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69 cloud foot equipment and choice

It is well-known that the 69-level segment is the longest, highest, and most stable of all battlefield levels. However, in this full anti-rampant, God's exaggerated era as a crispy job we go from here? So far into the topic, for everyone to elaborate on the system under the level of paragraph 69 of different types of cloud foot 1. Extreme Fire Diversion

This genre I believe we are all familiar, as the 69 level segment of the tradition, as well as the weakness of the world set of 60, the Department of Yunlu from beginning to end are the mainstream four-color perfect fire refining, battlefield sets, four Yu jewelry, G3 rings and bracelets Children point: two, soul / sensitive, with the fire / law. Three: soul / sensitivity, law prevention / with the fire, the largest legal system of this cloud foot is the most 69 level section of the most advantages: explosive, you can hit dazzling fire output value Disadvantages: the output is unstable, Wasting two lines van cleef and arpels necklaces copy of output. Heavy fire overflows too much. To create value is too expensive, and lead to a reduction in the quality of speech, reduce the number of output representatives

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As the most heavy fire refining cloud foot, this line with the foot of the clouds and high aquatic life can be described as sandbag killer. In the era of high-level anti-anti-ravaged gods, the Department of Cloud can be described as a battlefield leader of the system to kill the human head coefficient: 4 star burst coefficient: 5 stars Stable coefficient: 3 stars

Operating factor: 3 stars Comprehensive evaluation: 3.5 stars can improve the way

Children's equipment in addition to replace eighty battlefield sets of clothing, necklace can choose four generations of Dayu (depending on economic conditions), or eighty-two battlefield hit the necklace (depending on time) weapons can be replaced by four generations of space weapons Depending on economic conditions)

Increase the value of the property: hit, heavy fire, lack of blood Property Value: Law injury 2 double repair single-speed flow

The rise of this genre is van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra imitation due to the introduction of the child system, both to ensure that the relative strength of the battlefield to wear sixty sets, but also to ensure that the value of the heart is not low four-color refining, battlefield sets, four Yu jewelry, battlefield rings and bracelets Children point of: two, soul / sensitive, with fire / law. Three, soul / sensitivity, law prevention / arson, the biggest legal power / punish the heart of this cloud gradually rise in 69 and people use the advantages: there is a certain degree of van cleef arpels clover necklace copy fire and heavy support, and because of knowing the force can guarantee three Department of the stability of the output shortcomings: lack of fire, knowing is not high, it is possible to make the next three lines of output is not knowing, but also to make the fire department of high explosions determined to be determined in advance to replace Since the battlefield precious jewelry Level of influence, will make this Department of Yun Lu and no high illnesses. Because of the demand is too virtual child so lead to law injury fell less than the same level requirements.
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Chu Qiao Chu Chuan lost memory before what is the identity of Chu Qiu life background Secret

Chu Qiao Chucchu Chu's background tells the story of Chu Chu Chu Chuan lost memory before what is identity

Chu Qiao Chiu played in the actress Chu Qiao from the start let everyone feel very curious about their life experience. Chu Qiao has been doing the same dream repeatedly, a woman in the dream has been calling himself Chu Qiao. So what is the true identity of Chu Chu before amnesiac? The following Xiaobian Chu Chu announced for everyone's life experience!

'Chouchun Chuan' finally aired in the long-awaited broadcast, broadcast in the drama, the actress Chou Qiao van cleef and arpel necklace replica back with a bloody red flower mark, the bracelet on her hand is also particularly eye-catching, these are all disclosed This Chu Qiao special career trail. So Chu Chu Chuan Chua's special life is what?

Chu Qiao Chu Chu's real life revealed

The opening is the scene of the unconscious Zhao Liying submerged into the water, unlike other TV series to introduce the protagonist who is named, Zhao Liying's life has been laid to lay in the forefront, and tattered clothes exposed hole is more like a totem race Or related to the lifetime of Zhao Liying's drama. The next scene is to make the audience have doubts, Zhao Liying unconscious lying on the van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra fake grass, although still the body clothes, but there is an individual walked into the side of Zhao Liying picked her up, then this person picked up Zhao Liying is who? However, another shot, Zhao Liying is in a carriage. Although still in a coma, but look like Zhao Liying asleep like a sleeping beauty? Trance always can hear a voice shouting Chu Qiao, but this Chu Qiao who is it?

