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1 minute know Yiwu 24 hours on September 6

Yiwu Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Zhou Lishui Patriotic Yongjun work yesterday, Yiwu Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Zhou Lishui came to Yiwu patriotic support army federation work research. Zhou Lishui listened to the report of dozens of important work and activities implemented and completed over a year after the founding of the Federation by the president of the Yiwu Patriotic Yongjun Army Federation, and spoke highly of it. Police and the people celebrate sending fighters retired Yibing Armed Forces last night, Yiwu Xicheng Road armed police barracks on the third floor of the conference room, singing, more than 30 retired veterans held farewell party. At the farewell party, the Patriotic Support and Forces Army sent profound condolences to the retired armed police soldiers who will soon return home and the deep blessings of the people of the second hometown. copy vca alhambra necklace It is understood that the activity was jointly organized by Yiwu Xicheng Road Armed Police and Yiwu City Patriotic Yongjun Federation and has been held for two consecutive years. Easily draw the first prize? A discount to buy jewelry hidden trick Recently, Yiwu Market Authority received a 'winning' complaint. Mr. Zhou, with the supermarket shopping small ticket to the jade counter pumping lottery in the first prize, so Mr. Chow bought a piece of gold inlay at the counter, spent 598 yuan. Who knows not long after that, Mr. Zhou found Jin Jinyu wrong, jade identification certificate is also a problem. Immediately, he complained to the market regulator, and asked the shop for a refund. Market regulators remind consumers to buy jade to be cautious. Couples encounter Encounter 'Crying elevator' trapped for half an hour before the net coffee about the finish, happy to prepare to go home, in an instant it was trapped in a closed elevator for more than half an hour. Last night, in Jiangdong Silver Leader Elevator, a pair of lovers experienced a scared 'elevator'. International gold prices fell Yiwu gold jewelry sales were not significantly affected due to the market for the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates in September is very strong, the international price of gold has been malaise. Yiwu, China reporter learned from the golden street in Yiwu, Yiwu gold jewelry sales have not been significantly affected. A business person in charge told reporters, Yiwu gold jewelry market ushered in the boom since late August, has continued until now. T shirt with Meng Meng da fake tie, the school uniform is very mix and match This afternoon, China Yiwu network reporter followed the parents came to Qingyan Liu Kindergarten, saw a cool uniform. According to the kindergarten principal, this school uniform is a kindergarten gift for children as children's day, van cleef and arpels copy necklace taking into account the summer children sweat easily, chose the more breathable T-shirt and shorts. In addition to these international range of children, sports range of children's uniforms, around you there Meng Meng Dai school uniform it? Welcome to China Yiwu network (WeChat: China Yiwu) broke the news! Monthly average file 5000 pieces! Yiwu postal courier can directly receive domestic packets It is understood that since August 9 this year, Yiwu postal companies to deliver package reform, the courier changed the original 'can only deliver newspapers, letters,' can be directly Lanhuo packets received business. Month, Yiwu postal service received 566 standard express delivery. At present, Yiwu postal company lifted by the deliveryman received a monthly average domestic packet up to 5,000. Yiwu special education is quite effective Disabled students still need social support In the past year, Yiwu City, a total of 337 volunteers Yiwu eligible age disabled students, of which three types of disabled students enrollment rate of 98.35%. There were 161 Yiwu disabled students attending regular classes in all primary and secondary schools in the city, accounting for 47.78% of the total number of eligible disabled children and adolescents. For the employment of special students, Yu Qiao Long, president of Yiwu Xinguang Experimental School, said: 'We should attach importance to the employment of students with disabilities and strengthen their vocational education so that students can find ways to make their own contribution to their own efforts.' Zhu Xinqi's 'Non- - Make paper-cut into a new business card Yiwu Culture Recently, Jinhua City, the second batch of non-heritage 'Yiwu paper-cut' representative inheritor Yu Junjin paper-cut works 'Kowloon Figure' won the Silver Award. Yiwu Paper Cutting Arts Research Association, Zhu Xinqi hopes to be able to make paper-cut in two years Yiwu a ringing cultural business card. Yiwu Yi Jindian last night was robbed 'strange customers' kidnapped more than 20 million worth jewelry more than 9 points last night, China Yiwu Network reporter received Netizen rebellion Renxi Road, Suxi Town, a gold jewelry shop was robbed. Contact the owner Mr. Wang learned that the robbers robbed the store is the big piece of gold, a total of more than 40 pieces, including dozens of bracelets and some bracelets, about 1 kg worth 200,000 yuan or more. At present, Yiwu police are trying their best to solve the suspect. Illness into the community, seriously ill into the hospital, rehabilitation community Yiwu to promote grading treatment Recently, China Yiwu Network reporter learned that Yiwu City Health System has launched public hospitals to support community health services for many years, 13 community hospitals and urban comprehensive The hospital signed the 'Hospital Hand in Hand Community Engineering and Technical Cooperation Agreement', established a hand in hand cooperation, agencies, doctors, departments of three levels to provide help clover necklace van cleef inspired knock off for community hospitals, to carry out two-way referral work. Yiwu little guy long holiday riding a Thousand Island Lake to a walk that travel Recently, Yiwu love riding two guys taking advantage of 'parade vacation' riding Qiandao Lake, came a ride that ride. It is understood that Yiwu City, a dozen cycling clubs, will be held from time to time various short-distance riding activities. Love to ride a small partner to act quickly up, together to say a ride on the ride. 5 a business of a sentinel, a grid of Yiwu 210,000 market operators fight as a 'pioneer of peace'

6 'original' as 'create a' Yiwu help young entrepreneurs flourish

7 family wash with the same towel as a result of the family suffering from pink eye disease

8 Pinghu rookie group: focusing on Zhejiang made smart luggage debut Yiwu Fair

9 Yiwu sublimation printing: creative + fashion stationery to the foreign markets

10 'Yiwu Garment Manufacturing Industry Cluster Exhibition' Cheng Yi Expo new force

1 'Technology Security' help Yiwu Fair

2 HD Gallery Yiwu Day the first day of all the major pavilions

3 bites are blessed! Yiwu Port imported nuts from Australia and South Africa for the first time

4 Yiwu Zhejiang Fourth Hospital set up more than 3,000 number three source free grab

5 Jia Wenhong, Director of Yiwu Economic Commission: Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Industries and Optimizing the Economic Structure of Yiwu
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DNF play ice battle time vs abyss devil enhance contrast

Dungeon and Warriors play ice combat time vs abyss devil enhance contrast

I am your good friend, less feather, yes, I am back, now is also very busy, for a long time did not out Raiders, just the b sets of graduation, just done Under the comparative analysis, hoping to give more friends some reference.

