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DNF red-eye SB2 Raiders Daquan brush map plus point of the mainstream weapons of different sets van cleef gold ring knock off of recommended 3

Into the border into a larger nine, single technology to enhance the relatively large, integrated output is low, (do not pull the soul of the genus, I said that the outside world nine). If the basic properties are not enough, the output is very poor and then six different collocation, the best doom six, dark blood six, bloodthirsty six, red and green jumped, with the legacy. (Do this slowly!)

Soul chain van cleef and arpels emerald ring knock off and right groove on the replica van cleef and arpels alhambra ring trade-offs, the landlord roughly calculated, 50 properties and soul chain just strong, most of the case. Armor is about plus, bracelet ring recommended outsider six, and then necklace necklace. If there are 50 strong attributes can also be the best Spring Festival Orb

The so-called greens turnip have their own love, choose what is better, see personal problems. The landlord was the first to burst dark blood, so I had to choose him, but also personally feel that the problem of basic equipment out of bounds also finished, I feel that the choice should not be difficult, do not want to ask the landlord later in the end the good and bad, You guys do not know the complete range of actually do not know what to use, or you are funny, or you are red-eyed white as for no time, civilians, a set of 70 heritage, or about Glass bracelets or rings. Other jewelry to strengthen the property, independent equipment like, weapons to see personal ability, the best recommendation to kill, no property attacks, bricks or spend a little money to buy property cards. Each site if you can pursue better, to do it like inheritance, legends, other equipment, with the souls is not bad, in general, souls are the best jewelry sets, Ares is not much to say, for red-eye or souls Good (Taobao can brush wins field). Other epics do not discuss the pre-upgrade Buy fake purple just fine, you can buy a set of inheritance, buy a good weapon. 70 powder giant is actually good, with property attacks, the right slot can buy a property to strengthen the. Jewelry too. Small pressure to upgrade Some people always ask me the independence, strength and strength of the number of suitable, this is not a definite figure. The main pile of strong attributes, and independent independent enchant shoes, weapons forging full on it. Second, consider the power, crit.
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51 Immortal grayscale version of the update notice

Sansheng stone on the margin, Xianlv love color line pull. Everyother vows are all 缱 绻, only envy Yuanyang not van cleef between the finger ring knock off envy cents!

Love System, the second is now fully open it! Xiann You can apply for marriage to the angel of angels 'Yao Ji' (Jade City 55,63), and become the official god immortal with the favorite TA, more luxurious weddings, fantastic cloud parade, beautiful wedding fashion waiting for you To experience, love TA, let TA become the happiest person in the world!

wedding March

Immortal lovers who have been exchanging rings for a fixed lifetime can hold weddings for TA and hold different weddings to obtain the permanent title of 'immortal', 'eternity bracelet' wedding equipment, and 'Allure Love' wedding fashion. Rare props

1, after the game player can go to love replica van cleef and arpels diamond ring messenger 'Yao Ji' (Jade City 55,63) make an appointment to hold a wedding, each grade of the wedding can be held only once a period of love

2, wedding type:

Prosperous Weddings: Prosperous Weddings include royal rituals and royal weddings. Both parties holding weddings are entitled to 'Turquoise Exclusive Appellation,' 'Allure Love,' Dream Permanent Wedding Fashion and 30 Royal Wedding Wedding Invitations, and those with wedding invitations can sign in to the wedding Get rich sign in reward. In addition to the plethora of appeals, there are also royal rituals that will make your life unforgettable, including the fun wedding interactive wedding invitations such as the immortal lover and the drapery hydrangea. The giants 'weddings include high-level ceremonies and giants' weddings, and both parties holding weddings receive ' Romantic purple exclusive title ',' eternity bracelet 'romantic permanent wedding equipment and 20 giants wedding invitations, wedding invitations players can sign in the wedding get rich sign in reward. In addition to the plethora of appeals, there are sweet weddings to make you remember the giants ceremony: sweet weddings include ordinary ceremonies and sweet weddings, and both parties holding weddings are entitled 'sweet blue' and 'sweetheart' Title and 10 sweet wedding invitations, wedding invitations players can sign in the wedding get a wealth of sign-in reward. In addition to appealing plentiful rewards, there are also common sweet and economical rituals 3, inviting to the wedding:

1, the wedding of the couple can in the invitation list, invite friends to the wedding, wedding invitations will be emailed to the invited players 2, if you want to invite participants in the buddy list, you can deal with the excess Invitations to invite players to the wedding, invitational players can find the waiter at the wedding sign in to receive awards banquet

1, married players can hold a royal banquet and a sweet banquet every day (the number of daily 24:00 reset) 2, holding a banquet can invite friends to attend the banquet can be fun interactive (toast, playful, red envelopes), Royal wedding invitations guests can also be extra to receive dinner reward Oh!