Xiaobian speculation Chuchu childhood and her mother to leave, adopted by Jing, adopted by mystical training as a master, and then left the Jing family for a few years, and later Yuwen Hao confrontation, falling water amnesia, was rescued when suffers from the wolf Chu Qiao Chuan Chu and nobles before the loss of identity description

Chu Qiao back on the red blood Bana appeared before the first two episodes, the reason did not appear behind, it may be because at this time Chu Qiao fell through the water life and death, Bana has recently integrated into her body, Bana implied the mystery of Chu Qiao's life story, the opening episode Chu Qiao amnesia so-called no past, but not many days to think of it, and then Chu Qiu's identity helped a lot of the world no matter whether it is amnesia or a woman's roots do not know their own life-story, in short, the heroine has a mysterious life experience, start She did not know it at all. In van cleef and arpels necklace clover replica addition to Chu Qiu back Bana that imprint, as well as Chu Qiao hands have been wearing that bracelet, but also with Chu Qiu complicated and confusing life-related Chu Qiao identity: slave girl, Xiuwaihuizhong, tough and courageous. Because of slave status had been used as a target dangling line, witnessed the devastated loved ones around their deaths. She hated this as irresponsible as life was, and raced to embark on the road of reform, clutching the slave regime and seeking common prosperity. Under the chaos of the law of the jungle, the beauty of the king won more than love, as well as the respect of the emperor subjects.
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Qiu sky in which sword game bracelet plus hatred what is the use

Fast feeding Raiders 1. Ring Hung ring stage fast feeding jewelry: due to official changes, temporarily gone, fed with the dark dragon ring, the location of the Black Dragonfly limit the door, the ring of excellence Yanhuang jewelry fast feeding: quite Sand Bone Soul Ring, Drop Location: Colorful Rock Island, the chieftain of the bones and tribal chiefs Bone Soul (or Yanhuang ring) 2. necklace demon necklace stage fast feeding jewelry: Qiu Mantian necklace, drop location: Song Rock Island , Ax to help blame the sky (or demon necklace when the sacrificial offering) excellence, the ultimate demons, excellent Yanhuang stage necklace fast feeding van cleef and arpel necklace copy jewelry: bone strength.

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Confinement to wear a hat? Do you have a hat in June? Baby aunt to buy clothes aunt asked me what I bought, the month of the lunar calendar 7.22 van cleef and arpels necklaces replica can wear half of the clothes can not? ! ! ! Afternoon go shopping to buy underwear, was fooled to buy. Whimsical ... ... to the daughter to do clothes and sisters, help me see you have to wear children's clothes to go? wear a skirt? Also come in and look blanket ready to buy a pair of their own, do not know to. Just bought this dress, look good? Is this dress so good? Will vca necklace copy you buy such clothes? More than 4 pieces of a skirt actually. Which look good? The skin of the United States and the United States is not white, general, wear hot sweat daily chemistry aunt novel spherical coordinates large tried

Fast feeding Raiders 1. Ring Hung ring stage fast feeding jewelry: due to official changes, temporarily gone, fed with the dark dragon ring, the location of the Black Dragonfly limit the door, the ring of excellence Yanhuang jewelry fast feeding: quite Sand Bone Soul Ring, Drop Location: Colorful Rock Island, the chieftain of the bones and tribal chiefs Bone Soul (or Yanhuang ring) 2. necklace demon necklace stage fast feeding jewelry: Qiu Mantian necklace, drop location: Song Rock Island (Or demon necklace when the sacrificial offering) excellence, ultimate demons, outstanding Yan Huang stage necklace fast feeding jewelry: bone strength Daisy necklace, drop location: clay forest, black gun bone strength Daisen (or inflammation Huang necklace) 3 earrings demons earrings stage fast feeding jewelry: In fact, there is no, the fastest is to demon earrings as a tribute to feed the superior, the ultimate demons, excellent Yanhuang earrings fast feeding jewelry: blackbird earrings, off Location, Wucai Yan Island: black wind wings Black Godbird (or Yan Huang earrings) The following is Raiders involved in feeding equipment the location of each BOSS Imperial Lung Rock Song Island map Desert clay colorful desert forest map Rock Island Map
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Chengdu, a summer school boys make 53 bracelets to send the entire class of girls