Leather in terms of ice knot is the nostalgic armor, and in this version of the 90 leather armor upgrade brought basically for the full-time job is very large, and fake van cleef rose gold necklace for such as ice knot into the map also add their own strong ice Career, the promotion should be bigger than other occupations will be a little bit more, as a non-European, I also upgrade leather a few days ago finished leather, so just did a harm contrast, to you icing knot Big brother can be considered as a reference bar

PS: lazy mode: Conclusion: Leather recommended after saving enough to upgrade together

90 leather upgrade before and after the panel contrast:

This comparison can be very intuitive to see that after the upgrade panel will reduce a large section, is a slight increase, in fact, there is a detail, that is, magic crit, because before the upgrade, with the spicy chicken badge, time comes Crit, it is easy to full, after the upgrade clothes pants are 3 +3 crit, the skin is 3 +2.2 crit, pet blue equipment 5 crit, Halo intelligence badge, if the skin more than one 3 crit badge Can be over 100, but it does not matter, because sooner or later will change the right seat for the throne, all skills +1 (crit +1, comprehension +1) will be more 2:00 crit (ps: My platinum badge is not comprehend, so If you are, then you can 2 more crit), so crit is an upgrade after we first consider the issue, every 1:00 crit will probably lose about 0.5% damage value, on the crit brought Everyone can find online, here is not elaborate, and anyway, upgrading is not small

And then look under the upgrade 1 4 b sets and the time of the five pieces of contrast it (not necessarily particularly accurate, not many tests, probably under the comparison is good, for reference)

(PS: Please ignore the damage value shown in the test, into the map directly hit, certainly not high, probably to enhance or reduce the percentage of contrast is good)

From the above test can be seen in the case of a single injury time 5 will be higher than the injury after the upgrade 14 b sets 6% 9% such a gap (ps: Of course there must be some error and Not many measurements to take the average, it is good to do reference)

Then take a look at the contrast between Time 5 and Abyssal Devil 5 (as these 7 skills were killed after the upgrade, so here are just a few of these skills):

PS: Some may have questions, 45 skills upgrade seems to be more than other skills, in fact, is the same, but probably before the test when two small icicles may hit only one, resulting in the back of the test after the upgrade is high , Some people would say that the passive perception of 2 is not the same, probably because I finally put the ice bloom, put it to death, has not triggered 2 passive, so replica van cleef necklace clover hurt it low)

From the above tests we can see that the abyss of the abyss brought about about 34% improvement (in the open dig buff, is about 400 strong when) can be seen in the upgrade 1 4 damage but reduced If the team has a milk father may be a little bit of promotion, but not much), but the upgrade after the upgrade is quite obvious 5, and then upgrade the first one, you will be less 25% crit, In general, if it is with the fragrance, it will be difficult to full of crit, a double endless (ring + bracelet), full of crit is still relatively easy, so considering, it is recommended after praise 5 material upgrade

Here to say that, in the case of time, the ice on the street about 200 small ice who equally create the truth damage is higher than the prehistoric, and upgrade the abyss of the devil, I take myself as an example, my shortage of ancient is an increase of 12, 45 Magic attack, the truth is to strengthen 11,40 magic attack, after the upgrade, not to open the magic of the barbarity and the truth of the damage is almost exactly the same, I used before the upgrade is the truth, after the upgrade to use the Arakan, although after the upgrade Not open the same magic can create the truth or the truth, but after all, the property is still white or diluted, I have to give me an example, as we upgrade what depends on their own equipment to create the situation (ps: Wand

In addition to say that my equipment to create the situation (ps: left and right slots to be changed sooner or later so do not want to spend energy to engage in a three artifact):

Earrings, right groove to strengthen the rest to increase

Enchanting situation:

Armor, Weapon: 45 Mocking x3, Powerbolt x3

Jewelry: 20 ice strong

Left and right trough: Antu Orb, 15 generous white gold badge: 2 8 four-dimensional, without their skills

Shoulder-free Baozhu, fashion without Baozhu, belt shoes with Orb, left slot ice badge, right channel ice badge (now ignore the version, ice reduction has been followed, but the speed support for dress up) Resident level: 16

The current version of the dress is not difficult to pile, but the ice knot also welcome their own buff revision, after the revision in the perfect dress compared to the current rate of about 34% improvement, due to the revised dress up for 6 sets, so After the revision, 6 in different world, skill level 20, and out of four different places green atmosphere for the perfect dress, as for how with the small partners to be based on their own situation.

PS: (After the revision, I can only fake van cleef necklace clover empty out three different parts of the green atmosphere of spare parts, due to a long time ago do not know buff revision, wasted a platinum badge, also confiscated the title anniversary title did not get, really a pity)
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Chapter 36 Angel Snow

Back to the dorm, Zhang Tao Road is seen to teach the patriotic and Shu Wen with meditation, Li Xuan told the first road soon said that they should practice well, they have to find a place for a few days retreat, by the way tell Liu Xiaoyan, lest she worried about arrangements All good, Li Xuan once again came to the 'small world', casually found a place to sit down, come up with the production of combat jade Jane, carefully studied together, after several turns of research, and finally understand something, this fighter Production design is divided into several parts: the central control part of the combat system part of the armor part, there is energy supply part of the combat system, armor, energy supply three parts better, when Li Xuan To the central control part of the time to commit suicide, it is in the manufacture of combatants? Is almost deadly, the central control system has hundreds of millions of light array method, and these array method must also be interlocked, precision arrangement, can not have the slightest error, it is simply more complicated than the CPU design Li Xuan count the time , Came in a long time, do not go out, come in a little bit of performance did not get out, how to get out to see them Li Xuan really headache, out of the senior combatants in the bracelet, this senior fighter will not speak but also the average person Thinking question? To see if she can make a good idea for yourself pinch the spiritual tactics, the beautiful angel appeared in front of Li Xuan, Gong Li stood up, so that Li Xuan very uncomfortable, fortunately now no outsiders, and now let her out is to give Li Xuan own ideas to look at the beautiful angel, think her body armor is so annoying, can only cover a small part of the body, there are more than half of the beautiful body exposed outside, fake van cleef ring replica might as well take off Really think of here, Li Hyun own high-level fighting people out of purpose are forgotten, Li Xuan asked this senior fighter: 'You can not pull off this body armor?'

