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DNF Ashura 90 Epic Equip Weapon Selection Proposal Share

DNF Asura 90 version of the epic weapon selection advice to share, to share below is the 90 version of Asura epic equipment should be how to van cleef arpels necklace copy choose, there is a need for small partners do not miss Shura is darkest

The test object is a hundred worms Wang, double array whole body no conflict, may not be very rigorous in some places, but almost also, and this is the ghost ,,,

This is a demons, as monuments and survivors bracelet conflict Leggings van cleef and arpels clover necklace copy conflict I just have gluttonous bracelets so avoid the conflict to put on,

According to the figure can be seen, the two are not moving the gap between the open-minded ghost slightly higher than 10% of the way, the rest of the small fire and two sleepy magic at least 30% higher than the ghost! Other skills are Trigger the necklace combos so we ignore it,

At first I was still tangled knot should not be cross-border lazy, now my choice is right, it seems that the dead can fight another 500 years, Enchanting and badges are basically the same, and I want to emphasize the whole van cleef clover necklace replica body of the devil Scarlet, ghost body Scarlet +7, the only feeling does not adapt to the demons is slower than the ghost slow! Episode of the Lost Magic Department really is not a pity though the ghost is strong but the compatibility with Shura is not high, it is a pity!
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Maker to talk about Maker

Moderator: Hello friends, welcome to Shenzhen News Network live today, want to talk with you about the very hot topic nowadays - smart wearable products. Recently, I also found that our smart wearable products are getting hotter and we are surrounded by many small partners. I also know that at present China's smart wearable industry has entered a phase of rapid development. Many people may not know that most of the world's smart Most products are gathered in Baoan, the products mainly include smart watches, smart bracelets, smart bracelets, etc. According to preliminary statistics, there are about 400 enterprises in Baoan smart wear industry chain , The data is more conservative, most of the manufacturing enterprises are settled in Baoan, the output value accounted for more than 60% of the industry in Shenzhen. Currently, Baoan 2-3 weekly restructuring or newly established enterprises to join the smart wearable product development and application of production. So smart wearable industry we all know how much they know it today, we are honored to go to Bao'an District, President of smart wear, Harbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. ceo Mr. Zheng Yi and Shenzhen City, affection Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. ceo Lee Mr. Wei came to our Shenzhen News Network live chat with us about their smart wear. Zheng, Li, welcome you We all know, Harbo company and family interaction as a leader in smart wear industry, you can introduce their own company's development history and the core competitiveness of enterprises?

Zheng Yi: Hello everyone, our company is engaged in smart watches for a long history, there have been 8 years, many people may have not heard of eight years ago did not hear the smart watch thing, then we call the watch phone, from Bluetooth watch development today we call it a smart watch, smart bracelet, our company in the industry as a relatively long history. Our company because of the history of a long time, so the product line is rich, we in the company's design, the user experience will do a very large extension of optimization, so that the user experience more strong, do some stylish appearance in the design, Mainly like this. At the same time, we also want to connect the concept of the Internet. The so-called Internet +, we also want to add the smart wearable Internet +, and we are also involved in the Internet cloud services as a host: as a leader, earlier involved in this industry, but also Continuous innovation and integration of new elements Zheng Yi: The real advantage, I personally think it is our experience, because we are in such a long period of time, the accumulated industry experience is a new company can not be compared, because There are many things that seem simple to do but not simple, so we accumulate in this area of ​​experience is our precious wealth Li Wei: I am pleased to share with you some of the smart wearable products and market knock off van cleef butterfly necklace information, our company engaged in smart wear is mainly engaged in Smart sports, the main sports market, we are from the end of 2012 into the smart wear market, when we first product in 2013, not too many people, including the current millet bracelet is not, we are very much in 2013 Difficult to walk through, because we do not understand what the product is doing, what is the role What can bring to everyone, in 2014, be wearing the first year, the market is very hot, especially in the main European markets and the United States market, we opened a very strong situation, we ship a lot, also talked about The advantages of the company, I think there are several aspects. Our company is rather special. We are a company that is integrated with design, structure design, hardware and software development and cloud development. We pay attention to the core research and development ability and precise grasp of users' habits. As the core competitiveness of the company, I think there is a bright spot, the first is the ultimate product, the second is precision marketing. In addition to smart bracelets and smart jewelry, including some of our latest necklaces, we also set up American companies to actively explore the U.S. and European markets. In the future, I am very optimistic about this market, especially the Sports market this one moderator: For the average consumer, we come into contact with smart wear may know only that there is a smart watch, smart glasses, for the concept of smart wear is not particularly understood, two, can we explain the next smart In addition to wearing smart watches, smart glasses, what else?

