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I am very sure I have left the Forbidden Forest Hogwarts. The stinging light and dizziness just entering the transmission array are still there, but the current density is no less dense than that of forbidden forest. Apparently, there is a completely different vegetation from that of forbidden forest. It is even more likely to be winter in a warm and humid climate The United Kingdom could have cluttered some scattered robes hanging over disheveled plants, and I began to stroll around in search of a possible reason for my arrival here. That highly precise point-to-point transmission array can not be thrown into me to a place unrelated, there should be a similar existence of the law is there, or 'where' is not just a person can go ?

Gently, like a heart-like feeling slowly clear up, it seems like summon, but also seems to attract. Golden bracelet on the left wrist began to emit a faint glimmer of echoes what seems to change with that rhythm clearly secretly, do not pay attention if you can not detect this bracelet can not only be exquisite workmanship gorgeous can be completely summarized. Not to mention that it itself is an alchemy product, the original smooth surface of the metal pattern engraved complex are actually magic and magic pattern has a special variant and superposition, the effect in addition to the inside of the bracelet has opened up a length and breadth Are three meters outside the storage space, as well as little-known addition to the souls of magic, so its real name is death bracelet. This is an out-and-out item of dark magic, the real reason I was 'there,' except that the bracelet suddenly felt the spirit of the dead after entering the transmission array, and that the undead was likely to have some connection with me or Hogwarts Other than that, I can not think of anything else that would have caused the Septum to fail to take another place as a destination. I held my arm flat to my side, closed my eyes and began to feel the magic of the bracelet, slowly adjusting the direction. Yes! That's over there!

Go straight along the direction of the bracelet for a while, in front of a more open ground, the clear darkness of the sun in the leaves between the leaves in my goal above the formation of a road like a zebra's shadow, let it, or that he looks Some blurry robes with imitation clover necklace brand stained blood, thick chains hanging down under his knees, chilly skulls, hollow eyes ... Is this Baron?

'Sariel ... Professor?' His voice sounded dry, hoarse, and full of confusion, but more vivid than he had been before. 'I never expected to see you again.'

I did not expect to see you here. 'Here?' After the death of the ghost can only be walked around in his lifetime, then since he can appear here, he said he should be familiar with this place, sent live map. (Baron: I'm dead ...)

'The Albanian forest,' Baron answered dryly, did not tone up just as usual, but rather faintly revealed the sadness of despair, presumably aroused the sad thing. [Note: For the sake of simplicity, this article ignores the actual time background and follows the statement of the Albanian forest. ]

So to say I was sent to the original destination where hundreds of kilometers east of Italy, the middle even separated by a sea!

'How long have you been here?' I did not ask why he was shackled and Slytherin respected the privacy of others, not to mention that the chain was clearly not something to show off 'for more than three hundred years.' For a moment, Baron replied. 'I've been here, I can not escape the shackles of the forest, I can not even go back to Hogwarts, maybe because the magic here is too messy.'

I did not tell him even if he can out of this forest, still can not go back to the castle. Hogwarts' magic defense determines that all creatures that did not exist, or that did not gain entry permission, are rejected. Although Baron was a student at Hogwarts during his lifetime, Baron has been graduating for many years, and in the mean time, ghosts can not be regarded as original people. Hogwarts rejected his entry as affirmative in his own mind as a place where his family generally exists Refused to enter their own, I am afraid no one can easily accept the heavy blow, right? Even as a ghost in the world of cracks in the gap, will also yearn for the memory of the most beautiful place. Rowena them, in the end is missing out to consider this. But maybe they would think that the students they taught would not have chosen to stay behind in the path of death. His eyes sparkled, but soon bleak, finally hesitating. I do not think he has any nostalgia for here, and then look good in more than three hundred years have become boring, let alone there as a place that attracted him. There must have been something that stymied him, 'Professor.' The original empty eyes were filled with conscience, expressions were cautious, and even pleasing. But as a ghost for years, still in this inaccessible forest, there are still some from the bones revealing the cold. 'Can you take Helena back except me?'

Helena? Helena Ravenclaw? Rowena's daughter? Is she here?