It is understood that the paint painting class is Gaobin Yang professional compulsory courses, from the semester began to learn a total of 80 lessons. The classmates are all zero-based began to learn lacquer, the class taught mainly to teach you some of the history of lacquer and crafts production methods. 'Halfway through the class, I discovered that many female students in my class started to become allergic, light only on the face, and acne on the arm, and the seriousness of several girls was swollen on the whole face.' Gao Binyang said, 'Mostly Is allergic to Lacquer, coupled with grinding production of handicrafts need a long time to touch, which led to increased symptoms. 'Before the summer vacation in June, the high-Bin Yang found that most girls in the class due to paint allergies, after class, except Must submit work, and did not leave any work to myself as a memorial. 'They also blame the poor, obviously like handicrafts, but because of allergies can not be prolonged exposure, so I decided to make a meaningful bracelet for each girl in the class, girls, Well, you should also like this kind of jewelry.' Gaobai Yang said a total of 53 bracelets were produced, took two months to start pumping lottery to send out all that dry, a summer vacation, Gaobian Yang began to get busy. 'I went to someone who introduced a production of wooden tires, where the old master bought a bunch of tires made of old wood, take their own home to polish van cleef and arpels flower ring knock off them smooth, resulting in the shape of the bracelet.' Gao Bin Yang introduced, 'the old wood to do Of the tire is not easy to crack, send the students stuff of course have to choose a good material, so you can save for a long time. 'Polished the prototype of the bracelet, but also through the first student paint, secondary grinding, black paint, matte, make the texture , Repeatedly colored paint, polishing and other multi-process, a beautiful paint bracelet was considered completed. 'I made these 53 bracelets, an average of 8 hours a day or so, all completed a total of two months.' Gao Bin Yang told the Chengdu Evening News reporter, 53 bracelets to go to school after school clearly to them in the class 29 female classmates and 2 teachers, while the rest are given to their relatives and friends. For each bracelet different colors, students choose whether it will therefore be disputed, Gaobai Yang said that in order to be fair, he will be all the color of the bracelet upset, on a draw box, followed by female students in class Draw lottery box bracelet. 'Everyone is very orderly. I did not go back and smoke again because I did not like the colors, van cleef and arpels wedding ring knock off and I was very satisfied with seeing my classmates wearing the bracelets I was happy to take to make friends.' 'I have been able to make these popular works by all my classmates. Thanks to my year - long professional guidance from my professional teacher, Professor Zhan Shu'an, all the students love Zhan and I learned a lot from him. Gaobai Yang disclosed that the students received van cleef and arpels frivole ring knock off the high-Bin Yang paint bracelet Feng told reporters in Chengdu Evening News, the school will be able to receive such a wonderful gift is really a surprise, this lesson represents Te fly!
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More than 30 villagers were fooled

The whole activity started warming up the next morning, 'They introduced the pot very well and saved the gas. It said the market price of the pot was very high, and they gave us the benefits.' Qian Yinxian Said the two men also distributed four vouchers to four villagers and claimed that the voucher would redeem four multifunctional electronic pots on the second day. On the third day, the four villagers who took the tickets each paid 500 yuan Bought the pot, and when the four got the pot, they added that in order to repay the majority of users, the four pots were given to them free of charge and returned to the four villagers on the spot at RMB 500. 'The scene was immediately made A real big gift Feeling Until the fourth day, two people in the second round of selling multi-function electronic pot, but also to buy a 'Fuyikang' multi-function electronic pot, send a 'Choi Po card' Through the fire and then cook the pot, a total of 450 yuan. van cleef perlee ring replica knock off Villagers interested in buying can pay 50 yuan deposit. They sold the pot the next day, and if they did not want to buy it the next day, they could refund the deposit. 'Fifty or sixty villagers were on the scene at that time, and on the fifth day thirty or forty villagers were estimated to have bought the pot. Sell ​​a pair of bracelets, said the bracelet worn on the hands, the efficacy of treatment of disease, a pair of bracelets 100 yuan, many villagers bought money. 'Qian Yinxian money Qian Xian also spent 550 yuan to buy a multi-function Pots and bracelets, bracelets worn on the hands van cleef and arpels between the finger ring knock off every day. But she has not used the two pots, intact at home. Open the packaging, which is only a manual, no service or quality assurance instructions issued leaflets Shuangjiancun villagers Ye Rong Zhang, Ye Rongzhang said at noon on August 30, he eats lunch standing at the door, a man and a woman to He said he asked to help him send a bill, but also paid him 40 yuan as a service fee. 'I sent a bill to villagers in all four groups, and even my wife went.'

