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The British Museum brings visitors into the Bronze Age through virtual reality

The British Museum this weekend will allow visitors to enter the Bronze Age through virtual reality technology. The British Museum's virtual reality technology partner is Samsung, which is also the first virtual reality access experience offered by the British Museum. This will allow visitors to use Virtual Reality Helmets from Samsung to explore virtual Bronze Age Web sites and view 3D scans of museum collections in virtual reality. The Micropasts project at the British Museum has begun using 3D scans to create open data sources for scanned objects and Inspiring visitors to explore their collection's past uses, these virtual reality-inspired collections include the ancient gold bracelets found in Gloucestershire, UK, currently considered British treasure virtual van arpels and cleef necklace fake reality technology that will also allow visitors to experience the Bronze Age through light and atmosphere , Participate in a variety of rituals of the ancients, including rites worshiping the sun and so on. The event, jointly organized by the UK's Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland's Andy Griffiths, is a new way to interact with collections at the British Museum. The event was conducted at the Samsung van cleef and arpel clover necklace copy Digital Discovery Center at the British Museum, which opened in 2009

In addition van cleef and arpels necklace clover replica to the virtual reality experience, visitors can try the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet for an immersive experience.
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DNF Soul Calibur 3 detailed text video Raiders share

Red and green sword dance (preferably more than half a set, I was 7 double gas, 3 single green gas) + left slot fear ghost + a strong light Saber + double devil too knife + Ssangyong too knife

Essential Dressup Equipment:

65 + high-tech powder ring + overclocking shirt (what line) + overclocking title (if GF is available) +. . . . Heap overclocking things

Black Jihad task title (attack demon-type monsters add 300 damage, I brought the RF out of the new anti-magic on the devil to add the title of injury)

Simple explanation:

Why fear ghosts, without cat teeth, because the far left slot only 4 anti-magic, and bracelets have 10 anti-magic, so equipped with anti-magic is not appalling, because RF anti-magic title and pet, I can To resist the knock off van cleef and arpels necklaces magic to 100 or more, to ensure that 20% additional attributes

Evil fire can also prepare a (I was strong ice), if there is no support for the soldiers, the earth 2 and 4 plans are to test the explosive essential: unlimited Remy or stinky feet, resuscitation drugs, the future will be out of the mall toys ( 80 version of the mysterious world of toys is not the top ... almost can not solve anything), senior dolls, Hawkeye)

Before you need to be proficient: paradise HP (1SCD, eat that full of blood), Pa body medicine (best prepared after proficiency), spiritual stimulation of the panacea

Pick teammates:

The ranks of the team must not be higher than their own level

The figure play pure text introduction

Different dimension cracks

Into the map to confirm that they are the team 1P

Figure: Although a figure is Zabingtu map, but I feel quite hard, because the body will commit suicide to seduce it, it is recommended to consult with the body, in the far left to burn them with oil, as play Well. I usually Raptors red, and then breaking the sword dance, but sometimes the Raptors will be stuck in the pillars, and then Hula circle rushing, Diaoxie quite fast, but in general nothing worth noting

Second figure: open the 80 after the mysterious world of knock off van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra toys is not used, so this figure still have to be careful, do not be rough and hard hit the red screen, a single brush thick and hard mobs are only hit you alone, fainted basic Dead, mall toys can be solved

Three Figure: Put the red array green array in the far left, and then seduce, the green name silly to fly over, but the green name will hit a small target within the scope of the gas, away from the slightly farther point, and then lightsaber Ghost in the ghost in the ghost ghost, pushed to the left, after the end of the reading sword dance wait, this strange is very crisp, eat bleeding, the basic casual spike

Four pictures: very good fight, blame no race, more blood, the knife cut on the bleeding effect is poor, big break the military do not indiscriminate use, stay in the two light elves dizzy you are not playing that light elves, try to even Green name and light elves play together, I hit this figure smelly feet constantly

Figure: Opening for the sword knock off van cleef and arpels necklace clover of the right glance ramp down Raptors, and then pull the knife, can hange to death three, at least two will be damn, and then get to the lower right corner of the fierce wave what, if there is a The wrong place, it cleared on the line

BOSS Figure: Nothing to say, the third wave of small game before eating a resurrection drug, I doused stool sometimes dead, do not know why

The following is a video of daily drag This picture is generally live dead body burned to 4, so the blood lead to 23 Figure Green strange high

