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The artist who strips the placenta

Writer, founder of writing center, as before app copy van cleef long necklace content consultant. Published 'bottle of people' and other books. Wu Ang

When I was young, I was often working in the maternity ward and other mothers. She and her colleagues were busy taking fetuses from the mother's body and welcomed them to this lively world. At that time my family lived in an extremely long party school building, first floor. The outside is the playground of the party school, the playground is almost unplanned, was dried season, the dust will take advantage of the rise. My house is upstairs guest house, opposite the main building, a building often have a variety of cadres training meeting, cadres wearing a cadre service, there is a dried carrot face as stiff as my homework desk is in the corridor, often can I heard the voice of leaders and leaders in the conference room. Zhangpu people speak Mandarin is really funny, long sweet potatoes cavity mixed with the bureaucratic moment, a long list of keys in the waist, men with briefcases armpit, really like to learn the file neighbor's children often come to me or brother Ask condoms, our family is the distribution point of this condom. Relatively speaking, the metal ligation ring is not so tight. At that time the condom packaging simple, not split package, but like a labor insurance gloves tied together. In order to avoid the plastic melt in the hot weather and stick together, the factory sprinkled with powder powder mother took the whole box of condoms from the hospital and threw in the drawer. I am always very proud to extract a few from a pile of condoms, talcum powder flying up. Daddy's bedroom dimly lit, because my father think the summer sunstroke cooling best way is to paste the newspaper on the windows, plus pull thick curtains Neighbor's little friends get condoms only two kinds of play: the most traditional Old-fashioned is the balloon, this one do not have to say. In addition it is filled with water until it can not stand its own weight rupture, all the water splashed no one knows it is correct, and the sub-play, or someone told me. As a designated supplier of condoms, I really hope that everyone will play a play ligation ring. Metal ligation ring normal size, can do the ring, stretched out, can do bracelets, but also printed on the wrist a curved mark, but they are not interested in my mother is an obstetrics and gynecology, so I have Such an indirect position does not mean that every child can have similar conveniences. Since I was a child, I went out to the obstetrics and gynecology ward to see a belly maternal, was pushed to the corridor in the delivery room to the production. They grieved over their stomachs, but cooked melons are just that, but you do not have to worry about those belly chapped, the body's elasticity is beyond imagination and my mom's colleagues are familiar, they will greet me to see pregnant women deliver ' Little Red! 'They shouted me like this:' Come in. '

Often I am embarrassed to go in and have a pregnant woman in my bed to work hard with her legs open. My midwife, unlike the movie, says in a discourse full of encouragement and love: 'Come on, come on, come on!

But: 'stupid dead, faster! Faster! There are people behind it!'

And: 'The stool does not understand, pulled out like a stool!'

After a while, the baby's skull and the stool and amniotic fluid wetly exposed from between the mother's legs, and the midwife shouted even more vigorously, and their daily work was inspirational and shy, lest the mothers vent their strength Watching babies one after another drilled out of the birth canal soon began crying loudly under the nurse's van cleef fake butterfly necklace cries and they were tossed back and tidied up like hairless pigs. Little pig hanging upside down, not at all good, crumpled, and some face there jaundice. I can not say I like them, I can not speak of disgust, and I see infants in the delivery room. Almost none of them are really beautiful except for their mothers and fathers who wait outside, whose relatives are ecstatic Outside. I was in the empty corridor leading to the delivery room, a person jumping in the lattice, passing nurses or doctors will touch my head, wearing rubber gloves, then you can not touch it. She walked like a motor scooter with her mother. I often shouted to the end of the corridor: 'Mom -' Her back disappeared, the door of the operating room was so fast I like to wait in the hospital waiting for her, relatively speaking, this is still more hopeful waiting. If she entered the operating room, say for example, dystocia, faster, if it is a major operation, for example, hysterectomy, it would be too long, for five or six hours. One such major surgery, she can get five or six subsidies, and the minor surgery subsidy is a six. So she was willing to do more surgery on the stage, if she was hungry, the nurse will feed milk for her to drink, even if she was afraid of drinking milk, there is no more hungry than milk. Two hands can not be liberated, she sweated also nurses to rub, like there are many servants of landlords in the operating table, a clear division of labor, there can walk around the tour nurses, there are hand-washing nurses, as well as hand Equipment to the equipment nurses. About equipment nurses, mothers always stressed that they must be special to count how many scissors, hemostatic forceps, scalpels come out how much, they also have to stop bleeding gauze, how many pieces, after the end have to count Again, never miss anything in the abdomen of the mother. Mom is often the surgeon, she is only one meter forty-nine, had to give her a small step under the foot of a box when surgery. Smaller, she stood in front of a large operating table, armed, washed another hand, put on two layers of gloves, wear two or three sweatshirts, through the two doors, into the sterile room. That process, even in a shanty county hospital, is full of rituals. They are like a group of priests going to church to preside over the Mass, lighting the incense of the gods. Then they say nothing on the operating table. There is a leading gossip and jokes pistachio, like Guo Degang in the operating room, that person Hunxing not bogey, what Huang Duanzi say it all, everyone in the vicinity of making 哏. If the patient is under general anesthesia, this process will be more like the flu, it seems to have become the custom of surgery. Obstetrics and gynecology, a small nurse considered lucky, surgical male doctor is the most daring to say if children like me are on the sidelines, they are relatively more convergence, perhaps they say everything, but I do not understand. I do not really love onlookers, Caesarean section worth mentioning, and finally always screw out a crying baby, small van cleef necklace knock off be considered fruitful. If it is cleansing hydatidiform mole, removal of uterine fibroids, or just said removal of the uterus, the whole process in addition to see a lot of blood, and finally stitched back belly, and no other Sometimes, if surgery in a large operating room, my mother will let me Go to the ceiling of the operating room to watch the stage, there are downward-facing windows, overlooking the operating table. From the shadowless lights up to close, I looked at it and fell asleep lying there, because it really is not how wonderful the show. For a child, this practiced my real ability to see the blood and greatly helped the future life. The little god of destiny seems to predict that I will be a social news reporter who will run a disaster site in the future. It is important to start writing a novel that is not afraid to see the blood. For example, I lived opposite a house where a nebulous neighbor lived. He was a skinny and tall middle-aged man who would smell blood if he passed the hospital. To the clinic registration, he only glimpse with a corner of the corner there is a car accident sent to the patient, will faint immediately.
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From what elements to identify the price of jade bracelets

