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Chapter 0002 Qiankun bracelets

Qin Fei ran to pick up broken into two pieces of bracelets, eyes all sorts of 'a waste, you listen to the end of three days after the ceremony, I called my grandfather to copy van cleef and arpels bangle your sister promised me, you go back to call She was washed clean waiting for the door! 'Qin Wei ferocious Road, with two servants turned away Qin Fei looked at the palm of his hand broken into two sections of the bracelet heart cut this bracelet is the mother gave him This is the only thing the mother left him with stiff and rigid back to his place, out of control, this is a remote courtyard, simple layout, it is very desolate 'Brother, you come back! I'll give you a call Wash the face! 'A petite little girl ran out of the room, looked Qin Fei face bruising and bloodstains, there is no detailed inquiry, the past two weeks, almost every day such a scene, she knew why , Also do not want to ask more imitation van cleef and arpels bangle than silently to the basin, she was rubbing the face of the Qin Fei sand, while wiping tears, small and straight Yao nose pumping a towering, endure not cry out loud Was excited cold water, Qin Fei raised his eyes, watching the girl, eyes Guo Xue painful mother, daughter of his mother, three years younger than him, when Qin Fei was five years old, her mother went out, came back after her, raised her up, and later recognized her as her daughter now 16 Guoxue aged out slim, bright eyes white teeth, Liu Yemei big eyes, a glimpse are exulent young girls vigorous atmosphere, laughing mouth little dimple is always so copy van cleef perlee bangle touching, but why she is so beautiful? Let Qin Wei nasty bitch fancy!

'Brother, rice I have done a good job, we go to eat!' Guo Xue rubbed his face, eyes pity Road, 'you go eat! I have not hungry!' Qin Fei stood up and turned Body, fist squeezed tight, must not let Cher marry Qin Wei, he must find a solution!

Back to his house, Qin Fei desperate discovery, with the current state, simply can not save Guo Xue, once Qin Wei had an adult ritual, he asked Grandpa to marry Guo Xue's request, my grandfather will certainly agree once Qin Wei outstanding performance in the ceremony, the family will be vigorously cultivated him, he proposed such a family will certainly not objection to the only way to stop, unless he is still the former Qin Fei, Qin's first genius! A powerful practitioner! He gave a wry smile and looked at the broken bracelet in his palm. Now the only thing he can not even leave with his mother can not hold it any longer. How can he keep Guo Xue?

'Look at your sneaky, a big man will only cry sigh, you simply go find a piece of tofu killed!
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CELINE 2016 early autumn series

Inspired by the seventies style, early autumn series of this season continue to explore the experiment and play a clever playful design element rich in femininity, while also showing CELINE van cleef necklace alhambra copy consistent neutral style elements. In addition, this season also highlights the strong color performance, the new color combinations, into the maturity and elegant colors, and exquisite suede or ornate velvet and silk fabrics to further highlight this series of beautiful and vibrant van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace copy color hue: this season Refreshing, warm and sunny sunflower yellow, pumpkin red, orange, orange, jasper, light yellow green, forest green and soft mimosa and cream yellow, complemented by camel, maroon, nutmeg, and shades of gray Department of neutral colors, and dotted with simple black, white and cream. This season, the navy blue is only present in the classic wardrobe logo single product profile: this season's profile mainly emphasizes the female flavor elements, presents the following modeling focus:

1 over knee dress and pants stack:

The dress and trousers stack is one of the important shapes this season, this season different fabrics and tailored dress design a single product to show the freedom of the female charm apart, more for the wearer to provide a more free to wear the fun CELINE fashion jewelry has always been considered the design of the Trinkets, Band, Dot and Body Shape, Circular Series Trinkets series necklace, the abstract elements are superimposed combination of the necklace material selection of new ultra-light metal, with amber stone or blood Red jasper pendant, decorated with two-tone irregular copper, clothing has become the focus of this season with a single product;

Band series bracelet, the perfect combination of metal and natural stones, whether it is silver with jasper, or gold with sapphire, and clothing color matching echoes this season, irregular wide bracelet metal parts by hand polished, while preserving the gem cut Natural shape

Dot series bracelets, this season has added a new series of Dot bracelets, decorated with beads in the closure of the named after the selection of natural stones this season, and bronze bracelets covered with soft and rich color mink;