Into the map for a full set of heap overclocking equipment

A: overclocking, changing equipment, and then just can make engagements to kill light, double white too knife effect pull the group

Into the second figure before the sword into the double-slot gas can increase the injury (I can swap out for seconds)

Figure II: This operation do not eat hemorrhoids blame, change the light hardcore hard bar it, I bring 12 70SS light sword, covered with sword dance, a sword can be hacked death, of course, the average team level is not high, if not out of seconds, Pay attention to protect and protect the body, do not let the body die (these words are awkward). . .
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2016 Top Ten Brands of Chinese Silver Top Glory announced

Is organized by the brand ranking network wide range of the entire network, the largest brand overall strength ranking contest. The selection, collecting tens of thousands of users vote, comment, after many rounds of audit selected the industry's outstanding quality, the most popular ten brands. Brand Ranking Network is committed to van cleef and arpel necklace fake promoting the brand of Chinese consumption patterns, building a good consumer environment. Since its inception, the response has been enthusiastic. It has attracted not only the participation of nearly half of domestic brands and distributors, but also the high profile of more than 70 well-known media outlets such as Sina, Netease, People, Xinhua and China Net to share the brand feast. Central News Agency, People's Daily and other authoritative media coverage for the domestic popularity of reputable brand, improve brand awareness, influence provide an opportunity. In addition, Chow Tai Fook also became the Select Diamantaire of Rio Tinto Diamonds, a Rio Tinto Group miner of the international mining giant, as an equivalent distributor. Throughout Greater China, only a handful of diamond merchants receive both of these awards. Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CTF Group, which specializes in the Chow Tai Fook brand of jewelery and jewelery business. It is engaged in the procurement of raw materials, production design and retail services Comprehensive management of enterprises. Chow Tai Fook sells a wide range of goods, fashionable and unique, highly taste, including 999.9 gold jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, jade, South Sea pearl, Japan Yangzhu jewelry, etc. The company is more direct to Italy to buy the most popular K gold jewelry; Chow Tai Fook Hong Kong and Macau more Acting world famous brand watches and clocks, to bring customers the choice of diversification Third: Shenzhen Golden Jewelry Co., Ltd. (seven card silver)

We started in July 1997 in the jewelry industry. At present, it is a multi-functional enterprise specializing in the independent research, production and sales of gold, silverware, emerald, jewelry boxes and other products. Over the past decade or so, the company has successively established seven gold jewelry, seven brand silver buildings, Top three, Cargill and other brands, won the unanimous approval of the market, access to consumer praise; colleagues in the industry and the majority of caring customers with the support of the construction of a headquarters in Shenzhen, expanding sales operations van cleef arpels clover necklace copy all over the country more than 20 A provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities, more than 5,000 partners jewelry outlets network The Company has always uphold the exploration and exploration of the spirit of excellence in product quality, the introduction of the Italian production line equipment, has a team with independent research and development of new products and technology Superb production team, ingenuity in product design, has introduced new products that lead the fashion trend. After careful temperament and for the vast number of consumers to develop a 999.9 Gold profit process vivid image, beautiful lines; jewelry products fashionable and fine quality; jewelry gypsum mold easy to operate, forming fast. Gold benefit group uphold (day B)

Shanghai Tianyi Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a collection of professional production, wholesale and sales as one of the Industrial Company, the main products for the fashion silver jewelry company insisted 3.15 national brand of quality and integrity of the current units in the mainland company has a large production base in the production of various types van cleef arpels clover necklace replica Gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, silver jewelry and other jewelery, silverware as one of the company's main investment projects, goods complete, bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and so on. All goods fashionable and exquisite workmanship, leading the fashion, in the trend of cutting-edge. Each one of the products to achieve the best quality company's management philosophy and profound cultural heritage. As leading international fashion, taste unique fashion brand silver jewelry business, in addition to the style of fashion silver itself perseverance investment, research and development at the same time, the pursuit of a spirit of a philosophy of life, confidence and happiness, fashion and romantic different fashion, Interpretation of the different popular, Feng Qi silver jewelry grasp the forefront of fashion information, lead the design trend, grasp the market dynamics, listen to market feedback, and constantly introduce new varieties to market changes to the active market, Feng Qi has been the leading state stand silverware market Tenth: Sindh Silverware Group Co., Ltd. (Sindh margin)

Shun Tak Yuen Group, 26 years of wind and rain journey, always adhering to the letter to Zhiyuan, Germany and the edge of the business purpose, inheritance of the Chen family in Fujian hundreds of years the essence of jewelry technology and abide by the letter: take the moral of Confucianism: The reasons for the family to the United States that the edge of the margin, because of the margin of origin, margin poly fruit into; people missed the chance, the industry missed the fate; Sindh margin of our pursuit: to create happiness for all mankind is our constant pursuit of life ! Our values: to create the best quality products, pass the products to consumers, spread a positive attitude towards life and happiness awareness, to help customers and employees continue to grow and contribute to the community! Our mission: to carry, spread the heavy Chinese art culture, create a national brand to the world!

