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DNF male roaming map equipment and enchant recommended bracelets preferred sad bus DNF area

>>> DNF patch patch recommended peri Recommended Enchanting Recommended: Light attributes enhanced +12 (light attributes on roaming definitely better than the fire attributes stronger, let's say can hurt the silver bullet has been added, but also to the back of the light The more obvious property advantages, especially the new world)

Third place: the eyes of confusion

Although few people bring this, but after all, a good bracelet really is not much, and some people say that Mithril, the magic attached to the property under the premise of the weapon, Mithril really not enough to see, the eyes of bewitching should be the most powerful bracelets, and attributes Comprehensive, hp, mobile, power

Second place: Jing Shenfury go or double Eagle

1 crit, plus not low-quality attributes, but also strengthen the colorless output, although jewelry is not elevated

First place: sadly bracelet

A career by crit eating also hesitate to? 7% of the crit brought a lot of absolute Enchanting Recommended: Light property enhancement +12

Third place: Peirce's honor

Peiruizu dispute gradually subsided, but still can be said to be a very good necklace, according to the fake van cleef and arpels alhambra earrings percentage to enhance the power, although the increase is not much damage, but the power upgrade will definitely not conflict with other equipment

Second place: soul hunter

The legendary artifact that we all chased, 20% of the ascension is indeed amazing, but the extreme consumption of the soul makes it an exclusive equipment Tyrant, and can not increase ignore the damage, making it difficult to top the throne of the

First place: sad necklace

Someone asked why the necklace of sorrow would be better than the soul hunter? How is it possible! But cost-effective and at the same time improve the percentage damage, although only 8% but with the enhanced weapon under the more obvious advantages. Shortcomings and superfluous equipment collisions, such as wild boar belt enchant Recommended: light property enhancement +12

Third place: light wizard ring

16:00 light, coupled with enchanting can bring you 28 points light intensity addition, is essential to enhance the heap extreme properties

Second place: the ring of the devil

Some people say that this ring is too targeted, plus 30% damage to the devil. However, the latter figure of the devil can not much? Wild boar not explain, this ring is also called kill the pig ring, the new outsider of the dark city of ruins, disorder order of the sub-sector are 80% of the devil monster to the late In many cases, its usefulness is greater than the bone ring, but also enhance the ignoring the first name: the bone ring Qi

This should be no controversy ............ do not explain

4, armor (not analyzed here, after all, mix and match the way more)

Enchanting Recommended: Tops Bottoms 25 physical attack, waist and waist shoes 30 force 2 physical crit (or Fuze Chazhuang double double hit)

Third place: wild boar sets

The highest strength with a variety of single special really van cleef vintage alhambra earrings replica good, broken belt to enhance the strokes but with the grief van cleef baby earrings replica necklace conflict, absolute artifact shoes, brush almost no blood blue map
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DNF Elements 3 sets of ancient elements of choice to increase the problem

Elements of the ancient 3 sets of options there is more or less some controversy, mainly due to the increase of the element with the two pairs of eye-catching ice crystal limit lazy directly to the end of the article to see the conclusion, the general lazy look at each of the small conclusion, not lazy The core of this equipment is to enhance the fluency of the elements, as we all know, the elements of the skills are relatively high damage, but relative to other professional skills CD is indeed longer, so the element has a skill called Magic Show (1 ) 3 sets of attributes; highlights increase rate of movement + 20%. Elements with skills into the map is not a secret, and then their own professional legs short, mobile magic also slowed down, with this 3 sets, the mobile release into 96%, relative to the original 80%, the basic feeling of deceleration (2) 6 sets of attributes; on proficient injuries, the original landlord has 3 kinds of ideas:

A: 1 + 20% + 40% = 160%

B: 1 + 20% 40% + 20% = 128%

C: 11.21.4 = 168%

According to the multiplication rule calculated by DNF, A is the most simple and direct excluded, C is increased by 48% too much. Guys are also excluded, so the actual effect is B, which is also the effect we all think is very slag. 6 pieces are just a BM necklace Effect and only four skills to reduce the cooling, especially the dark ice 25% of the cooling, the unit output 1 / 0.75 = 1.3333, implicit output to enhance the ice feast Thunder 33% damage, the effect is still very obvious, the element of this job is not Output, but the skills of cooling, in the ordinary figure of a figure can not see a skill, but fake van cleef turquoise earrings in the face of the new world of such a figure, CD vacuum is a thief's career weakness, and this set is reflected (3) 9 Set of attributes; with Waltz known Infinite Show, equivalent to eat CD Pharmacy

As for the effect of lighting plus about 90 intelligence, for more than 6, and now keep awake, accurate meaning is not too big Increase in the choice of 6 sets of attributes is better, the site armor 5+ bracelet 1 + Soul + High Arms + Pearl + broken heart + fusion. The overall effect of this set is all fake van cleef stud earrings skills + 8% surface attack + 33% of the hidden damage, the overall count as vans earrings replica a more perfect property.
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Mrs. Bai Enpei 15 million luxury bracelet is unfair to all strugglers

The original title: Mrs. Ernst \u0026 Young's bracelet is an insult to the struggles

October 17, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, CCTV co-produced feature film 'always on the road,' the first episode of 'people back to heart' broadcast, which disclosed some of the corruption details of senior officials make an impressive impression to tell the truth, When I watched this 'heart-to-heart', I started with glimpses of the status quo of the big tiger and the gossip mentality of the interior of Qin City Prison. However, the more I looked, the heavier the mood was. The former vice chairman of the Environmental Protection and Resources Protection Committee of the NPC, Commission original secretary Bai Enpei was featured in the feature film as a typical. And half of his 'scenes' and focus on 'stupid help' body. His wife, Zhang Huiqing help people get to the ground, they open for a bribe 'I fancy a bracelet, about 10 million (in fact, 15 million), you go pay.

