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The seventh chapter called through

Avoidance ring can be ordinary people, no one does not like, so when this thing fell into the hands of Lin Lingyi, he began a headache!

This thing alone fake small van cleef necklace from the appearance point of view, there is nothing surprising material should be ordinary suet jade, crystal clear, whole body lines rounded smooth, looks like the size of two bracelets together, but the body was flat but carefully See also can see that the above inlaid with dense lines, from the surface has been embedded into the interior, extremely dense, showing the complexity and sophistication of their skills, non-experts can not estimate the complex force of these complex lines constitute the unique force field Is to wear the person, in the perennial in the midsummer of the East China, ready to enjoy the cool everywhere covered in the key, but it is a pity that these lines fall in the eyes of Lin, and bible different, simply Looked like a bucket of fighting!

In the case of the slightest do not understand to study, in addition to self-defeating, or self-defeating, fortunately these things, now is not in his consideration he is now considering how to deal with this thing on the hand, it is clear that this is a Dirty, sell is certainly not sell, possession Well, he will not think of any good place for a long time half a possession, so at the moment he was quite fortunate that he had already, all the things received, those no obvious defense Recognize the mark, to the pin dirty sales channel, the money will come to time will be divided to participate in those small partners can not let everyone busy, or at least fill their pockets but those who have obvious ways , He all received up, this little brother is still more convinced of him, I believe he is not the kind of person possession of private, but also think of a specific approach but this time they are miscalculated, and their boss is holding these Hot things, a headache, I'm afraid I do not know when, because these few things have caused big trouble their loner one does not matter, even if the sweeping is not afraid to go out, but He is a man and a man van cleef arpels fake alhambra necklace who is here, and if he is tired, he is sorry, so he needs to be carefully weighed. What is the most troublesome thing to do? Not too short, but since the level of contact has been too narrow, the understanding of this new world is indeed very limited, but even so, at least he also knows that every piece of the summer ring comes from the best man and belongs to a unique upscale So, do not think about changing hands and selling everything to the end of any one have this thing forces, will not be a simple role;

Definitely will not miss the trace, this unknown way of things, so if the shots, if there is no such kind of channel, tough backstage can carry, by his own, really not that confidence can escape But hiding, seemingly unsafe, who knows this above, there is no default trace pattern, in case there is no longer be found, then I am in the hope of the Happy Day, I am afraid to come to an end,

So although this thing is very valuable, you can get a lot of money but compared to their future stability, Lin Lingyi think it is worthwhile to weigh the pros and cons in the long half, or decided to throw it in the mountain cliff , I believe that in other places, ordinary people simply can not go, even if there are any hands and feet, but also can be removed from their own look after the goodness of the rest of that kind of sample, down there is no such thing as trouble, he is not too Fear, in accordance with the previous habit, temporarily hidden in a safe place, waiting for a year or two the winds have passed, and then look for a machine to be safe and only like this money and unique things, there are not many in the world, Up to now I have not been able to get a few pieces of these kid actor who can think of how much there, he could not help think of this little body now, but also a kid actor, smile not help him again and again Unexpectedly, I think of the beginning, just want to save some money, give yourself to others for delivery take-away lunch, God is actually generous, to himself also made a box lunch, or really envy At the beginning of the bridge, his own eyes and see, a moment to overwhelming all thunder and lightning, do not know will not cause the attention of the parties concerned, their imitation mother of pearl van cleef necklace inexplicable disappearance, do not know how many people will remember Some funny thought, to send that a box lunch, let yourself staggered time and space, came to this strange world, it is estimated that the single person, this life is no longer wait for the takeaway, hoping not to complain immediately Absurd smile, he has come to this outsider, there are more complaints with their dry, ha!
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300,000 bracelets

Recently broke a news, a tourist to Yunnan tourism, guided tours with a tourist goods wholesale market shopping. She tried on the street wearing a jade bracelet, the result accidentally broke, the stallholders claim 300,000. From the news photos, it copy van cleef and arpels alhambra turquoise necklace is a very simple booth, scattered above a lot of jade bracelets placed. If a bracelet to 30 million, then the value of copy van cleef long necklace this small spread on the billions of dollars! is it possible?