Body Shape bracelet, resin material, used in the production of the right wrist mold to create a distinctive color plus the natural flow of resin texture, perfect fit when worn with the right wrist;

Circular series of earrings, simple circle van cleef necklace alhambra imitation design, lightweight metal texture, this season's clothing series of wild single product.
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Dulong no history of the text, mainly in carved wood, tie the way to record and pass information. In the 1950s, a group of Nihonanese people (one of the Dulong clans) in Burma, Kyrgyzstan Dijiku created a Latin alphabet that uses the standard dialect of Niigata Used to translate the Bible for use among the local people. In 1979, according to the wish of the people of Dulong nationality, Gongshang County Cultural Center's Dulong cadres Muli Gate.John in Yunnan province Minority Language Guidance Committee comrades by the dragon Comrade Yun, on the basis of the Japanese Wang Wen Dulong Kong Village hole when the village side of the words of the standard tone point created a Dulong language Pinyin program. December 1983 in Yunnan Province Minority Language Guidance Committee discussed at the second enlarged meeting. Since 1984, it has been piloted in Dulong cadres and masses and received warm welcome and support from all people. After the founding of new China, the Dulong people began to learn advanced calendar to learn scientific farming calendar and became a reference for folk farming. Dragon people gradually abandon the original natural calendar and adopt the same calendar with the Han nationality. However, there are still folk custom 'sowing months', 'harvesting months' and 'lunar new year'. The general elderly are not accustomed to the use of the calendar and still change the natural phenomenon as a symbol of production National costume: Dulong traditional clothes usually wear black and white straight intersecting linen or cotton cloth under the hood used to wear a piece of cloth from the armpits left shoulder Diagonal to the chest diagonally exposed left shoulder right arm, a corner of the left shoulder tied with a straw rope or bamboo needles to tie the crossbow, arrows and machetes. Women wear a tinted rattan ring at the waist with colorful beadings, chest straps, earrings, and even coins and silver coins often worn on the neck and ears. Previously documented conventions. Women go out to be delicate body 身 身. Male and female do not wear cap and more hair disheveled barefoot. Dulong men in the past with a blanket over the back of the mantle from left to right tucked to chest tie under the shorts to cover the lower body. Woman with long fabric from both sides of the shoulder oblique to the knee around to the front around. Male and female are distributed before the eyebrow, after the shoulders are covered ear tip. Ears or rings or inserted into the refined bamboo. Dulong now generally wear a cloth clothing but still covered in striped clothing streaky carpet. Dulong accessories quite distinctive Both women and men like to rattan stained red as a bracelet and waist ring accessories. Men will be wearing a machete to go out, crossbow and arrow package woman's head wearing a large flower towel items beads. Dulong textile technology than the effectiveness of developed weaving linen blanket texture excellent color harmony distinctive clothing dual-use dual-use blanket: simple clothing in the past with one or two pieces of linen cloth wrapped in the whole body for the night for the night. Before the founding of new China Dulong clothing is very simple. Men and women use linen cloth width - single dragon blanket wrap as clothing. Dulong blanket width of 1 meter wide and 2 meters wide. After more oblique Phi left shoulder by the right shoulder to the chest at the right shoulder to tie the bare left shoulder right arm. Some women slap their shoulders to the knees with two slants. One at the waist with a tight rope cover before and after the other can be covered with natural. Dulong strong durable rugs can be used for day wear, night can be. Has been deeply loved by the Dulong people. After the founding of New China, from 1951 to the early 1960s, the country allocated a large amount of cotton underwear to the Dulong people every year. Later, with the rapid development of economy, culture and transportation in the Dulong region, various kinds of fashion are continuously imported into the Dulong region. But many Dulong people no matter what to wear clothes vintage alhambra necklace imitation still like to decorate the dulo blanket. Form a distinctive national style and characteristics of the times. Dulong blankets woven with a hand-waist machine. In the past with pure twine spinning. Since the founding of New China, cotton and wool from the Mainland have gradually entered the Dulongjiang area. Therefore, women like to use various colors of cotton, wool and twine. They have been mixing dulite blankets to make them softer. Striped ornamentation is more aesthetically pleasing, History: the last years of the Qing Dynasty Nu River local officials Xia Hu had conducted a field survey of the situation of the Dulong in its report describing the then Dulong clothing 'Men under the shorts haggard cover the body before and after the upper body to a cloth oblique side behind by the left shoulder left Tied to the chest before the left Peili edge right 篾 箩. 'Women's clothing is' with both sides of the long cloth van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace imitation from the shoulder to the knee outflanked around the left to the left from the waist to fasten the meat cover Its right and left are liberated from the right and left too. 'Until the eve of the founding of New China Dulong costumes did not change much. Most of those minor children are perennial perennial or only in the lower body around a small piece of linen cloth or a piece of about three fingers wide board, bamboo small things. After men and vintage alhambra necklace fake women's clothing is only a piece of linen. A man tied a hemp rope to his waist with a small piece of linen woven around his lower body or slipped it over his back with a linen cloth and then pulled one corner from his left shoulder and pulled the other corner from his right armpit to fasten his chest Serve. Some men also wrapped in a linen leggings. Female with two sackcloth respectively from the shoulders oblique wrap each other with a belt or rope tied to the upper body wrapped around a piece of linen wrapped from right to left to the front chest with a bamboo pin do not jail. Some women also have a small burlap headband on their heads. After the founding of China, Dulong clothing has changed a lot. Men's and women's clothing are basically the same as the Han nationality. Only part of the elderly still retain the traditional costume at home. Men and women are still accustomed to wearing a single dragon blanket on their body when they go out.
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Chapter IX Devil Weeping Brush Figure jewelry selection and price discussion