Baron's expression was bitter: 'I ... killed her, and Professor Ravenclaw told me ... to take her back, and I did not finish my mission ... She ... rejected me, I could not stand her ... that way ... So ... ... '

'Do you not let her go after her suicide and remind yourself of the shackles?' I finished his speech, and he nodded in silence. 'Get her out.' I can not bear to regret his past controversy In, nor replace him the chains removed. It was his shackles to himself that he would not be able to free imitation vca butterfly necklace himself from Baron's rapid departure, even if it was rashly removed, and only the tangible form was rendered invisible and unable to survive the pain in his heart. They all stayed there for more than three van cleef necklace wholesale knock off hundred years. Even with hatred, repentance, resentment, and the presence of so many things in their midst, they were unable to change the fact that only their two ghosts were acquainted in such an immense place. A little later Baron brought an equally serious, somewhat melancholic lady back 'over here.' The two ghosts leaned forward to the side of my raised arm, and some cold feeling made me add to them immediately A warm curse Speaking in the long mantra, the two diamonds on the gold bracelet began to seep out of the dark green tentacles, and slowly climbed above the pattern, instantly forming a small whirlpool to separate the two ghosts Sucked in, the color of diamonds from dark green into a deep black. 1. Choose a favorite album / movie / book / program / music / animation /? (755 words)

Great you finally remembered this pit ah ah ah tears ... ... ... ... remark that it is greatly resurrected it, but is sure to revive it. Is to dare to say that it is only a deceitful words ............ Miss Sadako will go to the heart is about to talk to the Holy Virgin Pure laughter (86 words)
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15 eve of Jiangsu jade into two products failed

Poor quartzite, marble fake natural jade, Hetian jade; poor quality jade after bleaching, filling or dyeing pretending to be high-grade natural emerald ... ... 3.15 eve, the provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the province to produce and sell jade products carried out random checks. A total sample of 99 van cleef and arpel necklace copy enterprises producing and selling labels for 'emerald', 'Hetian jade' and other products 118 batches. Among them, the batches of 10 batches of production enterprises, physical stores (supermarkets, tourist attractions, hotels) 66 batches, 42 batches of electricity suppliers (Internet, TV shopping). According to the national standard of 118 batches of jade products were tested, 94 batches of qualified products, the passing rate of 79.7%. The main problem is that there are 9 batches of products to fake phenomenon, 7 batches of products exist shoddy phenomenon, 8 batches of product identification unqualified This product supervision and spot checks focused on the van cleef and arpels necklace clover copy production and sale of Jiangsu Province, for wearing, The mainstream jewelery jade ornaments jade and Hetian jade. From the manufacturing enterprises in Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Suzhou, Yangzhou and Taizhou, a total of 99 enterprises were identified as 'Emerald' in physical stores (supermarkets, tourist attractions, hotels) and e-commerce providers 'And other jade products 118 batches, of which 10 batches of production enterprises, 66 batches of physical stores, electricity supplier 42 batches. After testing, 118 batches of jade products qualified 94 batches, the pass rate of 79.7% of the knock off van cleef flower necklace 10 randomly selected production enterprises were qualified. Physical stores (supermarkets, tourist attractions, hotels) checks 66 batches of 59 batches of qualified rate of 89.4%. Among them, 40 batches of 40 batches were qualified for spot checks, with a passing rate of 95%; tourist spots and 26 randomly selected batches of 21 batches of hotels passed the qualification rate of 80.8%. Electricity (Internet, TV shopping) checks 42 batches of qualified 25 batches, the passing rate of 59.5%. Due to the high frequency of supervising production enterprises and supermarkets, the pass rate was significantly higher than that of electricity suppliers (Internet and TV shopping) and tourist attractions and hotels; tourist attractions were supervised and spot-checked in 2015, and this pass rate was Significantly improved (there is a small part of the business does not cooperate with the spot checks) The main problems of 24 batches of unqualified products are tested: Fake Fake 9 batches, shoddy 7 batches, product identification unqualified 8 batches This monitoring Of the unqualified products in 16 batches of product material does not meet the standard requirements, accounting for 66.7% of substandard products. Existing problems: Fake fake, that is, artificial or low-grade jade fake high-grade jade, there are 9 batches of fake products really phenomenon, accounting for 37.5% of substandard products. First, with poor quartzite, marble fake natural emerald, and Tian jade; second is green, white glass fake natural emerald, and Tian jade. Another problem is shoddy, that is, poor quality jade artificially treated by artificial pretending to be high-quality natural jade, seven batches of products present shoddy phenomenon, accounting for 29.2% of unqualified products. First, with poor quality jade after bleaching, filling or dyeing pretending to be high-grade natural emerald; Second, with inferior quartzite after dyeing posing as high-grade natural quartz rock at the same time, the unqualified products detected in 8 batches of product identification failed, accounting for Unqualified products 33.3%. Not in accordance with the requirements of the standard requirements of the basic name of jewelery jade, but named after the origin, consumers have no way of knowing what is the sale of jewelery. Such as the nominal 'Afghan jade bracelet' to the name of the country of origin logo jade name, identified as marble. To identify a jade jewelry with more than one jade name, which is prohibited by the standard jade gem name identification methods, such as 'jasper jasper stone', the use of 'jade' and 'jasper' (a and jade) the name of two jade Named a kind of jade, can not make people understand that the products sold are 'jade' or 'jasper', identified as glass there is a scene is different jade jewelry logo, the products sold in the online business more common. Such as the page name 'Afghanistan jade bracelet', 'Afghanistan white jade', material description 'carbonate jade', label name 'natural jade bracelet', invoice name 'Afghanistan bracelet', certificate of authenticity 'calcite jade.'
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5 cents coinized into a gold ring business customers are breaking the law