In the market, jade bracelet price volatility is still relatively large, according to different colors, water, jade is also van cleef inspired necklace knock off divided into different levels, the general price of hundreds to tens of thousands of jade bracelets are often considered Is a general grade jade bracelets, including bean species jade bracelets, waxy jade bracelets, ice floating blue flower jade bracelets or colorless ice jade bracelets.

If you encounter water, jade are better, high transparency, pure and uniform color of high-quality jade bracelets, the price is relatively higher, as well as cut its level is also an important factor in the price, the process will be good at To a large extent, enhance its beauty and value. At the time of purchase, we can choose according to their actual situation and preferences.

In general, imitation mother of pearl van cleef necklace identification jade bracelet mainly has two main elements: color and luster. From the color point of view, jade bracelet color variety, really jade bracelet color looks more natural, usually with a colored root, on the contrary leave the jade bracelet does not van cleef and arpels fake clover necklace have this feature, the color feels floating on the jade bracelet surface Up. We can observe by glare, etc., or ask experienced experts to help identify.

The jade bracelet luster, it is a shiny glass, looks more crystal clear, really jade bracelet surface reflective is better, the edge of the outline is also very clear, on the contrary fake jade bracelet edge of the outline is relatively vague, which is also We need a lot of accumulation of relevant knowledge and experience to be able to better identify.

To learn to identify jade bracelets there are many other considerations, but also need to do more to understand. Suggest that you go to a special jewelry shop to buy jade bracelets, to buy really fit their own valuable jade bracelets.

Plus WeChat: amily yz stone crystal edge jewelry wholesale. Emerald, beeswax, pearl, obsidian, garnet wholesale.
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100 big forum

Species 'refers to the quality and quantity of jade, the strength of transparency is one of the keys to measuring the quality of jade.Ice generally refers to the visible internal interwoven fiber structure, the microcrystalline part of the human eye can not be distinguished, good transparency, cotton and structure Clear and clear, ice waxy species generally refers to a good transparency, good head waxy species can reach the level of ice kind of a jade variety, in order to distinguish the common waxy species of jade, so called ice seed at the end of the People in the jadeite collection, ice waxy species is more sought after than other varieties.

Emerald seed water is a very important factor in determining the price of emerald. Ice waxy jadeite bracelet emphasizes the emerald seed water, its kind of water ranging from fine waxy kinds of jadeite bracelets and ice-like jadeite bracelets to an emerald bracelet variety. Emerald seed water is a very important factor in determining the price of emerald. Ice waxy jadeite bracelet emphasizes the emerald seed water, its kind of water ranging from fine waxy kinds of jadeite bracelets and ice-like jadeite bracelets to an emerald bracelet variety. Jade bracelets in the ice wax crystal species smaller particles, the crystal is also very good combination of transparency between the translucent and weakly transparent. Part of the ice waxy jade due to the density and transparency, will show a weak fluorescence, while the penetration of color is relatively strong, fusion with the emerald van cleef and arpels long necklace knock off flesh better. Colorless ice waxy jade bracelets are mid-range jade bracelets, with a green is the high-end jade bracelets. Ice waxy jade bracelets in between the species and water between the ice and waxy species between the two species is an over, in theory, easy to understand this concept, but in reality, ice and waxy species are present Relatively fuzzy over or linked, therefore, between the two defined its ownership is a bit difficult. In this case, many businesses will mark the waxy jade bracelets ice waxy jade bracelets to improve the grade jade bracelets and seek more benefits. In spite of this, we have no alternative but to do so. After all, there is no strict scientific basis for the classification of waxy species, ice waxy species, replica small van cleef necklace and ice species, and they are merely distinguished by the judgment of the naked eye and the individual. Therefore, we suggest that more understanding of some jade knowledge, in order to improve the identification of jade bracelets, jade bracelet more accurately determine the price. Emerald market can often see some flat, thin jade bracelets, looks kind of water is very good, high transparency, looks like a higher level of jade bracelets. At this point you need calm, sensible! Because any emerald milled to a certain extent, his transparency will increase, people feel good seeds, this is a visual error. In other words, you need to beware of the merchants selling the mellow waxy emerald bracelet as an ice waxy jadeite bracelet. Some B goods emerald ice jade made very much like a bracelet, it is difficult to see the acid corrosion pattern, gloss and jade ice is almost the same, the line is called 'high B emerald', the average replica van cleef and arpels long necklace consumer is difficult to identify. Therefore, when you purchase recommended to obtain a certificate from the merchant to ensure that you buy a jade bracelet is a cargo. .
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Can not drive can also play karting map