3, participate in the banquet players can van cleef wedding ring knock off collect banquet, collecting the corresponding number of banquet can get rich rewards for parade

1, married players can hold a Royal Parade and a luxury cruise (cruise number 24 daily reset 24 hours) 2, the parade opens, the Royal Cloud car will take a three-minute cruise (luxury cloud car parade time is 1 minute) , After the start of the parade, we can all trace the cloud car. During the parade, there may be single dogs trying to sabotage cruising wedding car and killing single dog monsters to get rich wedding candy reward.

1, the new 'eternity bracelet' married couple to buy and equipment, the two sides share the attributes Note: once the immortal bracelet equipped with immortal, on behalf of this unswervingly, Xianlv will not be manually removed He Tuluoshu Platinum Card Set attributes

Heituluoshu added platinum properties, collect Qi 3,6,9,12,14,17 platinum illustrations, respectively, activate the corresponding package attributes. 1, optimize the siege of team leader 2, cross-border team open! Friends of the world is a family, under this Daguai regardless of home! Xian friends from different countries will be able to team friends 3, cross-border love, friends of different countries can also become attached to it! The farthest distance in the world is not life or death, but you are in thunder country, but I am in fire country. International marriage officially opened, different countries can become a sweet!
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Chapter 007 encountered Li Yun children

'In the end is which Diao people, even daring at the foot of the owner, brave, do something stolen chicken touch things.' I saw a beastly, bearded face of the Han, dressed in government Ya poor clothing, appeared In the crowd saw the Yamen butcher, his face suddenly showed a proud smile. Butcher hurried to the beard, the face bearded yamen next to the low: 'Brother Zhang, you come right, the old man, stole this shop decorated a bracelet, but why I was found, but Do not recognize life and death. '

Zhang Ming nodded: 'If this thing is exactly what you said, that the old man, right and wrong.' Then Zhang Ming looked to Wang loyal, paused: 'This matter In the end is not what you do. '

Wang loyally rub the tears on his face: 'Bad Lord, wronged it! Cao Min, even eating a bear heart leopard gall, will not do such a steal thing.'

The butcher's eyes widened: 'You old van cleef and arpels wedding ring copy thing, I see you are not seen the coffin does not shed tears.'

Hear butcher, so abusive his father. Wang Ain mind anger, how could not restrain, a long time holding the fist, all of a sudden hammer on the butcher's face. Perhaps it was because the fist hit too suddenly and too violently, butcher's foot stepped back a few steps, then suddenly fell to the ground and saw a butcher lying on the ground, his face suddenly became purple and eyelids turned upside down. When I saw this scene, I could frighten Wang Mian, Wang Zhong really whispered in my heart: 'Lu Zhishen just hit the town of Kansai punches, I punched the butcher to death. Do not scare me, just passed through to the ancient days only a few days, because of murder, was sentenced to death, it is not worth it!

Wang Mian rushed to the side of the butcher and put his hand on the tip of the butcher. He just noticed the butcher's nose still slightly risking his breath, and Wang Mian's hanging heart fell off at this moment. Zhang Known in the hands of the knife, once framed in Wang Mian's neck: 'You young man, see you young, did not think the strength is quite big.

Wang Mian frowned: 'Bad Lord, you can not talk nonsense, when do you see me, the people were killed.'

Zhang Ming contemptuously laughed: 'You are the man, see you gentle, did not expect to say it, it is so do not fly.'

'Bad Lord, I just stabbed the butcher on the ground, fell to the ground, you did not double-check, I said I killed people killed people, should pay for life.' Wang Mian pointed fell to the ground Butcher said: 'Bad Lord, you are so easy on the case, to van cleef and arpels alhambra ring copy make judgments is not too hasty.'

Just then, the butcher who fell to the ground coughed. Suddenly, an abscess blood, spit it out from the mouth. The butcher slowly opened his eyes and his voice was weak: 'Brother Zhang, quickly arrested both the father and son, and I can guarantee that the bracelet must have been in Zhong Zhong's baggage.

Zhang Ming went to the loyal side of Wang, a powerful hand, reached into the loyalty of Wang Zhong. Everyone looked at Zhang Ming to see if he could find out the stolen goods from Wang's loyal baggage. When Zhang saw his hand out of Wang's baggage, he brought out a jadeite jade Bracelet, Zhang Ming angrily looked at Wang Mian: 'Now people get everything, you have anything to say.'