Zheng Yi: The status quo Most of what we see may be limited to this piece of watch, smart wear is infinitely wide, as long as the body can wear can wear can be called smart wear. There may be smart glasses, smart clothes, smart shoes, old people's belts, the whole industry is unlimited extension, including we sit here today, maybe one day our Stools are smart, consumers may now see the bracelet is mostly, but in the future there will be more. Our company will extend indefinitely to develop more things, letting our products be embedded in all the things around us, and now we can all see one day we can not see Li Wei: I agree with Mr. Zheng Many people understand that people wear, but in fact I think it should be able to wear anything in everything, this is the world of interconnected things, I believe that after the pet wearable there, and even the machine Also, the future of the object world must be such a diversified host: Please also tell us about the current two smart wearable market environment, can predict the future market where growth. In all respects, there will be more and more demand for this category of products from practitioners and companies that invest in the industry, as well as from the country's policy support and global environment, as this type of product will fit you well Life and work and everything, I think a lot of room for growth, I think it is a geometric growth Zheng Yi: Competition is fierce, just talked about the product, there are a lot of companies, then we are some joke The original is to do the design company, but also the finished product, the original clothes to do to wear, the original car watches have to do to wear, in short, there are many traditional consumer electronics companies, including Internet companies Design companies are now involved in smart wear, but they also do not finished the finished product, the original is not the industry have entered the industry, they are pouring in. Some big international brands, Apple, Samsung, Sony are also doing smart wear. In such fierce competition in the industry, we can also see that this industry is on the rise because more people will enter the industry van cleef butterfly necklace copy because of the upward trend. At the same time, it is also a good thing for our businesses , The more intense competition, consumers will recognize this product, there are more channels to cognitive products, before we rely on a few people, the earliest we are doing basically no one knows what we do, and now has More than 50% of people know the concept of intelligent wear Moderator: Zheng total said, we have to look at two sides, on the one hand the Red Sea market, we have more understanding of smart wearable products, so that we are More widely known, on the other hand, how can we highlight ourselves and how can we keep our own business at a relatively high level of exposure?

Zheng Yi: This depends on their own products, have their own innovation, we must have their own innovation. Why we can persist for such a long time, has been focused on smart wear in this market, some of our earliest with some colleagues did not adhere to it, switch to other industries, and we through the financial crisis, we think I only focus on this industry, go on studying it, go Digging the rigid demand in the industry, to solve the pain needs of users, this demand is realized in my product, the consumer will be willing to pay for the purchase. At the company level, more people are required to innovate and products are made more beautiful and practical. Publicity, we still through many channels, the network to promote this one to do better, how to show the product in front of consumers this one to do a good job, we currently have a product in Lynx is the number one sales, good exposure Moderator : Zheng always said that we set foot in this area earlier, a lot of efforts, as you said, for the pain points of consumers we have also studied and elusive, the user's viscosity in this regard, the business is how to solve of? How to cultivate the loyalty of consumers, develop their user habits, how do businesses do?

Zheng Yi: Let me talk about the user's viscosity, how to solve the problem that Li always said. Last time we read the report of Tencent, the survey report on the Internet, the current purchase of such products or about our technology innovators, sports watches, more men, more college students, can put this product in your hand More than 3 months, the loss rate is very high, accounting for 30% -40%, 3 months may have 30% of the products do not wear, 4 months drain more, others think it's not too practical Strong, collected data for him in the end what kind of help, it's convenience and other users do not want to wear long-term, of course, we also have some ways to solve these problems, we found that such a market situation is also very active after the response, including In all aspects, technically, research and development, experience and function, we all have to improve and optimize, Mr. Li has more experience in this area. This is the first host: Mr. Lee said very well that we can not do without the products and consumers can be said that demand is also from consumers to consumers. I also see that today, Zheng also wearing a smart watch, introduce us to it Zheng Yi: The basic functions of our products are similar, in this case, we have to do something different, the so-called not The same thing, the introduction of the product's function is not necessary, sports class, nothing more than exercise, sleep, push information, call reminders, sedentary reminder, the existing products are these features, specialization is that we have Children's positioning of the watch, the elderly heart rhythm watch bracelet, as well as Andrews smart watches, probably the current function of smart watches bracelet is that. My side tend to do smart watches and children's positioning products, Lee here more focused on doing sports bracelet Li Wei: We do from the beginning of the brand to gradually subdivide the market, we are a combination of traditional watches and smart, we Is already a gradual breakdown of a product line, this product is in line with some of the identity of young people, such as 30-50 people, they prefer to wear traditional watches, but also need intelligence, we have such needs through observation, so we Just done it. In addition, we also do sports related products, recently we have also made a smart necklace, the development of women's side. In general, we are three product lines, is the focus and depth of mining, in this way and the competition of large enterprises, I think this is the future competition of SMEs and creative enterprises, entrepreneurship competition is to make a thorough , Will survive in the harsh environment of large companies into the wear industry market Moderator: Before talking about most of the world's smart wearable products are manufactured in Shenzhen, Baoan smart wear output value accounted for more than 60% of the industry, may I ask two, Why intelligent wear enterprises like to settle in Baoan, Baoan to provide enterprises with what entrepreneurial conditions?