A bracelet 15 million, do not know those 'disappointment', see such details, van cleef alhambra necklace fake the heart is what kind of miscellaneous smell Not long ago, Guangzhou Yang Kei village feast, some people on the demolition of the village Rich psychological imbalance, that is a shame to the struggles. However, Mrs. Grace Auenry gently sentence, 15 million has become a bracelet on her wrist, which is unfair to all who work hard, whether Wei Pengyuan 'burned four bill counters' or Gu Junshan's ' Three Golden Images 'and' Four Trucks. 'Whether it is a camera of Qin Yuhai or a jade of Ni Fake, every birth of' corruption stems from stems and stems 'is a public baptism of the public's perception of corruption ecology. Only by further exposure, placing these dignitaries' lives in the eyes of the general public can we make the anti-corruption more persuasive and urgent, and form a consensus that the system should be accelerated as soon as possible. And return (media people)

related news:

Bai Emperors jewelery bundle tied a bracelet worth 15 million

'Gradually with the promotion of positions, coupled with the impact of the environment, consider myself more and more .Especially since 2005, I was 60 years old, and gave birth to a serious illness, this time thinking broke down It is the pursuit of material, money. '

After Yunnan Province belonged to economically underdeveloped areas, Bai Enpei proposed to promote the development strategy of 'Greater Kunming' after it served as secretary of the provincial party committee. Subsequently, various localities in Yunnan also started to implement the 'big city' strategy. A large number of development projects have attracted many investors and developers from all over the country. Some people have started to look for opportunities to approach Bai Enpei. van cleef alhambra necklace copy In dealing with business people, Beth Ene has been mentally unbalanced 'They live in luxury houses, luxury cars, and privately owned private jets. (I) also pursue the same as their lives, the idea has changed 'Bethune admits. Only a large Tengchong real estate projects, developers in order to get this project to give Ernst \u0026 Young's cash and gift value reached tens of millions. During the ten years of its rule in Yunnan, Bai Enpei frequently used such arpels van cleef necklace replica development projects as minerals, land and real estate to receive money, and his wife Zhang Hui- qing also played a very poor role. There is a saying circulated in Yunnan that something like 'Zhang Jie' was found and there was no such thing as 'Zhang Jie' in Yunnan. Zhang Huiqing collect money in the foreground, Bai Enei quietly behind the scenes in Kunming, a land development and consolidation project, in order to get the project, the business owner to find a relationship Zhang Huiqing. Zhang Huiqing like playing cards, the boss often accompanied by playing cards to the White House, took the opportunity to draw closer. The relationship has become more and more familiar with him. He took the opportunity to take the idea of ​​taking land and successfully completed it. And Zhang Huiqing also made a clear request to him. Personnel Zhou Hong said: 'One day told me, I see a bracelet, about more than 10 million, you go to pay. I said good, then buy, 15 million bought a bracelet.'

Zhang Huiqing loves jade and jade, Bai Enpei like mahogany and tea, so many bribe people have voted for them, picking valuable treasures to give them. In the handling of cases, the seizure of possessions from the White House made it more shocking for investigators. Discipline inspection and supervision staff of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhou Tao said that the light clean up these things before and after about ten days time. Like this jade bracelet, are tied with a string, tied up a string of bracelets so mention. In this way, Bai Enemy will 'investment' into a means of trading money, I think they will not be found, completely forgot there are disciplines and legal constraints 'ghostly, dazzled. She is the leader of the state-owned enterprises and has a yearly income of hundreds of thousands, which is enough, but the ideal and belief have been lost and the pursuit of the spirit has not gone through the bottom line of being a man, even the red line of law has been touched. Remorse, how the Communist Party secretary trained by the Communist Party for many years turned out to be like this, and the losses I brought to the party organizations were too great. 'Bai Enpei's remorse came too late. In 2013, the Fifth Central Inspection Organization visited Yunnan and received a large amount of reports on the exchange of power and money for Bai Enpei. Zhou Benshun, Bai Enpei, Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou, the plan, and Su Rong and other top leaders have shown that The CPC Central Committee's unwavering attitude of resolutely punishing corruption reflects the principle of equality before the party and state laws and shows the courage of resolutely resolutely and thoroughly and resolutely and resolutely and resolutely.
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DNF civilians roaming white characters equipped with underground city and brave Antoine experience