First of all to the package, cell phones, interviews and other items handed over to the staff, karting no place to put these things. If it is men to play, lighters and the like must also remember not to put on the body. In addition, karting is best not to wear jewelry, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings can not, on the one hand is to avoid loss of damage at high speed, on the one hand is to protect our body from being hurt. Such as earrings, it is possible to wear and remove the hood, helmet scratch our skin According to safety regulations, kart drivers must wear a helmet, and can not have hair exposed in the helmet outside. So long hair ladies best hair tied into a bun, and then put on a hood to wrap the hair completely wrapped, so as to prevent hair from being twisted into the machine dangerous. Head cover, then wear a helmet to protect the head shoes and clothing are also required. Clothes can not expose a large area, so it is best not to wear skirts. Do not wear sandals and high heels shoes, shoes, shoes can be ready, the staff with a reporter into the track, the track is the asphalt surface, walk some 'sticky' feet, which Is to increase the power of ge ground, especially when turning too much, which can effectively 'go' the karting of the tire karting into popular and race type, popularity karting speed is not fast, usually up to 80 km / h, not You need a driver's license to open. The race karting speed of up to 130 km, due to the very low chassis (only 4 cm off the ground), so the relative speed of drivers feel even faster than the actual speed 2-3 times. 'Our karting here is mainly aimed at ordinary people, do not need a driver's license, is a universal type, but considering that some people are beginners, we are also broken down into local and fast cars, and the two cars can achieve different van cleef fake necklace alhambra speeds.'

As a novice novice, the reporter decisively chose the local car. Stepping on the left and right sides of the steering wheel to sit on each piece of iron, the seat of the material is very hard, but the shape is very curve, vertical curve is taking into account the body's back and hip curve, the horizontal left and right sides are slightly inward Curved, is to protect the driver when turning corners will not be thrown out of seat Taking into account the height of the problem, the distance between the kart seat and the steering wheel in three gears: the average woman petite, sitting in the first gear; ordinary men sit second gear; part A tall man sat in third gear in front of reporters in Nanjing kart enthusiast Mr. He kicked the accelerator on the track, turning the body is very chic. Reporter also tried to step on the accelerator and found that do not have to make a lot of effort, gently step on the car can move forward. However, because of tension, stepped on the release, the car stopped quickly, repeated several times, the reporter also found the feeling of karting, the official opening on the track although it is hot to windy season, but driving a go-kart, Can feel the wind whistling past the ear. And the perspective is very different, car people sitting on the left or right, surrounded by car glass and obstruction line of sight. However, the karting man has a very low view van cleef inspired necklace knock off and is closer to the ground, and the person is sitting in the middle of the car with a wider field of view. However, the steering wheel of the go-kart weighs more than the average car because the kart has a directional lever in the front Driving the rapid rotation of the tire. If the car's steering wheel slightly move, the tire is not moving. The kart because of the direction of the rod, in this area is particularly flexible, as long as a steering wheel, the tire just move. As a result, more effort was required to turn the steering wheel. As the reporter did not control her strength, the first lap hit the barrier on the side of the track from the tire during the first round and slowly started from the second lap stand up. After the end, the staff told reporters that according to their 8-minute rule, experts can open 17 laps in 8 minutes, ordinary customers are generally around 10 laps, and as a rookie reporter of course lags far behind the results of 'karting' Is the transliteration of English KARTING, meaning mini sports car. Appearing in the 1940s in Europe, it was originally a toy that parents designed for their children to play in the back garden or in a large parking lot. Originally a mowing machine, the equipment and engine were simple. Later, after continuous improvement and transformation, it gradually developed into the current major racing game for adults. So, the current difficulty of karting? Kart Club staff introduced the status of kart for reporters:

'The main crowd currently playing karting is adults, but as the entry-level skills and cost requirements are not very high, it is still a sport that van cleef and arpels fake clover necklace men, women and children can play.A young boy in the UK can skillfully drive a kart at age 4, Is the youngest professional driver in the UK.Compared with F1, which people are familiar with, the go-karts are also known as the folk F1 without the complicated keys and data requirements.

It sounds not difficult, but the language can not describe the real speed and passion, the staff invited reporters to try their own go-kart, personal experience.
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What are the symptoms of children's rickets?

Disease analysis: your good friend, rickets is a van cleef fake alhambra necklace common childhood chronic nutritional deficiency, commonly known as rickets, occur in infants under 2 years old. Although the disease is not directly life-threatening, it can make the child physically weak, with reduced immunity, colds, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Rickets children's performance: early irritability crying, restless sleep, love to sweat during breastfeeding and sleep, sweat sour, and itchy scalp stimulation, so appear in the pillow after the friction ring head hair loss, called 'Pillow bald.' These symptoms occur in infants who are 23 months old and gradually develop bone symptoms if left untreated. 4 6-month-old children, skull growth fast, due to calcium calming skull softening occurs less, when pressed by hand as if feeling pressure on the table tennis. 8 9 months later, the head can be square or saddle-shaped deformity, sutures widened, bony edges soft, fontanelle larger, to 18 months still not closed. Teething out of order and irregular. One after another 'beaded ribs' (ie, ribs and costal cartilage at the junction of inflated as beads) and the 'chicken bracelet' may also be accompanied by a lower edge of the valgus ribs, bones and wrists and ankle swelling, shaped like a hand, anklets. Will go after the 'X' and 'O' -shaped legs. In addition, the infants with abdominal enlargement, thinning hair dry, slow movements and mental development suggestions: is due to vitamin D deficiency caused by the body of calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders, which make poor bone calcification of a disease. The incidence of rickets is slow, not easy to pay attention. Rickets reduce the resistance of children, easy to merge pneumonia