Zheng Yi: Bao'an relatively speaking, has a natural advantage in transportation, for production-oriented enterprises it has a natural advantage, in addition, Bao'an District government support relatively large, more concerned about our industry supportive support, but also pay more attention to us industry. Last year, including this year, gave us a special allowance for the smart wearable industry, companies need to apply for themselves to hold some innovative competitions, as well as industry training, the government places more emphasis on our industry. From the information we usually get through exchanges with the government, we will joking that sometimes we go to the government to exchange ideas much more than we are outside, because they plan the city from the government's perspective and drive a certain industry. Industry information can be obtained at the government level, with what we get in the market is not the same, Lee said that we do products, consumer and customer-oriented, customers what kind of product to do what kind of products, but The government will also play a guiding role. The whole country is concerned about the industry and we can do a good job in this industry. Moderator: Just now we said smart-wearable enterprises are still joining Baoan, possibly on the one hand, by the government Support and support, on the other hand, Baoan has formed such entrepreneurial atmosphere, do wear industry companies will be more gathered, there is such an atmosphere. I learned that Zheng always has a double identity. One is CEO of Harbo, and the other is President of Smart Wearable Alliance. Can you give us an overview of the alliance and the future development?

Zheng Yi: Personally, I am a person who has a dream. We all want to become bigger and stronger in an industry all along. However, nowadays, it should be said that very few people or companies can rely on their own The development of power is very fast. By the time we go solo, we are over. Whether it is a maker or a businessman, the era of fighting alone has passed. At this time, we must unite and hold a group to keep warm. Otherwise, there is van cleef necklace imitation no solution. Large companies compete, in this case, I will be a number of good friends in Shenzhen, such as General Manager Li, we go to organize such an alliance, a precedent Li Wei: Speaking of the Union must first thank Baoan District Of the leaders of the S \u0026 T, in particular, the leadership of the S \u0026 T Bureau, the coalition was established under their constant care and concern. This includes the fact that we later formed an association. Therefore, I think I still want to thank the government for its policy guidance. They are very positive and very concerned We, very supportive of our business, I feel very pleased that for this alliance, as Zheng always say, I agree, the Union is on I think the enterprises in China have been called China-made for so many years now that we are now starting to make the most of the grass-roots world that China has created and China has just stepped out. Just now, General Zheng talked about being a Dream of people, we also very much hope that the members of our alliance out of some of the world's big names, and the real European brand in the international market contest, I would very much like to see that our business is also very willing to be such a role, so we In the alliance, we hope to jointly create an environment in which government policies can guide members that can be shared with alliances so that they can get this information at the same time. Second, among alliance members, we can do some integration of resources and many things do not use our own To repeat, other members have. Third, we will provide some additional services, such as intellectual property rights, because we know that China is a country where intellectual property is gradually developing. The intellectual property rights in Europe and the United States are already very complete. We are willing to provide these technical services and enhance the membership of the alliance. Is the overall market competitiveness of businesses or manufacturers, I think the future should be so basic service alliance or professional system to hatch, the real business to do more innovative, more brand-related, for Chinese scholars And practice to do more basic activities or work, there is a cohesion in there, they must focus their efforts on that one, the basic to the professional people to do if the Union can really out of several worlds I would be very pleased to host Moderator: Federation of basic services to do this thing I feel very good, today is pleased to invite two to tell us the situation wearing products, the total sum of Mr Lee also gave us two Share the status quo of the entire industry, I wish two companies in the smart wear the more the industry Better, walk better and better, thank you two, thank the audience.
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Children of different ages

Family is the best life in the highest school. How to improve the quality of family education and to help children grow healthily and happily has become a topic of intense concern to thousands of parents. What Chinese parents van cleef & arpels necklace fake are most concerned about? Are there any differences between parents' concerns in different regions? (Reporter Zhang Wenjing) Among the top 10 education topics that parents are most concerned about in the economically developed first-tier cities, only three of them are related to study, which shows that the parents in the region pay more van cleef butterfly necklace copy attention to the children's self-growth, the cultivation of habits and the cultivation of the will-quality. However, children in these cities have had behavioral and health problems such as smoking, drinking and poor eyesight, and these problems have not been reflected in the differences in family education issues in other cities (Figure 2). Infants and toddlers: health problems

The report shows that during infancy, parents are particularly concerned about the child's physical condition and the child's daily condition affects the hearts of young mothers. But most parents do not have the baby's daily health knowledge, parents are more inclined to help the network to solve the problem. Another survey in the report showed that when parents encountered children's health problems, 38% of parents inspected websites and WeChat; 37% of parents asked friends and 25% of parents used their learned health knowledge to investigate parents' first Response 'asked Baidu'