Status change level +6, I have to van cleef & arpels alhambra necklace fake explain about the properties of this necklace, the status change is the trigger probability and duration of various states, with the poison king easier to network resident, Devil May Cry ice more easily live in ice, for there Special effects of the job, this necklace property is NICE frenzy of the nucleus, +1 .5 IAS and release, team higher, I do not think what is the so-called artifact, (PK all know the most important move, the status of the king or not shake) Devil May Cry PK for a lot less effect, or Mani necklace is not explained, there is no use of the ring of volatility, cheap affordable!

Bracelet phantom of the Spirit, 5% makes his teammates increase 24 intelligence, the brush easy to use, especially those who gather a pile of intelligence Come on, this bracelet is about +50 intelligence, PK useless, do not buy

Hypnosis force for ideas, dark enhancement of about +18, and then with a Dark Elf ring dark enhancement +16, 3 dark enhanced card, heap dark strong to 70, Necromancer element black light brush pretty good, also Several professional use, but the necklace, taking into account the grief necklace, with which everyone on a matter of opinion, it is estimated that this thing is a fire-fighting device price Luo Wu blood jade bracelets, bleeding status changes +6 (increase the chance of bleeding) , Bleeding damage +20%, mad fighting with quite good, this thing van cleef turquoise necklace replica is most suitable for mad van cleef and arpels mother of pearl necklace fake war, other occupations to buy useless, for Devil May Cry, the bone blade must buy a hanick bleeding damage + 40%

Flash will bleed, so bleeding +6 no effect, do not buy, taking into account the occupation restrictions, this thing and Hanik's price is similar.
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Baoan set up the first smart wear industry in Shenzhen Technology Innovation Alliance