Senior warrior heard Li Xuan's questioning, the mood did not change the slightest reply: 'back to adults, my body armor can take off, but in that case, my body will not be protected, will become very Fragile, fighting power will be only one-tenth of the original heard here, Li Xuan really want to immediately order this senior fighter to take off their body armor, take a look at her that I had wanted to see the wonderful body, but looked at her Without any expression of mood swings, Li Hyun found himself really out of line, actually will have a life that did not have such a bad attempt to produce fake van cleef and arpels wedding ring things, I really do not know how to cultivate their heart, actually would have produced this Downstream thought for a long time, Li Xuan found himself from beginning to end do not have the eyes of this senior combatant as a lifeless thing, but always regarded her as a beauty to see, will produce that kind of thinking Look at the idea of ​​a beautiful body, that figure, want to see the beauty of the body is not considered a down-thinking ideas After several turns of ideological struggle, imitation van cleef flower ring Li Xuan, or give up looking at this beautiful high Li Xuan looked up and looked at the front of the beautiful fighting people, and found that she still looked at himself without expression, can not say that there is no expression, and now she is the expression of the face exposed to Li Xuan as her master Kind of respectful expression, a pair of beautiful big eyes Gently watching Li Xuan, 'a small world,' a breeze blowing her beautiful long blond hair

'Do you have a name?' Li Xuan really saw her as a woman, think of a beautiful woman without a good name that is a pity, if not for her to take a nice well, 'back to adults, I The name is 'day -3'. '

'Day -3, what is this name, how so strange, how does it sound like a number?' Li Xuan heard the name some strange 'Yes, this is our number, we do not have the same name as human beings , Our number is our name. 'Some senior senior combatants sadly said that the words of senior fighters have aroused Li Xuan's curiosity:' Then how are you compiled with this, I hear you say you are day -3 No. There any days -4, day -5, or -1 like the number?

'Our code is based on intelligence and combat. When we manufactured it, each of our senior fighters had a different intelligence and combat effectiveness. Some were smart but with low combat effectiveness, some with high combat effectiveness and low intelligence, Still others have special abilities. At that time, in order to differentiate us, the Kingdom of God made a series of high-intelligence, high-intelligence, high-intelligence and high-combat intelligence and combat capabilities, and each of them fought in accordance with its overall strength High and low numerical sort, I ranked in the category of comprehensive strength in the sky, so compiled for the day -3. 'Advanced warrior slowly explained the origins of the number of fighters Li Xuan If a person with a number to name, that this person It should feel sad, Li Xuan never regarded her as a tool, but also treated her as a woman, so she wanted to make her a good name Li Xuan thought for a while, said to her: 'you Do not call me any adults later, it sounds strange uncomfortable, after you call me Li Xuan good, your name day -3 is not good, I'll give you a name okay?

When Li Xuan, a senior fighter, heard this, he lost his normal calm panic and said, 'How can I, adults, can I address you by name.'

In God's Kingdom, people are quite intelligent about fighters and have been worried about it. If the fighters they create are so intelligent and powerful, and if they are rebellious, they will be hard to control. Therefore, At that time, strict hierarchy restrictions were imposed on the design of advanced fighters, and if one found that a fighter did not fulfill these hierarchical restrictions, the fighter would be destroyed, so when the advanced fighter heard Lee Hyun-jung When she directly called Li Xuan's name, he had a system of frightened Li Xuan who did not know the Kingdom of God. Seeing this senior fighter who was so alarmed, he thought he did not say anything. He asked why After that, Li Xuan thought that at that time, people were just right to limit the fighters. Just as the modern people are making robots, they are afraid that the robots will rebel. The fights of these fighters are so high. If the fighters do not control well, Let yourself in that era, control of thousands of combatants themselves, that maybe they will do so. But now only such a fighter, afraid of what Li Xuan think through to her, said: 'You do not be afraid, and now maybe you are only a senior fighter in this world, no one will be like you, listen to me, you Later call me Li Xuan or Big Brother also OK, I still account for the cheaper, and you are more than a dozen years old, who called you look so young, ah ... ... I'll call you after the snow is fine, and you Well, you are white, uh, not oh, can your hair change color? The golden color looks like a foreigner. '

Listen to a large section of Li Xuan, day -3 thought a bit excited to answer one by one Li Xuan's words: 'Yes, I'll call you Li brother, I will be snow, my hair made It's this color, but I'm energy and can change color. '

Snow replied Li Xuan's words, his mouth murmured, 'I can, like humans, have their own name, snow, nice, snow ... ...', the hair began to change color, only a while blonde hair Into a dark, supple black hair, snow finished some hair looked nervous after some Xuan, afraid they become unlucky, Lee Hyun will be angry Li Xuan looked finish the hair of snow, nice, golden with pretty, look Up like a western beauty, then now a black hair with the United States has become a beauty in China, and has another charm of the snow see myself finished hair, Li Xuan satisfied with a smile, my heart is also very happy, and now the minds of this senior fighter Li Xuan is all good, and at the same time afraid of themselves if they do not look good, Li Xuan will be unhappy, will not own, give yourself back to the furnace.
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DNF player measured exorcism fake van cleef and arpels perlee ring chameleon attributes increase data situation

Finally, summarize my personal recommendation of chakra equipment:

Aperture section:

Inheritance: Goddess Nightmare Wool robe level, the eternal purification leggings level, the king of the Book of Alaskan dragon fighter level, a high-tech chants ring, Carlua teach basaltic two, Spirit of friendship bracelet level , 2013 Spirit Spree title 0 2 level is a total of 7 9, fashion level 1, up to 10 deduct the bracelet or ring, the fake van cleef and arpels perlee ring price rest of the position: the death of the true meaning shoulder, waist, boots, magic stone, bracelets or rings, necklaces, a total of six Pieces, plus 24% ring part:

Inheritance: Nightwraps Starry Night imitation van cleef ring price Mail Level 1, Dawn Seven Star Leggings level, the king of the Book of Alaskan Dragon fighter level, high-tech chanticle ring level, God's endorsement (Wraith tomahawk) Level 3, friendship Spirit Bracelet Level 1, 2013 Spirit Spree Title 0 2 Level A total of 8 10 level, fashion level 1, up to 11 deduct the bracelet or ring, the rest of the position: Counter chance of shoulder, waist, boots, magic stone, bracelets or rings, Necklace, a total of six, an increase of 30% In fact, the equipment of the chakra chakras, including but not limited to these mentioned above, such as jackets, weapons, and other true purple, wear, powder weapons, etc. can be replaced. Bottom out of print are out of print, it does not work, so after the transfer, the ghost ship's task pants, can add chakra, and do one, both chakras have, is not bad

Above, once again summarize the Chakra after NB, the main data update, and different levels of chakra data from the previous 28 to 33, so that we can facilitate the early calculation. What? 33 data how come? I do not have the spirit bracelet friendship, the rest have, a total of 29, pet level 1, as well as shoulder waist boots enchant a level, which is not on the 33 level.
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Nanchang, Jiangxi Province before the Spring Festival what the best selling gold products

Recently, before the Spring Festival is the golden jewelry sales season, recently, the reporter visited a number of Goldsmith counters van cleef arpels ring knock off in Nanchang was informed that all kinds of jewelry to the theme of the Year of the Monkey and the 'New Year's Eve,' are the popular market, the major shopping malls, gold shop gold sales continue Warming up In order to understand the situation of the gold consumption before the Spring Festival, the reporter recently visited some gold counters in the Old Town of Nanchang. At Gold counters such as Chow Tai Fook (01929) and Chow Sang Sang (00116), the citizens who come to consult the price are female, They like more fashion accessories. Miss Chow is picking gifts for her boyfriend. Boyfriend is a monkey, so she is ready to pick a golden monkey to give him. Counter staff introduced to her: Our brand has thousands of stores, and even the official website for online check for authenticity, so for the fineness of gold, you can be absolutely assured that according to a brand marketing Miss Zhang introduction, the current shopping malls in Nanchang Gold counter price of 305 yuan per gram, although the international price of gold in January there has been a big rebound, but in general the price of gold is still low, grandparents like to buy the Lunar New Year during the Spring Festival gold souvenirs for children, in recent years, The country gradually release the second child, more babies in each family, the current variety of ornaments to the theme of the Year of the Monkey are popular market, sales are also rising Old Street gold shop

Citizens just need strong

Compared to the popularity of the counter, Gold Street, Laojin Street, it seems a lot of fun. Reporter arrived in Nanchang East Yu Pavilion Street, see the gold shop counters covered with a wide range of jewelry, an array of items. Customers come to buy a lot, including many provinces and cities in the accent, some of them fancy pendants, and some in ring Zichun citizen Zhao and Miss Sun just finished marriage certificate, intends to do the Lunar New Year banquet, after a few Fan contrast, in one of the stores to pick a complete set of gold price to prepare to pay the price. Miss Sun and reporters chatting said: 'It is about to New Year, Nanchang knock off van cleef arpel ring just to do something, listen to local friends here cheap goods, hurriedly come to see. I buy more, bracelets, necklaces, earrings What, a full set of buy can let the boss a lot cheaper. '

Gold shop sales staff said: 'Our gold prices on this street are similar, and now 235 yuan per gram, compared with the previous period has been rising.According to past experience, the price will rise slightly during the New Year, although The price is high during the Chinese New Year, but the number of buyers is still quite a lot. '

Laojin Street, an endless stream of gold shops, on the one hand is the rigid demand of citizens, on the other hand is a lot cheaper than counter gold. Looks like the van cleef ring knock off jewelry, such as earrings, at least every gram can be cheaper eighty or ninety yuan. This is not for the general public, not a small number on the Nanchang gold market, the situation, the Chinese gold franchise retailer Zhou Yixuan Zhou Xuhua, chairman opened the chatterbox: 'January 12 gold and silver coins gold price rose to 234 yuan per gram, While the lowest time ago was only 205. China's circulation of gold coins is commissioned by the People's Bank of China, China Gold Coin Corporation production, distribution, sale of gold and silver coins price is different from the gold price, which in addition to the value of gold and silver itself , Also has

Understand the variety of commodities and gold and silver investment account, feel 24 hours of continuous varieties, T +0 flexible trading, access to more trading opportunities in the disk, close contact with NASDAQ listed company investment team, please leave your contact in the box below the way.
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Chapter 63 Interior Space

'Well, good, not bad.Now you have a more space tool, there is a space to move later.' Generals did not envy this time, maybe he understood that his own destiny and Jiang Chen has been connected Together, no matter who gets, and finally are in the final battle to prepare for 'I am tired now, to practice, I do not know when this drop of essence can practice.' Jiang Chen was also very happy, but he Very tired, no spirit and the minister to speak, 'Do not ah, practice is not in a hurry to see what is in this space inside. If more than a few immortal, then you later comprehension when confused, do not worry about it The Master used it. 'The minister had many doubts about the Black King's Staff. First of all, why did a space instrument appear in the secular world? Logically, no one would easily throw such a baby casually. Secondly, it is this space method that is actually a masterless thing. He wants to know what kind of existence the former master of this space object was trying to lift the doubts in his heart. Only in the space inside the black scepter May find some clues 'Do not extravagant, this black prince was only under the product, but there may be a fairy! Even if it has long been taken away.' Jiang Chen honestly do not know what to say What, but he still admire minister's imagination, dare to think. Sinister, think you can think of it?