Recently, some media reported that younger boys Xiaojun (not his real name) who had not reached the month had a high fever. His family members went online to find a variety of remedies, including drinking silver bracelets, drinking pearl powder, etc., but the next day they were sent for medical examination The army stopped breathing. The admissions doctor said regretfully: 'Parents should not be superstitious online remedies, if they can get medical treatment early, maybe save!' Xiaojun's death, so many parents who are also parents, especially young parents deeply regret, but small Last week, Ms. Zhou, 2-year-old daughter, also experienced a high fever. Like Ms. Xiao Jun's parents, Ms. Zhou did not take her child to the hospital for the first time. But in the online and their usual peacetime often participate in interactive several parents PBC micro-community for help. Combined with the 'experience' of parents in the online and WeChat communities, Ms Chou purchased anti-fever medicine and an anti-inflammatory drug for her child. However, after taking the medicine for two days, her child's condition did not improve. On the third day of desperation, Ms. Zhou With children came to Tianjin Second Children's Hospital. The doctor responsible for admissions is Guo Wei, deputy chief physician of the department of respiratory medicine. After the initial test and diagnosis, Guo Wei judge Ms. Zhou's daughter is a viral infection, in this case, anti-inflammatory drugs and can not play a role in the right medicine. knock off van cleef necklaces When she learned that Ms. Zhou was buying medicines based on online recommendations, Dr. Kwok said frankly that now parents such as Ms. Chou are not few. When the children are sick, their first reaction is 'First Ask Baidu.' And this approach is also similar to the survey data in this report for their practice of credulity network advice, Ms. Zhou is regrettable, but she also has its own 'difficulties.' 'It is really too laborious for children to go to the hospital now. It is not only a long queue but also at least two dependents. Therefore, it is impossible to run a hospital every time a child has a headache. If the child In addition, there are many parents said that in fact, online things are not all credible, the time and effort in children's medical treatment, and parents generally lack some medical knowledge, a lot of time , Online things still have some guiding significance, 'the key is that you have to learn how to tell in a lot of information, or looking for professional guidance website.' 3-year-old child a lot of father, Mr. Liu said experts Q \u0026 A

Parents can not believe network

Should have some medical knowledge

Department of Respiratory Diseases, Second Children's Hospital, Tianjin, deputy chief physician Guo Wei:

Today, the Internet has become an integral part of people's lives. However, a large amount of information on the Internet can be described as divergent views, some medical knowledge update is not enough, and some even wrong understanding. Moreover, some of the network's medical advice is to face the public case, not for each family every child's case, so for the sick child, or need professionals with children's health problems specific analysis, And the best face to face communication In general, if you can not do the first time to the hospital, then as a child care parents, usually should pay attention to the accumulation of certain medical knowledge, such as how to deal with high fever, cough and sputum, diarrhea , And children develop good eating habits Specifically, high fever, parents should pay attention to whether the child has a history of convulsions, if any, it is best to give appropriate calming fever; cold hands and feet should be covered, on the contrary should be timely Cooling, physical cooling, while giving antipyretics, children commonly used acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Diarrhea, it is necessary to prevent dehydration, while eating light, you can give oral rehydration salt. Children cough and sputum should be ground water, shoot back, the conditions can be combined with atomization treatment. Constipation children should establish regular bowel habits, exercise, diet should be diversified, digestible food, fruits and vegetables.
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39 health question and answer

Children love biting their fingers, the main reason is a reflection of abnormal psychological behavior is the internal catharsis of emotional tension, the child's psychological problems can not be solved. The main reasons: 1, parents of children's health and health imitation alhambra earrings concerns Not enough; 2, the tension between parents, family disharmony, resulting in the child's heart hurt and depression, resulting in emotional stress; 3, children often do not get parental care and lack of family sense of warmth; 4, Children can not reduce the psychological burden, coupled with the expectations of parents is too high, so that the pressure.

Physical problems: such as the body lacks zinc, iron and other trace elements. Psychological problems: eating is an external manifestation of psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, coercion .Parents should first of all be advised to take children to do trace elements test, If the lack of trace elements will be timely replenishment.If the family conflicts caused by psychological stress caused by children, they need to communicate with their children in time to relieve their pressure.

To change the behavior of children biting their fingers, one is to prevent, to play with their children more, communicate and guide children to study and study; once found the child biting finger behavior, to promptly divert the child's psychological pressure; second is right Do not bite the finger habits of children do not scolding abuse, the child's attention can be transferred, and more with children for useful outdoor activities, parents must be patient, give their children more love, so as to reduce the child's psychological stress, so that the child both physically and imitation van cleef gold earrings mentally Healthy development.

Rickets is more common in infancy, is due to vitamin D deficiency caused by the body of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, leaving poor bone calcification of a disease. Rickets is a slow onset, not easy to pay attention. Rickets reduce the resistance of children, easy to merge pneumonia and Diarrhea and other diseases, affecting children's growth and development. Therefore, we must actively prevent and treat.

Early onset of pediatric rickets, the common symptoms of night scared, disturbed sleep, sweating, irritability. More serious illness, decreased muscle tone, joint relaxation, abdominal enlargement, growth and development are also affected. Skeletal changes, is the main manifestation of van cleef and arpels butterfly earrings fake rickets The skull was softened in the early part of the head, and the skull was closed after 78 months, and the fontanelle was closed late. Ribs, chicken breasts or funnel chests were visible on the chest. The bones on the wrists and ankles were thick and formed bangles and ankle-like changes. Quality softening, there may be knee-turn (O-shaped) or knee valgus (X-shaped), commonly known as the ring legs.