In the national dress is now open to the ordinary version of Antun, blood class equipment can still be used, which gives the civilian players a living, as long as a pile of white equipment with bloodthirsty weapons can also barely mixed down together look See a roaming game player to share the roaming limit white characters equipped with experience I think the benefits. Mobile phone inconvenient not on the map. In order to upgrade sooner or later to go to Antu EnThrow pit, but my roaming number even the black mist can not single brush in the past, it seems only look forward to bloodthirsty Dafa slightly. I come to teach you a pile of white, inspired by eiji1, the title buy the Apostle's fate Preley or Held: strange or humanoid strange strange additional damage 2, the old player exclusive, Saori blurred jewelry, I looked at the previous Number, only one ring, attack additional 200 damage 3, Huanglong bracelet, humanoid monster damage + 7%, 25 days a day in a row, because I was still doing the sunset, so brush Huang Huangshu brush does not affect what 4, my own Equipped with, bracelets and rings are used. Necklace can be done with a left and right grooves Hercules attached sets of 5, Sha Ying brother's clothes and pants to wear suit effect on the humanoid strange + 10% damage above is my copy van cleef fleurette necklace limit of civilians cut blood Dafa equipped, do not need epic Explosion of the liver, in addition to the sand shadow of the lord powder is very good start with wood, to make a sunset cycle enough van cleef imitation butterfly necklace to make Huanglong, Hercules. Bricks and then move on weekdays or to buy a title south of the money, only a arpels van cleef necklace imitation few million. When I reached an additional 6 white blood thinning, think terrible.
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Buckingham Palace will host the Queen's Diamond Jewelery Show

The brooch on the left is inlaid with the Couriernan III and IV diamonds, the third and fourth of the Couriernan diamonds. Culiacan III is pear-shaped, 94.4 carats. Culinaryan IV is square, 63.3 carats and was first embedded in the crown of Queen Mary in 1911. The brooch on the right is inlaid with Curimina VI and VII, of which the Curiun VI weighs 11.5 carats and was decorated with 18.8 carat Curry Vs heart brooch inlaid in the crown and many jewelry. Queen Mary often wear this brooch, and now the owner is the pear-shaped Queen Elizabeth IX Diamond. It is the youngest of the 9 Kulimnan diamonds, weighing 4.4 carats, and was mounted on the 12-prong platinum ring of the Queen Mary in arpels van cleef necklace replica 1911. In 1953, Queen Elizabeth inherited the diamond model of the Corinthian diamond, the largest diamond found to date left with a coronation necklace and earrings. It was worn by Queen Elizabeth at the coronation of 1953. Right South Africa's necklaces and bracelets, the South African government gave Princess Elizabeth's gift to celebrate her 21st birthday. The diamonds used in these jewelery are not from the original diamonds of the Couriernan, but will also appear in Buckingham Palace's van cleef and arpels alhambra necklace replica exhibit of the Queen Victoria wearing a diamond crown, the most cherished triple crown of Queen Elizabeth the year Diamond 1870, the left photo was taken in 2011, The right photo was taken in 1989. This triple crown was given to her by her grandmother, Queen Mary, and will be on display at Buckingham Palace on the left to show her childhood Queen Elizabeth and her mother wearing an imperial crown. The photo to the right shows her grandmother, Queen Mary, wearing a brooch studded with van cleef imitation flower necklace the Couriernan diamonds.
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Set of 10 Synopsis Li Min-ho mermaid cook happy smile