1. neuropsychiatric symptoms: common in the early and extreme disease, children with inertia, loss of appetite, easy to excited, temper perplexity, restlessness, often awakened at night crying, sweating (more obvious in the head), and at Spasms and tetany and other symptoms 2. Bone changes: with age, growth rate and the degree of vitamin D deficiency. Skull softening occurred in 39 months of infants, severe occipital temporal occipital-like softening. Frontal, parietal and occipital protuberance, the formation of square cranium, or deformation due to sleep oppression. Sick children teeth later, after ten months of birth have not yet teeth or milk teeth under 3 years of age are not yet Qi, rickets in children with dental arrangement and development are often not good. In the chest, metaphyseal hypertrophy, palpation palpable blunt round bulge, the most obvious in the first 610 ribs, looks like beads. Children under 1 year of age soften the ribs, thoracic contraction due to the diaphragm retraction, showing the level along the lower edge of the sternum ditch, known as Hodgard 2-year-old sick child can be seen chest and other thoracic deformities; limbs, long bone metaphysis Hypertrophy, especially in the wrist is obvious, radius, ulna ends blunt round bulge, open bracelet (6 months to 3 years old severe rickets more common). Upper and lower limbs can be bent due to load-bearing deformation, creeping can occur when the upper limb flexion, larger children can stand leg walking occurs when bending, there: 'O' -shaped legs or 'X' -shaped legs. Vertebral column by the impact of gravity can occur lateral or anterior and posterior curvature; short pelvic anteroposterior diameter,

The symptoms of infants with rickets must pay attention to this issue, the baby rickets symptoms for you to answer the following: Pediatric rickets is a common childhood chronic nutritional deficiency, folk is commonly known as rickets. It is due to lack of vitamin D in the body caused Systemic calcium, phosphorus metabolism disorders, which in turn lead to bone changes, more performance in infants under 2 years of age. symptom

Babies' rickets often initially manifest themselves as mental, neurological symptoms such as restlessness, awakening and sweating easily at night, sweating more during feeding and crying, and sometimes with pillows getting wet; followed by bones Developmental lesions, such as the head of the ping-pong with the kind of elastic, square cranial fontanelle closed slowly, occipital hair scarce, eruption and sitting, walking later than normal infants; chest Bones can be expressed as ribs, each of a rib bulge bulky, longitudinally feels like beaded, rib valgus and chicken breast; if the child in the rickets active sedentary, long standing, may also cause spinal replica small van cleef necklace curvature and lower limbs There O-shaped, X-shaped legs; upper limbs showed the wrist of the ulna, the distal radius of the blunt oblate 'bracelet-like.' The main reason for the lack of vitamin D is inadequate intake. The amount of vitamin D in your baby's diet (2 months to 1 year of age) is small and usually does not exceed 100 IU daily. At this point the child's daily vitamin D needs 4

The above is 'what are the symptoms of children with rickets, what are the precautions?' The proposal of the problem, I hope for your help, I wish you health!

The issue of children's rickets symptoms must pay attention. You mentioned the problem of children's rickets symptoms, for you to answer the following. Baby calcium main performance

Sweating, night scares, irritability, occipital protrusion and various bone changes

The following I explain in detail the various manifestations of hyperhidrosis caused by calcium deficiency is specific, not all hyperhidrosis imitation van cleef and arpels long necklace are calcium deficiency, sleep at night is hyperhidrosis, especially after sleep sweating, is a typical calcium deficiency. Calcium-deficiency sweating is also called 'night sweat', 'night sweat.' During the day when eating milk or sweating activity is normal, not night scare, is to sleep at night suddenly awakened, crying, or even screaming. If irritation occurs during the day or awake, it is not caused by calcium deficiency. Slight calcium deficiency or calcium early, may not be awakened, but the midnight sleep, Grim, over and over again. During this time, many parents reflected this to me. The main is the real effective contact with the sun's time is too short, contact with the skin area is too small Pillow, is the baby's back of the head, a circle of light suddenly protruding barren land. This situation is also very common. In particular, valgus ribs during this time, that is, the baby's lower edge of the rib up. This requires an experienced doctor to make accurate judgments. Many babies also have varying degrees of rib valgus there is another situation that needs attention, that is, some parents are accustomed to the baby's pants raised very high, the rubber band just press down to

(2) head deformities: 'square skull', 'saddle head' or 'cross head'

(3) anterior fontanel, closed late, can be closed as late as 2-3 years of age (4) teething can be extended to 1 year old teeth, or 3 years old before the Qi. Serious teeth are missing, enamel dysplasia.
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Altman concentration camp

Height: 52 meters Weight: 45,000 tons played in Tyrolean 14 sets

INTRODUCTION: The Edo-era monster was sealed for 150 years and now it is finally redeveloped due to land development. It has a sword that can cut Tyrolean head and a shield that shields Striam's light. Let the opponent dull black smoke

Features: a powerful weaponry, wonderful appearance. Record: Beginning with a giant sword Teruo fear of fear feet, Taylor can only start striker Striated light, but it was blocked by the shield! Then step by step pressing Taylor, firing smoke to make Taylor's van cleef and arpels copy necklace action dull, then cut a knifed Taylor's head!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

But the next thing is very strange, no! Should be unscientific to describe

With the power of grandfather land, so Taylor's head and then you think this science it?