'You kid, do not talk nonsense, go in and see do not know.' The minister said 'good, go in, go in.' Saying the idea together, they came to a dark space in this space is large, very large, at least At a glance, there is no margin. However, there is nothing in this, lifeless, the environment here so that Jiang Chen think of the hell Cao Fu, but there is no ghost here Bale Bale And here too quiet, some quiet people scared. If you let a person stay here all the time, I am afraid that person must not go crazy 'This is really great!' Jiang Chen admired. He had also used Qiankun bags before, but after a thousand years of sleep, Qiankun bags have been broken, and the things inside have always remained in that space. He used Qiankun bags only a few square meters of space, usually put yourself Feijian, Lingshi and some appendices were knock off van cleef arpels ring used to the limit. He knew that Master had a space bracelet, but the space inside was just over a dozen square meters. However, it was quite advanced at that time in comprehension. However, Compared with here, there is absolutely no comparability. I am afraid that this space can no longer be calculated in units of square meters, and are slightly less than the hectares, showing how big there is. 'If it is the same as an ordinary knock off van cleef & arpels wedding ring space appliance, then there is no such thing knock off van cleef ring price as a cracked stone Now the black wand level is too low, so here looks gray.When it reaches the level of celadon, or artifact, the view inside will change with, and even to your mind to go Build, let it become a world .If it can be promoted to innate spiritual treasure, or a chaotic artifact ... hey, too far, do not say. 'The minister also realized he was thinking too far, simply do not say' So powerful, when can I live in it? 'Asked Jiang Chen,' of course, and you are the master of the space, and all the rules here are set by you. , But also can be used to trap the enemy, of course, the premise is that each other's realm can not be higher than you too much. 'Generals replied,' I did not expect, I got such an incredible magic, my luck Really is not an ordinary good 'this time Jiang Chen came to understand why the minister would like jealous that he' did not know ah, 'the minister said:'.!. But unfortunately, there is no a few cents, or else too perfect. '

'You content enough, get such a magic weapon, I already contentment.' Jiang Chen slightly despised the minister 'is also, 咦 ... ...'

'What's the matter, do not find anything?' Jiang Chen also followed the nervous look up, heart, is it really a fairy? This is too much of what it is 'Well,' the minister said: 'This time, your kid really take the dog shit shipped.'

'Is there really a fairy here ?, then, tell me soon.' Jiang Chen looked forward to shout immortal ah, even more than the top spiritual good thing. In his memory, there are only a few elders of the division door, and he never met him. Those are the town treasures inherited by Shushan for thousands of years and are used to support the inheritance of Shushan. Therefore, not only can any of his masters who can be owned by him have only one Zhonglin Spirit, There is only one top-grade treasure now, actually met the immortal. He can not be excited? 'Look at you, saliva dripping onto the ground quickly .When I say there is a fairy.' The minister said disdain 'ah!' Jiang Chen burst of exclamation, quickly wiped his mouth and asked Said: 'What, no, you just did not say ...'

'Really, I just said that there is a good thing here, when to say that there is a cents. And then, even if there is higher than the magic Momento? I really do not know how long your mind is, you got chaos artifact seal Magic monument time, did not see you this way. 'Jiang Chen cursed.
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The second chapter to kill super fit monster

Ott's father Jean Teruo watch Esce, Severn's fight, learning the timer flash and the bundled rays (said, Leo, Eddie died, people Taylor has not been to the earth, ye ye go? Leo when your prince to go, Aidi?)

Tyrolean careful observation of Esce, Severn's one trick, thoughtfully, will be able to operate Este timer light can be very skilled to use. The convergence of the rays is Tyrolean fusion to Stellar light, so, the birth of the New Stellar light, a few years earlier than before (New Stewart Light played for the first time in 33 episodes, from which to infer) the father of Ott Also let Taylor watch Essey is how to defeat the Asian wave Jack, how to defeat that barrier monster (I rub, Otto Monogatari even a name do not say), and then simulate the battle scenes, the final Tyrolean calmly broke. Ten minutes earlier than before, because Taylor was sealed memory slowly solved. So that college students know that they have become Taylor, what to do in accordance with the story, but to advance, otherwise, the universe. . After training Taylor exhausted exhausted, after adding energy through the electro-optic bath, the United States and the United States fell asleep. In the dream, Tyrolean seemed to have returned to her childhood in her trance, her gracious and kind father, her loving tender mother, her naughty adorable boy. One of the things that happened to Tyrolean memories was that Terrell, who had dreamed himself being eaten up by a devil at a time when he was flying in the cosmic universe, was in a shambles, though he was already mentally prepared. However, the horrors of Chanda far beyond his imagination. So, thought to want to go, or decided to tell the news to the father of Ott when Ott's father knew, looked grim up: 'Costa Rica, to be resurrected.' 'Dad, what is the character of Chanda ah 'Although he knows the origins of the cosmos, but Taylor has to install 13. Ott's father said:' The cosmos is the chief culprit in cosmic space warriors, possessing the ability to control monsters and monsters, but I do not have the flesh , He is the incarnation of evil.Month 50,000 years ago, the power of many companions I have gathered will be corrected by the distorted universe, but even more frightening is that every time he falls, he will resurrect tens of thousands of years later. , It seems you have to do the last special training if you can succeed, you are super-class Ott warrior.

'Ultra-class .. Otter warrior, um, ok.Daddy, we're starting now.'

On Earth, the terrible Baltar star appeared. He destroyed unscrupulously. As the most monster against Altman, the shot is not generally ruthless. It was at this critical juncture that Severn Altman, who had never played against the Balthasar star among the five Ott brothers, appeared. (Saiwen music, sounded, 赛文 赛文. Uh, ran the problem)

Saiwen posed poss appearance after the attack on the Baltar star. The Balthasar star was still at a disadvantage when it first started, but the Balthasar star did not bully Cygwin. The use of stealth, raid attack two ways to kill the game retreat retreat. But is it so weak? Ruoyouruowu, Leo, Cerro, but also how come out? Saiwen use Ott to read, and soon found the position of the Baldan star, Saiwen apart from anything to say an ice ax cut in the past. Baltar star melee defense fragile even eight light wheel can not stop, how could stop the race text ice ax? The Baltar star did not forget to cry before he died. 'King of the universe.'