The key to prevention of rickets is to catch early and catch small .It is recommended to promote breastfeeding and add complementary food rationally.It should be noted that the tolerance and poisoning of vitamin D are very different among individuals.Therefore, not to give children Take cod liver oil and calcium tablets to prevent poisoning.

It is recommended to check the blood trace elements, so that according to the lack of appropriate amount of calcium and vitamin AD preparations.

Treatment: Available calcium gluconate tablets (after hydration, oral), while calcium supplement vitamin AD, to promote the absorption of calcium.
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Chapter 93 first kiss

'Grace? How do I fall asleep again? Strange things,' Liu Mengcheng shook his head and slowly climb up, the outside weather has begun to fade, it should be about five o'clock, wake up early today, but yesterday does not seem to be Naturally fell asleep, but suddenly lost consciousness, and soon Liu Mengcheng remembered last night was dangling bracelet unconscious, then the bracelet it? Liu Mengcheng sit up and began to find the jade bracelet around the bed, but did not find it after finding it, and finally just drag the sheets down, still no, and looked at the bed, empty, Liu Mengcheng suddenly had a Premonition, that jade bracelet will not really be eaten by yourself, right? Think of this possibility Liu Meng established immediately closed his eyes and began to watch that stone computer in the brain, but when he saw the stone computer immediately shocked,

That yellow stone has become particularly vague, but those alien characters are very clear, mixed Chinese characters are also very clear, the original text above can only be turned page by page, and now you can use the mind to control the above Text at any speed of the screen, like pulling the scroll bar on the computer screen, Liu Mengcheng surprised most of these are not, but the piece of Chinese stone is no longer the shape of the stone, and turned into a Cubic box has six faces, each of which records different types of information, information that he had previously entered, some records of math, some records of physics, as well as literary, logical Inference, to remind the information, these six faces actually automatically divided into these complex types of information into different types, according to this logical reasoning then the Chinese flagstone, no, now diamond clover earrings fake should be called Chinese Rubik's cube Yes, this Chinese Rubik's Cube is wise, otherwise it is impossible to separate the information stored in different categories, not only the wisdom of this Chinese Rubik's Cube, this stone The computer should also wise fishes, but now do not know why not show it out, and that jade bracelet indeed eaten by their own, thus giving rise to such a strange phenomenon,

Liu Mengcheng happy eyes closed with non-stop looking at the different aspects of the Chinese magic cube different information to one of the information entered two political words, and immediately on all political aspects, Liu Mengcheng has been recorded information has been revealed Out, Liu Mengcheng again tested the logical reasoning, more happy, and now the Chinese Rubik's cube is like a smart little child, basically can communicate, as long as it is recorded within the scope of its information it Can answer the question, Liu Mengcheng casually entered a discussion topic, the Chinese Rubik's cube put the answer to this question sorted out a list out,

'Liu Mengcheng, hey? How do you start so early?' Liu Mengcheng sat there with eyes closed to test the function of Chinese Rubik's Cube but did not feel the passage of time, Zhao Minmin came in when you see Liu Mengcheng sitting There closed eyes smirking immediately asked one,

'Ah? I have slept for a few days, today can not afford imitation van cleef mother of pearl earrings to blame it earlier, Oh, how are you from so early ah?' Liu Mengcheng Zhao Minmin walked in immediately after standing up and hugged her After the arms and sat back to bed, Zhao Minmin smiled and did not struggle, but also gently hugged Liu Mengcheng,

'How do you always smile? Are you happy today?' Zhao Minmin saw Liu Mengcheng has been happy smile, that smile is very different peace, is indifferent from the heart of a indifferent smile asked,

'Well, today is very happy, very happy, do not know why, huh, huh, huh, huh so you hug this beauty so happy, Liu Mengcheng looked at Zhao Minmin head raised in his van cleef and arpels sweet alhambra earrings fake arms for a while intoxicated, Zhao Minmin Scent is too charming, Liu Mengcheng despite having heard several times, but still fascinated and unable to extricate themselves to see Zhao Minmin just woke up soon some lazy eyes gradually turned his eyes and moved to Zhao Min Min pink mouth , Zhao Minmin see Liu Mengcheng's glance somewhat wrong to just bow but was Liu Mengcheng head withstood,


'How do you lie down, hurry up,' Zhao Minmin came out after four minutes to see Liu Mengcheng actually still lying there lit up a little fire, the palm stretched flat on the Liu Mengcheng thigh, only to hear 'snapped 'The sound of cries,

'Hoo hiss .....' 'You want to murder pro-Fu ah? Rely on, so hard,' Liu Meng Cheng Teng suddenly sat up, holding his thigh hard hand rub rub, summer wear only a pair of pants, And the pants material is thin, this simply with a slap in the face like,

'You hurry up, I'm waiting for you outside, how do you sleep even clothes are not off, really, five minutes later, if you come out to repair you,' Zhao Minmin took out a new set of drawers After the clothes were thrown on the chair, the door was opened,

'Is not the army, back to limit the time, really,' Liu Mengcheng stood up shaking began to wash, and changed into a mirror after looking in the mirror, 'Ha? Zhao Minmin where she came from so much I wear Model of clothes? Strange ', shook his head did not think about it, why do you manage these things, new clothes to wear well, Liu Mengcheng biggest problem is lazy, or else will not countdown the first few years,
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100 Doraemon to come to Qingdao to show you friends are you ready?