January 28, Shenzhen Baoan District Smart Wearable Technology Innovation Alliance in the national incubator - Bao'an District Peach Blossom Spring Science and Technology Innovation Park was officially inaugurated, becoming the city's first smart wearable industry alliance, Baoan and Shenzhen smart wearable industrial chain enterprises It is reported that Bao'an District, smart wearable robot technology innovation alliance by the Shenzhen Harbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen is also the ivy company, Shenzhen Brothers Excellence Technology Co., Ltd. Co-sponsored by many enterprises and so on. Alliance gather intelligent wear upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., big data platform, industrial parks, financial capital and other elements to explore the establishment of enterprises as the main body, combining research, financial capital effectively docking technology industry alliance to build production According to reports, China's smart wear industry has entered a rapid replica sweet alhambra bracelet development stage, most of the world's smart wearable products are from Shenzhen Manufacturing, and most of the product manufacturers gathered in Baoan, the main products include smart watches, smart bracelets, smart bracelets and so on, the region smart wearable industrial chain about 200 companies directly engaged in wearable terminal equipment production enterprises About 100, the output value accounted for more than 60% of the industry in Shenzhen. The industry expects 2014 output value has reached 1 billion yuan. Currently, Baoan 2-3 weekly transformation or newly established enterprises to join the smart wearable product development and application of production and although the intelligent wear industry in Bao'an District is still in its infancy, but the Bao'an District Government has long been sharp from the market information To sniff out this area of ​​vital opportunities, held several forums to solve problems for smart wearable enterprises. Party Secretary Tian Fu, Mayor Wang Hongbin personally led in-depth enterprise research. Tian Fu has said on many occasions that there is great potential in the future industrial market such as smart wearable. Baoan will take the first step as one of the directions for industrial restructuring in order to seize the high ground of future industrial development and be the 'leader' in the industry. Wang Hongbin, mayor of Baoan District Affirming that enterprises voluntarily set up 'Baotuan' practices of industry associations and industry alliances and said the government will propose specific supportive policies and measures for future industries to help the industry to grow and develop at the scene of the inauguration ceremony. The main person in charge of Bao'an District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, High-tech industry has become a real force in Bao'an District. In 2014, the output value of high-tech products in the region reached 292.7 billion yuan, up 12.4%, accounting for 58.4% of the total industrial output value of the region; 292 state-level high-tech enterprises were newly added in the whole region last year, with a total amount of 905 and a total of two years Double, ranking second in the city. In the meantime, Baoan is also a big innovation zone. In 2014, government investment in science and technology amounted to 213 million yuan and the whole society invested 8.56 billion yuan in research and development, an increase of 21%. Its weight in GDP rose to 3.6%. The total number of patent applications in the region exceeded 14,000, ranking second in the city, of which more than 2,200 invention patents, an van cleef and arpels knock off alhambra bracelet increase of 17%, 19.4% higher than that of the city. According to the person in charge, Bao'an District will implement the 'big incubator' strategy and is expected to April this year to create a smart wearable industry, a professional science and technology park, gathered and the introduction of a group of leading enterprises in the industry settled in Bao'an District, Bao'an District, the first to set up smart wearable technology innovation alliance, 'Baoan and Shenzhen-related industrial chain enterprises to build production and research collaboration Innovation exchange platform 'undoubtedly industrial transformation and upgrading of Bao'an District, the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy added a' fire 'As we all know, Bao'an Shenzhen is the development of the' root 'is also prestigious industrial area. After more than 30 years of rapid development, the limitations of traditional development modes and the bottlenecks of economic operation have become increasingly prominent. It is the only way for industrial restructuring, development and upgrading. In recent years, Bao'an District Government has set up a high-rise building, proposed innovation-driven industrial restructuring and upgrading, building an independent innovation industrial system, promulgated the '1 +5 document' and other industries to promote industrial restructuring, and help strategic development and expansion of new industries to obtain Significant results. In the recently held Baoan District Fourth Session of the Party Congress report, but also put forward the implementation of industrial restructuring and upgrading action plan from the second half of last year, Baoan District, the new team set up soon, it proposed the transformation and upgrading of the 'four plans' to further promote Future industrial development. Determined to become bigger and stronger Good growth, innovation ability, leading the significant high-tech enterprises, with Bao'an District Party Secretary Tian Fu's words, is to change the 'see thousands of ships to the sea, not the aircraft carrier giant ship' unfavorable situation, hoping to cultivate Super aircraft carrier group, promote the traditional industrial area to the modern industry aiming at the forefront of the avant-garde, decision-making transformation. Intelligent wear industry, is on the ascendant in the world, known as the future industry. The decision-makers in Bao'an District are keenly aware of their limitless development prospects. Relevant departments take the van cleef arpel bracelet fake initiative to continuously 'matchmaking' and gradually 'excavate' related enterprises that are 'working hard' and fighting their own battles to promote industrial chain integration, And to create information, technology and market sharing platform, so that the original go it alone business, to exert the overall strength to form a competitive force of Shenzhen's industrial development history is 'one step ahead' of the innovation history. Without the courage to dare to make the world first and vigorously develop an outward-oriented economy, there will be no prosperity at the beginning of the reform in Shenzhen. Without the decision to vigorously develop the hi-tech industry, there will be no glory today in Shenzhen. Facing the future, we should continue to move forward quickly. This is a characteristic of the spirit of Shenzhen and a mission entrusted by history. Baoan practice, a good interpretation of the 'seize the future,' the meaning of Who seized the commanding height of the future industry, who won the magnificent, winning a thousand miles first chance. Take the initiative as fast horse forward, Baoan well. (Reporter Zhao Chuan Deng Hongli)
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DNF on the epic revision of several red-eye development trend several happy worry