Our vision: to become a respected world-class business! Our aim (business philosophy): letter to Zhiyuan, Germany and Nina margin. Our concept of culture: Army school stage family Our service concept: professional and thoughtful, sincere Thanksgiving 1989 Delicate jewelry shop;

Established in 1996 Ming Kee jewelry factory (Liaoning sense of Wang) for the northern region jewelry store design, processing, production, sales of products throughout the country, lay the foundation for business development;

In 2003, Shenzhen Shun Tak Yuen Jewelery Co., Ltd. was established Cheng Cheng Xun opened the development of national brands of the road, based in Shenzhen layout of the future;
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Far beyond the Chinese imagination Chinese people see North Korea

Mentioning North Korea, we should think that there should be an extremely closed country isolated from the world. It seems that people are living in the last century. Neat and uniformed gray uniforms, not a little personality, not a little fashion at all But in fact, even in a country with many rules, people can not stop the beauty of nature, they will find a variety of ways to show Their own personality in North Korea, people wear clothes are generally divided into two categories. The first is uniforms, which are generally khaki and gray, made of vinylon Another is the traditional Korean clothing, hanbok, the color to be more bright, but usually only in special occasions can wear. Most of North Korea's clothes are produced by domestic garment factories, and the colors and styles require the approval of the government. Women in the streets of North Korea

In North Korea, students between the ages of 9 and 15 need to wear such clothing to North Korea's soldiers, the restrictions on clothes naturally more. In addition to military uniforms, the clothing can be worn are not many. The way they add personality is often to give a uniform a dog fur collar or outer sleeve, so that not only to keep warm, but also a little grace temperament. Where do dog hair go? North Korean people have the tradition of eating dog meat, which gives people rich resources and Korean women with gold bracelets

In addition, wearing a little head cap wearing a different point of view is also a stylish dress. Of course, the military's instrument appearance requirements are very strict, only slightly to the military cap tilt, if the direct anti-wear, but will be punished do not want to change the hat how to do? Of course, there are ways North Korean women soldiers will wear in the sleeve On the color of the sleeve, so usually will not be found until the need to reveal it again, it is lively fashion. Of course, a higher status, will wear a bracelet Young women's dress to be bright and lively. Their wrist wearing golden jewelry. Not only shows their own fashion style, but also different from the status of ordinary people in Taiwan, 'Little Fortunately,' generation of generation how they look at the mainland's exposure to Mexico's most poisonous group of barbarians astonishing life murderous Ma Ying-jeou actually ran into prison! Taiwan member Cui brother exclaimed in North America Cui brother exclaimed three ironclad China and the United States was actually the most hegemonic ally of the Chinese army Shock exposure: actually let the enemy bones China is about to withdraw the two major territory: the world map is about to re-big

China 500,000 tons of super aircraft carrier exposure: astonishing force let the world hidden in the world big baby related to the future world who is the mysterious authentic system dominate the Vietnam war US military strangulation war ineffective Lee Teng-hui suddenly Tsai Ing-wen: a sentence Tsai English exposure Mexico's strongest group of drug lords astonishing life as murderous

In fact, North Korea announced the successful test of hydrogen bomb after the border between China and North Korea

Russian Defense Minister: Russia will send troops to participate in China Victory Day Most people can not stand! Real Shaolin Temple practicing Kung Fu by the skin forge ahead Enterprising focus on supply-side structural reforms Opera 'White-Haired Girl' moved the four generations of inheritance 70 years Russian Defense Minister: Russia will send troops to participate in China Victory Day parade Most people can not stand! Really van cleef arpel ring knock off made Shaolin Temple practice kongfu bitter skin

This is a big rivers and lakes unknown to the modern slave trade too cruel the world's poorest country rankings actually have this country map grilled Mongolian rich private life scene is too scary real shrine is like this People exclaimed