100 Doraemon to Qingdao to exhibit it! As soon as I knew the news, I could not wait to share it with you. Speaking of Doraemon, I believe we are all familiar! Whether big or small friends, we all love him! I heard this time there are 100 1.2-meter-high Doraemon will come to Qingdao, holding different props facing the sea! Time Machine, bamboo dragonfly, memory bag and other magical props 'true reproduction!' Wow! Not great!

On May 28, the largest Doraemon theme exhibition in mainland China will be held at the International Sailing Club next to Qingdao No.1 Bathing Beach. Is no longer the corner of the mall, is no longer a mere sightseeing commemorating the '100 Doraemon Secret props Expo. Qingdao Seaside Super Show' will use nearly 3,000 square meters of large exhibition area to meet you on the duo A dream full understanding of the desire. Small friends! Prepared in advance to meet Doraemon it!

The exhibition time is May 28 August 10, a full 75 days long exhibition period, will meet you from Monday to Sunday, from spring to summer to see the dream of Doraemon times come Dora A dream and Beijing, Shanghai exhibition What is the difference ah?

Fans concerned about the Doraemon trend should know that the previous 100 secret props Doraemon has been in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing debut, there are many small partners rushed to the North Canton team to watch, there are more Qingdao Unfortunately, missed a small partner. This time to Qingdao Doraemon, not only prepared a 100 genuine Doraemon! The exhibition area will be expanded to 3,000 square meters, from the crowded shopping centers to move out to the sea facing the first beach next to the venue first 'high-end atmosphere on the grade' Second, in addition to 100 1.2-meter-high Doraemon, Qingdao Super Show will also launch the birth of Doraemon, interactive magic props, bear and Shizuka wedding and other comic scenes, many of which are the first appearance of mainland China, Shanghai can not see in Beijing, oh not by the mall A copy van cleef butterfly necklace border around the corner, so that you take a picture with Doraemon on a simple display of the finished thing, but with full of sincerity to set a good place for you and Doraemon mutual understanding fare space is how much What? There is no discount ah?

Due to the super van cleef and arpels necklaces knock off high cost of the exhibition, the exhibition can only take the form of fees, so that people who love Doraemon get close to it by means of ticket purchase. This exhibition adult tickets set to 80 yuan, can be free to bring a child under 1.3m; that fare for students as long as 50 yuan fare, the prerequisite is to bring a valid student card ticket Oh In addition, for close attention Doraemon A Dream fans move forward to understand the exhibition pro, you can on May 13 27 through China Merchants Bank, early ticket purchase, this is known as 'early bird ticket' plan, will be 66 yuan discount on the purchase price Get the original price of 80 yuan exhibition tickets, will also receive a value of 25 yuan limited 'Doraemon secret props baggage tag' an exhibition when the door began to close ah?

In the period of May 28 August 10 this time, come to pay attention to the friends of the exhibition, the exhibition time is 9:00 20:00, every day at 19:00 will stop selling tickets slightly. In order to ensure as early as possible contact with the Doraemon, I remember earlier Oh where the exhibition site? I have not been to, how to go?

This is Doraemon's new home, located in Qingdao City, South China Sea Road No. 6 Qingdao International Nautical Club. If you do not have a little concept of this place, then you can use our traffic map to find the Tiantai Stadium, Huiquan Square, the first beach, the East China Sea International Hotel several references. If you are unlucky to be blind, you are advised to go by public transport. The traffic in summer in the Qianhai frontier is not stable. We are near several bus routes, including 6th, 15th, 31st, 206th, 214th Road 219, Road 302, Road 306, Road 317, Road 605, City Sightseeing Line 1, Tunnel 2 Road, Tunnel 6 Road, Airport Bus Line 1 can be reached by car friends, I remember in order to more environmentally friendly carpool, Dorset people, with the tickets for the exhibition, can enjoy free 2-hour parking discount at the cooperative parking area located northwest of Tiantai Stadium. In the face of a large number of single-line routes, remember to follow the map guidelines, do not go retrograde trouble Oh. Early bird ticket purchase can be passed

The city of China Merchants Bank outlets hall

China Merchants Bank credit card 'Pocket Life' mobile client

Doraemon Qingdao fans cards, posters, display rack, flyer and other two-dimensional code through the ticket page

More than 3 ways to buy a Doraemon fans do I need to pay attention to what is it?