On the ski slopes, Shen Qing told Xu Junzai I love you. Xujun Jun is want to hear this sentence. Shen Qing also told Xu Junzai that is a good person to tell her what is love. Xu Junzai do not know Shen Qing said that the good man is himself, upset mood together. After returning home, he could not sleep, tentatively asked Shen Qing did not say that I love you that kid, Shen Qing told him that Xu Chunzai could not help but get a little sleepy, Xu Jun suddenly saw his previous golden age, Also dreamed of a friend of the Golden Age to save the mermaid was killed. At this point, Ma Dayong has wounded South Uncle, South Uncle unconscious lost consciousness. Ma Rongrong formatted his cell phone, disguised as a wine drunk scene Na because parents divorced, live in rental housing was bullied by students, the leader is the pearl's daughter. Shen Qing saw, learned her meal, and then took a na to the store to eat. Pearls knew that her daughter had got angry and took her daughter to find them. Shen Qing face her unreasonable accusations no compromise Xu Jun slaughter gang has long been eyeing the pearl, her as a scam target. At this point, they are staying in front of Pearl Villa and watching the movement. Pearl was found with her daughter home, they left for the time being. Xujun Jun saw her far away like one of Jun Jai, feeling both excited and a little bit skeptical Jun Jae walked on the road to fraud, simply because of the year encountered Zhao Nan Dou. Zhao Nan Dou pretend to find his mother for him, cheated away his only money, hunger and cold he patience, Dunshou patiently caught Zhao Nan Dou, Zhao Nan Dou invited him to dinner and invited him to join. Jun-ji agreed, and he said he lied to cheat the wealthy until he found his mother and lured to buy a house for his mother. Now, he has long been to buy money for her mother, but has not found his mother Zhao Nan-duo Shenqing fractures heal fast doubts, secretly to the doctor to ask, the doctor said impossible. He also got a car poem to talk about it, both of them were surprised. Che Siya even said Shen Qing is not a zombie. She let Zhao Nan Dou stare at her for a moment. Heard that the owner of the relic from the salvage of the sea was golden age, Zhao Nan Dou feel that the name is very familiar, as if Xu Jun Zai Dai that bracelet, just like the golden age of Shen Qing encountered mermaid similar, he told her that their pearl tears in the human world is money. Hear that she was ashore because of love, but also unrequited love, he reminded her that mercurial time is limited after landing ashore, the heart began to slowly stiff. There is only one way to keep the heart beating, the one she loves and the one she loves. He decided to take advantage of the jealousy of mankind to help Shen Qing see them together in a romance, and to change pearl tears flowing into money into a fresh look and to join Xu Junzai's family. Two people pretending to be sweet look, really let Xu Juzai jealous death. He pulled Shen Qing into the house and closed the door directly to Xu Junzai. When Shen Qing was about to leave, he returned the bracelet to her. Zhao Nan Dou heard unbelievable. He thinks Xu Junzai changed too much. On this day, Xujun slaughter three people have to act together again, Xu Junzai found his sweet fake alhambra bracelet cell phone fell home, go home temporarily to take. Shen Qing alone at home, but at this time because of the desire for water, the prototype in the pool at home. Shen Qing saw from the door to see Jun Xu, surprise. Because her mermaid had just warned her of the same class, humans would not love them if they discovered their original form. Xu Junzai was surprised to see the bare shoulders of Shen Qing from the crack. Shen Qing urgently asked him not to move, go back to go. Xu Juzai obediently stopped. Xu Junzai responsibility to ask Shen Qing how so casually at home, Shen Qing put on clothes, in turn, complained Xu Junzai how suddenly came back. Xu Junzai panicked forgot to take the phone, his face flushed away from home Shen Qing from many similar human won the common sense of human society. He also told her that when human beings lie and actions Xu Junzai lets Zhao Nan-dynasty go to the pearl house to inspect the car and ask for her shipwreck. Xu Jun saw that ancient porcelain bottle, porcelain painting on the bottle, is a modern dress man kissing mermaid. Car Shiaya said that this seems to be the owner of the shipwreck gold age predicted in advance the future, so mysterious. Xu Juncai squat down carefully looked at the picture, I suddenly felt this scene deja vu looking for a doctor, telling myself that he seems to be part of amnesia, that when you look at the picture, van cleef and arpels clover bracelet knock off I feel that people are painting themselves, but in the end how can not remember . Under the doctor's hypnosis, he saw his last van cleef and arpels clover bracelet replica golden age, but also saw the mermaid, mermaid's face exactly the same with Shen Qing. He suddenly woke up from hypnosis, I feel incredible, and he suspected he saw the phantom Shen Qinghua tears pearls ready for money, she wanted to change the money to Xu Jun slaughter. Zhao Nan-Tou stole a hidden mermaid similar to Shen Qing, why did he be a lifeguard, because his heart has gone, every day in the water to spend a few hours to maintain the day. Unless the woman he loves returns to his side, the woman is married. Shen Qing urged him to hurry back to the sea. He said he was dying here to maintain because, like Shen Qing, he could not bear the taste of going back and missing. No loved ones, innocent on the shore of the mermaid, the heart can not last long Ma Dayong Xu Jun has been slaughtered in the vicinity of the house shaky, he disguised as a squat has been unconscious police officers. Xu Junzai to Uncle South sent a text message, Ma Rong received, he returned to the South as a text message uncle. About to meet him tomorrow pearl taught poem Ya secret, Xu Jun want to get the heart, must first learn to please his mother. Poetry car poems think it makes sense, after waiting for an opportunity to inquire about the situation of Xu Junzai mother. She did not know, sister-in-law's servant Xu Junzai mother, at the moment, because she red coffee for a brand, is being subjected to her reprimand. Xu Junzai mother is not a sign of weakness, but educated her meal Shenqing mermaid friend died, she saw the woman he loved. Woman told her that the two are not the same can not go on, will eventually hurt each other, love is not everything. Her words let Shen Qing mood fell. At this point, Xu Junzai rushed to Ma Rong appointment to meet the location, he was alert to find the situation is wrong. Injured Xu Junzai not attend to myself, rushed to the Han River to meet with Shen Qing Shen Qingzheng was looking at the water, muttering is not the go. Xu Junzai appeared behind her and asked her where to go. Shen Qing could not help but ask where Junjie slaughtered Jun Jun was consulted where she only uncomfortable. Jun kill listen to her that may have to leave, could not help but leave a voice to leave her to leave.
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DNF Shura Antunni to the out of bounds sets of options and equipment with