The other side of the world you do not know

9.3 Military parade on Tiananmen Square background of expatriates Background why Mao Zedong and Lin Biao looked down on Feng Yuxiang Liu Yuan talked about the differences between Mao Zedong and Liu Shao-chih Denounced Wang Dongxing at Mao Zedong: what did the ten children of Zeng Ze-dong go to change the court? People do not want to

Song Zuying's real depth of life reveals the secret debut actually even done this Zhu Rongji offenders too much and who the trouble is the most rigid who missed the meal Zhu repeated several times repeated this is Jiang Zemin engage in do not mention Lin Biao wrote a letter to Mao Zedong before the defection exposure amazing The founding father is now the second generation of red seedlings shocked after seeing the status quo

Xi Zhongxun treated his ex-wife's children want to learn Jinping cry for two hours

Heart cruel mom hand strangled two children or because replica van cleef alhambra ring of family conflicts Beijing college entrance exam marking the end of 22 Do not replica van cleef engagement ring believe the score line Pre-17-year-old high school students were seventy-eight teenagers knife cut chasing woman debt 700,000 for husband treatment: people in the sky Down 91-year-old man married 63-year-old wife finished register immediately rushed to her grandmother grandchildren in the subway after the dirty dirty car change

11-year-old boy removed from the brain eat live worms often eat barbecue spicy dishes varied employment Discrimination: Surname auspicious constellation not female students photographed 4 domicile nude said her boyfriend like to see a primary school boys in Hangzhou often rude to girls class collective strike girl Eye cancer suffer parents hope it can be happy to leave

Young women breast augmentation earn money when Miss boyfriend persuaded manslaughter

Most people can not stand it! Real Shaolin Temple practicing Kung Fu by the flesh China Top Ten wealth gangs All Secret This is a big rivers and lakes Ho Proud child requires Zhou Ziyang apologize Hints each other Guibu Wang amazing challenge Mosaic users like praise Rock musician David Bowie died 69 Sui Tian Ming Tin age break up frankly looking forward to the next section of beautiful things

Dong Hao announced his retirement thanks CCTV and audience Wu Mo worry denied the wedding of Married certainly not hidden lol Watson birthday treats my face is still a mystery photos Article thanks to Ma Yili at the most repressed moment to accompany his own injury to record the show announced the concert schedule Hold

Hu Ge and rich girl Lin Xiao live in a hotel intimate suspicious

Inventory those embarrassing tights! In the history of the most beautiful tattoo artist popular do not see do not regret that everyone loves soft sister challenge a variety of high-energy posture indecent stupid really dare to start! The ancient method of woman contraception brutal 'torture' blushing
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70-level clouds face the world under the battlefield of 75 sets of considerations

The original battlefield 70 away from the mysterious classmates, I recommend not to upgrade the 75 battlefield sets: because we see the property, it is not too expensive (body 15 drill ignore me) and 75 battlefield jewelry in the foreseeable future, I still think other jewelry out Say for the former wear 70 vegetarian classmates, go is knowing, resistance, and wash out the possibility of this equipment with a van cleef and arpels alhambra ring knock off large probability, I washed a belt, washed 12 times, almost one-third To a half of the probability will be out of this, that is, even if no hidden attributes (JY, man-made disasters), they still have 32 to know the properties can be enhanced, but will be a little weakened a little heart, anti-halo , Qi weak point, but the anti-sleep that is not generally high, however, 80% of the YL go is 70 battlefield mystery, the face of the battlefield 75 will meet, will you upgrade? Only hits without blow = no lethality; only heavy blow did not hit = key plan, this is very sad reminder. This may wish to say that I have the money to have time, can not beat the flow of change of heart resistance, well, you can play it, not afraid to be playing NetEase get you. In the process of reformist schools, they will face the N-tier dilemma of hitting low, hitting low, sluggishly, and low-hearted, and this time brushing a set of time will not be short, let alone washing. During this period of time, your number is no doubt that waste wood (high-diamond blink) and then take a step back, a set of 75 battlefield light out of the military capital looks like the 1560 ocean, almost to braised. So I think I would prefer to choose braised do not change the trash attribute with. Attach my equipment