This actually raises the question of how high a person's greed and self-control can develop in an unregulated environment in an opaque market? If the matter is not a fair deal, then this will be just the beginning, after 300000 5000000 what bracelet ah antiques, will continue to appear. Some people's bottom line and self-discipline have fallen in a social environment, the law will set out some of the bottom line. But above the law, there is still a lot of vague space to rely on human self-control and moral pursuit. If people's moral bottom line is very low, the sense of shame and the pursuit of good emotions lost, the social environment will continue to deteriorate So, why the stallholders unscrupulous to this extent? Even he found the so-called credibility department to prove to him that the bracelet was worth 180,000. This proves what a situation? That is, shamelessness of some businessmen is no longer an isolated phenomenon, and he is a result of the entire social environment. Not only is the shameless cost of a business extremely low, the shameless and costless costs of some experts show that it is difficult to maintain the order of the social environment based solely on human self-esteem. Transparent supervision and accountability mechanisms must be introduced. Shameless replica magic alhambra necklace behavior must be punished, justice can be done. We must restrain the ugliness of human nature by the good strength of humanity.
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Baby five months there are rickets how to do

The issue of the characteristics of infant rickets must be addressed. You mentioned the characteristics of infant rickets as you answer below. Speaking of the treatment of rickets, parents must have no stranger. With the popularization of science knowledge, parents gradually out of the rickets is calcium deficiency of this error. Most parents understand that rickets is mainly caused by vitamin D deficiency. As a result, cod liver oil (main ingredient: vitamin D) has become a concern for parents of drugs. Clinically, it is often wrong to find that many parents purchase cod liver oil as a health supplement for their children and even some of them orally their children for a long time. How to get out of this misunderstanding? Let me talk about some of my views. (1) Not every child has vitamin D deficiency

The data show that: Vitamin D in conventional foods can not meet the normal physiological needs of children, although the sun can increase skin synthesis of vitamin D, but for various reasons, such as in winter and spring, including the rainy season in the southern summer, and urban high-rise buildings Blocking and air pollution and other reasons, infants and young children's sunshine is often not enough, so there may be a lack of vitamin D. However, after all, only possible, not every child is lacking.Nowadays, due to the improvement of living conditions, Regular manufacturers of infant formula milk powder, as well as some children's food have added vitamin D, plus many family members from time to time to eat some vitamin multivitamin, which also contains a lot of vitamin D 'So, children rickets, not

There are 4 main symptoms of acute intestinal obstruction:

(1) abdominal pain: pain for the burst. Jejunum or upper ileal obstruction, 1 episode every 35 minutes, terminal ileum or colorectal obstruction, 1 episode every 69 minutes, episodes of pain relief during intermission, accompanied by bowel hyperactivity during colic. Bowel sounds high profile. Sometimes you can smell the sound of water. Paralytic ileus can be no abdominal pain, high intestinal obstruction can not be serious colic, middle or low intestinal obstruction was typical of severe colic, located in the umbilical or imprecise positioning. Each colic can last from a few seconds to minutes. If the paroxysmal pain for persistent abdominal pain, should consider the development of strangulated intestinal obstruction (2) vomiting: obstruction, the intestinal peristalsis vomiting patients. Vomit began to stomach content, after the intestinal contents. High intestinal obstruction van cleef and arpels fake butterfly necklace colic is not heavy, but frequent vomiting. Middle or distal small bowel obstruction, vomiting appeared late, low intestinal obstruction vomit was sometimes 'stool-like' due to the retention of intestinal contents, bacterial overgrowth, the decomposition of intestinal contents caused by (3) bloating: occurred in Late, high intestinal obstruction less obvious than the lower, obstruction due to the existence of the ileocecal valve, reflux rarely occurs, often obstructive obstruction, so obvious abdominal distension. Stranded intestinal obstruction, the abdomen was asymmetric swelling, you can touch the enlarged intestine (4) Exhalation and defecation stop: intestinal obstruction patients generally stop by the anal defecation and exhaust. However, mesenteric vascular embolization and intussusception can be discharged loose stools or

Rickets is more common in infancy, is due to vitamin D deficiency caused by the body of calcium and phosphorus metabolism, leaving poor bone calcification of a disease. Rickets is a slow onset, not easy to pay attention. Rickets reduce the resistance of children, easy to merge pneumonia and Diarrhea and other diseases, affecting children's growth and development. Therefore, we must actively prevent and treat.

Early onset of pediatric rickets, the common symptoms of night scared, disturbed sleep, sweating, irritability. More serious illness, decreased muscle tone, joint relaxation, abdominal enlargement, growth and development are also affected. Skeletal changes, is the main manifestation of rickets The skull was softened in the early part of the head, and the skull was closed after 78 months, and the fontanelle was closed late. Ribs, chicken breasts or funnel chests were visible on the chest. The bones on the wrists and ankles were thick and formed bangles and ankle-like changes. Quality softening, there may be knee-turn (O-shaped) or knee valgus (X-shaped), commonly known as the ring legs.