[Abstract] What we bring to you today is the installation of everyday Antti Niu by blind civilians. After all, our civilians are not moats, and if there is a face emperor, they will not consider it first. Armor first look, my personal point of view, first of all to see what skills they like, and then is to choose the appropriate set of heterogeneous Outturn sets the other three sets of heterogeneous mainstream, the end 6, Nether 6 and Nether 9, Earth 9 The first talk about the final set. The final set is the highest of these three sets of continuous output, but also the worst set of control. Like a flash of short CD eruption students must choose this set, from the transfer of the blind team came to an end 6 there must be no small plot, after all, a small ice to help the blind embarked on the altar. The current version of the small fire has surpassed the status of a small ice, coupled with the effects of electric shock injury, small ice fire is very impressive life. Coupled with the finalization is to take the solid stream, so the investment will be relatively small second talk about the void 6 and the void 9.6 and 9 compared to go genres are still very different. Void 6 is a hot bar control and CD, the main output or a fire feel. Void 6 is a little ease, in the case of poor ability to burst, the excellent control field, both can drag CD and make up for the knife. But the output is lower than the end of the 6, so the void on the enchant and drilling requirements will be higher. On Antti unfamiliar players suggested with a void 6 practice; Also talk about the empty 9,9 play is not bracelet van cleef copy fixed, because it is wearing 9, so for the enchant and drilling more demanding, after all, less powerful Accessories jewelry support. In addition, the void 9 outbreak strongly recommended that the earth first 9 open 7 India, and then move spike, like to play quiet students can consider the void 9 Finally, tell the earth 9. Earth 9 is a set of more biased because the earth 9 The bright spot is the seven-printed, which is very obvious for the beads and immobility, and the seven-for-intellect upgrade is also obvious, so the earth is a set of vetiver. However, the earth want to play a 9 injury, high-strength weapons is necessary, at least 13 soul level weapons above. In fact, I tried to release the soul of 13, the beads hit the injury is not how good, fixed injury can be, if there is a double breath does not move, you can use to hit a high outbreak. In addition you need to enchant and punch, or life is really not good. Therefore, the Earth 9 is not recommended for civilian players to choose, after all, good weapons or depends on the end of luck 6 and the emptiness 6 is actually almost the same, first say the weapons. If there is no SS, then the soul of 12 is enough to use, remember that we must forging 8. Because it is the main injury, so independence is very important. Jewelry, personal recommendations armor plus five bracelets, left van cleef and arpels bracelets copy the left slot. Left trough we can go to mix about 20 people, make Ant left, or directly buy a thick fog of interest, how independent also piled to 2200. The right necklace is still the soul hunter, ring, then look at the individual Ability, requirement is not very high. A little money, then you can buy a meditation, although not dressup, but 15% of the intelligence bonus is quite affordable, if too expensive, buy two Elvin for use van cleef and arpels bracelets imitation is not bad. Right slot I personally recommend taking the light, the auction is not expensive Then the void 9 and the earth 9, empty out the soul chain just fine. After all, soul chain also added independence, for civilians, than with the right slot to enhance the big. If you have time to tears, you can consider without soul chain. Enchanting to be better, personally feel that it is necessary to put three 20 light treasure. If you feel unbearable, I suggest or choose the end of the 6 Finally, talk about the useless students suggest wearing the end 6 to go the limit of solid injuries, weapons hit 8 hits. In fact, what clouds are good days, but good or high-strength, with the earth is simply hanging fried 9 days. Seven knives students can play what does not move, dress up or slippery, after all, seven knives is a civilian artifact.
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Community comment community

Came to the right hand side of the Huangpu Old Street, this street, show fresh literary Fan slightly, the whole street are those small boutique Oh, there are many trinkets, a lot of fun jewelry, as well as small toys that can recall childhood , I saw some of the children do not want to go, very stylish style of each store van cleef arpels bracelet copy is not the same, remember childhood slightly, there are jumping frogs, jewelry bags, van cleef replica bracelets a lot of decorative books, a marriage certificate, relatives and friends card, etc. , Hairpin, bracelet, ring, as well as my primary school favorite constellation book, constellation rings and divination cards, clothes hanging on the wall of unique flavor, simple, simple, floating, small fresh clothes, Hong Kong postcards (with pictures, fake van cleef clover bracelet but also made of hand-painted Oh) but look at the photos are beautiful, to the real is beautiful, but I feel no other people take photos look good, what is the reason? The reason is: people are shot at high altitude, we are in the ground, so I can not shoot to the overall King Oh, but to have a look, play a play or you can. nice.
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Second-hand house old bed out of gold and silver jewelery and 40,000 yuan deposit owner alarm cats see people

Last month, the newspaper reported that during the decoration of the house, Ms. Xia 'smashed' more than 50,000 yuan in the ceiling and then found the property owner's family returned through the police station. Coincidentally, October 11, the public Mr. Bi in the renovation of their newly bought second-hand housing, demolition of an old bed when a bag was dismantled, which contains gold and silver jewelry and a 40,000 deposit certificate, anterior chamber The Lord made it clear that it was not his own thing. Eventually, with the help of the police station of Zhonghua Road Police Station in Ganjingzi Public Security Bureau, things were completed and repaired:

Mr. Bi, a citizen of the public, found out that he was surprised by the accident and was 30 years old this year. Mr. Bi recently purchased a second-hand house near Qinying Road in Ganjingzi District and started to recruit workers on October 11. In the bedroom of this house, there was a double bed left by the former homeowner When the bed was dismantled, a big box was found between the cleats of the bed, with a black nylon silk cloth bag open and a look at the netting, which was a combination of old-fashioned gold and silver ornaments: gold and silver Necklace, there are silver bracelets gold rings, there are emeralds, old-fashioned watches, in addition to including some fake van cleef and arpels long necklace old coins, including cash, and a 40,000 yuan deposit receipts face workers inquiries, Mr. Bi said that something is not their own And who should be? Then Mr. replica magic alhambra necklace Bi contacted the former homeowner, the other party made it clear that there is no such thing as a search: the owner of gold and silver jewelry has died