I was thinking about the wrong bracelet, replaced by elements, and now want to replace Xuan impossible, singing no hit 43, so did not change. According to my properties to count, if the whole mysterious, 8 drill, hit 700, happy 1100, hit 1700, know each other 24%, not to mention my body to wear there are 4 did not wash it. Add a braised it, hit Happy 1250 no problem, hit 1850 no problem, activate Minmin horse on 2000, blood 19500 no problem, know each other 24%, in the Master YL chase, Teng Yun 520 no problem, the property is definitely more than 75 for you to change the battlefield, the property mix and match, carrying a white wings running around the powerful If nothing else, 75 battlefield jewelry and if the 75 battlefield sets of attributes, when I will choose Change the blessing of the bracelet, wash a few plus state hit and blow, according to my projections, when needed hit will be reduced, because the 75 sets of the world, 75 battlefield avoidance are more than a little low, to strengthen the chase Electricity and singing. Of course, some people can choose to mix and match so four or four, so I recommend middle-level players waiting, do not impulse, do not be nested into NetEase, you can first wear 70 battlefield mystery, mixed to 80 say, estimated 80 battlefield not far away I do not like anti- Sex, do not like to meet, I like the explosive power of attack, I like the feeling of shaking the screen, take a heavy blow I walk in the end

Like me go 70 mysterious replica van cleef & arpels ring top jacking

Downstairs a lot of spray, I am here to add, this is to give me the advice of 70 players, Su vegetarian you can go, and, do van cleef and arpels flower ring knock off not need you to debate will be crazy and hit the fine, which did not dispute Technology, you try on your own there, I did not say to have been stopped at 70 battlefield sets, my idea is based on the current situation, the first wearing 70 mysterious, and so on 75 battlefield jewelry out and then look at the trade-offs to choose that Genre, if not experienced in the wash.
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From Li Jiaxin to Liu Bao Yong van cleef & arpels butterfly ring copy Qin four

I do not know whether because of the feng shui problem, Bao Yongqin gave the giant house to the mother and family living, a person moved to the name of a mansion located in the Peak living alone, feeling even more lonely. Many things can not hide her eyes, she soon found the shortcomings of others, so she did not have a rare happy as a friend, she is very righteous, for example, she knew my maid suddenly resigned, I have both to go to work and Take care of only three-year-old son, she immediately at home in the 15 maids to deploy a rescuer, so I have no worries She knows I like to admire the precious jewelry, a day specifically about a well-known jewelry shop in the store heavily The van cleef & arpels wedding ring copy secret room to show a few karat pink pink diamond to show me. The diamond is an ordinary diamond in the light, the lights out, in the glimmer it will emit yellow, brilliant brilliant. Bao Yongqin said she considered buying it. price? After several million Hong Kong dollars, she led me van cleef and arpels ring price copy to her mansion on the top of a hill, a four-thousand-foot unit, which had been renovated for several years because of the unwillingness of the wood she chose so she changed. But it is night clothes, did not give people the feeling of luxury domineering, on the contrary is very simple, fresh and comfortable Bao Yong piano from the giant folder in the room to take out a plate after another variety of jewelry to my appreciation, a foot Take a foot plate filled with ruby, Emerald, Huang Bao, pink diamond, yellow diamond, diamond ring, at least thirty-four. Other plates are famous diamonds, bracelets, earrings and a set of giant diamond ornaments, enough to have seven or eight. As well as from the auction house won the trophy, she has full name brand-name clothing, out of print brand-name handbags, she has many, she is missing is the healthy love in fact, a lot of men in Po Wing piano skirt, Among them there is no shortage of married women. However, Po Wing-chin, but disdain for the eyes.
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DNF Blue Fist brush version of the third quarter summary summary and add some equipment