Grandfather of the land and the God of God has been assigned to Yama, then Taylor removed the mind with the king of Yan Luo's head, and then Striglian light blown it's body, in fact, playing from the use of non-divine divine power God, the king of hell Already put down the shield and butcher knife, it was supposed to have died. Personal point of view: good offensive and defensive, with a shield to defend Striam, as well as able to cut Taylor's head sword, but later was defeated by non-scientific material factors. . . You think this is unscientific

Monster chief Jeronimont:

Height: 40 meters Weight: 30000 tons debut in the first 37 episodes

Description: is the chieftain of the monster tribe, with boundless magic, able to revive the first generation to defeat more than 60 monsters, want to use these monsters to defeat Section Search Team and the first generation, the beginning of the resurrection of Dorakot, Telastone and Pikummun , But because of the fake van cleef necklace clover beggar's betrayal, Jeronimont only to revive such a few monsters was Branch Branch team found. Spray weightless gas, the back of the poisonous feathers have a strong penetrating power, but also tracking

Features: boundless magic, will be tracking the poisonous feathers, old intelligence have some problems

Record: After Tyrantstone and Dolaka died, the search team's laser gun to its invalid, easy to use the weightless gas to play the first generation, and traced feathers hit the first generation, and finally the first generation by Jeronimont feathers forced Had no choice but to use nirvana to repair the mother light bomb that traces of the poisonous feathers, and then unplug the remaining feathers Jeronimont made it a polished rod imitation van cleef and arpels alhambra diamond necklace commander, weight loss gas was also the first barrier rebound , With the Iraqi team rocket bombers killed Jeronimont

Personal point of view: comprehensive ability to have a certain level, but the important thing is not how high its combat effectiveness, but its boundless magic can revive numerous monsters! Moreover, its combat effectiveness is not the first generation

Universe monster modified Bethel Stein:

Height: 80 meters lying tank weight: 61,000 tons

Introduction: The Abel rebounded and rebuilt Bejiestein, Jack was enhanced and upgraded, a substantial increase in combat capability can launch strange light from the eyes, the belly of the super-beat beat Taylor, the stomach can launch weird gas, fighting Level reached another level, from the very beginning with the fighting easy to play with Taylor, Taylor rolled at its feet about 1,2 minutes

Features: Compared with the deity, look more clumsy, more powerful combat effectiveness, and are not afraid of a knife similar to the attack of the knuckles, but gluttony still make it the biggest weakness. Record: The whole battle are changed to shell master, Taylor has almost no counterattack, has been a huge body and strong skills to torture Tero, the entire battle seems to be its personal show. . Ignore the pause sign. Vampire monster Chi Malayala: attention is the other side of the left

Height: 59 meters Weight: 52,000 tons appeared in Eddie 18 episodes

Introduction: Twenty years ago came to the earth and lurking in the tide of the wind in the hole, tentacles can emit super-current, the mouth of the toxic smoke emitted can both be used for fighting can also hypnosis humans, let them come voluntarily by their Ingestion of blood. Even more frightening is the awesome tongue it emits, which has the awesome effect of turning human into a monster. With this ability, Ito became a monster Robes, ordering Robes and Octopus Monsters with Growl Long features: sharp angle, long tongue and can discharge, and two men are very strong combat effectiveness, one of Darwin had Aidi immune light and Aidi wrapped with tentacles, or to become a monster Labthis Director Ito came to save, Eddie should beat Dalin

Record: an opening trample Eddy, and then reeled his tongue and love Eddie discharge, Eddie is not its rival at all, the play also shows the strength of Eddie and Chi Malayala not in a grade, just love Di fast break, Labthis debut again, restrained Kemaila, gave the buffer time, but it was Kemaila easy to use horns to kill, to restore adult class Ai Di anger , A move to beat the flash kick leggings super beat law

Personal point of view: At first I thought it was Magla, manipulating the two super-monsters, if it is willing, can use the ability to turn humans into monsters to create a monster Legion
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Pendant Bracelet Necklace bracelet has the first floor to update the trade-in price

Jingdong before and after the Spring Festival to do activities, the only gold workshop average price of 320 yuan a gram, had also wanted to pick carefully, did not expect to be 23 per day the speed of being bought, I fake van cleef black necklace only bought two bracelets, a golden monkey Tag. Use one of the 14.85 grams of bracelets in the gold store TM to change the ball bracelet, kitten pendant and necklace these three. Necklace is an ordinary look, plus 10 yuan per gram fee, what kind of fashion bracelets that series, plus 12 yuan per gram fee, kitten pendant is a thousand hard gold, 40 yuan per gram plus labor costs. Or forget van cleef fake necklace wholesale than to buy directly than cost-effective, but also have their own favorite way, work together with make up the difference is 288.7 yuan. Get the gold shop to test, some customers wear the old gold jewelry was fake van cleef and arpels black clover necklace said to be not pure, my new bracelet is never bought before, then did not say give change, we can see the purity or no problem of. Now think about how dare themselves to buy that little 10,000 yuan online thing, huh, huh. . .

Today, a hundred thousand gold dishes have actually looked 375 grams, and think of my beginning of gold is a long grass is 338 a gram after the Spring Festival, seeing 338 to 355 to 365 to 375. . . . . . I recently purchased the gold jewelry, but not in the hundred bought, cheaper, first on the map. In the unit according to the NDS, the effect is relatively poor, but also eliminates the pain of changing the map.
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Tokyo travel Raiders Ctrip Raiders