The right slot is 50 fire, the title Gothic, with the first set of matching, the key to the landlord does not have good shoulder pads and shirt, in fact, want a worn-out or deep-sea clothing, dead wear shoulder, cry

Here is the second knock off clover bracelet van cleef and arpels set, casual. Do not cloud, Gothic, soul chain, explosion ring, gluttony left, 50 fire, handcuffs, nebula clothing, lava shoulder, lava legs, a spider waist, vows shoes

These two sets replica clover bracelet van cleef and arpels are based on my own equipment out of the best shirt and shoulder lavish devil, but unfortunately have passed away, only a revised version of the test wave. Bracelet problems, milk refining, single-brush handcuffs. Left part of the tank, bully and gluttony I really do not know which one can only be revised version of the test

The difference between the two sets is: the first set of 36 white 36 strong words, 15 explosive imitation van cleef and arpels gold bracelet injuries; the second set of soul chain 20 independent, leg 8 independent, 30 30 blasting ring, 280 power crit 30. Tactical revision is very strong, tactics, anyway, there is also enough to harm the mission. Who knows, my two sets of collocation, which sets of high damage? Or guess guess slightly ......
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SS Orb how to use the national service Top Ten Ho-grade jewelry recommended

Is not to say that there are occupations are suitable for single strong, such as Magic, summon, elements, the blind and so on, single strong occupation common are: Devil May Cry (dark) Such occupations do not need to be strong cards and the like, Soul Calibur, mad war, roaming and other vocational skills without specific attributes, the more to be with the card is like a strong, go single is better. In addition, such as guns this skill is light, two fire, enchant all belong to the strong or single strong, we are not the same argument, and its equipment and skills to add a little related. Well fake van cleef mother of pearl clover necklace started the TOP10, Kane's skeleton pendant. Legend 85 necklaces, attributes, crit chance of +15. Most people are hereditary, heap crit best jewelry, in theory, 1% crit hit 0.5, hurt TOP9, Spirit of the Light, hidden king, burning ring of the soul, ice wizard. 75 Epic Rings, +30 Genus Strong. The marginal effect is there, the monster is anti-can ignore it, some strange genus anti-80, are you afraid of ?, Said to be a strong pile of do not heap on the wash wash it TOP7, the bones of Qi bone ring, 40 powder van cleef and arpels blue necklace knock off ring; Ruth's honor, 55 powder necklace; black pearl, 55 pink ring; Alvin, 55 pink ring. These equipment for different occupations, are out of print powder, on the line together. Members should be familiar with not say. Why this type of jewelry has not been completely burst it, because it is not fixed increase, but the percentage of TOP6, exotic jewelry. After all, a lot of professional 9 or 6 +3 is very Niubi upgrade. Ephesus Orb before Buddha should not waste. Unless the properties of the outside world have changed. Why not ranked in the top five, after all, is a good set of properties, not their own properties are good TOP5. +15 red power jewelry. After all, strength or intelligence to a certain extent, the promotion of solid-based injuries is absolutely to force TOP4, Anniversary Gold bracelet, glorious bracelet of light. I will not say who used who know who

TOP3, magic countercurrent necklace, 85 legend; Tomb King's dying ring, 85 legend ring. + 10% damage, finished blasting gold bracelet haha ​​TOP2. Spirit Hunter. 55 epic necklace. Has been chased, never been caught up. Suitable for most occupations, deserved, deserved. When the data of the emperor said 4000 ignoring, insect chain will be able to finish the soul chain. Oh, I copy, you are ignoring 4000, and you still need it with a necklace, you pull a knife, twist hurt daisy hurts TOP1, XXX. The best title is always in the next package, the best equipment will always be the copy van cleef rose gold necklace next version, the most Niubi occupation forever after the next balance. From the power of the White Tiger, the desert lords to the best sword in the world and the royal family, to the favored and Witch fantasy. Game only, play games, do not enter the pit.
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DNF An Soul Soul Raiders Raiders recommended three major schools of equipment and brush plans plus points