In order to clarify the owner of this package of gold and silver jewelry and return as soon as possible, at 22 o'clock on the evening of the 11th, Mr. Bi came to Zhonghua Road police station. Police told reporters that the name on the certificate of deposit is a woman surnamed Li, which basically can determine the items belong to them, and through further work, the police learned that Ms. Lee is the last tenant of the house. However, during the investigation, the police learned that Ms. Lee had passed away and subsequently the police managed to contact Ms. Lee, daughter of Ms. Lee. Ms. Han said that her mother was living in this rental, but in May 2017 about stroke died of cerebral hemorrhage. My mother left, the family knows there is such a package of things, 'because a lot of things I bought for her mother, there are some older children to stay something.' Ms. Han said that after the mother left, South Korea Ms. went to the house to find several times, have not found, and finally gave up the comfort: the landlord is pleased to see the original owner

'I did not expect this pack of things to see again, especially in the case of a few pieces of old things have been passed many generations, I was so excited to get back.' Ms. Han said that on the 17th she and her family came Police station, witnessed by the police took back the pack of property Interview with Ms. Korea told reporters after mother of pearl van cleef necklace knock off the death of his mother, through the bank inquiries to the deposit, after the relevant proof has also been taken out of the more than 40,000 yuan, This means that the bag of this deposit slip has been scrapped, but other property together is still worth over 20,000 yuan for the completion of the completion of Mr. Bi, Ms. Han expressed her great gratitude, but for his young pick up the noble character, Ms. Han's Accompanied by his family is more sure, another family Zhonghua Road police station also thanks for the help and Mr. Bi said he saw this relic can return to the hands of the owner's family, and the parties are so happy, I am also pleased and pleased In his view, the thing belongs to the original owner should do.
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3-year-old baby early education