A ticket will only bring you closer to the Doraemon show, but to be a good friend of Doraemon you must be careful not van cleef flower necklace knock off to bring in food, water, drinks, and not to be on-site Throwing trash, these acts will stain its new home Oh know Doraemon afraid of what the mouse is afraid of the mouse? Of course, children's quarrel friends, in order to Doraemon's health, but also pay attention to the well-known in the exhibition, do not lose in front of the Doraemon Chinese fans FACE ah. Loud noise, crowding queue, playing a noisy mouth what things must be restrained, restraint ah!

Of course, the scene must be allowed to take pictures, photos, Funny concave shape of the horse, but in order to ensure the integrity of the exhibits, please take care of every Doraemon, and every corner of the building, not only you love, more people Waiting in line to look in the camera, if you are a hard to get a bamboo dragonfly to get hurt, how many young souls that souvenirs are genuine?

This is also asked? Of course, genuine exhibitions are prepared genuine souvenirs, 甭 suspect, all Ai Ying authorized to order.
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dnf Berserker equipment selection from civilians to local tycoon final equipment

National dress update in September exploration >>> DNF daily model patches recommended

1. The choice of weapons: mainly with more than 3 after the killing no shadow can not be changed not recommended to brush the abyss Recommended new people to buy the fake purple transition shadowless good is better than a legend 65 turtle Lord powder devil with Good additional damage is not high fire own property Oh go imitation van cleef and arpels necklaces off the fire is right

2 armor choice: 3 sets + pig 3 reckless 3 best position bracelet belt underwear (3 after the property to go fake van cleef arpels clover necklace to strengthen the pig shoulder position and belt replacement) pigskin and pigs pig pig students, buy sets Fake purple transition to buy cheap coat Enchant 15 force The first out of a piggy bank to buy expensive waste Bottom loading can be the same dimension Such a set of more troublesome, especially the ruthless hand Really hands see the character direct Pig students recommend leave Buy a good purple under enchant 30 force to use for a long time

3. Jewelry selection recommended grief hands 2 ancient hand Luo Wu? Who? Who knows who are now basically know that these two expensive and waste necklace Pazai no money on the grief necklace is not bad ring on the ring orchestration enhanced 16 attribute enhancement 3 burst a little expensive song Randis has enhanced the epic attribute of the ring do not go to strengthen the property at least have to Titan ring a blood don't say you know

4. Auxiliary equipment prison blood devil - Royal Hain cloak brush van cleef flower necklace knock off picture on the general level with the king runaway and wake up desperately point to the cloak, high-power purple is not bad

5 magic stone is not recommended to limit the ultimate flow of enhanced stream Titan enhanced beads 125 and 30 properties of enhanced contrast almost double the price difference so recommended a Titans 3000W no money to 11 properties and 50 independent magic stone cheap and practical fake purple magic stone Really not force which force and 11 property enhancement ratio? Not cheap

6, strengthening the basic properties to fire more 11 fire card hundreds of thousands of local tyrants can light 3 12 6000W take the dark can also be a 45 epic dark magic stone must go dark version of the current version jewelry enchant property enhancement is more independent To eat fragrant magic stone independent economic issues to choose the fashion shirt personal recommendation choose to run away shoes brush map must be strength attributes QP full strength full strength full title summer independent title this year's national day is also good labor title 5 this year, property enhancement Fortunately, a quick go to receive the first such a post, pure hand playing a little chaos Hope that newcomers can do anything I also do not understand I also ask you to correct
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DNF pure violence driving force Dragon Warrior brush map attached video

The only regret is that this brush map is not filled with physical crit, but it does not matter% 10 crit clover replica necklace van cleef physical impact for me is not big want to fill the crit can be cut from empty and straight fist to reduce the level Plus crit, I pursue the highest skills so I did not hurt to add crit, brush the map has Hawkeye and sharp eyes is enough.Waiting 70 coming, I still brush this set point, 70sp enough, it is point full Double storms, physical crit and physical backstroke. More EX skills, but the weapons may change, you may play sickle. Sickle Exorcism 70 version of the rise of the sickle Exorcism is only targeted at Tyrant players, civilians or ax it, in order to ensure the stability of the output equipment options, the preferred or pass 70 will continue to pass the upgrade, as long as you have a 45-pass to upgrade To 60 pass sets, and then say 45 inheritance Banjiao sets is not too expensive, the average civilian can afford, our 11 replica van cleef and arpel clover necklace districts is about 1000 1500W can buy a set.