Just a few days off, enumerated where to relax, want to go or Japan and close, but also has the characteristics of travel time and holidays are quite a while, in the Shenyang Overseas Travel Service delegation. Good guys, the March 21 group, all to the 15th, has not yet reached a minimum number of 16 people out of the group, showing how anti-Japanese sentiment is so high ah. To 21 travel agencies make money, earn enough barely enough for 12 people out of the group. Mission fee 6000, six days flying, four to five-star hotel, very cost-effective 21 early in the morning to the airport, one after another met the teammates, Anshan's mother and daughter (later to know Japan to see relatives), Yingkou couple (Later learned to go to Japan is the daughter of attending school), a big sister in Shenyang and a girl (later learned that the eldest sister's children study in Japan, after we arrived in Japan, the child also entered the group to accompany her mother to travel), and three Shenyang It was Daddy who had started to talk to each other on the last day, with scars on his face, deformed faces, sons, and aunts, who needed time to become acquainted with adults, unlike the children who meet to play together), as well as Two middle-aged men and women, it should be a couple, but off the plane to the regiment, and returned when returning, it is estimated that the group is linked. 9:00 takeoff, the actual flight time of two and a half hours, plus one hour time difference, arrived at Tokyo Narita International Airport in Japan at 13 o'clock, the aircraft is China Southern Airlines flight attendants there is a Japanese, but the Chinese can also say . Under the plane, the tour guide put us on the bus, is staying in the hotel's free shuttle bus, travel company also saves a fee. Narita here to say something really oversized, is the largest airport I have ever seen in the bus, and eyes began to observe this Chinese curious and hateful country, full of pine and bamboo, no bare land , Narita is a city, equivalent to our county, Japanese-style houses and high buildings mixed together, similar to our country's Jiangnan, then check the latitude to know that Tokyo's latitude and our Shanghai, Zhengzhou almost. Trees are green, according to the tour guide said Tokyo cherry blossoms happy for two weeks, and now you can see the real Kyrgyzstan day ah! The tour guide is a Taiwanese, he found a student in Liaoyang, China to go abroad, but also to show off his wife's appearance, really good, she was looking for tour guides be blind, I always think tour guides will sweet talk, deceptive. This tour guide also shows off more than my father, I gave him forget the next three, one is the biological father, Hong Kong people, one is the meaning of the father, that is, the mother in Japan to find a second husband, the third is the father-in-hotel, very Small, this prior travel agency and tour guide have explained, so not too demanding. At three o'clock, guides introduce Narita nothing, there is a supermarket near the hotel can bus in the past, natural wife could not stay, went. Called OCEN supermarket, similar Carrefour, wife said Tianjin and Guangzhou, called AEON Mall. Really big, first eat, find a fast food stalls, a variety of Japanese fast food. Small octopus balls making process is very artistic, Shenyang has, did not pay attention to, buy something to eat, wife bought a portion of pork, I also ordered a portion. Small octopus balls should be authentic friends, the taste okay, not easy to eat, very fresh, or the brand of Tsukiji chain yet. The taste of pork is also good, but also let the daughter-in-law study how to make it like this, the noodles are the last to come out, eat, that fragrant, fragrant, my favorite kind, and now also want to flow Hala Zi, Japan is not Like a light diet, how can the modulation of such a strong soup so fragrant, noodles are also very good, very delicious. Japanese clever, suspected to be seasoning rushed, hand touch, thick and sticky soup, should not be blending, and the tour guide repeatedly said the Japanese special diet, never to fool consumers, so be sure to note this The name of the face, the next journey if you hit it must also eat, 'Three sides and a male noodles', awesome! Things in the fast food restaurant have to be described, is the pager, each pay the customer will lead a BB-like wireless electronic pager, wait for the food you bought it will ring, and then you Can go to Fukui mouth to receive, do not line up without looking, really advanced and convenient supermarket have everything, quality and cheap, daughter bought crazy, even the curtains are bought, and even cheaper to buy what to buy that calculator conversion Into the domestic price. I always warn today is the first day, so buy, how to go ah. Wife had to put up. I bought three bowls of Japanese pottery, very beautiful, three of them one by one, I carefully selected, Chinese ceramics across the sea, the results flourished in Japan, Japan, thick ceramic, but simple, decorative simple abstract, However, the legacy of the past, people put it down, much cheaper than the domestic yet. 9:30 from the last bus there is another hour, then visit, what to forget to buy a wife, anyway, asked a waitress in the bakery, and even said with gestures, and finally understand, and then let go of the living Children, a bow to lead us turn left and right to the place where we want to go, and then another bow, walked away, we can only be respected for this kind of civilization polite man and the nation in a jewelry stall, I Even found the like and can not climb the cast iron pot, Vientiane city, one can sell thousands of pieces, where actually sold 210,000 yen, 0.66 = 1386 yuan, cheap, buy! The first day on the victorious, in Japan, people buy supermarkets from toothpaste curtains, full return. By the way, the supermarket car park built higher than the supermarket bigger and bigger, built in the supermarket across the road, with the corridor interoperability on the 22nd, breakfast in the hotel, a small variety, but for us are novel, doing Bar for an hour, arrived in bustling Tokyo, the traffic jam on the road, a lot of Japanese motorcycles, but also on the high-speed, and domestic differences. First went to Tokyo's famous Asakusa Temple, Main Hall is spectacular, the layout of the temple and the Chinese style is very close, where the cherry has been in full bloom, I began to feel the beauty of the cherry. The beauty of cherry blossoms lies in her full blown, collective bliss, forming a state of mind, a gushing vigor of the state, making people more excited, more excited, on the growth of all things awe! To say that the flower itself is so special that there is nothing special about botany. One is not beautiful at all and the other two plants are nothing special. However, if one street, two streets and two films are full, it is not the same. Japanese 'flower see' is particularly poetic, similar to the cherry tree, put on a diet, and friends meet here, together cherry, drinking, carefree ah. Chung Street, see the street snack is very good, burning human shape, sticky cake very delicious. About eleven o'clock, arrived at Toyota Motor Experience Hall, because they do not understand Japanese, there is no Chinese tour guide, half an hour wasted, next to a small Outlets, did not visit for a while, to the time, to go Legend of the world's largest Disney. A little more into the field, a word, 懵! Really happy ocean, children's paradise. Uniforms of elementary and middle school students everywhere. Prior to downloading from the Internet a lot of Disney play Raiders, what FASTPASS, to adapt to the venue, quickly take the map to find popular rides and found the team called the mountain of personal mountains, ask the service staff,