Tianjin Reuters in Wanxin Village near a jewelry processing shop, a 30-year-old man said he would use a coin to a 10-year-old niece to play a ring to play, about sixty years van cleef arpel necklace imitation of male boss smiled and promised to accept a 'manual fee 15 yuan, as long as the mold, basically can hit. '

Men from the shop's mold to choose a larger ring, referring to the boss. 'This ring is about half a centimeter wide and requires two 5-cent coins, which must be accompanied by national emblems.' The man took two 5-cent coins out of his pocket and handed it to the boss. 'There should be no problem!'

According to the introduction of the boss, with the national emblem of the coin more than 5 coins, made more like gold, but without the emblem of the coin, made a lot lighter in color, worn on the hands of 'very fake.' Get the processing fee, the boss began to start, he used the gasoline spray gun to melt two 5-point vca necklace imitation coin, was quickly heated coins become 'copper paste' into the mold, to be cooled, with two or three minutes, a The appearance of the ring came out. Just 'birth', the ring was dark gray color, not good-looking, the boss put it in hydrochloric acid to remove impurities, and then use the tool to polish the ring on the soil, polished with a professional polishing syrup, and finally van cleef flower necklace fake washed with water , A copper ring that almost can be a real gold ring appears in front of us. 'To make the silver effect, you have to use a dollar coin.' The boss holds a Chairman Mao's head pendant and says, 'With a one dollar coin, Do. 'The boss also said that his son also opened an online shop, business incredibly, with coins are generally young people doing jewelry, trendy and do not want to spend too much money real money Coin spend less, but also to know the truth confused Mr. Lee said Hedong District Wan Village area is a small gold jewelry processing shop where. 'Most of the nearby stores can get coins to do jewelry, but some shopkeepers are very smart, do not let you look at doing, usually come back after two or three days getting goods.' Lee said that the basic processing shop are Outsiders are operating, they find a small shop near the buildings, or simply take a simple house, a table inside, a cabinet and large and small processing equipment in a jewelry processing shop near Cheng Lin Road, about 30-year-old woman The boss said that both ring and bracelet need to get 'factory', 3 days to do a good job. Rings only need one or two 5-cent coins, while bracelets need at least 13 coins. Female boss said: 'We are a professional processing, all can get directly to the mall to sell!'

What can be used for 5-cent coins? Of course it is used to spend. But now some people think of the golden imitation of gold through its gold color jewelry, Hedong District Wanxin Village near some jewelry processing shop to start a melted coin hit jewelry business, and claim to be able to counterfeit real, a lot of customers.
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Tiffany golden beans

Let's talk about the VCA necklace, I bought a white, mother of pearl material, in fact, there are black onyx, there are red, but I still like white, because with a good match, it looks very clean! Is about mid-June this year to buy, because listen SA told me that in July prices will rise, the price is not clear, and later heard another MM said up about 23%, I know when the news of our local Neiman marcus Authorized retailers this has been sold out, I am in a hurry, do not really doomed it? SA also can not do speical order, and then open the official website, van cleef flower necklace fake try to hold the mood, online customer service to help me check the store that there I have the money, and finally finally found, in NY. Really twists and turns it! Fortunately, it was closed at that time, and in October we once again rose a price, I heard that it is 17%, really still people do not live?