The key to prevention of rickets is to catch early and catch small .It is recommended to promote breastfeeding and add complementary food rationally.It should be noted that the tolerance and poisoning of vitamin D are very different among individuals.Therefore, not to give children Take cod liver oil and calcium tablets to prevent poisoning.

It is recommended to check the blood trace elements, so that according to the lack of appropriate amount of calcium and vitamin AD preparations.

Treatment: Available calcium gluconate tablets (after hydration, oral), while calcium supplementation of vitamin D (such as: new or vitamin E D)

The above is the 'baby five months have how to do rickety' this issue of advice, I hope for your help, I wish you health!

The symptoms of infants with rickets must pay attention to this issue, the baby rickets symptoms for you to answer the following: Pediatric rickets is a common childhood chronic nutritional deficiency, folk is commonly known as rickets. mother of pearl van cleef necklace knock off It is due to lack of vitamin D in the body caused Systemic calcium, phosphorus metabolism disorders, which in turn lead to bone changes, more performance in infants under 2 years of age. symptom

Babies' rickets often initially manifest themselves as mental, neurological symptoms such as restlessness, awakening and sweating easily at night, sweating more during feeding and crying, and sometimes with pillows getting wet; followed by bones Developmental lesions, such as the head of the ping-pong with the kind of elastic, square cranial fontanelle closed slowly, occipital hair scarce, eruption and sitting, walking later than normal infants; chest Bones can be expressed as ribs, each of a rib bulge bulky, longitudinally feels like beaded, rib valgus and chicken breast; if the child in the rickets active sedentary, long standing, may also cause spinal curvature and lower limbs There O-shaped, X-shaped legs; upper limbs showed the wrist of the ulna, the distal radius of the blunt oblate 'bracelet-like.' The main reason for the lack of vitamin D is inadequate intake. The amount of vitamin D in your baby's diet (2 months to 1 year of age) is small and usually does not exceed 100 IU daily. At this point the child's daily vitamin D needs 4

Mom best daily baby with the sun out, each time to go out at least half an hour of sun. The sun, which is generally before 10 am and after 4 pm, is more beneficial to your baby's absorption of calcium. In fact, vitamin D, make up is also very troublesome, vitamin D mainly helps the absorption of calcium, vitamin D deficiency can cause low calcium directly, you can let the child more match the sun, so the body will produce vitamin D, skin symptoms: dry skin, Scaling, rough, followed by papules, occur in the lateral and upper limb extensor side, shoulders, buttocks, back and neck; due to respiratory epithelial keratosis, trachea, bronchus susceptible to infection, replica van cleef long necklace young children can also cause bronchial pneumonia Ocular manifestations: often manifested as dark adaptive ability to decline, that is, when suddenly from the light environment into the dark place, the human eye to see the dark objects in time to extend. In severe cases in the dark can not see the object, a night blindness , Commonly known as 'bird eye.' Severe vitamin A deficiency can also cause dry eye, manifested as dry conjunctiva, children may appear conjunctival folds, thickening of conjunctival hyperplasia .Outside the cornea sometimes eye and eye line parallel to the bottom line to form a Within the triangle or round, oval-shaped spots, the color was gray or silver white, like a small soap bubble, can not rub to go, known as 'Beat stain.' Eye conjunctiva and corneal gloss loss, tears Decreased secretion, or does not secrete tears. More serious can cause corneal ulcers, perforation, or even completely blind.

The above is the 'baby five months have how to do rickety' this issue of advice, I hope for your help, I wish you health!

1. General treatment

Adhere to breastfeeding, timely addition of foods containing more vitamin D (liver, egg yolk, etc.), more outdoor activities to increase the chance of direct sunlight. Stimulation phase do not make children sedentary, long standing, to prevent skeletal deformities 2. Vitamin D supplement

Early oral vitamin every day for 1 month, to prevent the amount. Oral stimulation, and even served one month later to prevent the amount. If you can not insist on oral or suffering from diarrhea, intramuscular injection of vitamin D bolus therapy, to prevent oral dose after 1 month. Before oral intramuscular injection of calcium 45 days, so as to avoid iatrogenic calcium convulsion.
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Forensic Liu Chen let the body speak directly solve the 2000 cases of map