Ye Rongzhang wife Gu Si Mao also bought multi-functional pots and bracelets. 'The two men said on the spot that the bracelet was not real silver, but the two sent us so many things and I thought I had bought it without any loss.' Gu Simome said Wang Mingen is also a villager in Shuangjian Village and he also got more Functional electronic pot, but he looks more smart. 'I check online, that pot as long as 80. I was one of the four people who received the coupon, I paid 500 yuan they also give me back, the fourth day they let us pay a deposit van cleef clover ring knock off of 50 yuan to buy, I Say I want to go to Ningbo, so I did not pay. 'Wang Mingen said Qian Yinxian later found out something strange. 'When we spent the last day buying pots, they did not react, and they hurriedly drove away and never came back.'

At the same time, some villagers also said that a few days ago the villagers of Lu Lian Village in Wangmiao Town received the same bill of lading that they would hold a new product promotion meeting, but the bill of sale was sent out and the promotion was never held.
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98 karat blue diamond ring auction will be auctioned in Hong Kong up to 85 million Hong Kong dollars

Christie's Hong Kong held the spring auction special jewelry preview. The auction assistant vice president and jewelry and jade jewelery department expert Jiang Zhao Feng told reporters that the blue is among the van cleef and arpels perlee ring copy more rare color diamonds, the color level, a lot of blue diamond concentration is not enough, the color subdued, superior blue diamond at least to achieve Thick color standards, and the auction this blue diamond is bright, is the highest color grade he continued, the current world record breaking a blue diamond price per carat more than 300 million US dollars, Christie's spring shot this Blue Diamond per carat price of about 2000000 U.S. dollars In addition, the three pieces of jadeite van cleef clover ring copy jewelry from Burma also quite attract attention, these three pieces of jade jewelry pure color, high uniformity, the head transparent. Among them, a double jade bead necklace valued at 50 million to 80 million Hong Kong dollars, a jade bracelet valued at 25 million to 35 million Hong van cleef & arpels ring price copy Kong dollars, a pair of emerald egg earrings valued at 5.8 million to 8 million Hong Kong dollars Christie's Hong Kong Spring 2017 The beat will be held May 26-31. Among them, the jewelry will be held on May 30.
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Chapter 1 Tail System

Everyone has a life downturn, but the trough for Zhang Hang, too early to be too cruel Yesterday, just the day the entrance exam results, Zhang Hang's parents had a car accident, the perpetrators have the right Potential, only to lose 30,000 dollars trouble, Zhang Hang nowhere to take a look at the cost of three institutions, shed the first drop of life Zhang Hang is just an ordinary person, the parents operating a mobile Breakfast shop for him to study, their greatest wish is to let him admitted to a prestigious university, you can shine Lintel, proud. He also knows that parents are not easy, learning has been very hard, the results are among the best in class, but the last to get such a score, simply can not comfort their parents in the spirit of heaven, and just earlier, her girlfriend van cleef and arpels emerald ring copy went to hell broke ground with him , But also cheated away the thirty thousand dollars in his hands preparing to lay down their parents. 'Dad, Mom, I'll accompany you!'

Health unpromising Zhang Hang Zhudian completed in the construction of the top of a building, drunk at the foot of those neon lights Symphony night city, can not help but confused: the city is so big, where there is home?