Wang Mian drooped down, and then walked down to Wang loyal side: 'Father, how can you do this kind of thing? I always thought you were innocent.'

Wang Zhongshi is very serious and said: 'We are father and son, as the saying goes, battle the father and son soldier, your father is assured of tell you, this is definitely not your father to take, your father is poor, will not take others This is unjust money. '

Although Wang Dian this father to him, only to know a few days time, but from the loyal eyes of Wang, saw that Wang Zhong is innocent in this matter. 'Father, do not worry, I will not let them wronged you.'

The shop door was opened, and I saw a 18-year-old young girl wearing a white skirt. Although the girl is not very white skin, but this can not hide the beauty of the girl onlookers immediately exclaimed: 'This is not the owner of this van cleef and arpels ring price copy jewelry shop Li Yun children?

Li Yun children politely said to Zhang Ming: 'I just came back from the outside, my shopkeeper's clerk, but also the things here and I said.'

Zhang Ming Bao Quan said: 'Miss Li, now the matter has been set off the water.So I put Wang Zhongshi and Wang Mian father and son, arrested Yamen.Awaiting the adults ruling.'

Li Yun children smiled slightly, exposing the white teeth: 'Brother Zhang, you see in my face, let them go.'

'What?' Zhang Ming can not believe his ears: 'Miss Lee, you have to think twice! It is easy to release, in case, they do not change their nature, and then steal your things, how can this be good.'

Li Yun children: 'I see these two men kindly, do not want to be bad, which inevitably there will be some, we do not know the secret.'

Butcher hand dragging his face, went to Li Yun children beside, smiled and said: 'My good lady, in this world, how can someone write in the cheat on the face.You do not be deceived by their appearance.Even if you have adults Righteousness, but Wang Mian hit me this punch, I would never let him. '

Li Yun children looked at Wang Mian one, just feel the son in front of him though he was wearing very old clothes, but a kind of unspeakable handsome. Li Yun children crisp voice: 'What are you doing bad, why do you want to steal it!'

Wang loyal to the top: 'Miss Lee, something I stole .Not allowed you to say my son.'

Li Yun children almost laughed out, a pair of slender tender hand, quickly covered his mouth: 'Sorry, just my mouth wrong.' However, Li Yun children still made a giggle.
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Men who do not give gifts are rogue

My husband once had a year who, I slept with each other may be twice, it sent a bunch of bracelets of red bean string, and then I do not know how later, anyway, that woman ignored him, so I will never worry about him How do you think you sweet talk can coax a woman has been with you? You think you are full of affection, she should understand you? Do you still think that girls who love gifts are vanity women, you do not deserve to love?

I know my husband when I was 18, we are poor, but my 19th birthday, he took the bus back and forth in the early morning more than 100 kilometers to buy that I saw the then could not afford the cloth dog doll . 20 years old, he went out to work, did not earn a penny, even the shoes on the train were extorted by others, he did not eat a day and night, but with the money to buy a box of fig dried fruit, I got When the dried fruit box filled with matches after the carbon black filled my name. I was not willing to eat, has been kept in the box I still put. And then, the computer camera I wanted met me when he was a little bit of money, and he tried to give it to me whenever I wanted. So after years of stormy weather, I always wanted to be with him because I knew he was It hurts me to love me. If he really hurts the woman, he van cleef emerald ring copy will not only buy her a bracelet of red bean, but 20 yuan you may laugh at those who like the gift of a woman, think she will find a woman who does not love vanity I deserve you Can not afford, I think I have a lot of things, and recently bought two Coach, a Chanel, there are two Lv, there are five pairs of shoes and a Gucci bag did not buy after the buy, I am now Late for a long time I can not remember where to put a dream I did not give me a Maserati I will not open, send me a villa and my house now feel almost no difference, love the house was warm, Not to decorate the luxury, live more spacious but I just care about whether you have a gift to me, there is no shopping for me, BB sent Jade I have kept, Sao show and I played in Yunnan silver bracelet I have been Save, save well, and occasionally take a look, I will use the cheek to suffer them, rub it, that is, after you leave me, I can really feel your only thing, I cherish a not powder The powder sent me a cell phone, I received I will be when he has been a friend, because he is not rich, but love me, cherish me what van cleef and arpels engagement ring price copy I want is not a gift, I want this cherished and loved heart, I like to receive flowers, feel the gift received Until you have the intention to come to me, I will cherish and return you look at the eyeful circle of friends, you see why so many girls sun? Because they both need this love and vanity, those who do not show off the heart secretly happy, not mind probably only know so please do not say the girls are now admire the vanity, but also you stay away from van cleef engagement ring price copy me, I think you are A liar, you fucking just want to get nothing, but also announced the best in the world. Do not give gifts and cherish a woman cherish you, love you, your fucking is a rogue, fortune-telling, but also take two sheets of paper when the next month, you count?