Tianjin North Network News: river body salvage, white maggots covered with legs. Busy from the scene to the middle of the night scene, a few days did not see my father, three-year-old son just flutter into his arms like a petite, but hand pushed him away, 'father who has taste.' This is the son of the father opened the public security Beichen Branch Technology team forensic Liu Chen. Compared to capture the vigorous front line with the suspect wrestling police, Liu Chen's work seems not so soul-stirring. However, as fake van cleef and arpels alhambra diamond necklace a forensic doctor, he faces no bloody wound every day, a cold or even highly rotten, smelly corpse. For 11 years, he is a special man who has escaped this horrifying position. He surveyed more than 4,000 major criminal cases on various occasions and inspected more than 700 corpses. Through the trace and evidence-based comparison, he directly solved more than 2,000 cases. Through the careful investigation of the crime scene, he let the bodies 'speak' and restored the truth of the case. Let the perpetrators volt, highlighting the fairness and majesty of the law On May 4 last year, Wu, a resident of Beichen district of the city, disappeared for many days and his family suspected it had been killed. After receiving the report, after visiting the investigation, Interpol's criminal police quickly get a clue, Wu and a stone woman with a close contact. Soon, police will be with Wu Moumou has a long-term residence relationship captured. After interrogation, Shi Mou because of the feelings of the two ruined Wu and murdered, and destroyed the fact that the crime of confessed confessed. However, Liu Chen, a forensic doctor who was on the scene, and colleagues found traces of blood on the wall and found no dead bodies. For the fixed evidence, this case into iron case, according to Shimou's confession, Liu Chen and his colleagues drove more than 600 kilometers, rushed to the stone maiden in Shandong Province, in a secluded grove looking for hidden corpse spot braved Hot sun, Liu Chen and colleagues dug in the grove for more than an hour, nothing dug up. Is it Shi Moumou confession fake, Liu Chen pondered a moment, quickly denied this judgment. He asked his colleagues to continue digging more than 100 meters from this digging point. Nearly eleven o'clock, with Liu Chen a shovel dig out a dark body, a nauseating stench blows. Liu Chen regardless of stench, the body pieces and bones piece by piece excavated. As a result of burying a long time, dug to the bottom of the body block has been stuck with the mud together, can not dig out with iron swords, and finally Liu Chen they can only hand pieces of the body will be dug piece by piece, etc., all excavated, and then Mosaic pieces stitching. Subsequently, with the help of the local police, they succeeded in finding the victim's head, which was thrown into a nearby well, and the autopsy work was successfully completed. As soon as possible to close the case, Liu Chen, who wait until the rest Rest quickly near Jinzhong, when finished the day's work, carefully after the bath Liu Chen dragged his tired body back home. Just opened the cell door, for many days did not see my father's three-year-old son jumped off his bed excitedly and rushed to his arms. Just when Liu Chen wanted to kiss a child's little face, the child suddenly held a small nose and ran away. He still kept saying: 'Daddy has a taste.' Liu Chen shocked all of a sudden, and my heart was like knocking down the five-flavor bottle, my heart can not tell the taste. Recalling the scene of the day, Liu Chen said that since then, he came up van cleef copy necklace with a small coup in addition to taste. Out of the scene immediately after the clothes off, wash clothes with a large basin, clothes washed, the hands did not smell the bloody murder scene, in ordinary people may be very eerie. However, Liu and colleagues, they not only can not be afraid, but also pay attention to the clues found in the bloody scene of the removal of the murderers, they want to find trace evidence on the scene. It is in their meticulous examination, calm and meticulous analysis, one by one pile of suspicions, the case was successfully cracked Last August 13, Beichen District, Double Street North Canal found two incomplete legs. Because at that time, the human leg was highly corrupt at that time, Liu Chen disregarded the dirty environment and bursts of smell on the scene. My colleague, with his bamboo pole, salvaged the two human legs and body bags, bundling ropes and wires and other physical evidence one by one. Subsequently, specially prepared insecticides were used to disperse the surrounding mosquitoes, flies and maggots. Liu Chen hurriedly examined the evidence of the corpse fixation and timely extracted the DNA samples of the deceased. Since then, they have used DNA technology to identify the source of victims in a timely manner, villagers in a village on Double Street. Then, they did not attend to the rest and continued for 48 consecutive hours to conduct a thorough investigation of the first spot where the criminal suspects had been cleared. In the living room, they found traces of bloodstains taken by the victims and thus determined that the victim's husband killed his wife And separate the crime facts. Some murder at the scene sometimes even the relatives of the victims are unwilling to approach, once the survey finished the scene, Liu Chen and colleagues carefully clean the victims left after leaving the scene, the family members rushed to come forward, handed over a brand new towel, said with emotion : 'You are amazing, we can not do it as children.' Liu Chen, who is the technical backbone of the team, is also in charge of on-site theft and other assault cases 11:20 and immediately went to the canteen for a meal . At this time, criminal investigation detachment integrated room turn with the burglary case of police intelligence, the scene of the scene more than 10 kilometers outside the Huo Zhuangzi. Liu Chen and colleagues did not hesitate to clean up the equipment set off. Liu Chen told reporters on the road, a day out of 56 sites is commonplace. Half an hour later, Liu Chen and colleagues rushed to the scene of the incident. The stolen villagers live in an alley by the road, where the houses are connected to each other. Stolen is a large closet in a farmer's room. According to the owner, a gold necklace and bracelet kept in a cabinet drawer were stolen, but they were not sure about the exact timing of the incident. And the owner, the police station to understand the case, Liu Chen and colleagues wearing white gloves immediately put into work, he began to use special equipment to detect footprints on the ground. Looked back to the owner who has at home, respectively, what to wear shoes, Liu Chen will be locked in a trace of attention. Experienced, he told reporters, according to the size of the footprint length, you can determine the approximate height of the suspect, footprints center of gravity in the forefoot, the suspect is relatively young, and vice versa is old, in addition, according to the footsteps can also describe the suspicion After walking habits of people extracted footprints, he used the camera to take pictures of theft scene evidence. Then he carefully removed the jewelery box containing the stolen items and collected the fingerprints on the surface of the jewelery box with special equipment. At this moment, the excited hostess walked in and constantly complained while cynically working Liu Chen and her colleagues. However, Liu Chen seems to turn a deaf ear to it, methodically busy. After the van cleef and arpels alhambra diamond necklace knock off inspection, the hungry Liu Chen and colleagues drove to the team to catch. When asked why he did not explain why, Liu Chen Han Han smile, people lost something, my heart grievances, say a few words to say it With the development of science and technology and the widespread dissemination of information, crime, intelligent, gang , Hidden new features, more difficult to solve the case, the forensic requirements are higher, in order to make a difference, we must often learn new knowledge. Therefore, every case of a cracked-up, Liu Chen must carefully sum up the pros and cons and the characteristics of such cases. In his spare time, he studied trace inspection, forensic science, imaging, biology, access to a large number of domestic and foreign cases and information. According to his work practice, he wrote five professional dissertations such as 'talking about' the role of on-site inspection information system in cracking 3.29 large burglary safes cases and published them in academic journals at the national, provincial and ministerial level respectively. In the past 10 years, he has won personal second class work and personal third class work twice. In 2012, he was appraised as 'Tianjin Excellent People's Police' by the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Last year, he was awarded 'Tianjin Dedication Dedication to good people 'award. (Reporter Gong Wei correspondent Song Zhiqiang)
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ZERO1 series of classic freshmen