With the resentment of being abandoned by the world, Chang Hang jumped down the bottle of highly spirited wine in his hand ...

'Warning: Host negative emotional burst table, fall speed exceeded, the protection van cleef ring price copy mode has been activated automatically!'

Zhang Hang semi-coma state inexplicably heard a series of electronic tones, such as dialogue with the smart phone in general, but his cell phone is obviously an old-fashioned clamshell machine, how can such a smart feature?

Well, anyway, are the people who are dying, but also curious so much?

'Bang' a loud noise, Zhang Hang's face first land, but he did not feel pain, this is not because of the role of alcohol anesthesia, but because of standing up Zhang Hang found himself not only from two More than a dozen floors fell to die, Jiujin but also faded a lot, the brain has also regained consciousness 'What happened to this special, would like to die?

Looked up and looked up at this high-rise around, Zhang Air could not help but murmured, just ready to take a step forward when he was impressively found himself in the wrong body!

Yes, very wrong, the first is the feeling, because Zhang Hang found that his sense of balance has become stronger, the body seems to have a more support, and secondly, when he felt ass butt, ready to touch the buttocks, but thrilling I found myself a long, translucent tail!

Nice, that is, a tail, a foot full of one meter long, thick thumb thumb!

'I jump a floor, it becomes a monkey?'

Zhang Hang pinched the texture of the tail is not bad, a look 懵 forced: This God is the intention to play to kill me?

'Congratulations to van cleef arpels ring copy the host to complete the system implantation, the system will guide you to become the world's kitchen God!'

Just when Zhang was crying without tears, he heard the electronic tone when he fell off the building before his ears sounded again. '

'I rely on, there is no mistake, I need a tail?'

Zhang Hang, who knows more about games and novels, understands that somehow he jumped into a building and then was bound to a bizarre system of kitchen chefs. However, the systems in other novels are not 'carbazole' For a moment, tied in the head inside, or transformed into a ring, bracelet Han, how special what becomes a tail?

Then I am not a monkey it?

'No face saw me!'

Zhang Air side of the side of the rocks while crying with a crash hit the past, so shameless alive, it is better to come to a happy relief ... ...

'This system can not be seen outsiders except the host!'

See Zhang Hang did not stop the action at hand, the sound from the tail suddenly sounded: 'Mom, well installed, you sucker want to save your parents?'
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DNF for the first time in eight years we went through the same storm

The first two sleepy occupations have four, respectively, is Soul Calibur, Devil May Cry, poison king and Qigong, I still remember fighting home is known as van cleef and arpels between the finger ring copy the national service first two, when the Hanbok has not yet opened. And on the ghost swordsman's second sleep there is a funny story in it, the second before the official to engage in the Internet called a two-vote name of the voting activities, mainly for the Ghost Swordsman's second career title given 4 An option that allows players to vote Soul Soul of the second sleep occupational nomenclature has experienced a lot of turmoil, and our Sword God almost did not call the Sword God. At the beginning of voting, Sword God is the van cleef and arpels wedding ring copy first place, but suddenly did not know where to emerge a group of young in the second place, the name of the emperor of the sword to the cusp. Many players began to van cleef wedding ring copy protest that if the emperor called the sword no longer play Soul Calibur, but fortunately, the last official set or Sword God 2013 can be said to be a milestone in the development of DNF, for the first time a large pet dragon girl, The first anniversary of the emergence of firecrackers, you can open the yellow bracelet 9, the first time to force a national halo, this year's overall are very awesome. Because at that time just went to college, so for the year the impression was particularly profound.
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Through the different world out of print defenders 1