520 Happy! If this time too late, remember there Tanabata, there are 520,214 next year. Previous: Cen Fuzi, Dan Qiu students, into the wine, stop the cup

Next: you say love is not love

End of the World '2016 Top Ten Most Influential Blog' Zhejiang Public Security illegal handling of cases, who control? How to get rid of the cruel transaction? The intensity of the hardships you break away determines the high degree of civilizedness in your life. Should not the zebra crossing become news? Women should not fantasize about marrying for happiness
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dnf gunner laser soldiers how to develop

As the name suggests, the main laser van cleef and arpels necklace sale replica output skills are laser guns, laser guns to play the most basic equipment needs to have at least ghost soul lock soul equipment 6. Devils soul lock 6 sets of attributes that much, you can see on the map. Laser soldiers are mainly using the devil 6 with a variety of equipment to match, laser fan firearm is a must have alhambra necklace van cleef fake no objection to the weapon, the necessary weapons are laser enthusiasts, with this weapon can be called a laser soldier. It is also because of this weapon, only laser soldiers such a genre. You can see this weapon for the laser gun bonus is very large, 5 level upgrade and 30% increase in skill attack is very scary, as well as thickness and range addition. In addition there are 35 light intensity and 10% light property white damage, in short, you want to play laser soldiers, which is a must have weapons Although this equipment is a little difficult, but for the laser soldiers To enhance a very large, perfect laser soldiers must have this equipment. 60 points increase in power, and 20% of the accumulation of laser artillery skills attack is indispensable, want to play a good laser brigade to brush the total, there will always be burst out of the jewelry choice can be based on individual Situation, to meet the yellow and white explosion three kinds of injuries. If the bracelet bracelet has 10% of the yellow word damage, is a relatively good choice. In addition, after the revision of the refined bracelet is also good, 5% increase in attack skills, although the upgrade is not, but the advantage is that there will be no conflict. van cleef and arpels diamond necklace imitation Ring can choose to crit ring, but need to be reminded that because the devil need to occupy 6 positions, plus blue total jacket 1 position, so the jewelry part must have a devil 6 position. Under the premise of the devils 6, to meet the yellow and white explosion three kinds of injuries on the line, so the choice of jewelry with no fixed with the main lack of what the lack of what to make up what. If the missing yellow word damage can choose the title of this year's National Day or the Three Heroes, the lack of crit damage can choose the top of the temple like the crit title, there is no fixed match for the skills plus points Need to explain the BBQ skills and Anti-tank gun. BBQ point 10 points only for the point of TP, because the point after the TP can grab the tyrant body monster, in the role of Antient very large. Some anti-tank guns may feel that this skill is better, I chose not to add here, because anti-tank guns for the laser soldiers to enhance really not. The rest is no more controversial, and here is just a plus template, you do not have to completely copy, choose your favorite skills point can also be full, after all, laser guns mainly rely on laser output.
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dnf70 mad war brush map equipment

DNF70 big gun brush equipment recommended In short, this article is actually a brief introduction to the 70 equipment system, after all, the equipment is a property ah skills ah this hard index no need to say more really need to say ancient match, but still a Can not say too much gadgets and equipment choice In fact, I do not have to teach you, which ah on which election you can also because of this reason, I will not detail ss Part.1 Armor Armor choice is nothing more than ancient X / cc / career sets still have

DNF70 judo PK equipment To say judo pk, let's explain the judo's advantages and disadvantages. Civilians choose occupational sets + various

DNF70 Qigong PK equipment because the electricity is crabs, the former White Dragon stick is not so fierce. However, as the opening has a very long period of qigong vacuum, it is still a good hands-on weapon. However, because the attack is too low, you can also consider using 60 purple stick or 62 purple stick instead, stick properties are very general, no need to bring. Even the recruitment of weapons, there is nature is the best Tyra, because of the knock off van cleef arpels alhambra necklace two qigong surround reason, the effect will trigger faster. If not, choose higher