Saiwen heard after: 'bad, da da, I haveten to inform everyone.' Sai Wen launched Ott Star Ott signature Taylor and Ott's father is still the ultimate training, this time Thai Luo either fighting ability or endurance are much better than before, so finally in Otto's father Chun Chun teachings, comprehend this super skills. Ott's father is also very pleased. Soon, they received the signature Saiwen, began to prepare for a place in the universe

'Ha ha ha ha, my darling has finally risen.Of the father, I must report to the enemy 50,000 years ago, Hippolyte star, with your specialty oil to the earth, the Altman leads them. '

When the Hippolyte stars went to destruction on the earth and Ais appeared to stop it. The beginning of Ace with strong fighting skills to gain the upper hand, however, Hippolyte Star with despicable means again and again to knock Ash down to the ground, and finally Aspen was turned into a bronze statue, Ott signature has been successfully fired Out to receive the signature of Estel's Ott, Zorro, Severn, Jack, the first four generations can not neglect to fly to Earth. After seeing the horrors of Es, are very sad. However, with the sudden appearance and conspiracy of the Hippodisters in their attacks on the first generation and Zofi, Severn and Jack escaped. Saiwen roared with Hippolyte star fight. And Jack where 'first generation brother, Zuo non-brother, damn, is not open ah, it seems only ...' Just ready to summon Ott bracelet Jack has also been starred to Hippolyte Saiwen painful, However, the Hippolyte Stars easily stealth, knock off van cleef and arpels turquoise necklace surprise attack, due to too much anger, Saiwen's IQ dropped a lot, so also was Hippolyte Star into the bronze statue of Taylor and Ott's father has just finished training, Are tired, just sit down how, Ott's mother opened the screen pointing and said: 'Bad, Zuo Fei them.' Tyro saw a flash of anger, had been very hated Hippolyte star, So apart from anything else went to Hippolyte star revenge. One can destroy him directly. Second, you can not let his father be seriously injured when the star of Hippopotamus barking, Taylor appeared. Hippolyte stars coldly asked: 'Who are you?' Tyro looking at the five bronze like eyes shining tears (Altman tears?), Looking back glare Hippolyte Star: 'Taylor , Teruo Altman, I am the brother of Ott five brothers, the son of Ott's father. 'Hippolyte star licked his mouth:' Since it is the brother of Ott five brothers, then you and their luck Go to hell. '

Stop saying, a trick rushed to Taylor. When Tyroleon dodged, he instead kicked the Hippocratic star a few steps back, and Hippolyte stars a little timid, but Taylor's attack had already arrived. The Hippolyte stars covered him in the same manner, but Taylor's move of the knock off van cleef vintage alhambra necklace Otter bomblets instead gave the pillars a chance. Another strokes of New Stley Light ends the life of the Hippolyte. Tyroon throws colored chronographs to the air, and the Ott five brothers are all resurrected. Everyone was surprised to see Taylor, and finally returned to the corner of the Universe of Light

'Damn, useless waste actually failed.Yan Luo, give me to the earth to destroy, the main star of the Ott Star attracted to the past.Lidden in the depths of the universe, the evil monsters ah, all come out.'

Many unnoticed dark corners of the universe, there have been many monsters, cosmobilistic them all together, all their energy to the super fit big monster: 'Super fit monster, I want you to tread Ott's star.'

However, the opposite of what one wishes, sent to the king of hell very fast was Ott's father (I rub, not right) to get rid of, and the super big monster was Ott five brothers against the Ott five brothers, started A fierce air combat. Sophie fired M87 light attack the other side, the first generation and Esce also launched a super-Spar Schmidt light and strengthen the Metarim light, but did not affect the king of Guran. Saiwen, Jack also fired electro-optic Emilim and Spear X-ray, Zofi also launched a B-type M87 light again, the first generation, Esi also released a trick here, has made a big bang. But still nothing this turn to the Qur'an Wang, he fired laser from the head, the Ott warriors escaped, Sevin, the first generation around him is preparing to launch the light, but was the tail of Gurant launched Light hit. The king of Guranz again hit the back of Jack from the head. Aisi, the first generation of using the kick kicked a big bang, but still no matter the king of the king of Zuofei see how are all hit but decided to pack him to Beret planet. We lead the king of Quran to the planet Beret - a dead star. Zofi again launched a ray of light to contain the Goodlander, and then guide everyone to fly to the planet. Ott brothers landed, collectively rushed to stop the monster, but it was all over. Fought for a while, but can be hit. The first shot Spatchim light hit the left shoulder of the King, but no effect. Zofi fired A-type M87 light, Esi also launched the Metalim light, still no effect, King Qurun emitted light, the Ott brothers quickly evaded the command to keep moving Zofi, otherwise it will be his life Target, the results of the Otto brothers so jumped. Zofi grabbed his tail while the king of Guran was confused, but was thrown away. Ott brothers turn to use the kick did not effect the final Tyroleon appeared, the mother of Ott launch signature so that we all the energy to Taylor (Ott six brothers song sounded), Taylor made a training session of the timer Glitter, Cluster Beam, Saiyan Fly, Jack Meteor Kick Grande Super Fit Monster. Finally, a trick will kill Terios - the miracle of the universe light (believe that played the evolution of fighting will know how strong this trick) to kill the super-fit monster, and this trick has become the favorite of Taylor's future One of the great stunts, Tero, recognized by the Father of Ott as a super-class van cleef and arpels turquoise necklace replica monster by eliminating super-fit monsters, is the first-rate Ott soldier and the next messenger of the earth. The road ahead is still bright.
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Xu You Gang, former deputy commander of the large construction headquarters in Chaohu City, has confronted millions of people for trial