T layer at home that stuff, first say the beans! Golden beans can be regarded as their classic style of the family. SA was really happy that day ah, I bought a total of three 12mm, a 18mm, a 9mm of gold beans, also bought a 1837 series of bracelets. On the golden beans, I myself only bought a 12 mm, and the rest is my sister's one and friends each one 12mm, 18mm is another friend, 9mm is also a friend bought in the junior high school daughter. This domestic price should be able to buy Chow Tai Fook or other home 24K gold thing. In fact, the main still like his home design, prefer this design, think this chain behind the buckle will not slip in front of, I feel this shape is also very cute, simple and conspicuous! I heard there is a moral meaning of gold beans is said that the moral meaning of the shape of tears, on behalf of the last tear, and then later in life are happy so I wish you all here are happy MM!

On the 1837 series of bracelets, is also quite classic, and has long been popular. Had not intended to close, the first visit did not fancy, but when the second glance, suddenly had a good feeling, let SA give me the hands to try on, really pretty suitable for me , Saying that it has started to price increases, then decided to accept it! Good friends are just like me, but she likes pink gold and silver because she is a woman who says silver can van cleef and arpels butterfly necklace imitation ward off evil spirits, so she chose a double-ring bracelet of rose gold and silver.

Noisy meal, T heart-shaped diamond necklace bought in 2008, is van cleef and arpel necklace copy the designer Picasso 's interpretation of love.Let's Christmas gift to me, and now also rose a lot of money.

Feel it, T home soon up another price, the third price increase this year, although the price is not much, but not all are up, just like beans and the like. However, TJ is not always there, about twice a year the opportunity to encounter met, just a friend has always said to Prada bags, let me help her stare at the point. Just two weeks ago, one was a black folds of sheepskin, one is a white fold sheepskin, so two decisively won.

Give everyone on the black! Black is counted dirty and wild, and this can be portable or single room back, or pretty good. A friend like this color at a glance.
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Grandpa aunt get a dime buy personal information easily leaked

'My mother-in-law suddenly fell in love with a lot, just spend a dime, Minato 10 individuals will be able to open the mission.' Recently, Ms. Zhou, who lives in Suzhou Industrial Park, could not help but Tucao friends. Reporters learned that once popular among young people WeChat fight group, now popular in Suzhou in the elderly, many people while forwarding in friends and family, while pulling people in the circle of friends, and some often participate in the fight single Of citizens directly developed into a 'micro-business,' Miss Zhou said, a few days ago, wechat received the message sent by her mother let her help to participate in 0.1 yuan fight group to buy paradise umbrellas activities, and only 3 minutes Time, she hurriedly went in to see her mother-in-law fight group left the last place, you can get together to open the group, and immediately joined the 'help out' Ms. Zhou said that such a fight group she participated in a year ago, large Some of them are very low price open group, in fact, to take full advantage of the number of groups after the lottery draw can really buy, but the probability of winning has not been announced, there is a 'flicker' feeling. van cleef and arpels necklace clover imitation Ms. Chou said that Hao Yanlin, who lives in the official DuPont community in Pingjiang, Suzhou, is a loyal fan of spelling lists. She told reporters that she spends most of her work with her relatives and colleagues on her list of 0.1 yuan, up from 88 yuan Bed three-piece set, 148 yuan of nuts to the value of 9,000 yuan gold bracelets, she participated in spelling group .Han Yanlin said that on the one hand the cost is not high, each person only 0.1 yuan, on the other hand, even if the fight single Failure, the money can be returned, why not try it? 'Initially several times involved in co-sponsored, and then simply make their own fight. Hao Yanlin said that up to now the fight spell there are 20 times as many, the fight spelling is not less than 10 times, at the present time have not been in. According to her introduction to participate in the fight is not really a lack of this item, nor is it urgent Want to buy, spell it vca necklace copy later is purely for the jackpot, and buy the lottery psychology almost, will make people have a mentality not to give up in Zhangzhou, a vocational school teacher Zhang Ya Yan live in Pingjiang Street Loujiang community, she said, For the first time to use a lot of fight is to buy a mother to fight at home alone to buy fruit, a total of 200 yuan, bought apples, bananas, ugly orange, etc., cheaper is cheaper, but the number is a troublesome addition to the fruit, Also spelled barley tea, nuts and other food, 'because the number of purchases, businesses set me a' my shop, 'I give someone a link and I initiated the fight when the group, there will be concessions, the store also received a lottery , Unwittingly developed into a micro-business. '