Armor: Blue Boxing armor is generally choose to inherit or ancient 2, the most ancient Blue Fist in 2 is the killer + Mustang 3 +3 suit, the most perfect 3 +3 sets of armor is a plus 5 bracelets, as for the heritage, The key is van cleef perlee ring copy that IAS and HP are very useful for BlueFlash brushing. In addition, the soldiers must take the Blue Fist into a set, and now they think it is very cheap. It is worth to start with weapons. Because of the opening of the tower of the leader, the unmanned Tomahawk select. Personal recommendation Extremely unmanned van cleef emerald ring copy tomahawk and wild prophecy, and the main role of broken armor dismount is to trigger the effect after the change of weapons, so the ability to have the patience of the best to break the armor and unmanifest prophecy are made. If you do not choose the SS, then you can consider the devil's brutal battle sickle, but it is best to be strong, with Wolfgang instead of OK, but Wulfan attack speed is not enough not brutal force. In addition, the use of high-strength purple weapons, tribal honors and the like line, the weapons suitable for Blue Boxing is really too much, you can think it over. In addition often brush wild boar ghost must go to the song totem that made the totem bracelet: If it is perfect 3 +3, the bracelet must be a wild horse bracelet or killer bracelet. Often brush the outside world to consider the use of worm hands, of course, Mithril is not bad, better red words Necklace: no soul Hunter or priority Peluos, the highest stack three times, the money can buy 2 to switch with Completely no CD ring: the highest priority bone ring, Lycra bone ring and the like can also be bought, but up to bone ring addition. Also see someone used Gemini halo, or feel too reluctant, after all, the blue fist pit father that dizziness chance. . . In addition the fire can be strong with the fire left ring: the left slot is best to buy an EX idea driven left slot, it is cheap, tens of thousands, but generally is the limit brush altar only a few rooms with a bit, Of course, BOSS put in front of the left slot in front of the room, go in, change, not bad. In addition the mainstream left slot or TEDA massacre and the like, and now these equipment price cuts quickly, you can take the opportunity to buy the right slot: Right slot can choose the fire right right slot, as to buy Adams inflammation or buy SELITES, look completely wallet No drum Do not go fire and strong under the dark blood red pupil heap can consider the underlying attack, although nothing to use, but nothing can eat a dark drug to enhance the attack. Rich to buy a four-dimensional right groove, but now you can use S force Dragon soul stone instead of diamond fragments enchant: arms shirt or object to attack the main card, think you use 30 card, but 18 physical card Should be cheaper than 30 card. Shoulder belt shoes enchant HP, ability to attach 30 Liubao. Jewelry to see the individual genres, van cleef and arpels between the finger ring copy the mainstream is still strong bar, what attributes to go with what attributes I do not have to say Previous [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Next 6
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Buyi costumes

Buyi ethnic traditional costumes more complicated. Due to the different regions, several typical ethnic costumes are being produced. The clothing of the Buyi men and women like to wear blue, green and white tri-color cloths are sewn. Men's clothing styles are basically the same everywhere. Young and middle-aged women usually wear headscarves, wear shorts (or long-sleeved gown) and trousers. Most of the elderly van cleef flower ring copy people wear long-sleeved shorts or long-sleeved women's clothing types are more. In the areas along Bantian Mountain and Zhenning Chengguan and Anxi, women wear large-length shorts and batik-pleated long skirts under the lace. Tops van cleef emerald ring copy with black as background, in the cuffs, clothing feet, two lapel edges accompanied by brocade and batik patterns. Neckline and shoulder shoulder with a seal made of flowers. Clothes without buttons, with fastenings tied to the right. The unmarried girl wore a square tapestry with a wig and a black knit, braided around her head, hanging the thread on the right side of her face, and inserting all kinds of small flowers. After the wedding, the head changed to use van cleef and arpels flower ring copy bamboo shell shell to do the 'shell' recruitment district and women in Jianglong District wearing a blue tight-fitting slouch shirt, under the white blue flower batik pleated skirt, skirt length to the heel. Five-color Fairview flower pattern of green fabric. Girls with brocade Baotou, leaving a long braid. Unmarried arched hair bun, back down, and then insert a silver hairpin Chengguan District mountains, Jiangshan District of Guanshan, six districts of Music and other places on the wear of women wear long gown, Phi diffuse shoulder , Wear trousers, the waist line first white belt, and then tie the green cloth with a short waist. In the cuffs, trousers and waist are embroidered with a variety of patterns. Girl combed her premarital marriage, hair bun with hairpin. Six horses and recruitment service area of ​​the sand, Niu Tian and other places on the right to wear women's clothing Daoxi Kui, wearing broad-leg trousers Luodian County, Yunnan Province Badahe District, the elderly women, still retains traditional Buyi costumes, Head wrapped in blue and black cloth, dressed in a blue collarless lapel jacket, big sleeves, along the right collarless collar seams to be set to a two-inch wide side, under the shirt, but also embroidered all kinds of Color piping. Under the blue-black pleated skirt. Middle-aged women's Baotou, has been replaced by a white towel instead, the shirt has been changed to wear a collar or collar short collar shirt, the collar at the front buckle like to use silver buttons for decoration, wearing trousers. Unmarried young women's clothing, in addition to the general similarity with middle-aged women, but also like the end of the head of cloth inlaid embroidered very bright pattern. Whenever a grand festival or banquet, women are wearing a wide variety of earrings, rings, collars, hair accessories and bracelets and other silverware.
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How to wear in the end how to van cleef and arpels pendant necklace imitation wear ah

Sisters have not only wearing a watch, but also wearing a bracelet? What are the hands to wear ah?