45 inheritance copy van cleef and arpels necklaces plate upgrade 60 inheritance plate sum gold is between 4500 5000W, according to personal economic conditions to choose it,

60 version of the standard local tyrant equipment armor: 55 heritage plate

Weapons: Shapiro Justice / Light War Ritual Ring: Bone Ring Necklace: Lupis Honor Bangle: Sacred Mithril

Standard civilian equipment armor 55 occupational sets / ancient one

Weapons: Gold Titan Tomahawk / Neil Bath Bloodbath Rings: Fire Device Necklace: Grief Necklace Bracelet: Harnier Face Mask
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Bulgari 09 autumn and winter new Leoni handbags

Lions have been the lofty symbol of power and status since ancient times. Bulgari will vividly interpret this cultural essence vividly and vividly, which is an example of contemporary design. In the 1960s, Bulgari began to use the lion in antique jewelry design, uproar, widely sought after and loved. 2007, when Bvlgari start-up accessories, but also brought this concept into the leather design, which became the Bulgari family of landmark products 2009 autumn and winter BVLGARI Bulgari new Leoni series presents a full style of leisure Handbags, classic double lion head metal ring with a retro style of pale gold, from replica van cleef and arpels butterfly necklace the original fake van cleef and arpels necklaces carry handle buckle at the corners rounded rounded rectangular handbags, more bold bold style, highlight BVLGARI Bulgari classic elements Immortal charm, but also to make the wearer even more luxurious and dazzling This quarter Leoni series of handbags are more diverse colors and materials, showing gray lambskin, ebony leather with black horsehide, Nabuk waterproof leather and other combinations, and precious soft crocodile skin And the wild python skin is showing a steady ebony, intoxicating red wine and fresh forest green, and Bvlgari jewelry should be ruby ​​and emerald, with the effect of van cleef arpels clover necklace knock off calcined metal processing, add more fashion In addition to highlighting the entire handbag BVLGARI BVLGARI brand of Italian aesthetic design of the eternal guidelines, but also the most important modern women practical hair To the fullest. In addition to curved hand carry, each handbag is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap, not only can liberate the busy hands of modern urban women, but also give the wearer a chic and relaxed attitude; handbags increase the number of functional inner bag , To meet the needs of different items to be placed; internal volume increases, the rectangular design cushioned the thick texture of leather, creating a modern woman Youyuli the charm of the precious double lion head metal ring is the success of the popular modern fashion women favor Leoni series handbags classic decorative elements, inspired by BVLGARI Bvlgari 1960s a uniquely designed antique bracelet. As we all know, the BVLGARI BVLGARI, which specializes in jewelry, excels in extending the design elements of exquisite jewelry to the making of its watches, accessories and so on, so that each piece of work can reveal the luxury and beauty like a jewelry. 2007 autumn and winter, double lion head pattern first appeared in the BVLGARI Bvlgari accessories, that is, with its unique styling elements to become stars in the hands of the beloved, Oscar winner Halle Berry holding Jane Greek ostrich skin made of Leoni Handbags, with the whole body casual wear, filling the big style. Today, Leoni series handbags have been joined BVLGARI BVLGARI Classic Design Hall, the pair of lion head pattern from the 2007 autumn and winter series of gold and black and white contrast to the fall / winter 2008 dark gold and black, coral red with, and then to this Seasons extremely retro style overall pale gold, full of unbearable luxury and mystery Season's evening handbag line also respected Leoni luxury style, lion head style apparently in the middle of all kinds of materials and colors of the evening handbag, loyal to the exquisite Florence Leather craft, the achievements of luxury and mysterious fashion classic.
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2000 obscene CDs were checked by the parties were all used to look at themselves

These discs were certified as obscene discs by customs clearance. 'If it is not carefully checked by customs officials, it is very difficult to find any obscene discs hidden in it.' The day before yesterday, Huanggang Customs intercepted 2,000 pornographic discs in a license plate for two immigrants entering the territory of Huanggang. The parties insisted that all the discs were used Watch yourself. These discs were certified as obscene discs by customs clearance. 'If it is not carefully checked by customs officials, it is very difficult to find any obscene discs hidden in it.' The day before yesterday, Huanggang Customs intercepted 2,000 pornographic discs in a license plate copy van cleef necklace alhambra for two immigrants entering the territory of Huanggang. The parties insisted that all the discs were used Watch yourself. However, Customs officers initially suspect the discs are likely to be used for sale. The case has now been turned over to the Customs anti-smuggling department for further investigation. It is understood that this is the largest single case of pornographic disc seized in this year by Huanggang Customs. From January 1 this year up to now, it has found more than 60 cases of reactionary and obscene articles of smuggling and seized more than 7,000 copies of various types of reactionary and obscene articles. Hong Kong people took more than a pound of gold to be seized

Customs of Sha Tau Kok notified the Customs yesterday that it seized 1 passenger who violated the rules of carrying extra gold and fake van arpels and cleef necklace silver jewelry products out of the country and replica vca necklace found 643.2 grams of gold ornaments and 250.1 grams of silver ornaments. Sha Tau Kok Customs revealed that a man with a black handbag Shatoujiao exit, passing through the customs territory, the look different, the Customs officers as the key inspection object. After examination, the Customs found 643.2 grams of gold jewelry, gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets and gold bracelets, 250.1 grams of silver ornaments such as silver necklaces, silver bracelets and silver pendants in its carry-on briefcase, The case has been handed over to the anti-smuggling department.
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