Reporter also launched a 0.1 yuan grab OPPO Netcom 4G mobile phone fight list, concerned about 'fight a lot of Mall' WeChat public number notices, limited time specials are Apple iPad, Chow Sang Sang gold bracelets, millet counterbalanced vehicles and other goods, all Is 0.1 yuan to start a fight, quite tempting. After the success of the fight, the lucky draw rules are as follows: After the activity, winners are randomly selected from the successful orders of the group, the first prize will be won by 0.1 yuan, the second prize will be refunded in full and a gift of 88 yuan will be given. In addition, Almost all of the site is a special offer, brand sports shoes, small appliances, fruits, cosmetics, etc. is not '0 yuan spike' is 'waiting for you to be free' Reminder: Cheap and did not buy 'benefits' may also disclose account passwords

In fact, the low price did not buy the benefits. Miss Qian, who spends a lot of time shopping at a group website, said that when she saw the price of many things on the site was unbelievably low, she could not restrain the impulse to shop. She was disappointed when she received the goods, for example, a shawl bought at 19 yuan Yuan three leggings, simply can not wear. 'Want to return it, only a dozen things, send it back to the shipping costs have 10 yuan, not worth the money, the last direct throw.'

Insiders remind the public that spelling site launched ultra-cheap spike or even receive free marketing activities behind, not only to attract fans attention, but also a means of collecting personal information. Middle-aged and elderly shopping tend to be van cleef and arpels necklace clover copy prone to cheap psychological, do not know blindly participate in such a fight, the risk is not small. Once accidentally leaked account, password and other key information, it may cause losses. (Zhang Yuchen Zhou Xiaoqing)
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Pygmy men give their children breastfeeding map

Recently, the British 'Times' released a report on how to do a good father, the report pointed out that when the children crying to drink milk, the father can completely 'dedication' out of their own nipples, because the effect is indeed That is to say, daddy can take care of their baby just like their mother. The study found that, in this regard, the tribe of Pygmy, a hunting tribe living in the north of the Congo in the African continent, whose men are regarded as the best fathers in the world and who are holding children for nearly half the time each day Children at your fingertips For the first time, prominent anthropologists in the United States have found that Pygmy men in central Africa 'feed their children'. This is a puzzling question whether it is Aristotle or Darwin: What is the role of a man's nipple? Recently, the British philanthropic 'Father's Guide' claimed in a report that the answer was found: A man's nipple is not useless. It is a backup of a woman's nipple. It is best for a baby to suck when the mother is absent. . There is such a tribe in Africa where women go out hunting during the day and men take care of their children at home. What's more, these guys will put their nipples in their babies' mouths when the babies cry. This may sound weird, but Professor Barry Shiller, a famous anthropologist in the United States, thinks this is a very normal way of living. It is he who first discovered that the Pygmy men in central Africa 'feed their children.' The van cleef and arpels necklace alhambra fake total population of the Pygmy tribes is only about 20,000, but they maintain their unique habits. Taking care of children at home is just one of these unique living habits. Hillary initially hoped to live with the Pygmies for some time to deepen their understanding of this nation. Unexpectedly, the crooks hit the ground, but occasionally discovered the custom of feeding Pygmy men. According to a report from the British Charity, a 'Father's Guide,' Pygmy men spend more time and energy on caring for children than men in any other society. '