My bracelet or my mother gave the bracelet, thousands of exhortations asked not to pick the summer when the short-sleeved, always bumpy feeling. Now bought a watch, but do not know how to wear it. . . . Sisters have not only wearing a watch, but also wearing a bracelet? What are the hands to wear ah?

My bracelet or my mother gave the bracelet, thousands of exhortations asked not to pick the summer when the short-sleeved, always bumpy feeling. Now van cleef arpels alhambra necklace replica bought a watch, but do not know how to wear it. . . . Sisters have not only wearing a watch, but also wearing a bracelet? What are the hands to wear ah?

My bracelet or my mother gave the bracelet, thousands of exhortations asked not to pick the summer when the short-sleeved, always bumpy feeling. Now bought a watch, but do not know how to wear it. . . . Watch City produced must be fine! Sell ​​top 1: 1 engraved mechanical watch! Affordable top quality! Panerai Rolex Omega all nations love Peterland Di Tuo Longines! Only the best version of the market! perfect quality.

Watch City Declaration: We only do high-end! The best quality! The watch, I do not want to bad. Choose us right!

Name City buy table reason: We have first-class quality, primary sources, all watches warranty for two years

Give us a chance at the same time, alhambra van cleef necklace replica give yourself more choice

Imitation table realm should be a bit like (to spread the goods) is more like (high. Imitation. Goods) is like (refined. Imitation goods) true and false Difficult to distinguish (top engraved list) high taste the latest dynamic engraved dynamic update Interest plus watch City V letter: Yizhan 9966
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The old irons who have doubts about ancient legendary equipment choices can come in and have a look

So do a lot of legendary equipment faster, previously only fake pigs, 20 days a piece, and now you can do the total or can be done relics, but also sadness is a strong stone, 20 days to do more than three, after all, some single Pieces are also more than two trumpet tricks, one is now for fun to move bricks may later charge when large, a purely when moving brick tools. I personally do not like a few ten on the same job role in moving bricks (admire those who number a dozen Shura move bricks Emperor), a lot of players an account from a large number, the composition of the following different professional trumpet I have to list some of the trumpet worthy of the ancient legendary equipment 1 injury-related pigs 6 sets for high attack frequency (lightning effects) and no shortage of crit rate and speed of occupation, it is best to bring light attributes , Suitable for Soul Calibur and flowers, Shura is also, but he moved brick short so the left can wear a total of three (one of three), the right Ring of Mourn and 85 pink bracelets (or trace bracelets)

The total of 6 sets of blue for those who do not pursue the strength of pigs, rely on a dozen injuries, but also want to fast three-speed job. Left 5, add the right ring, 17 attached to the injury plus two levels, there are many three attack, suitable for Uncle Sanda fight dark emperor and so on 5 sets of Poseidon for playing strong ice dragon fast, left 5, ring ice Magic Mirror (produced strong effects of the Society chart) or dirty soul curse (Poseidon 5 sets of curse effect, so theoretically equal to 15 yellow words, I have not tried), relics bracelet necklace left Cao, sadness is a strong stone ruins 5 Set of single brush injury is good, the panel is high, the most suitable for the nanny playing group, the four on the left add up to 20 crit rate, three sets will halo magic sector abyss blame, go non-light property of their own occupation is more suitable, such as mad war (In fact, three sets of enough), he can suppress the blood so it is suitable for the total jewelry with blue (one on the line, more useless) Weapon no epic words preferred fables, such as pigs or two million pig legendary weapons, In short, what do you see yellow and white burst, holy weapons have black merchants in the fried bracelets still relics bracelets do not explain the necklace, then the words or the total