DNF70 mechanic PK equipment recommended transmission sleeve is a must. Jewelry are respectively Tyra bracelet, the star of the king, 65 purple ring necklace can be replaced Mani necklace. Because the dress is not yet out of the 65 purple ring, the first sage it. (In fact, I also feel that 65 heritage jewelry sets are also very good, when out can be compared). The best weapon is Tara auto. Sub-personal preferences, you can also change anything else. Title selected white tiger (wisdom) or death (blood) or so 5.1,10.1, New Year activities

DNF70 Devil May Cry PK equipment recommended 70 version of the Devil May Cry with the 60 version of the version of the first, the meteor is still an essential weapon. If you can not afford to buy meteor, you can consider with 5CC too knife, anyway, are the properties of fire. Equipment is not recommended before the commonly used pure shift sets, after all, the defense is too low. Civilians may consider wearing a professional suit. Local tyrants are naturally inherited sets, this is beyond doubt. Jewelry on the Sage / Insect Ring, Terra bracelets, the king of stars / Mani animal on the line. Civilians still

DNF70 Qigong brush equipment gloves almost do not want to think, this version is still the best gloves 狰 狞. No shy can choose 62 true purple. SS gloves can not ask nor do not say it. The best equipment is still Xilin 6 + 2, if not you can choose 62 true purple and even heritage. Jewelry, Elvin ring, sad necklace, sad bracelet is also very good use. If not, replace it with a purple ring. The title is still the best girl hero, if not, with other titles

Intuitive analysis DNF70 level: red equipment and CC equipment Some see the recent post, roughly speaking, red equipment and CC equipment comparison, the basic argument is to brush the figure of the party's equipment trends, in this regard, I also said that the next personal opinion. Magic card van cleef diamond necklace replica attached to the power and attack cards, very good. Of course, a CC equipment, basically about 8000W (50CC light armor), upgrade to 55CC at

DNF70 class Sword Spirit to make money and equipment experience On this revision, many people complain that many people left the job, many, many people write articles to encourage white-handed players to persevere. I personally feel that no need, really unnecessary. If you really like this profession, it will not give up because of any change. I like the white hands because there is a broken army, there are two skills Raptors. As long as the military can sprint forward, the top; the Raptors can move quickly, people will be caught by surprise I will insist on playing. Pa body to take no cancel nothing

DNF70 level big girl big gun brush map equipment with conjecture DNF70 level is coming, you are full of class brush for a long time should have set their sights on the 70 version of the new equipment, then 70 full level Female guns and equipment should be how to configure it, I talk about my thoughts. This is the equipment to hurt the stream. Speed ​​Flow: Tyra Bracelet, Star of the King, Insect Ring with 55 or 60CC sets. Fast, hurt is not bad. Tour long network (uuu9

DNF70 mechanic brushed equipment recommended There are also about the current version of the brush map equipment, local tyrant anti-Ling shoes ancient 2 three (recommended G1), the transmission sleeve also think good. The official name has not yet decided to dress up complementary equipment and magic stone must complete a variety of tasks. Ren

DNF70 version of how to rationalize the occupation and equipment did not want to send this post, but too many black businessmen, I really can not stand, no way to knock off van cleef and arpels necklace sale clarify the next 70 version. DNF70 level will not say, anyway, this year must be open, when asked XXX. 70 version of the most anticipated is that EX skills and MAX level upgrade, means that our SP and attributes have greatly improved. At the same time, new equipment will appear, but now there is speculation to strengthen the like, so let's talk one by one

DNF70 class is about to come Red Cross equipment necessary tutorial Ten chapters of the same dimension crack, LV55 above rare, inheritance, artifact, epic, brave equipment which can get the equipment containing outsider atmosphere of equipment. Odd equipment, due to the red font marked, so collectively referred to as red equipment, and enchant results do not conflict, red equipment must be more than 55 rare equipment is possible, what is the advantage of red equipment, red equipment can be extra Increase intelligence, strength, blood

DNF70-level version of forward-looking deputy equipment and magic stone slot with the following words will be finally explained. 1, open the deputy equipment slot (left), you need to level up to 60, the main task will have the following task description: Lv60: (1/3) Tianjie, clearance new urban Gent evening assault, killing the magician brothers 10 times, KING level of difficulty. (2/3) requires game currency 100W, a large golden box, black and blue large squares for the 5, 40 virtual stone. (3/3) Open the deputy

Equipment choice is not distressed Talk about DNF70 Soul Left slot to choose the underground city and the Warriors opened a new version of 70, a variety of new games new map new equipment by all players favorite, especially to open the left and right trough ancillary equipment, it is Welcomed by the players, a variety of auxiliary equipment to make your warriors even more powerful, here I will say a few of Juggernaut's preferred aids, here only to say the right slot, I hope you play Juggernaut players have Help! Let's talk about the choice of brush map below: First, the choice of brush map: Awakening of the Austrian