The fascination of this design lies in its clever innovative concept: 'classic freshman.' Also introduced two platinum and rose gold double gold version of the two pendants. Subvert the traditional lines, colors, materials and shape design, have shown Bulgari does not meet the traditional, endless innovation brand concept.

As early as the mid-1950s, Bulgari's jewelry design was innovative in color, creating an unprecedented wave of colored gems. Bulgari against the trend, the combination of semi-precious stones and gems, jewelry design open a new door.

In the 1970s, Bulgari embellished many unusual materials into the necklace design: old copper coins, stainless steel and silk shakes the inherent pattern of jewelry design.

This pioneering style with Bulgari decades, driven by this philosophy, Bulgari created many subversive aesthetic criteria, and some even from the design surprising 'mistake', these aesthetic The guidelines have greatly changed the history of jewelry design.

In 1999, Bulgari produced three commemorative rings to welcome the new millennium. Amazing design of the prototype No. 1, the entire ring presents gorgeous noble golden, is the perfect choice for the new millennium.

Prototype Design # 1 has earned a reputation for unique and superior design since its launch, and until today, the world has learned of the existence of replica van cleef rose gold necklace two more prototype designs. 2 prototype design to break the routine, using platinum, gold and rose gold three colors of material. Although it does not meet the original designer's requirements, it still emits an irresistible beauty, and was Bulgari collection for many years.

Prototype 3 is also derived from the bold design concept. Designers will extend the ring finger to create a new, slim bracelet, exquisite at the same time both sexy.

Occasional events that appear to be false, negligent or coincidental can occur at the intersection of various factors. Sometimes these errors are corrected and ignored by people, but sometimes they may be the power to change the world.