Professor Barry Shiller studied the tribe for 20 years, saying: 'Pygmy men usually hold babies for about 2 hours.' Statistics show that Pygmy men are holding children 47% of the time each day Where children are within reach. They are even better than the Swedish men, the best men in the developed world, who assume 45% of the responsibility for caring for children, while British dads rank fourth in Western countries, and the information shows that they are only Caroline Flint, who spent a third of her time at the Royal Maternity Hospital in England, said she had met many British fathers to 'feed their children'. Of course, they seldom tell others that they are 'feeding their children'. She said: 'In general, are these little guys touched my dad's chest, paste their mouths to find the nipple, found after the beginning 嘬 .In this case, men are beginning to metropolis is very surprised, but his arms The baby seems satisfied. '

Sebastian Kramer, a child psychiatrist from Whitten Hospital in London, said: 'Perhaps in the prehistoric world, humans did the same.' He also said that even in the past 10,000 years of history, children The assertion, mainly taken care of by the mother, may be wrong. The report, which examines 156 cultures, found that only 20% of cultures favor the close relationship between father and child, and Professor Xlett recognizes that pygmies do more than men and women alone So, when Father's Guide names Pygmies 'the best father in the world,' it takes for granted Pygmy women to go hunting on their own, men naturally assume the responsibility of looking after their children at home; on the contrary, When men cook, the woman uses the time to determine where the next tent should be supported, and Professor Syllett pointed out that Pygmy commendable place is here: when a woman takes on the responsibility of raising a family, Say, take on the responsibilities that women had taken in the past, such as taking care of children and cooking, and more importantly, men would not lose their status and status, nor would anyone think change jobs would be a shame. Pygmy women not only Hunting like men, and sometimes even better than men in the past.It is generally believed that because women need to raise children, so, like hunting Things became 'men's' patents, but Professor Syllett found that Pygmy had no such concept at all: he knew a Pygmy woman who had been pregnant for eight months and was still hunting around; only after childbirth A month later, she picked up a spear again, while other women strapped their children to her waist and hunted for hunting, even though their prey - a small ferret-beast was a ferocious beast - should you think Pygmy Tribe Is a paradise for men and women equality, that is wrong, because the tribe there is also a hierarchy of points, the highest position also occupied by men, but this does not prevent men and women share the burden of taking care of children Professor Xi Laite that Pygmy People attach great importance to the sense of intimacy of the body, which is where other nations should study hard, and Pygmy descendants spend almost the same amount of time in the arms of their parents during the first three months of their vca necklace copy birth There is no such thing as a crib, they will never put the baby aside because in the Pygmy consciousness, whenever and wherever the child has been in his arms is Gentlemen Pygmies are known as 'pocket-sized peoples' of Africa with an average height of 1.30 1.40 meters. They are physically fit and self-reliant and claim to be 'the son of the forest.' Pygmies have short heads and leans, Everyone is pregnant with a big belly.The pygmy face painted with a simple pattern, body back homemade bow and arrow, out of the tropical virgin forest. Pygmy men are good at van cleef and arpel clover necklace fake hunting, like the collective hunt for elephants; As a result, the rooted clan is the most basic social unit of the pygmy people, who act as clans, have no private sense and live primitive burrowing lives without their own words, concepts of numbers and time, and other blacks Pygmy were darker, darker brown in color, and their hair was not as powerful as the other blacks, so Pygmy was discriminated against by other black tribes, and anthropologists confirmed that Pygmy were prehistoric The heir to the Sangkar culture, the most primitive people living in central Africa, they are not deformities but special races Pygmies make plants from plantain leaves and palm leaves Used as bone, beetles, antelope horn, turtle shell like do necklaces, bracelets and the like. They mashed all sorts of wild fruits they collected and blended the juice with women's milk to make cosmetics. Because of the different types of berries, different colors, so the preparation of cosmetics colorful. Pygmy women love heavy make-up. They painted geometric shapes on the face to increase the sense of beauty and exorcise demons and evil, which is used to express auspiciousness and goodness.
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Korean beauty network recommended simple and comfortable MM costumes

Next, the beauty of the female network with you straight to the streets of Korea Simple and comfortable casual dress Tube top dress One Piece way of dressing so that it was deeply loved by the OL, and loose gauze for South Korea in August slightly dry and hot weather Said to wear very comfortable, and then with the personality bracelet and the same special leather grip drag, you can start van cleef and arpels necklaces replica a relaxed and comfortable work day Related Topics: Korea Street beat casual wear Women

[Fashion hot spots]