Left slot ruins (85 lord powder is also OK) plus three Gong, Lan total 8 Beng injury, but if there is a trace of 5 Bang Bang bracelets do not need blue total magic stone recommended sad, equivalent to between 25 to 40 range All the property to strengthen the group? If it is fake pig 6 want to play the mission, then the left five, the left left Cao, just like the other, the best of the magic stone into 90 strength stone, in fact, even Shura , But also at least the right of the epic strong and hard to force when the pile of light can be C2. Move the brick acceleration equipment Dark Emperor, Shura, Sanda (now male Sanda to break the frog, we all understand) These moving speed is not high occupation, move Brick up is very fucking (probably because of adaptation to the large moving speed), equipped with three pieces of artifact can add about 7% of the three-speed and high panel, but the five injuries are not enough to read. With a ring of grief ring obviously felt faster. Scarlet Sun (Callet Command, commonly known as the total orchid) head and shoulders or shoes or belts plus 10 speed 10 attack speed 12 cast (but can not be superimposed so one of three selected on the line). Plus 85 pink bracelets, but also add a lot of three-speed. Shura is not suitable for with the sacred objects, brush an abyss should be revive the currency, hedging a little better, such as shadow plus six relics, but difficult to play the dragon, embarrassed Occupation, you can do the total blue (coat and leggings choose one, 10 crit rate there are three offensive), such as mad war (of course, mad war is not strong krypton gold can only move brick Dandy Grand live C dream Lane like this), as well as the legendary fish ball necklace also add 10 crit rate. Lack of crit rate of occupation, such as sword blood blood wind method of resolute exorcism (did not list please forgive me)

4. nannies and relics Set early June female celebrity came out, there must be a lot of people practicing nanny, after all, nannies can milk plus three-speed, those who said nanny as milk father, are high-end nanny milk competition Ordinary milk fashion are all neat alhambra necklace copy nanny is certainly good, so the main C Lian Guangbing are not brought. The wet nurse is to rely on the street intelligence to increase milk, which means that after the attack into the figure the chances of intelligence plus equipment for her milk can not be increased, such as the ring and so on Rolla, so we must rely on high intelligence panel equipment, which Relies on the relics must rely on the relics (Figure), in addition to the remains of shoes, are the legendary equipment plus the second highest intelligence panel equipment. I heard that the nanny made relics buy some auction house legend, intelligence can be 3000, I do not know is not true. So a large legend soul awe-inspiring, you can now do relics equipment, female holy post came out to singer spandex to her 5. Solve the phenomenon of brush death often abscess pig's coat and leggings to you from the milk father Love (egg shell immune physical attacks), ruins three-piece set: Who hit you who dizzy, monster killing Magic abdication of the knock off necklace van cleef arpels abyss strange 6. Daddy pile of physical darkness magic stone 135 physical with you wandering horizon. Of course, this figure is still difficult for the trumpet, I put the URL of all ancient map Raiders last, we do not understand can see. Dad can take mobile materials for the sun stone

7. Shura Immobilier array Dressup yellow and white explosion equipment In the Seimitsu Wang's ball to start when the turn into a sad down loading, can improve the ball rotation and explosion damage

8. Abnormal state related to career men and women Street Fighter (male Street Pa Albatros super cool super cow B), Jian Hao (by the dizzy when the control and deputy C's occupation, a few days ago I introduced the post no longer say ), These need to heap anomalies, and ultimately, wild boar around the slot (Figure) 9. On the ancient map of the ancient abyss to the task legend, hit or master ghost train can be used above said pig eggshell and relics , Or hit a simple pseudo-pig twice, the collar to send 50 pieces of legendary material (you choose, such as gas to make the total orchid, but the end of the event you only four five, which rely on the ancient abyss or Cross-border to do a), can also do large, finished twice collar materials box, box account binding. Either directly alhambra necklace van cleef copy increase the team of older drivers, some captains look at your small equipment is too poor, he was afraid of you into the map is not lost endless, you can take a look at the upper right corner of the abyss Niu Tou (picture), the mouse on top if the show abyss attention Degree is very high, you can abyss, you can trade him outside, but if you wait outside for a long time to enter the map, even if the attention is very high may not be abyss, the next one will be out 10. About Dragon dragon recommended to enchant ice, 9 ice hundreds of thousands of strong gold coins, and the ice is a small ice cream mermaid tens of thousands of ice, but also can do ice property Poseidon sets (50 20 injured 47 ice is not strong blow Blowing) Trumpet Thirty seconds brush giant is not a dream 11. Ancient legend activities 50 activities a day to send the material, 30 of their own materials, less than 8 days for a legend, twenty-five days after the event also sent a . Play two or three innings every day ancient (fake pigs and relics of mechanical cattle hit the fastest), more than 40 days of activities, can do seven legends, I did not suddenly come out of the black business Gabriel sell legend material. At that time, your Shura has Enchantments do a good job wearing fake pigs to play group C Emperor Emperor Guangbing as Vice C, is not beautiful? Say my dad to be deputy C's I do not stop, provided you brush too fake Pig (Shabusi plan quickly revised version of Devil May Cry revised occupation balance heard no!
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