There is no shortage of these 'perfect mistakes' in our daily life, which brings us lots of fun. Let's take a look at these lovely stories:

It is said that by 2000, a Chinese chef was cooking dishes in the kitchen, putting sulfur, charcoal and saltpeter on a bamboo tube, but created a fireworks.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was not originally a sloping but its soft undergrad made it tilted for 199 years after it was built, and now it is also known for its flawed flaws.

An 11-year-old boy dropped his soda making mold on a cold winter's night, which imitation clover necklace van cleef inspired was the origin of the first icy ice. Later he set up a world famous brand.

In 1869, New Yorker Thomas Adams wanted to make a rubber tire from the gums extracted from the rubber tree and put it in his mouth and chewed. Suddenly, the gum was found to have a good mouthfeel.

Champagne in France has a unique climate and the province's wines are secondarily fermented, producing large amounts of carbon dioxide that can cause the bottles to explode. But if this response is properly controlled, it will produce a sweet wine. The legendary monk Tang Dom Prignon discovered the chemical reaction, made champagne, he once said 'the wine is as beautiful as a star!'

For centuries, trousers are taboo for women. Until a French designer inspired by an opera, in 1913 designed the 'harem pants.' His bold design emancipated women, led the fashion trend, but also improve comfort. Katherine Hepburn and women in World War II to promote the popularity of trousers.

French apple tart, also known as 'flip tart'. It was accidentally created by two French nuns in the 1880s, one of whom was also famous for being a bit confused. Once she was preparing her best-of-the-art apple pie and forgot to put the dough in the pan, so she had to spread it over the black apple and put the pan into the oven. To make the pie look as usual, after baking, she took the pie over and placed it on the tray to serve the guests while it was hot.

One of the greatest masterpieces created by humankind is also the artistic masterpiece of Italian Renaissance. In proportion, David is not like a perfect, over-sized, but the overall effect gives a perfect feeling.

Anyone who has experienced love knows that love can sometimes be difficult. But even so, nothing can match it. No love is the biggest regret. We work hard and try again and again, hoping that love will last forever. We want to create the longest in the world of love, or write the most fanatical love story. However, each couple has their own unique story, they exchange jewelry, jewelry to van cleef and arpels copy necklace witness this exclusive unique.
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Black and white promises no use

NetEase Hebei purchase silver jewelry, the seller promised silver jewelry lifelong free exchange once. Can wait until really intend to change, the business has said that does not meet the exchange conditions. March 14, angry Ms. Lee Evening News imitation van cleef and arpels frivole ring microblogging to reflect their own experience when imitation van cleef butterfly ring buying promised to replace the same price with a jewelry

In July 2013, Ms. Lee purchased a bracelet of more than 10 grams from the goldsmith family of Yuhua Road for 113 yuan. At that time, sales staff promised, with a note can be replaced with a price of silver jewelry, and the receipt covered a 'lifelong free exchange once' chapter. See the seller, 'black and white' commitment, Ms. Lee assured fake van cleef and arpels emerald ring back home. In early March this year, Ms. Lee came to the goldsmiths family want to change a paragraph, but was denied staff, on the grounds that the bracelet purchased by Ms. Lee is not within the scope of free replacement at 18:00 on the 14th, Ms. Lee told reporters at that time Purchase a bracelet for the receipt. The reporter saw the receipt clearly printed two chapters, respectively, 'jewelry intact confirmed correct' and 'lifelong free exchange once' 'Written form of commitment actually do not admit the account, it is unacceptable.' Ms. Lee angry To say that the bracelet, however, a hundred to a hundred dollars, for this little thing time-consuming and laborious to defended not worth it, but the goldsmith feel too irresponsible The staff said: buckle the wrong chapter

At 15:00 on the 15th or so, the reporter carrying Ms. Lee bracelets and bills came to the goldsmith family shop, made in accordance with the store promised to replace the same price with a bracelet. A staff member inside the shop checked the bracelet and rejected the reporter's request. The staff said that only the clear price of jewelry to enjoy the free replacement service, according to grams to build the sale of the bracelet is not within the framework of free replacement for life, can only provide free cleaning services 'should be buckle wrong, We never sell jewelry to be free replacement. 'The staff said Ms. Lee's jewelry, should deduct how much the weight of the chapter, not a lifetime free replacement chapter. For Ms. Lee insisted that the goldsmith family staff promised a free bracelet can be replaced once the staff said: 'I do not know, and you ask other people is the answer.'
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DNF Street Fighter dress up tips to share