During his eight-year tenure, he took advantage of his rights and received bribes van cleef arpels butterfly necklace copy of up to 1.6 million yuan. Eventually be 'greed' to pull off the horse. On the van cleef and arpels turquoise necklace replica morning of October 19, Xu Hegang, the former commander of the Urban and Rural Construction Committee of Hefei Municipality and deputy commander of the large construction headquarters in Chaohu City, was involved in a court hearing in Hefei Intermediate People's Court. According to the prosecution's allegations, from 2007 to 2015, Xu Yougang During the work of the Urban and Rural Construction Committee of Hefei City and the deputy commander and deputy director of the Office of Large Construction of Ren Chaohu City, they received a total of 1.07 million yuan, 50,000 yuan, 0.3 million euros and 220,000 yuan worth of shopping cards RMB 0.7384 million bracelet From 2007 to 2010, Liu, head of Anhui Boao Property Investment and Development Company, paid a courtesy call on Xu Yougang for the project of 'Bo'ao Liyuan' invested and developed by his company , Repeatedly gave Xu Yagang 500,000 yuan in cash, 200,000 yuan shopping card in the prosecution accused Xu Gang of seven bribery fact, three are with Guangsha Construction Group, Anhui Venture Construction and Engineering Company. From 2012 to 2015, the general manager of the company and two project managers thanked Xu Yugang for their care and support and sent them a total of 240,000 yuan, 0.3 million euros, 50,000 U.S. dollars and 20,000 yuan shopping cards and one In addition, the prosecution also accused before the Spring Festival in 2013, before the Spring Festival in 2014, Hefei Shushan Greenland Comprehensive Development Company, a project manager to thank Xu Yaguang for its Green Project in Chaohu Lake to give care and support , Two times to send 250,000 yuan in cash; Hefei Dawei Jian'an a project manager gave Xu Yogang its 70,000 yuan in cash. In addition, a decorative business manager of Baohe District, Hefei, Xu get just to get care, give him 10,000 yuan in cash that the prosecutor, Xu You just as a national staff, the convenience of his position to seek benefits for others, illegally accepting other people's property, Criminal facts are clear, the evidence is indeed sufficient, should be held for the crime of accepting bribes the trial of the morning of that day, the defendant Xu Gang just honestly admitted the prosecutor's bribery fact, only some of the objections to bribery. Defense counsel believes that Xu You just surrendered themselves, take the initiative to account the facts of the crime and whistle knock off black van cleef necklace on others, meritorious acts, it is recommended that the court dealt with leniently.
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Chengdu, Chongqing, my 1993

The above table, spending deductions shopping, I spent a total of 14,000 yuan, mostly black van cleef necklace replica eat and drink, if you can save a lot of money, it can subtract half of my spending, proper room rate fare control is also important. No size shopping, like me to buy, quality should be optimistic, genuine and most important. I bought the mother's bracelet silverware, sister's jewelry, local products, snacks can be courier home, lest bring their own cumbersome oh. I'm not traveling in poor travel, too expensive, so go with my wallet.

PS: Prior to this, I was planning the itinerary in November 2015. It was originally a couple trip. However, I could not help but be separated by different places. We were too much like the last one who did not care who recommended: Ctrip can find partners, benefit the public, timely understanding Raiders travel, the same can be about together together. Attractions do not want to find a tour guide, but also want to understand the culture, you can search for attractions in the micro-channel to explain, direct headphones to listen to have attractions, really great trip to thank the brand above, did not give me the sponsorship Let us Into the topic, before entering Tibet is the normal need to first look at what you need to prepare, so as not to bring with the band, and forget the band, so really bad, if you are alone, Of course, a group of people will always be stronger than one. My planned journey and expenses are as shown above. Then follow the itinerary to get excited in Tibet. What I am prepared for is:

1, drugs amoxicillin, cold medicine, pharyngitis tablets, intestinal malformation, wound paste. Disposable Hygienic Mask Because Lhasa catkins flying in April / May, plus dusty, to protect your breathing, the most important 2, clothing and equipment assault clothing, camel shoes, canvas shoes, quick-drying T-shirt, sun hat, glasses, in Tibet You will encounter both extremely cold and heat, so do not add the clothing in time to prepare for the normal weather forecast will not be accurate, really 3, the best phone charm blue phone card is followed by mobile Unicom, IPAD, Canon SLR, 3 memory cards, 2 spare batteries, is the ordinary machine, tripod, wide-angle lens can be taken without, charging Po This is a good thing, because you may be on the car no electricity Oh, electric Razor I am a boy 4, miscellaneous L'Oreal sunscreen, BB Cream, horse oil, facial cleanser, wet towel over there is very dry, I really is a boys paper towel, pen, notebook, towel toothbrush, Coffee, chocolate, some snacks, smoke, afraid there are fake, it turned out to be true 24-inch luggage Tips? Luggage best put on the bag with the fruit band can be van cleef arpels butterfly necklace imitation bought in the nearest place, Lhasa more expensive, more expensive around . A Bao Tao goods the most convenient, but also fast. Looking down we start with things startling with a box of a bag, enough to consume all the way, remember what to bring chocolate snacks above is part of the thing. Basic with 24-inch luggage can get some people choose to take 318, riding, carpooling, poor tour, me?

I did my homework before I went to Lhasa and went to 318 to ride. Time was my biggest obstacle. Carpool at least eight days to Lhasa, this will not work, from Chengdu to Lhasa or Xi'an into Lhasa, is my two choices, I compare with each other about the same. Take 318, bumps can see the beauty, and sometimes can not see, but it will certainly meet a group of partners, the scenery along the way. Finally walked from Xi'an. Chengdu direct flight will not know whether their body can be promptly integrated into the plateau, careful oh.

April 18, flying from Xi'an Xi'an. On Gulangyu again toss a day, a small fresh favorite, may meet the favorite object, said the simple intimacy, simple is my food above is my stay, Room 168, the inside is full, the function is Complete, very fortunate. My friend's main road outside the city looking for more than 200 is not as good as I look for, this is my convenient transportation, very close from the train station but small partners can only play with Xi'an, can not travel together to Tibet, which is what I said in front Everything is full of uncertainty.

Above this is the hotel to provide group tours and prices, basically all of this price, do not fall into what 5 yuan tour of Xi'an. Speaking before the delegation a good spot and the exact schedule of the day to avoid being cut yo. Xi'an airport and get off the airport green line, do not find a black car, because then you will regret it.

I have a day trip with my companions, they are Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Pool, Lishan. The more I cheated, the more I cheated. I thought of eating, but I did not eat too much food because I Is a cook, you want to eat spicy crab?