The first is the most boring no brain flow thorn warrior, commonly known as poke fighters to spurt as the main output, all other skills to help flow thorn, skills will be selected full red dot plus cross over to strengthen the thorn damage, the so-called one second World, two prickly mountains and rivers beating heaven and earth, sting of the injury I believe we all know, the absolute choice of civilians players. Optional equipment, the left slot Shoulder sword mark three-piece suit, the belt is the perfect choice to force the s powder, Enchanting National Pearl 1 30 skills +1 shirt and leggings choose double breath strength, and the bracelet can Choose Sky Sword bracelets, and then Armor with a pair of breath easily puncture, or can bring 10 strong bracelets, but also a good choice. Necklace Hunter> Peirce> is strong. The ring is only 2 kinds of choices, is a strong or bone ring. Is a 40 big bone ring. Instead of the 65 small bone ring. Magic stone is a strong choice. Ability to enchant 10 strong. Then there is the ability to ss is strong This is the standard stabbed soldiers stabbed with jewelry, and some people say that I did not have time 2 no money, you let me how the hunter is copy van cleef & arpels necklace alhambra a strong ring Some people say that the double The atmosphere is not so successful. And beyond boundaries can not beat. Then you can first run with the pieces for the sword 3 random parts, and then with a single atmosphere to punish the outside world to add point, pure poke warrior recommended full flow. Full of cross cut, full of red array, abandoned the sword, in the ghost fencing, and crit do not point. Pure flow thorn is thorns, sword dancing and other colorless skills supplemented. Tyrant weapons good words, exactly the opposite. Poke soldiers or suitable for civilians. Tycoon can play poke, but can not play the power of ghost warriors. Now it is fire, under the influence of e brother, more fire, ghost warriors as the name suggests is the main output in the ghost, the other skills are all auxiliary, the current version of the limit in the ghost warriors, armor 3 fluctuations. Ghost leggings, the perfect enchantress set Baozhu, supporting Maken scabbard (ss not included). Shoulderguard Long Shoulderguards, Jewelry 3 Ares, the magic stone really man tears or a strong, pet 3s. Title crit damage. This is the ultimate body of the ghost warriors, most people after all, hard to reach the hands of the Ghost Warriors, fluctuations 3, Strike Belt, Phantom Leggings, Parts of Spirit 1, Jewelry God of War 3, magic stone is strong, of course, need National Envelope Orb attached, and to have 3s civilian level in the Ghost Warriors 3s pet, cc set National Day Orb, help at random, the best jewelry Ares 3, or the remains of hand, the necklace can be used Dance of the Wind or the hunter, the ring is Strong, or auxiliary magic stone ring with Geras additional injury 3 sets, are possible. See here you can see that there must be 3s pet, personal advice, no 3s pet best not to touch the ghost warrior skills plus point, the ghost is full, red full array. Personal advice flow to give up flow. To pull the knife full, and even the bursting point 10 used to float, not to mention the light Saber, must be full, Saber mastery and red array skills in the orbs and 3s increase, you can be van cleef mother of pearl clover necklace knock off much stronger. To be full of skills play, blunt dizzy, and then knock in the ghost. Of course not so simple, or need more practice in order to master the imitation van cleef & arpels necklace alhambra slap in the face.
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Chapter 118 wind erosion bracelets