FASTPASS morning hair finished, the queue to two and a half hours, and quickly change a project, splash Hill, a question is also two and a half hours of queuing, Disney's FASTPASS are sent out, this hate tour guide, ah, how come earlier. As long as the row of splashed mountains, can not not play one, a look a little bit, almost three o'clock, after playing this on the six o'clock, six thirty collection, can not be late. Spent big money, bought tickets, play a project, depressed ah. Hard line up, the Japanese really accurate, indeed discharged to two and a half hours, get on a splashing mountain boat, experienced nearly ten minutes of weightlessness stimulation, but also was photographed boat rushed down from the height of our weightlessness When frightened expression, no charge. Down quickly to find items do not need to line up, accompany his wife to ride a carousel, and then visit the souvenir shop, and finally ate a dessert, it is not without regret to leave Disney. Think of these projects, I have many years in Shenzhen Happy Valley have played, Happy Valley Roller Coaster it really is better than this hundred, ah, no longer come to Disney, including Hong Kong's Little Discovery Kingdom, Happy Valley Affordable, but also play enough. No dinner at night, we put down luggage in the hotel, went fake van cleef and arpels diamond ring out to find the hotel. Tour guides, Japanese white-collar men generally do not go home after get off work, have to drink wine to the izakaya, see those who led the briefcase, wearing a suit that there are many alleys across the hotel there are many Izakaya can go. My wife and I began to compare house to house, looking for a sushi Izakaya, which no one, I and the daughter to dish sushi, sell pot of sake, to taste it, it is delicious Yeah. I often eat sushi, but also the taste of Izakaya ah. Just over eight o'clock time, really small izatzai will be filled with a white-collar workers, a push cup change lamp, very warm. Japanese Izakaya are very small, can sit twenty or thirty people, a sushi father, a waiter, usually a wife, are the former point after the home. Izakaya always gives a warm feeling, reminds me of 'you're the one' spring, summer, autumn and winter four sisters izakaya. Drink sake, faint suddenly, and daughter-in-law back to the hotel, go to bed, Disney stop tired ah. Japanese hotel is really a small one, especially in Tokyo, ah, but it is clean, complete facilities, toilets are washed, it seems that 20 to 30 years ago, Japanese public places to use this the first stop on the 23rd , Visit the Imperial Palace outskirts, the equivalent of China's Zhongnanhai, I really do not know, do not let in, take a picture on the double bridge it, and now I recall, it is a waste of time, saw the cherry, not in full bloom, no feeling, like the northeast Spring peach. At noon in Ginza Street barbecue restaurant ate a buffet barbecue, a lot of meat, and finally only one kind of meat to eat out of the day supermarket barbecue taste, a look called beef belly, 'wife, remember to go back and give me a cow Belly barbecue ', fairly successful. The tour guide said he could have visited Ginza by himself and gave time for two hours. Wife did not want to eat, urging me to go to war soon. 13:20, we stood in the world-famous Japan Ginza Avenue, really superb, world-renowned luxury are gathered in this less than two kilometers of the street, watching the major brands do feel a bit dizzy, mainly do not know How to start ah The first brand, BERBURLLY, Tokyo Ginza store, red! Black Label Burberry, only Tokyo, a variety of customized for the Ginza clothing, buy! A price, than the domestic Outlets are cheaper! Left and right hand carry full, can not be nostalgic, quickly to other brands. Where is Cartier? Chanel can not go, time tight task ah! Row fake van ring upon row of major shopping malls, only photographic, and daughter urged me to post the photo pose can not be designed. A monk wearing a Japanese hat and a yellow monk even stood here holding a tray of fossils. The strong winds between the buildings blew his shyness so that the flat-topped hats obscured his face, His hand holding up the bowl motionless, quite Sage, so I suddenly remembered the childhood break animated cartoon, just to this monk and the fashion of each other's background income into the camera, but was urged by the wife to quickly shop She did not want to go back to the regiment, sorry ah! No way, this time the main thing is to want to pull his wife Well, forget the most important thing to make her happy, to make up for Bali on her grievances and mistakes. Cartier shop to the daughter-in-law is elated, into the store directly depends on the bracelet, try N times in the country, because more than 40,000, has not been willing to buy, Cartier services did not have to say, a look at the Chinese, come out immediately A Chinese shopping guide to help, I heard that to buy bracelets, on the 16th, the waiter immediately uncovered hard to say that the Chinese have come too much recently to buy out of stock. Let me go, the Chinese are fierce! At this time, an old Japanese woman came through the Chinese shopping guide translation, understand the meaning, indicating that we wait a while, will change out of the 16th bracelet, to be honest, true TMD is not worth it How much ah, a gold-plated, even sold 33000, but the laughing eyes of the daughter-in-law, cheaper fake van cleef arpels engagement ring than the domestic more than ten thousand ah! China's luxury policy I will not evaluate, dig money, 33,000 buy a wife laugh, value! (Then come back to Haneda Airport duty-free shops in Osaka this Cartier bracelet actually equivalent to 29,000, really regret asked such a mouth, I found the return home unhappy!) Bring her husband screwed to a screwdriver, her husband gave you Locked, and can no longer run with others (in fact, no one wanted to run, all have children, except me and my son, it is difficult to admire a man again), 'Yes, shopping guide, to help us put this Instant recruit eternal ah. ' Hand over the payment, a cup of juice presented by Cartier, a look at the table, OMG, has been a collection of time, and quickly run back from the Seventh Item back to a chome, (Fortunately, Ginza Street closed in the afternoon, the car is forbidden Good policy, very flexible,) Everything is in the hands. Tour guide did not say anything, because there is still not back yet, the driver is very worried, because the parking time is to be punished. Famous Ginza, not how to visit left, how not regret it. About four o'clock, have arrived, set off to the foot of Hot Springs Hotel Fuji, the next day to see Mount Fuji. Midway also went to Outlets, built in a valley, so big, and quite like Beijing's Atlas, is also a one-of-a-kind store, a good environment, built on the mountain, but an hour, Take a look at it, did not buy what, incomplete goods. Arrived at more than seven hot springs hotel, eat a group meal, a small wooden box, which a face, a bowl of rice, a few sushi, tempura taste, and then return to the room for hot springs. Today's room slightly larger, put on kimono, imagine the 'If you're the' scene, came to the hotel's large bath, in fact, but is a big pool, come on the club, after all, is the hot spring water, go to fatigue! The environment is not yet domestic days Mu Spa patterns, tentatively think that the Japanese pragmatic it 24, departure Hakone, visit Mount Fuji. Come out to know that our hotel is in a lake, built on the mountain, tour guides introduce five lakes under the Mount Fuji, this is the largest. Due to the rainy weather, the tourist bus can only open to a total number of four. The top of the mountain is ten in number. It is said that an old monk waits for a mountain to stop for ten times. Each stop has its eyes closed. Therefore, A section of a car, car up to five combined open. We watched the video at the Yamashita Exhibition Hall, went up the mountain. Reach four points resting point, up to see the top of Mount Fuji, clouds, what can not see, look far, but it is contiguous snow-capped mountains, pleasant scenery, but very cold! Down the hill on the way, some people suddenly looked back, but saw the whole picture of Mount Fuji, cone-shaped mountain, the top of the snow-capped, although only 3,700 meters, but the absolute height is high, stand alone, so slightly towering. Kamiyama of Japanese heart, finally came. The video from the exhibition hall said the mountain was formed by the eruption of three volcanoes in succession. Or more distant beauty, the reason for the distance. Noon hill at the foot of the town to eat. These two days to watch the Japanese village houses, really more and more beautiful, more and more like each other, walls, which are and villas, and some two three-tier, there are rooms, the yard are species With pine or bamboo, are so simple and quiet, but unfortunately there is no chance to enter the house which deep feelings after the Dayong Valley, 3000 years ago, the remains of volcanic eruptions, high mountain halfway up and out White smoke hot springs, filled with the smell of sulfur in the air, be wonders, the hot spring water temperature can be cooked eggs, we all bought a famous 'black jade' is cooked eggs, the taste is not how, Anyway, as the Romans.
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Booth to buy bracelets to wear wrist itch pain trinket existence big problem