Damn! This is trotters ah, look at me memory. Or Hui Street food and more, the top month Oh van cleef arpel alhambra necklace copy Well, because I made the too popular relationship between spicy crabs have been unable to take a complete picture of a crab, then the next time this above, that is him, do not look at the beat Well, in fact, there is an accident, I want to make it public This is the card in Yongxing Square to buy, 10 yuan a bowl, when you see these beating on the frying board, twisting and twisting with aroma That appetite comes. When I took the card brush finished, the boss apart from anything else just lift up with just touch the stove with a glove of gold right hand, a grasp, is a chic hand grab ah. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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90 young women dating half a year cheated 2.6 million each other is unmarried mother

Chutian Metropolitan Daily reporter Bi Yun Shao Feng Shen Shen correspondent

Two young women after 90, a 24-year-old, a 22-year-old are all young mothers whose children are over one year old. One in Hubei Ezhou, one far in Hunan Xinshao County. Half a year, the former who spent more than 260 million in the latter body, an average of more than 10,000 yuan per day what is the purpose? Marry TA! The former thought TA is 'him', a ready to divorce his wife, rich handsome until June of this year 13 days ago came to Ezhou City Public Security Bureau Echeng Branch Phoenix police station reported that she did not know that crazy fascination that TA, is actually a 'she'!

Yesterday, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter interviewed this strange case was arrested when the hand wearing a 13 million Hermes bracelet

At about 11 noon on June 13, a young couple looked flustered and reported to the Phoenix Police Station in Ezhou City. This is exactly the 24-year-old prime (pseudonym) and her husband. The prime of the husband is a building materials business, usually his wife did not care about asking for money, but the past six months, prime factors spend too much, he could not pinch, he asked, said prime was cheated The money police were cheated how much money, said to be cheated more than 260 million, including a Maserati luxury car. As for how to be cheated, she was in front of her husband's face and said nothing. It seems unspeakable due to the large amount of deceived, Ezhou City Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the day afternoon set up a special investigation of detection of cases. Detected by the police through technical means the other side called Yang Jie (a pseudonym), Shaoyang City, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, night special class of police drove to four o'clock on the June 14 when the special police in Hunan, the local police With the cooperation, Shaoyang City, Hunan Shaoyang Yang Jie's home she caught. At that time she and her parents and her 1-year-old daughter was sleeping in the police immediately from her closet to find a large number of international luxury goods, bags, shoes, clothes with the police on the police car before she changed pajamas, change On a set of home service. 'On the above a T-shirt, the following a pair of shorts, the kind of casually dressed at home, she told us that it was five or six thousand dollars to buy, scared me.Search out those clothes shoes bags, I have a lot of brands Do not recognize, not you tell me now, I do not understand .A hand wearing a bracelet, and then we sent her to the detention center when required to copy van cleef and arpels bangle remove, she repeatedly told us to save me, this value Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed, Ezhou Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Squadron police handling Ge Airlines sighed and told reporters until Yang Jie was escorted to Ezhou, only to know that he was with Su Weixin Love that love more than six months of high handsome handsome Yi Bin, turned out to be 2 years younger than herself a woman, but with their own, there is a more than a year old daughter in the Wealth of friends in the circle

Ezhou is how the elements with the far away in Hunan Xinshao Yang Jie intersection happen?

Things have to start in 2015 Speaking of Weixin in 2010, Su Weixin met a micro-business, called Wen Yibin, her time to do beauty and health products purchasing business, often to Wen Yi Bin's friends circle look. Wen Yi Bin often in their own circle of friends sunbathing their sunshine high-end life. For a while in Japan, for a while in South Korea, often consumed in high-end places, wearing a luxury are used ... ... Image is also handsome, like a tall handsome In November 2015, the two developed into love to talk about love Yi Bin Saying to the prime, he is married and has a wife and two children, but he has been running in Japan and South Korea for many years. He is a completely trapezeless person and takes care of his home without any flaws. His wife is not good with his elder at home. My mother, because of his van cleef alhambra bracelet replica feelings with his wife is not good, are ready to divorce. Very much like to meet with Wen Yibin, even if the video is a bit, again or tactfully or directly to make such a request, but Wen Yi Bin has always rejected with a variety of reasons. Sometimes said that he is in a foreign country, sometimes said his wife in the side, in short, is a variety of decline, but the prime never suspected Wen Yibin, her reason do not know what magic sucked away again and again through WeChat, Alipay, online bank transfer Wen Yi Bin and other ways to fight money. In addition to spend a huge sums of money from Wenyi Bin hand to buy a variety of beauty products, health products, is to follow Wenyi Bin arrangements to buy a variety of first-line luxury, it is Wenyi Bin said to send Give her Wenyi Bin often to give prime to send clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, are the international luxury line, but he never spend money, always have the money first element in the online shopping. However, prime until the incident, prime never received Wenyi Bin gave her those luxury goods, and those good things, all in addition to Yang Jie's wardrobe in addition to luxury, prime also follow Wenyi Bin Command, generous time and again from Wenyi Bin to buy a variety of beauty products, health products. Only one kind of 'platinum whitening needle', prime from December 2015 has been remitted to Wen Yibin hundred million element thought divorced with her husband, married Wenyi Bin, but Wen Yi Bin always with a variety of reasons In April 2016, van cleef bracelet fake alhambra Wen Yibin said he wanted to be prime in Japan and wanted to meet with him in Japan. In order to handle a Japanese visa, Wen Yibin said that in Japan, What prime dollars to his sixteen or seventy thousand so expensive visa processing fees? Prime also do not believe that hundreds of dollars can be done on Taobao. However, the final prime or Wen Yi Bin is a variety of rhetoric to coax the money over the 'love token' is a Maserati

Wen Yi Bin is not completely broken prime vegetarian want to get married thought, in order to appease vegetarian, he proposed to buy a Maserati sports car to give prime, as they will get married in the future gifts, but also their love token. However, he said a temporary cash flow, however, requires the first element of padding, after which he repay the money back to prime factors for this relationship, prime bite fight money 960000 yuan to Wenyi Bin bought a Maserati, as they Love token. Wen Yibin said that in order to avoid divorce property to be separated by his wife away, this car to hang in the name of his aunt, aunt to 12,000 yuan fee, the money, the prime also out. Wen Yibin also said that because of divorce, his mother was hospitalized with ailment, spent more than 20000, the money, had to be out of prime, prime also gave this car, the police arrested on June 14 After Yang Jietao, Yang Jietao's family night shift hiding up, and later under the deterrence of the police, only by a relative of Yang Jietao opened to Ezhou.
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