1 month 1, prepare a rattleshock or can be pinched soft plastic toys, hanging up and use him to guide the training of baby's hand grip ability. 2, Mommy can be his index finger, or a rattle plug into the hands of the baby, exercise baby grasp. 3, let the baby play their own little hand. 2 months 1, the practice of passive hand-held baby's hand: parents should always touch the baby's hands for two months to promote the baby to hold the reflection. Parents can whack stick stick into the baby's palm, the baby will immediately grasp the stick, the parents hand holding the baby's hand to help him hold the clenched action, but also allows the baby to learn to seize the parents finger. 2, practice the baby's ability to hold: parents can wash the old gloves with different texture, stuffed foam, cotton, etc., with elastic band hanging on the bed in the baby, where the baby can get the hand, Gloves up. Let the baby's little hand grasp the wool, rubber or leather gloves. You can also make your baby touch different texture toys to promote baby's perception and tactile development. 3, practice baby to see the small hand: two months of the baby especially like to see their own small hands, play with their own little hand, which is the baby's psychological development of an inevitable stage, parents not only can not interfere, but also should provide help to play with the baby, for example, hand On the Department of a red cloth, with a ring and other bracelets, etc. (note that bracelets to be strong, to prevent the loss of small parts by children eating, or scratching the child). Do not wear gloves to your baby. 3 months 1, this month baby hands can hold each other in the chest and play, parents should give the baby more enough grasping opportunities. Parents can suspend the toy with a ring in the place where he can see, and then hold the baby's hand enough to take, hold, beat. Hanging toys can be small balloons, stuffed animals, small animals, colored gloves, brightly colored socks, texture should be diversified, which will help hand tactile training. Several times a day, every 3 5 minutes. This month, parents should train their baby to grasp the ability of touching: when the baby is in a good mood, parents can stuff the toy with the handle or the finger of an adult in the baby's palm so as to grasp the touch and train the baby's little hand to grasp Ability to touch. (3 months baby development indicators) 3, the hand movement from the beginning of two months, parents must often let him exercise fingers. Parents can prepare some grip toys, such as rattles, soft plastic can be pinched or rubber toys. Slightly larger with rubber band hanging these toys where the baby can catch, so that he practice grasping, shaking, pinching and other actions. After the baby will stand up, do not hang toys to play. 4 months 1, training baby enough suspension toys: parents first to guide the baby to touch the hanging toys, toys will be pushed farther. The baby reaches out again, the toy shakes again. After many efforts, the baby will eventually hold him with two hands one after the other, and will have a very happy expression. It takes about 5 months for your baby to get enough of a single hand. 2, the parents hold the baby in front of the table, four months baby development standard table put several different toys, let him practice grasping. Every 3 to 5 minutes, parents should change toys frequently, from small to large, repeatedly let the baby practice, and record the number of baby can accurately grasp. May 1, training baby hand grasping ability: hold the baby into a sitting position, in front of him to put some color balloons and other items, items from small to large, practice let your baby reach for the items. At the beginning of the training, the item should be placed in the place where the baby can reach out as soon as he can reach out, slowly move to a little further place, let him reach out and give him a second hand for him to hold. Observe whether the baby will pass on the first item to the other. 2, training baby finger exercise ability: Parents to some of the sound of the toy (easy to grasp baby, 5 months baby development standards) in front of the baby, first let him find, and then guide him to grab the toy by hand, and Fiddle in the hands. Then, in addition to continuing training him to knock and shake the action, but also to train the baby to do push, pick and other movements, observe the baby's thumb and other four fingers in the opposite direction. 6 months 1, parents should continue to allow babies to practice enough for small objects, from big to small, from near to far. Let the baby practice gripping the thumb from full hand, pinch the index finger. 2, training to throw away the baby to take: Let your baby sit, give him some small toys that can seize, such as small blocks, small plastic toys. Let the baby hold both hands a toy (parents to give each piece), and then give him the third piece of the toy, he will throw one of the hand to get the toy in the hands of parents. 3, practice the baby hands down the toy: parents playing toys with the baby, you can consciously continue to hand toys or food to the baby, adult demonstration of the baby's toy from one hand down to the other hand. Repeated practice, the baby will master the 'toy hand' skills. 7 months 1, teaching baby practice grasping: Parents should let the baby practice grasping small blocks by hand. Parents can put the baby familiar blocks on the hand where he can catch, training him to use thumbs and other fingers with a small building blocks, practice several times a day. 2, to teach the baby to do toys against the game: parents continue to train your baby with both hands playing toys, and be able to hit. For example, let the baby hold a plastic toy with a handle, against the toy held in the other hand. Punch loudly, parents should applaud the reward. Parents can choose a variety of texture toys, let the baby hit a variety of sounds, and promote the development of cognitive skills such as hand, eye and ear brain. 8 months 1, parents should let the baby practice hand squeeze small items, such as beads, beans and so on. Begin with the baby to use the thumb, forefinger, and later gradually developed to the thumb and index finger on the pinch. Train a few times a day. Mother to accompany the baby to play, so he will not stuffed small imports, nose choke and danger, left to pack a small good. 2, parents also need to develop the flexibility of the baby index finger: Parents should encourage the baby will index finger into the hole to seize small items. You can also make the baby dial your finger, play keys, etc., can achieve the purpose of practice index finger. 3, parents can also let your baby practice the ability to knock and shake: Parents can give the baby one after another two blocks or two small toys of the same nature to encourage the baby to knock on both hands. You can also give the baby a rattle or tambourine to encourage the baby to swing actively to make the toy make a pleasant sound. 9 months 1, teach your baby to let go: Parents want the baby to play a variety of toys, training him to consciously put toys or other objects in the designated place, parents can give him a demonstration, let him imitate, parents have to repeat He used language to indicate that he 'put down the XX and put it on the XX', letting the baby practice letting go by the clenched items, making the motions of the hands controlled by the will, and taking another step in the coordination of the eyes and hands. 2, teaching baby practice inputs: Parents in the baby can consciously handle the items down, based on the training of babies to play some different sizes of toys. And teach the baby put a small object into a large container, such as anti-building blocks into the box, let the baby repeatedly practice. 3, teaching baby to play roller: Parents cylindrical roller (drink bottle instead) can be placed on the ground, let the baby use two hands to promote it to scroll forward. After he is proficient, let him push the drum with one hand and roll it to the designated position. If he is right, parents should give encouragement. In the game, he gradually established the concept that the cylinder can roll. 10 months 1, to continue training baby thumb and index finger on the pinch ability. Parents should seize the favorable opportunity to focus on the accuracy of the baby pinch small items (such as small pills, green beans, corn grains, etc.) to speed the pinch, and then expand the range of pinch items to enhance replica van cleef and arpels turquoise alhambra necklace the baby pinch action skilled degree. You can train several times a day. 2, teach the baby to open the bottle cap: Parents put a plastic bottle with a lid on the baby in front of parents to open the bottle cap and then screw the lid, the baby saw after allowing him to practice using only the thumb and index finger to open the bottle cap, and then Screw on. Repeated several times On the basis of this practice can also practice with plastic cups, one by one cover up. 3, teach your baby put in, take it out. On the basis of practice and investment, adults put the baby's toys one by one into the treasure chest, saying 'put it in' and then take it out one by one to make the baby imitate. At this time, you can let the baby pick a bunch of toys, practice several times. Promote the coordinated development of his hand, eyes and brain, but also can enhance the baby's cognitive abilities. 