. About DNF70 version of the flowers and equipment selection add a lot of flowers are spent in the last few points and equipment problems distressed, I am here to give you a few suggestions, plus some of the most important or add according to their own habits, the most suitable point Is the best. First of all, say a few schools in recent days: 1. Magic explosion stream + lion roar, this addition must have been more popular recently, LIP God is such a plus. Indeed lion and EX lion are very awesome, but this plus will have to give up some, such as Brontosaurus
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dnf Hanfu Big Red God finally Dragon nine days

This play requires certain equipment to support the necessary high-strength weapon is best to add EX flat cut equipment perfect unlimited attack 6 unlimited raid 6 hidden cut flat increase 30 damage unbelievers can go to test

Infinitely small collapse of the mountain stream

Infantry unlimited attack 3 Bloodthirsty 3 to maximize the damage van cleef arpels alhambra necklace replica of the small Ba hill core output Absolute Qing God technique more suitable to move bricks

Bleeding big suction

This game with the control alhambra necklace copy output bleeding but must have the proliferation of blood 6 and 5 armor a ring bracelet cat teeth necklace Suck duration left slot Paris and other equipment to increase bleeding

Add points must be full of red and green burst and other stacks of storm run away level and time, if you can do unlimited runaway, that red-eye play will be very, very interesting, direct second-second seconds rhythm of the air van cleef and arpels necklace sale imitation The essence of this play is ease without Risk control in one but must have bloodthirsty 6 and stimulant support to achieve this effect

Perfectly equipped with bloodthirsty 6 Gold Soul Chain is a strong ring or a strong independent magic stone town spirit and so on

Blood burst warrior, dreams

Red-eye kill Matt genre collection

dnf Koku animals moment, in the UC information. Follow me and show you different ones every day.
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Russian Customs seized 800 kilograms of smuggled amber for shipment to China

Further reading China's largest land crossings to Russia seized large gold smuggling case worth about 7 million yuan

The new site Manchuria January 29 (Lu Huanxin) On the 29th, the reporter learned from Manchuria Customs, China's largest land crossings in Manchuria, the highway cross-border seized a large folder gold ingot smuggling cases of smuggling. 137 bullion seized, totaling 29.9 kilograms. The initial estimate of the case was about 7 million yuan (RMB) on the day of the incident at about 10 am. An incoming Russian passenger car entered the customs inspection area at the Manchurian highway crossings and the driver did not declare any article. After the manual inspection found no abnormalities, customs officers decided to escort the car to the passenger car testing system for inspection. Through the seizure of images, the guan officer found a large number of high-density massive shadows in the rear seat area of ​​the car, initially judged as heavy metals. After adjusting the guide rail of the dismantling seat knock off van cleef diamond necklace and removing the rear seat as a whole, 137 pieces of gold pieces wrapped with gray tape were seized between the felt and the metal body of the vehicle for a total of 29.9 kilograms. The initial estimated value is about 7 million The car also take a Russian woman, after a preliminary hearing, confirmed that the driver of the car involved in the case for the husband and wife relationship. At present, the relevant anti-smuggling bureau has investigated the case for criminal investigation. The detainees have been held in criminal detention under the current control of Manchuria Customs. This is the largest amount of gold smuggled and the highest value ever smuggled by China so far at the land border crossings Smuggling case. (Finish)

(2016 01 29 19:45:01)

Further reading Russian men arrested for smuggling ivory products inside China

Suifenhe Customs seized 287 ivory bracelets, 76 ivory cylinders, 22 ivory beads, 26 ivory seal materials and 39.11 kg of ivory products. QIAN Zhuang Yun Yun photo