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Sweating baby head more

First, the physiological sweating baby sweating is a manifestation of nerve reflex within the body, the baby is in the stage of growth and development, the body's physiological metabolism, nervous system regulation is not perfect, so sweating and more, medical Called physiological sweating, this kind of physiological sweat baby sweating more obvious in the following cases, such as summer, baby clothes to wear too much or too tight, baby activities, eating hot food, nervous Or fear. If your baby does not have other abnormalities, that is, physiological sweating, sweating such a baby, not the baby's physical weakness, parents do not have to worry about, without taking any special drugs. Countermeasures: The sweating baby, parents need careful care, including: (1) should allow the baby to drink more water; (2) to develop the baby's ability to adapt to the environment in life, such as clothes to wear loose, do not be too thick bedding ; (3) change baby clothes, take a bath and ensure the baby's skin cleanliness; (4) emphasis on education, can not spoil, which not only beneficial to the baby's knock off van cleef and arpel clover necklace mental development, but also to speed up the baby's nervous system regulation function. In addition, the baby's long-term sweating, zinc will be lost from the sweat, the need to consciously increase zinc-rich foods such as eggs, meat, liver, beans and peanuts, etc., to meet the needs of baby growth and development of zinc. If the baby appears anorexia, weight and height increase slowly and so on, then see the doctor, under the guidance of a doctor with zinc-containing drugs, the general zinc gluconate side effects, the baby more easily accepted. Note that calcium will prevent zinc absorption in the intestine;. See more >>

First, the physiological sweating baby sweating is a manifestation of nerve reflex within the body, the baby is in the stage of growth and development, the body's physiological metabolism, nervous system regulation is not perfect, so sweating and more, medical Called physiological sweating, this kind of physiological sweat baby sweating more obvious in the following cases, such as summer, baby clothes to wear too much or too tight, baby activities, eating hot food, nervous Or fear. If your baby does not have other abnormalities, that is, physiological sweating, sweating such a baby, not the baby's physical weakness, parents do not have to worry about, without taking any special drugs. Countermeasures: The sweating baby, parents need careful care, including: (1) should allow the baby to drink more water; (2) to develop the baby's ability to adapt to the environment in life, such as clothes to wear loose, do not be too thick bedding ; (3) change baby clothes, take a bath and ensure the baby's skin cleanliness; (4) emphasis on education, can not spoil, which not only beneficial to the baby's mental development, but also to speed up the baby's nervous system regulation function. In addition, the baby's long-term sweating, zinc will be lost from the sweat, the need to consciously increase zinc-rich foods such as eggs, meat, liver, beans and peanuts, etc., to meet the needs of baby growth and development of zinc. If the baby appears anorexia, weight and height increase slowly and so on, then see the doctor, under the guidance of a doctor with zinc-containing drugs, the general zinc gluconate side effects, the baby more easily accepted. Note that calcium will prevent the absorption of zinc in the intestine; many babies in the prophylaxis of various calcium, zinc and calcium to avoid serving with zinc. Second, rickets Hyperhidrosis baby ... >>> Vitamin AD to prevent infant rickets In addition to the baby's physiological hyperhidrosis, rickets caused by sweating is also knock off van cleef and arpels necklace clover a common cause of infants and young children's baby. Infants and young children daily need vitamin D400800IU, if the sun is not enough, but also can not be timely vitamin d food, easy to cause vitamin d deficiency, coupled with the baby rapid growth and development, so baby due to vitamin d deficiency caused rickets, rickets Babies showed irritability crying, restless sleep; sweating, especially in the head sweat, but has nothing to do van cleef flower necklace replica with the climate. Rickets in addition to sweating baby, there are deformities of the bones, such as the square cranial fontanelle, closed delay; teeth delayed, valgus flange, bracelets or anklets and so on. Rickets Sweating baby needs treatment of rickets in order to solve the problem of sweating. Countermeasures: 1, must be under the guidance of a doctor for vitamin D and calcium treatment, to complete the course of treatment and then prevent rickets measures, such as the baby to add foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, such as egg yolk, animal liver, dairy products; 2, usually pay attention to the baby more than the sun; 2-year-old baby every day to add vitamin D400IU and calcium element about 600 mg (the pharmacy has a baby's vitamin D preparations and calcium) to meet the rapid growth needs. 3, rickets sweating baby's other care requirements and physiological sweating baby the same. Third, sweat babies need special attention ... ... lean walnuts on the baby sweating zinc deficiency is beneficial physiological sweating and rickets sweating is the most common infant baby, but there are some rare cases, Such as tuberculosis, chronic infection, parasitic infections, anemia, hyperthyroidism, and even cancer and other diseases, hyperhidrosis is accompanied by the performance of these diseases, to cause parents to pay attention to the disease of the baby in addition to sweating, there will be Low fever, weight gain or weight loss, looking sallow, rash and other performance, if any of the performance of the parents of sweating baby, have time to bring the baby to see a doctor, so as not to delay the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
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Episode fifth refining artifact Chapter fifth refining artifact

