ 1.000 a $ 1.850 per un anello di cupola e $ 2.200 per l'anello di firma.
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Slain gangster Kevin LeClair gave statements to police about Surrey Six

Red Scorpion gangster Kevin LeClair once told police investigating the Surrey Six murders that victim Corey Lal was "begging for his life" before he was shot.

LeClair, who was gunned down himself in February 2009, had been talking to police about the Oct. Supreme Court heard Tuesday.

Part of LeClair's statement to police was read by defence lawyer Simon Buck at the murder trial of his client Cody Haevischer and co accused Matt Johnston.

"I was told they rushed in, got everybody on the ground. I was told two different stories. But that Corey was like really upset and crying like begging for his life, saying he'll do anything," LeClair said.

Lal's mother broke down in imitation van cleef vintage alhambra necklace court when she learned what might have happened in her son's final minutes.

LeClair also said he heard that victim Eddie Narong challenged his killers saying fuck you, you're fucking dead' before a man who can only be identified as Person X, "shot him in the head."

Two members of the rival United Nations gang have been charged in LeClair's murder.

But details of his cooperation with police investigating his own Red Scorpion gang were revealed for the first time publicly Tuesday.

Buck was cross examining Haevischer's former girlfriend for a third day, suggesting her statements to police about the murders were influenced by information shown to her like the LeClair statement.

But the woman, who can only be identified as KM due to a publication ban, disagreed, saying she told the police the truth based on what she knew about the day of the murders.

Buck also asked her about a statement she gave to police on April 16, 2009 with details from a "white board" conversation she had with slain gangster Jon Bacon a few days before.

In it, KM described to police how gas fireplace repairman Ed Schellenberg and neighbour Chris Mohan got caught in the slaughter.

She said she learned the killers "were going there to jack these guys up" and that they saw only four people in Balmoral suite 1505 at first.

"And then somebody saw Ed Schellenberg was hidingsomewhere and like scared for his life. So they brought him out and put him with the other guys all facing one way and so they weren't looking at the guys," KM said in the statement.

She said the killers heard Mohan in the hallway outside the apartment.

"And Matt grabbed him and threw him in and he's like I'm not a part of it. I don't know these guys. I'm not their friend.' It wasn't supposed to happen like this," KM said.

Buck said KM made up her evidence to police to "save her own skin" and to get back at Haevischer because he had a new girlfriend.

He read a transcript of an April 2009 call KM made to the girlfriend, in which KM said: his f girlfriend bitch and you the reason he going to jail.

KM said she was angry after police played a call between Haevischer and the new woman, but that she wasn't testifying for revenge.

"I am here today because I am doing the right thing and telling the truth," KM said.

The trial is adjourned until Thursday when Johnston's lawyer Michael Tammen will cross examine KM.

Haevischer and Johnston are charged with conspiracy to kill rival trafficker Corey Lal, as well as first degree murder in the deaths of Lal, his brother Michael and associates Narong and Ryan Bartolomeo, as well as bystanders Schellenberg and Mohan.

Hi Kim I have been following your blog off and on as I usually do, you know why. I really find this testimony of KM compelling even tho she turned, she doing the right thing for the innocent families. I myself have always believed that Jamie was behind Kevin murder. Jamie or John would have easily made a deal with the the two UN guys to take Kevin out and then let them take the fall RS were well versed at extorting money from people under the guise of a different gang. They played a lot of people against each other that a fact. They knew there was an informant inside they just never would have suspected Kevin as he controlled all the money( lots of which has never been found). I think the grizzly details of the two innocents deaths will make a lot of people feel the hurt and anger that their families must be feeling and regardless of KM saving her own ass, she needs to be commended because even after this is all said and done the poor girl will forever be worried about retribution.

There are lines people don cross, or points where they can keep going in the same direction.

Selling drugs, and cold blooded murder are not the same in most people eyes, just like in prison how some crimes van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace knock off get someone in protective custody.

Obviously the line is blurred because its different for everyone, but it seems like surrey six was that line for a lot of people, and I imagine the reaction could have played a part, maybe expressing major remorse and trying to make life changes, vs gloating and feeling proud about it, would also elicit different reactions from other members.

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Similarities abound as Barca

Pep Guardiola is not the only connection between Bayern Munich and Barcelona, who meet in their Champions League semi final, first leg at the Allianz Arena on Tuesday.

Both teams are dominating their leagues to an almost embarrassing fake necklace van cleef extent, have won the Champions League four times apiece, share an acrimonious rivalry with Real Madrid, and owe part of their success to the flamboyant Dutchman Louis van Gaal.

Both have also been in two Champions League finals in the last four years, though the Catalans won both of theirs and the Bavarians came out losers on each occasion.

Barcelona are 13 points clear at the top of La Liga, yet could be considered underdogs against a rampant Bayern, who wrapped up the Bundesliga two weeks ago and won two games by 6 1 margins this week even when resting their top players.

"The players are just enjoying their football, and our attitude is superb. Every man was totally motivated, we put together some very fluid moves, we showed great discipline, and we created outstanding goals," said coach Jupp Heynckes after Saturday's 6 1 win at Hanover 96.

"There's a big difference in performance levels in the leaguae," club president Uli Hoeness told Kicker last week. "We can't be comfortable with that. We have to analyse why this is the case."

Barcelona's superiority in La Liga has led to suggestions from Madrid media that it has become a formality for them and they will not even celebrate winning imitation van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace it.

"It appears there are people who want to make out that the league doesn't count for anything, but that's not the case, it's a very important title," said midfielder Cesc Fabregas. "We have worked very hard."

"If we do eventually win the league, there is no doubt that there is great merit in taking four titles in five seasons," stand in coach Jordi Roura said. "It's a very difficult championship."

Bayern believe their playing style and policy of giving priority to players raised locally makes them similar to Barcelona and that it was only natural that Guardiola, who quit the Nou Camp last season, should continue his career at the Allianz Arena from next season.

Hoeness revealed recently that Bayern had been involved in talks with Guardiola long before he agreed to coach them in January.

"I had the impression from the beginning that Bayern are a club who are quite close to Barcelona in footballing attitude, so it was not that difficult for us to convince him," Hoeness told World Soccer magazine.

Then there is the Van Gaal connection. The Dutchman left Bayern when he was sacked two years ago, but has a legitimate claim to be the architect of the current side.

It was under Van Gaal that Bayern began to press the opposition in their own half and play attacking, possession football, a style that makes them such formidable opposition.

Van Gaal also put together the dreaded Arjen Robben Frank Ribery parternship just behind the Bayern centre forward.

Matches between Bayern who will be without suspended striker Mario Mandzukic and injured midfielder Toni Kroos and Barcelona have been surprisingly rare, with just six previous meetings.

The last, a Champions League quarter final four years ago, came when Juergen Klinsmann's reign at Bayern was in its death throes and saw a 4 0 Barca rout in the first leg with all goals coming in a memorable first half.

"I remember that game well and I don't really like to think about it, because it was quite painful to watch," said Bayern chief executive Karl Heinz Rummenigge.

"However, it's a wonderful opportunity to show that we have improved a lot since then."

Barcelona will be without injured defenders Javier Mascherano and Carles Puyol, leaving Roura with a copy van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace headache in deciding who will partner Gerard Pique at the centre of the defence.
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