BEIJING, January 28, Harbin (Wang Feng reporter Liu Xiju) On the 28th, the reporter learned from the Harbin Customs that a Russian man was arrested on the suspicion of smuggling ivory products in China. Suifenhe Customs seized a total of 39.11 kilograms of ivory products, the case value of about 160 million yuan According to Suifenhe Customs disclosed that on July 30, 2015, a Russian male passenger carrying two heavy Shen bags woven Suifenhe highway port entry, Put the woven bag into the customs X-ray machine belt and lift it up again in an attempt to evade the customs inspection immediately following the passage of an earlier passer-by. The man's move was promptly discovered by the customs officers at the scene, the customs officers asked to accept X-ray inspection. Through X-ray scanning of images, Customs officers found a large number of regular ring items and conducted manual inspection on them. They found that there were a large number of suspected ivory products sealed in black plastic bags in the woven bags and the suspects were immediately controlled by van cleef arpels alhambra necklace fake the scene officers. The case was transferred to Suifenhe Customs Anti-smuggling Branch to handle 287 ivory bracelets, 76 ivory cylinders, 22 ivory beads, 26 ivory seal materials and 39.11 kg of ivory products. The case value is about 1.6 million yuan. After China's State Forestry Administration testing center DNA identification, the suspects carry items are ivory products in Africa, according to Suifenhe Customs staff, the smuggling case van cleef and arpels diamond necklace copy is by far the Suifenhe Customs at the highway crossings inspection site cracked the largest ivory products smuggling case. Suifenhe customs anti-smuggling branch in mid-December 2015 to complete the relevant investigation and evidence collection According to reports, Suifenhe Customs has for a long time strictly enforced the entry and exit of passenger luggage inspection and unpacking manual inspection of the relevant provisions of the continuous improvement of scientific and technological equipment in the field application , Have successively cracked down smuggling cases such as imitation guns, shotgun cartridges, ivory products, upscale cosmetics, harmful substances such as dodder, amber, cigarettes, red wine, highly toxic chemical materials, bear teeth and bear's paw, effectively deter smugglers and purified ports Customs clearance Customs reminds that ivory and its products are listed in the appendix to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. According to the Convention and the relevant laws of China, no matter what the method, whether large or small, carrying ivory and / Its products are prohibited from entering or leaving the country. (Finish)

(2016 01 28 14:40:01)

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DNF player analysis Shura dress change to teach you to achieve the maximum output

DNF player analysis Shura dress up to teach you to reach the maximum output guide to play a strong case of evil light can be stacked alone strong, you can also pile all the strong, and even Antute strong strong returns. Ice heap can be strong alone, to crystal contract, evil light is to eat the property attack first of all to say that the ultimate evil light, down all the versatility of the output skills The basic equipment of this cradle: Wang tear sets (70SS plate), Shadow 3 (Zuo Cao, rings, bracelets), the necklace is the soul chain, magic stone 65 SS independent, the weapon desert ancient blunt, the title 15% yellow, this equipment is not bad, but only with this set of equipment, the output It is not ideal. (This post only conclusion basic I have tested)

Then I studied the dressup: a skills release hit the strange before (hit before the injury) to dress up, the fixed upgrade will remain above the skills, follow-up upgrade will change because of equipment changes, which is the basic dressup Idea so to say, before opening a skill with a fixed upgrade to open the skills, released after the release switch to enhance the equipment, this skill will be added to enhance the steady increase of 2 sets of equipment to enhance the equipment bonus ?! (Millions Do not be the opposite, in turn the two sets of equipment are not hurt!)

Fixed upgrade are: independence (percentage invalid), ignoring the attack (solid injury invalid), is a strong, intelligence / strength, crit, skill damage (skill level calculation into skills damage) with the following enhancements: direct word damage, Crit damage, add damage according to the landlord's equipment with more than the basic equipment and weapons cut (25% crit damage plus 15% addition) necklace Che An map achievements necklace (add 9% damage) in Antu Cut the yellow dragon bracelet (explained above is the yellow word hurt the actual bracelet is an additional 7% damage to the tribe) so everything installed the same van cleef lucky alhambra necklace knock off skill in the original basis more 63.75% bonus!

This is the charm of dress up, here to talk about the ideal of the ultimate evil light dress What is the concept? On my body the same equipment (title replaced Witch), arms cut clouds, Antu necklace upgrade 25% Magic stone cut empty city tears 15%, bracelets 7% (now the highest difficulty is Antu, this bracelet can be more to say.And similar to the specific addition of this bracelet snow honor 10% of the Dragon, Devourer Ring 30% of the devil, Everyone knows it like)

This dressup is based on the original, the improvement of skills fake van cleef black onyx necklace is 220%! A key dressup can be counted as dressup delay, the more ideal 2 times the upgrade is based on the basic damage increased by 2 times, if the original Skill is 1E damage, dress up is 3E !!! (In fact, do not cloud + 50% of the yellow characters in the basic equipment after the white, armor, pets, pet equipment and multiplication and addition, 3 times the damage is really conservative, if Armor sets are mixed 60% bonus, dress 4 times damage is not impossible!)