In Luo Yi eat about seven full, the banquet began, then, dressed in a gorgeous dress Iluoli appeared in the hall, suddenly, aroused a burst of exclamation, I must say today's Lulu than any time Be beautiful. Iloilo appeared, suddenly, the presence of the young Junjie have surrounded them, and Luo Yi continue to taste the food on the table, because Luo Yi's goal is full, and now it's a little bit worse. Moreover, Luo Yi know that courtesy of such means to the average girl in front of Iuli is completely null and void, and even, but will cause Ilu Li's unhappiness, therefore, Luo Yi will not join in the fun. Luo Yi this time to attend the birthday party of Lulu, the biggest purpose is to pass on this heritage to her, to brush the goodwill is nothing more, but to see Iloiloy so popular, Luo Yi's goal Add another one, then use this inheritance equipment to deter those who want to play Iluoli idea. 'Children, May God of Light and Justice bless you.' After the ceremonial ceremony for Eli Lilly was carried out by the Bishop of the Church of Light and Justice, the birthday party finally came to eat the most loved part of the masses gift. Because, this time is loaded with forced to play the most dense moment, it can be said that the birthday party without this link, then this fun has greatly reduced. Of course, if you have limited financial resources and do not want to make a fool at a birthday party, you can choose to give a banquet before or after the ceremony, but if you want to pack a force and have a face in front of Ilu Li, The next moment to give gifts. 'Miss Iloilie, Happy Birthday !!' No, just after the bishop's blessing of fulfilling the Rite of Eli Ritual, a young man stepped forward quickly and offered a carefully prepared gift. 'Thank you !!' Iuli Li took the gift, courtesy Road. 'You're welcome, you're welcome !!' In the face of Ilyuli's thanks, that young look of joy, though this is ceremonial, but usually, Iloilo ice beauty, even the eyes will not see you , It is at this time, to get a thank you. 'Oh, what kind of gift ah.' Ilu Li voice was gone, then, Reese's sister Lisa hand took Iuli Li's gift box and said it opened. For Lisa's move, that gift of youth did not dissatisfaction, because, you do not open this gift how loaded, how to let Ili know the value of your gift. Or Lisa's appearance, that is, Iluoli will be dedicated to all the gifts to be opened, after all, Ilu Li's temper, it is estimated she is absolutely not interested in those gifts to open. As the gift box was opened, a crystal clear crystal necklace appeared in the gift box. Although the crystal cloud is not uncommon, the crystal cloud is crystal clear because it is rich in crystal because of the crystal veins underground city. Absolutely very rare. And this one crystal necklace out, suddenly, let the back of those who are ready to give gifts a tight heart, after all, if the gifts they have not been able to exceed the front, but it has no face. With this crystal necklace as the yardstick, immediately below this guideline people have come to come up with a gift, lest behind the more precious gifts appear, then at the gift, what effect is gone. As for those who value gifts above this standard, they look at it indifferently. However, what a pity is, the present present everybody presents, has not made any change to the expression of Iuli, if wants to change into the ordinary girl, any item here is enough to let it be delightful, may in front of Iuli These valuable gifts are like stones. 'Luo Yi Excellency, it seems that you have a very confident ah.' Aaron actually saw Luo Yi still calmly sitting there, his brow a slight pick. 'No confidence how to catch up with Iuli.' Luo Yi faint, said. Luo Yi's words, suddenly let Aaron eyes burst of fire, 'Well, I will let you know, you and my gap is huge.' Aaron Lengheng soon decided to ignore Luo Yi, because several times down Every time he suffered a loss. Have to say, and Beibei belly black LORI together for a long time, Luo Yi has become somewhat belly black. 'Miss Iloilie, happy birthday!' Aaron and Luo Yi each other on the occasion of each imitation van cleef and arpels turquoise clover necklace other, a blonde dressed in a white knight wearing a handsome young man appeared, the blond handsome young man appeared, suddenly, the presence of many young women Sex exclaimed. 'Little white face !!' In this regard, the presence of other young heart can not help but Pie Piezui. 'Thank you!' Although that blonde youth is very handsome, but in front of Iuli, there is no egg at all. Seeing this, the hearts of many can not help but impressively. 'Little white face, do not think that you have a good looking face can cause Miss Ilululi noticed that there was not any door. '' This is ... 'Lisa, who is in charge of disassembling gifts, looked at the blond young man's gift box while he secretly ridiculed the blonde youth. call. Immediately, Lisa took out the contents of the gift box, this is a bracelet, a rare level of bracelet equipment. Name: wind erosion bracelet. Level: 10 levels. Grade: rare. Additional attributes: attack speed + 5%. Because, this bracelet has been identified, so this property is also clear at a glance, therefore, Lisa also read out the properties of this bracelet. This bracelet has only one attribute, but it is this attack speed + 5% of the attributes, lisa read out, let the scene sounded a burst of excitement, bracelets such equipment to increase the attack speed is not uncommon, however, and 5% increase all of a sudden, this is definitely a small one. It can be said that the value of this wind erosion bracelet, at least 3000 gold started, imitation van cleef pendant necklace especially for those who attack the fast flow of occupations, the value of this bracelet is limitless. Obviously compared to those people before, the blonde youth is very much under a lot of effort, knowing that the gift can only be sent to people happy, but, unfortunately, learned that the value of this wind erosion bracelets, Ilu Li face And there is no joy, but frowned, this precious thing, she did copy van cleef gold necklace not want to accept it. But to refuse, then it would fall into the other's face, but soon Iluuli thought of a solution, that is, after the banquet, let people send things back. 'Clear water white face, really heart misconception.' The emergence of wind erosion bracelets, Aaron had a relaxed look as one of the tight, though, the wind erosion of the other side of the cuff value has fallen short of him, but this is not much difference, plus That face of the other party is indeed very envious, so, Aaron heart began to have a hint of tension. At this moment, Aaron has regarded the blonde youth as his main rival, but Luo Yi was directly ignored by Aaron, because Aaron did not think that Luo Yi, the native from the country, the buns can come up with any good things worth.
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Chapter 074 steal life half idle