4, the mother prepares two casks or two milk powder empty cans, mom take one, give the baby one, mum demo bricks or other things thrown into the jar, make a sound, the baby think fun will imitate, the mother will guide the baby will The blocks aim at the mouth of the jar and let go, train the baby to purposely let go, prepare for throwing, and exercise the muscles of the medial forearm. 5, learn to turn the book: parents read the story to the baby, you can hold the baby, help him open the book to see, let him listen while watching. The baby who listens to the story in this way knows reading a book, does not look backwards, knows where to begin. Not so listen to the story of the baby sometimes read books upside down, chaos flip, read do not know closed book, easy to break the book. 6, teach baby rattle rattle: adults turn your wrist to rattle started. And then handed the baby, the baby shake the bell bell way to shake, can not let the rattle on both sides of the ball hit the drum. At this moment, parents demonstrate another example, shaking the wrist clearly to make the ball hit the drumhead, and then practice the baby's wrist to increase the flexibility of the baby's wrist. 11 months 1, Scribbling can be painted baby pens and paper, pen with colored crayons is appropriate, the first training to hold his hand holding a pen, and then dot the fish eyes, he saw his 'will Fish eyes ', very excited, after which he often practice' painting 'is actually a random painting. 2, open the book and closed the children heard the storyteller, borrow the book to open and close again. Children who have not heard the story of the book, do not know how to open the pages of the book, only with both hands to adjust the tune to go, will not open. Regardless of whether the storybook has been heard, or whether it will open and close, as long as children love to play with books, there is an educational effect. The best book for the baby turned the book larger, smaller and larger, the story is interesting. In the book to develop the focus of the baby, like reading, love to learn the character. 12 months 1. Teach the baby to take the building blocks: adults hand teach the baby to put up a piece of building up, practice many times, let the baby learn to take up two blocks themselves. 2. teach the baby to turn the book: take a baby book, let the baby read the book while watching, parents should observe whether the baby can start from scratch, according to the order, page by page, the wrong place to be simple to correct. 3. Put two pieces of building blocks into the box. The baby can spontaneously pick up two pieces of building blocks to learn the practice of parents and put it into a box. This activity is conscious and does not occasionally fall into it. 4. Parents with a box to buckle the blocks inside, the baby can clearly open the cup to find building blocks, exercise your baby's thinking ability. 5. Prepare a plastic bottle, unscrew the lid, the baby can do it separately, without any contact between the bottle and the lid. 6. Prepare paper and pen, parents do demonstration on the white paper with a little bit, the baby can imitate parents after seeing, a little bit of paper on the paper. 7. Parents want your baby to tear more paper to play (paper should be clean), see, hear, touch, move, experience changes in things. 8, This month, parents should continue to practice baby wearing shoes and wearing a hat. 13 14 months 1, teaching baby cover, with cover. Parents can put used boxes, bottles, cups as toys. Parents first demonstration of a bottle cap, and then covered. Then let the baby imitate. The baby opened one, then covered, parents give him another different, he again opened, covered, practiced proficient, and then practice to different size and shape of bottle with lid. Baby in this open, covered, covered with a simple game, greatly promoted the development of motion IQ. 2, teaching your baby beans, picked beans. Prepare two jars of wide-mouth jars, one of which is placed in a few beans to allow the baby to practice pouring beans from one bottle to another. At the beginning, parents hold the bottle so that the bottle will not fall, and help the little baby to pour the hand inward, pouring it towards the bottle and pour it slowly. You can also prepare two small plates and two vials, so that the baby picks up the beans in the plate and encourages him to give rewards if the baby can fit in the bottle. 3, teach the baby to take the tall building. Building blocks is an important symbol of baby's spatial awareness and hand-eye-brain coordination. The beginning of the ride can not ride, put crooked or fall, parents in the side to be a little help, put one, to clap to praise in order to enhance the baby's interest in van cleef and arpels fake clover necklace building and satisfaction to meet. 4, teaching baby sets Tower. Parents demonstrate that a colorful ring on a vertical plastic pile (or wooden pile), and then let the baby imitate one by one up jacket, put one, encourage the baby, such as clapping, or 'baby is awesome,' to be the baby Skilled, you can let the baby by color or size set into a color tower. 5, teaching baby play insert. This game requires a higher degree of coordination and the synergy of the hands and small muscle joints to complete. Parents first demonstration, from simple to complex, let the baby learn to insert inserts, practice modeling. 6, to prepare the pen and paper for the baby, let him hold the pen graffiti on the paper. 15 16 months 1, parents and children through the building blocks to take the train. Parents first demonstration with the building blocks, and then let the baby then take their own ride, pick up, parents should give baby encouragement and praise. 2, parents can wear beads and baby. Parents first demonstration, and then hold the baby hand let him wear, if not, can practice wearing plastic beads, put on, the parents should be commended. 3, parents can also prepare some simple jigsaw puzzles, and then guide the baby fight, when he spell out, the parents should give credit to the baby, increase his self-confidence. 4, parents can prepare different sizes of cups or tube, teaching baby one by one to nest together. 5, parents can put more than three kinds of beans together, van cleef and arpels alhambra turquoise necklace knock off let the baby pick them out. 19 20 months 1, still teach your baby to wear beads. Let the baby gradually learn to wear abacus beads and buttons and so on. 2, let the baby vote in the bottle to the ball. Parents can demonstrate first, with the index finger, thumb hold the ball, get the bottle when the hands relaxed, the ball fell into the bottle. When the baby is proficient, you can calculate the amount of baby that can be accurately injected every minute. 21 22 months 1, let the baby practice wearing beads. Teach the baby to wear a few beads with a rope. The baby will put the rope into the hole, but to lift the rope on the other side of the hole, this action must be repeated after practice to be proficient, and gradually can speed up and improve accuracy. Is a good way to coordinate hand-eye training. 2, teach the baby to learn to open the door with lock. Teach the baby learn to unscrew the door handle, open the door, or pull the crossbar and buckle hanging, open the door, some babies will be the key into the keyhole, learn to turn the unlock. 23 24 months 1, teach the baby down and down. Baby will splash water with your hand or fill it with plastic small bowl and pour it over. Parents can help the baby fill the small bowl with water so that they sink to the water and empty the water to make the small bowl float on the water. 2, let the baby play with sand. Baby spatula into the bucket with a toy spatula, or with a small bowl of sand filled upside down to do bread. Baby play sand must first sieve the stones and debris removed, washed with water; before each play with a jug with a jets will be slightly wet sand, so dusty; play with plastic sheeting to cover the sand. Playing sand is one of the important ways to promote the development of skin tactile integration ability. 25 27 months 1, parents should continue to wear beads, painting, puzzles, etc., training baby's fine movement, such as wearing beads with a rope, chopsticks folder dishes, solution Department Snap, etc., while demonstrating the baby learn Bunch, and let him practice again and again. After the baby will hold the chopsticks correctly, you can.
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