Armor can be for other SS sets, there is no set of SS sets can be changed for the outside world, we have more advice on the barren (Spray said: decomposition of weapons to speak again), which is not surprising, because the barren ancient is indeed the best dressup output Basic weapon. Disadvantages are there: That BUFF is played 34 under the magic can be opened for 20 seconds, 34 played if you do not open the BUFF, 5 seconds after the magic will be reduced to re-play a few count magic, that BUFF if you open in advance, you may play BOSS, not to the highest output explosion in advance, so that your skills only 35%, plus 20% of BUFF imitation van cleef lucky alhambra necklace no longer proficient can not be said that this weapon is perfect, count the shortcomings It In basic weapons, many occupations have very good basic weapons, such as Shura's Heaven Shura (where only Shura is used as a metaphor, and many other similar occupations are too much and too much.) Here the evil light dress is just an example, We can use this routine to play their own profession among them to dress up is also very important: such as dress up weapons are small (low-level weapon output is low), after you finish this dressup skills also need to continue to map , Then this 10 seconds to replace the CD with a small picture, and then the highest output skills have been 30% increase, but if the latter 10 seconds too pit, it is worth the candle so dress best situation is: The basic equipment and equipment output is about the same, which sets can be used to figure out what skills to dress up: that is also coincidental, Shura skills can be a lot of dress really, evil light, beads, a bomb, Second, and so on, here are just four examples of skills to do the first two dragon nightmare nightmare level (I was studying a set of take away) a little bit small, video I deleted this picture put the order of skills is to open two eyes, beads Save Put evil light cut dress (just to cut weapons, upgrade weapons and the largest, a key cut a good facelift computer without pressure). This is the meaning of evil light, two felt explosion, the day the eye exploded, close at the same time cut equipment at this time, these skills have Cut installation!

Let me suppose that we have to equip three times the skills to add, three times the evil light, three times the two sleep, three times the eye of the day explosion, what is this concept? Skills can also study the charm of this combination of skills dress, we feel no? This is what I devote themselves to studying anything is two sides here said the cut equipment defects: hard to find equipment, operating requirements and so on. These local Tyrant technology emperor can be solved, some still can not solve: some skills do not apply cutting equipment, such as instantaneous skills blood burst, explosion of blood burst from the body to hit strange, it takes 0.1 seconds? If you are confident A man who can grasp this 0.1 seconds, well when I did not say unlimited class or ultra-short CD skills (may have to once, behind the incredible.) Raging anger, force Z, Shoulder White Ghost, etc., there is no Strong only the most suitable, before considering trying to look at the combined use of basic equipment, equipment, can change a variety of seconds? The answer is: not necessarily. Also need (or for example evil light, other skills can reference)

Skills and skills:

1, the top of the old post said the basic operation, evil light to 0 open, 100% damage bonus

2, play a strong case, then the light can be a bunch of strong light alone, you can also pile all is strong, and even the Antu ice strong returns the best. Heap ice can be strong, to crystal contract, evil light is to eat the property attack

3, the best light of the landlord to study the evil light shooting distance is 350PX to 400PX, standing in the strange stand is to fight the past can push a long way, some strange will teleport, to grasp the opportunity (skills and skills think of will continue to improve)

Worthy of special mention is the ghost Indian bead skills of this type of attack: the monster in the open when the beads hit and sticky This is the whole process of breaking the attack, the damage is very impressive.
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King of the king of green gas does not do the queen

Emperor green color is very van cleef imitation necklaces beautiful, loved by celebrities, celebrities. Bing Xin once described Lin Huiyin as: 'wearing a long green gown, dark green satin piping, jadeite buttons, wearing an emerald green emerald bracelet, copy van cleef and arpels four leaf clover necklace and the other hand on the ring finger wearing emerald rings and diamond rings.' Emerald beauty Soong Mei-ling also very fond of emerald, her life with many jewelry, but most like a set of jade jewelry, she lived van cleef and arpels four leaf clover necklace knock off alone in the United States, every official occasion, or to bring the king of green emerald earrings, bracelets, beads Charismatic green color chain attractive, the price is not cheap. A small piece of pendant, the price is more than 50,000 yuan, carving, fine workmanship bracelets, earrings, rings are even priceless City emperors green emerald will continue to appreciate, due to the origin of the unique (good emerald green emerald only The origin is Burma), jade sparse materials, rare things, if the collection of emperors green, the future is immeasurable jade as its name, since the emperor is domineering king, must be color, species, water and beauty. Jade support people, people raise jade, jade like this emerald green jade, with the wearer's heart, the color of health changes. Will also have a positive impact on human health virtually.
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