Whenever the game after 300 seconds to send all the hero 8W two payroll by training field reel can be leveling to strengthen the skills of out van cleef & arpels engagement ring copy of print Aegis effect, hehe know after the synthesis of the mysterious egg LV50 can be transferred to the Hydralisk Reducing the ball to slow the body of the mystical weapon attack +6800 additional 1000 male attack in the attack on the air unit also becomes a long-range attack within 5 seconds to slow the enemy units attack speed and movement speed. (Buy votes to see the character to obtain) killed the cute penguin used to test the injury, reward him 10,000 gold, while dropping test weapons. Royal fruit = split + power van cleef and arpels wedding ring copy + natural disasters + Corruption Royal gloves = Killer gloves + blow gloves + attack gloves + smash gloves Crown of Crown = patience ginger song + Drums of War + Destruction of the Horns + Storm Horn Staff = Phantom Scepter + Spirit Scepter + Master Robe Royal Bangle = Death Mask + Salas Boots + Alia's Flute Shield of the Royal = Guardian Rings + Mysterious Belt + Artist Masks Out of Print Excalibur (Damaged) = Mysterious Weapon + Soul Crystal Out of print Aegis (Damaged) = Mystical Armor + van cleef arpels ring copy Soul Crystal Out of Print Excalibur = Out of Print Excalibur (Damaged) + Artifact Repair Hammer Out of Print Aegis = Out of Print Aegis (Damaged) + Armor Repair Hammer
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Diablo seeking Paladin practice method

White 20, sacrifice 20, fanatical 20, sacred shield 20, revenge 1, the rest plus resistance (melee) vengeance + faith type: suitable for Daguai

Vengeance 20, Resist Fire 10+, Resist Cold 10+, Resist Lightning 10+, Reliance 20, Divine van cleef perlee ring replica copy Shield 20 (Melee) Critical Strike + Fever Type: Suits kboss and pk

Hit copy van cleef wedding ring 20, fanatical 20, sacred shield 20, resistance 20, the rest plus charge (spell) blessing hammer + Focused: suitable Daguai, kboss and pk

Blessing hammer 20, energy 20, the blessing aiming 20, focus 20, the rest plus the sacred shield Note: 1.13 version of the demonic and undead monster magic resistance amended to blessing hammer effective, so the blessing hammer Paladin Daguai ability was weakened (magic) Heaven's fist + faith type: suitable pk

Heaven's fist 20, holy light bomb 20, holy impact 20, faith 20, the rest plus sacred shield strength enough to wear all the equipment can be, agile added to the sacred shield open shield block rate van cleef and arpels wedding ring copy of 75%, the rest plus physical strength , Energy is not ideal equipment Recommended:

Helmet: [melee Paladin] crown of the highest age, Ji Yong face helmet

[Blessed Hammer Paladin] Harmonic Champion Cap, 2 Paladin Skills / 20% Spell-casting speed of the first ring

[Heaven's Fist Paladin] Grignard's Eye Crown set with beads

Armor: [Melee Melee] Fortitude Armed Forces Armor, Archon Armor, Chet Stein Weaving Battlegear

[Spell Paladin] Enigma Armor Armor, Snake Magician Leather Sea Snake Leather (Upgrade to Cologne), Guardian Archangel Templar Robe

Main Weapon: [melee Paladin] death breath Berserker ax (invisible), Death Berserker ax (invisible), and finally hope Berserker ax, remorse berseller ax, doom Berserker ax, Estelle's steel guard God makes the rod, the penitence of the penitence, the light of the heavenly scepter

[Blessed Hammer Paladin] Oak Heart Flail

[Heaven's Fist Paladin] Crescent Crystal Sword

Vice weapon: war summon crystal sword

The main shield: [Melee Paladin] Exile Tornado Shield (invisible), exiled Saqamuang Shield (invisible), Phoenix Tornado Shield, Phoenix Scarlett shield, Saqamram messenger decorated with gold shield Kalam Shield)

[Spell Paladin] spiritual sacred shield, sakkalam messenger gold shield (escalated to the scakram shield)

Deputy Shield: spiritual sacred shield

Belt: [melee Paladin] Weierdeng heart knot Mithril belt, blood vampire Sting ring Vampire fangs belt

[Spell Paladin] Spider Web Cobweb belt, the power of Raytheon giant war belt

Gloves: [Melee Paladin] Dracula Grips Vampire Skeleton Gloves

[Blessed Hammer Paladin] Master's Fist Light Iron Gloves (Upgrade to Battlefield Gloves), Tagage's Claw Heavy Bracelet
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