'Ah ... sour, sweet, with a touch of grassy smell in between,' said Han Yunfei mouth chewing a few times, and then swallow the ointment, 'in addition to look a little disgusting, It's not too unpalatable. '

Ointment into the stomach for a moment, Han Yunfei feel the body began to fever, my heart suddenly understand that this is the penetration of the drug into the blood, began to play a part of the warmth of the duration is not long, quickly turned into a cool and Began to Han Yunfei plaster on the left arm after surgery in the transfer of this cool sense of stimulation, Han Yunfei just feel inside the arms as if there are thousands of ants in the bite bite, itching embarrassed 'It seems fat man fled This ointment is quite good!

Han Yunfei pick up the bottle with strong tendon bone plaster glanced, then it will be collected into ghost bracelet. Itchy condition, indicating that the bones inside the arm and the surrounding muscles are accelerating healing looked at the time, it is already fake necklace van cleef more than five in the morning, almost six o'clock, although Han Yunfei at 11 o'clock in the morning only woke up Mercedes, But at this time it was really a bit tired, so he closed his eyes and began to rest waiting for him to wake up, the sky outside has been bright, the sun rose to the top of the head quickly, ward in the autumn bed has already gone Bed empty 'Who said lone widowhood coexistence room will certainly something out?' Han Yunfei just woke up suddenly somehow muttered from the bed, try to gently move the left arm, unexpectedly only Feel the slight pain, according to this way, I am afraid that in a few days will be able to heal 'Hey, so hurt, go back to the bottle with fat ...'

'Yo, woke up? Laugh so rippling, what would you think?' Han Yunfei heart is planning a two days how to extort fat, the door came a voice turned around and turned out to be ginger ginger away from the ginger World away from the side of the doubt into the ward, autumn cold followed by carrying a box lunch on the table, in Xiaohao, Brontosaurus and Fire Lieyang three followed the crowded into the ward, 'how? ? 'Jiang Shi from the left arm against Han Yunfei raised Yang Chin' a lot better, it is estimated a few days will be able to heal. '

'You just blow you!' Kang Shi from Han Yunfei's truthful announcement as a brave boast of brazenness, 'cramps for 100 days, slowly keep the body to say, do not leave any troubles .Two You do not have to worry about a vampire, give us a few processing on the line. '

'Yes, Brother Han, you feel at ease and you are recuperating! With so many people together and with the understanding of the capabilities of these two vampires, it is not so easy for them to think about hurting us.'

Yu Hao Hao crowded back from behind the thunder, interrupted and said 'haha, yes.' Brontosaurus slap shot on the shoulders of Xiao Hao, 'I will not lose power, even if they use ultrasonic attack, I There are big voice damage sound, ha ha!

Yu Hao Hao Lei Long copy turquoise van cleef necklace was photographed grinning, struggling for a moment but failed van cleef arpels alhambra fake necklace to get rid of from the 'clutches' under the Dragon 'Huh,' At this time, the side of the fire Lieyang hum, 'Special Operations The group has just set up, you'd better not do in the first task on the disabled, so as not to drag on us, let us be regarded as a joke.

Fire Lieyang voice faded, Han Yunfei have not had time to reply, autumn will open the lunch box opened to him, his mouth spit out two seem to be frozen into ice in general the word: 'eat!' Autumn rain and fire Positive non-positive language confrontation, what about the atmosphere in the ward became a bit incompatible 'I just do not understand gentle enough slender can not understand you, in the end our love dropped to the bottom ... ...'

While we all do not know what to say to ease, a peculiar song sounded, it might sound like someone's cell-phone ringtone.
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