Readers Miss Wang hotline to reflect that most of the products on the small jewelry stalls in Tianjin three non-product quality is not guaranteed not to say, some may also be harmful to the health of customers One night, Ms. Wang visit the night market stalls in the Sky Tower Bought a bracelet, did not expect to just wear a few hours, do fake van cleef and arpels lotus ring not say fade bracelets, wrist also appeared erythema, itching and itching. Ms. Wang immediately removed the bracelet, after a long time the phenomenon of allergies on the wrist gradually disappear. According to the location provided by Ms. Wang, the reporter came to the tower near the site does have imitation van cleef diamond ring a lot of stalls are operating trinkets business, and the business is quite good, the main customers to young girls. Small variety of accessories, assortment, scarves, belts, brooches, jewelry necklaces, cell phone accessories, and other goods, but most do not have packaging. Reporters choose a booth at random, pick up a cell phone accessories and found that only a few English letters on their packaging, factory name site, production date, raw materials, etc. have not been marked. Reporters then came to Bali stationery market trinkets booth, found the situation and just about. No outer packaging, no product information, shoddy and price artificially high, is a common problem trinkets The industry to remind consumers that some trinkets in order to look more beautiful, through the coating, dyeing, ingredients and other processes to complete. Some raw materials can cause harm to the user. For example, some trinkets of metal materials contain nickel. Excess standard content easily causes dermatitis. In addition, soluble antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, imitation van cleef and arpels engagement ring mercury and other trace elements once excessive, will also have a great health hazard. Therefore, if the purchase of trinkets, it is best to reputable businesses to buy, valuables to the merchants to obtain the appropriate identification certificate. In addition, before wearing jewelry trinkets, should also pay attention to regular cleaning and disinfection, to prevent bacterial abuse, with particular attention to earrings, earrings and ear health.
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8 figure Burmese natural jade A cargo brand new

1, Cui Xing, which is due to the composition of emerald jadeite or other pyroxene crystals with two sets of complete cleavage caused. In light, due to the reflection of these cleavage planes, a large number of glittering facets of jadeite surface can be seen, usually on emerald-sawed or unpolished surfaces, and Cui is very noticeable 2, natural jadeite also has orange Skin effect, its polished surface is often like the ups and downs like orange peel, the reason for this phenomenon is due to jadeite jade particles in the direction of inconsistency due. You can also see other identification features through the instrument 3, all kinds of green emerald has a typical absorption spectrum characteristics, emerald green jade must have obvious in the red zone of the three absorption lines caused by chromium, and the so-called Of the knock off van cleef clover ring ladder-like features. Green to light green jade, red chrome absorption line may not be obvious, generally only to see the 660nm absorption line, but in the violet region can see 473nm absorption knock off van cleef arpels ring line, the absorption line is generally considered to be caused by the Fe Jadeite A cargo in the natural state formed by the geological environment and other effects, the formation of many jade contains many impurities, will greatly affect the beauty of jade, so the industry often use some methods to carry out some of its treatment to make it beautiful and beautiful . Emerald optimized in the business and not processed any jade called 'Jade A cargo.' Jade A cargo is pure natural jade. Only after the traditional mild surface acid or surface pier wax treatment, its knock off van cleef and arpels flower ring emerald structure is not corroded and destroyed. The same is a jade bracelet, but in contrast, the price of a jade a cargo bracelet bracelet and b goods C many times higher than the bracelet.
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