First read about the general dress up fake van cleef ring replica bar

Output is loaded: blasting 9 plus abnormal left slot or right slot, first lord epic left slot Louis. Other legendary level of abnormal left and right slots can also be used. Weapon Available Knife, Demons, Deadly Torture Dress Up: Weapon, imitation vca ring Forged Case, Wild> Something> Unfinished> 85SS

Armor jewelry left and right trough, in addition to the left slot select the royal family (two levels of violent blood) other are the single red gas poisoning, whether the dual atmosphere, double breath better look is the other aspects, the title choose two poison or two Blood of the violent poison, around the slot platinum badge playing poison. Skills orbs do the trick, the fashion options poison dress up the best, there is a halo of 30, the pet best 3S pet year without the storm Dressup: 9 demolition explosions and then find a seat to replace the storm trick . At least to put on the poison fog bracelet, nightmare ring, Di Ruiji right groove three cases, the left slot Louis is blasting 9 with. The threshold of the poison panel is 4W3 or more, you can add C control and then look at the limit of dressup

Extreme torture Dressup: Open BUFF Forged 8 barren, left slot select Pocket Watch, right channel source help Agnes, bracelet source help Mataga, left and right trough two poison badge, the other single red flavor E3 Toxic parts, Shoulders Belt Shoes skills Baozhu a total of 3, tops poisoned fashion, aura 1 30, pet 3S, the title of two poison extreme storm Dressup: all parts of the first storm the number of dress, you can use the E3 single breath, weapons choose insects claw. Throw out the storm the moment, switch forged 8 wild or demons, poison fog bracelet, nightmare ring, Di Ruiji right slot, Louis left slot, sacrificial necklace, thousand spider coat, thousands of spider shoes, mixed element shoulder. Trousers Belt free BUG repair the ultimate provocation: 20 master proficient pile to 20, fashion jacket level, real spirit fighting clothes two, title two, pet two, about a total of two badges, Poseidon leggings, Fake purple weapons two, Joe store black breath left slot level. Hypothesis BUG repair, but also spent on Fallen 6, as well as the giant ax Kroon Oriental stick poison limit panel, is more than 9W 10W, the absolute limit of the main output method

Only recommended for use at BOSS, very cumbersome. If you have archaic imitation van cleef and arpels frivole ring weapons, please consider, because it will not be possible to maintain the ancient weapons of the BUFF. First of all, into the map Dress poison, waste ancient energy enough to open the ancient waste BUFF once again dress poison. BOSS door open two sleep on the ultimate provocation, Into the title of the title into two awakening, and cast off the awakening after the title of provocation and provocation. Dress parachute arms plus Fallen 9 and a storm the number of pieces, at this time you can X BOSS hang Snake. Finding the seat thunderstorm thunderstorm switch extreme anomalies. When the poison fog disappear quickly detonated. No strange to become a pile after the storm resistant to this storm, pay attention to dress up CD, in theory, is the case, you are right to find the most suitable for their own dress routine on the line.
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DNF magic ghost men ammunition equipment selection DNF men's ammunition skills plus recommended

Fashion shirt: Supernova nuclear explosion, a 20% increase in supernova, home travel murderous goods necessary anti-dark side, the knock off van cleef and arpels alhambra ring general station Street 170 is enough, of course, the higher the better. Maore fill up the knife performance is excellent, so full of tp generally recommended flames left and right groove + ring or bracelet + anger Bang Yan bombs knock off van cleef & arpels wedding ring 8 + Anniversary explosion bomb title / Storm Ranger / 1 skills enchantment title If there is a martial art book, it is soldier + flames Right slot bracelet rings + 7 anger, this with the highest percentage of bombshell bombs, but martial arts may meet the flames 9 If the skills are complete orb, it is recommended that I use the above two is my panel , The red word is not high, but 20 people can take milk brush any figure, be regarded as a particularly high rate of ammunition genres, and unlike the bullet system as easy card damage, knock off van cleef emerald ring nor as cumbersome as the sniper. Korean service there is a month or so ammunition is going to change greatly, do not know how long this genre can cool, however, ghost ammunition really made me feel the thrill of rejection skills, bullet blasting can also be regarded as the history of ammunition milestone skills (The first compression bullet skills can be refitted), I hope after the revision of ammunition to some more ways to shrink the bullet it.
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Cantonese about Cantonese Episode 11

Description: Dongjian learned breeze van cleef butterfly ring knock off to take knock off van cleef arpels between finger ring Xiaofang life, angry with him entangled wrestling, even more angry breeze wind Xiaobang prepared tombstone. Xiao-Fang worried about her husband's safety when suddenly collapsed, Xiao-Fang by the doctor after diagnosis, that her weakness to be careful handling of the fetus, Dongjian remorse did not take good care of his wife, Xiaofang counsels Dongjian not to fight with the wind. Dongjian often see the breeze on the street appearance, so angry at him cursed on the poster, and Aimei in East Fitness but can not see who temper his temper. Dong Jian car to the hospital to visit Xiaofang, surprised breeze appeared with flowers. Xifeng defiant smile actually makes Dong Chong impulse to want to crash into his car, Fortunately, Dongjian finally Cliff Le Ma; Dong Jian stop Xiaofang see Xiaofang, afraid he will take Xiaofang's life, Refers to all the changes to such a field because of East Kenjiro loves the world caused, so he speechless. Breeze left Auntie Poon when she left the hospital. She saw the breeze blowing and advised him to go to the church to calm her heart. Winds do not want to go down with Auntie Poon entangled only to leave; Auntie Poon see Xiaofang mind, but Xiaofang do not want her to worry about it so did not say the wind is the devil. Dongjian heard Auntie Poon's speech was inspired, as if to find a way to deal with blustery. Xiao-Fang saw the idea of ​​Dongjian, advised her husband not to bother with the wind, because she did not want to belly children will not lose their father was born. Wind informed Wing Sun to pay the research data given to the Guardian, just as the sun never see how to crack the password of the computer, the breeze has created opportunities for him. Wind blows the Carina clothes, Yongshen gracefully loaded her home to replace; Yong Sun attempted to find out in the knock off van cleef arpel ring Carina home record the notebook with a password, but unfortunately nothing. Yongshen accompany Carina while drinking red wine talk, make her neglect prevention, finally out of the password on the collection in the bracelet. Jialin finally drink drunk, Yongshen see her volt fall asleep on the table, so take the chances, immediately with a memory stick to read Jialing computer data. When Jialing found Yong Sun has been sober, the heart can not help feeling loss. Suddenly there were workers at this time, indicating that they were entrusted with a set of personalization. Carina took over the greeting card and found that combing was the gift of Yong Sun and could not help but mind. Yong Sun's study data obtained from the kit to Ben, Ben took more bluntly Yong Yan some of them. Xun wind to the nursing home on time to visit Xinyin, and the progress of revenge plans one by one to tell her sister; see the eyes of the eyes full of hatred in the eyes, so Xinyin helpless. Dongjian strives to find out the data to deal with the devil on the Internet and finally lets him know that the dark devil's soul can be dealt with by using black crystal and holy water and then igniting the fire. Hui Mei see Dongjian in order to protect the family and the wind, but also feel helpless. Amei met with the breeze, that he actually has humanity, to persuade the wind to let go East Kin and Xiaofang; Breeze said he is the devil, only to perform the duties of the devil. In order to prove that Ai Feng has not forgotten her own humanity, she decided to make a bet on her own life, and she would jump into the sea without saying anything. Hui-mei was rescued wake up and found the breeze and not in their own side, suddenly felt disappointed. Dongjian succeeded in inducing the wind to a hut, the hut will be set on fire; breeze can not escape without falling to the ground, life is more at stake. Expand the information
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Tourists in Yunnan 'hand slip' wrestling 280,000 jade pendant lost 3000 yuan to resolve

China News Network 2017 10 03 21:03:00

BEIJING, Kunming, October 3 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) Following the tourists in Ruili, Yunnan 'hand slip' broke 300,000 bracelets, on the 3rd, a buyer in Yunnan Tengchong buy Jade once again 'hand slip' and fell Damage a price of 280,000 jade pendant. However, eventually negotiated by both parties, the knock off van cleef between the finger ring buyer loses 3,000 yuan to resolve the matter Tengchong is located in the border between China and Myanmar, Yunnan's traditional emerald distribution center. Every big holiday, tourists from all over the country will go to Tengchong local jewelry market on van cleef flower ring knock off the 3rd Taobao, a tourist in the local trade city jewelry market to buy, inadvertently will be a price of 280,000 yuan of jade pendant wreck, again triggered Concerned about the reporter learned from the Tengchong knock off van cleef butterfly ring Ombudsman on the 3rd evening was informed that the day is the third day of the 11th holiday, but also traditional market fair Tengchong day across the country to the Trade City jewelry Taobao more than usual. A buyer (Tengchong locals) in the selection of things, inadvertently dropped a pendant to the ground, but fortunately not serious after consultation by both parties, Trade City CMC mediation, the alarm record, the final buyers compensate the seller three thousand Yuan, to resolve this conflict.
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