(Wave by wave) Li Qiang looked at the golden sparrow, laughed: 'There are guests to come.' Niansuan God tactics in his hand, a flash of flash, Gan Ling II appeared in front of him. Ganling II saw Li Qiang, volley prostrate under the body, holding his hands ghost and ghost community gift said: 'See great respect!' Li Qiang Gan Ling II has been built into the spirit body, very satisfied and happy, laughed: 'Ling II how become so polite, or just call me brother on the line.' Gan Ling II is introduced to Li Qiang people, of course, been subjected to special care in the spirit of the ghost community, or not so fast into the country. Gan Ling II was Li Qiang's love of the heart infected, and he felt Li Qiang did not change or as amiable and approachable, affable handed: 'Yes! Brother.' Li Qiang hand Gan Ling II shoulders and asked: 'how Come so fast, if through comprehension to the original sector or there is still some distance. 'Gan ling two Li pulled aside, whispered:' Oh, this is the case, Ghost community inherited the source of energy to open up a retrograde passage and the original world, I just came through the channel. 'Li Qiang was very surprised, it seems that their little charm children really have matured, have their own independent ideas. Li Qiang serious face and said: 'This thing can not be spread out, the less people know the better, otherwise it will be detrimental to the spirit of the ghost community, retrograde channel there safe?' Li Qiang know spiritual and ghost for some illiterate comprehension And fairy is still very attractive. Gan Ling II whispered Li Qiang ear said: 'Please Brother assured that the ancient Charms children resigned out of the retrograde channel outside the spiritual ghost array, in addition to spiritual and ghost who can not get in.' Li Qiang nodded, Said: 'I will deal with some other things, we come back to the real sector of the imaginary tree star trip.' Gan Ling Li Qiang understand the meaning of their own come, very grateful, thump kneel on the ground, his mouth sobbed : 'Thanks ... .. thank Brother to take care of me, Ganling II ...... No thought for the newspaper.' Li Qiang smiled Ganling II, said: 'You do not have to be so polite, how do you always like this, ha ha. However, Gan Ling Er's mood also let Li Qiang heart sour, they do not know when to return to Earth. After a while, the goddess of all the land was collected by everyone. Li Qiang took Gan Ling II to introduce to you. Li Qiang did not introduce anything. This introduction was shocked by Gan Ling II hopping, all standing here is immortal and ancient Immortal stream, his heart was extremely shocked, although often heard that Li Qiang is very great, did not expect a short period of time there is such a big change, and friends are all this level of people. Ganling respectfully to each of the seniors salute, we are amazed Ling Er actually Ling body, have come up with some spiritual spar and magic to him. Chi Ming went to Li Qiang side, low body said: 'Big Brother next time I have the opportunity to take to God, these things are too tempting.' Li Qiang knocked on the head of Chi Ming, laughed: 'What less of your Is this also a reminder? 'Akagi felt his head and his mouth cracked, and went to the side and said something crazy. Ching Ming since the fairy paradise into the heart of the Eight Immortals especially like to communicate with the ancient fairy. Li Qiang carefully looked at the material in the bracelet, cough soon, we are calm down, he said loudly: 'Since we all get together, a rare opportunity, I do not know if you have seen refining artifact, I just want to help others Refining an artifact, this is my first refining artifact, we all discuss and study aside. 'Li Qiang Gang finished, we are an uproar, refining artifacts even the ancient immortals have not seen, we artifact Many are charged, never personally refining, mainly can not find the artifacts and methods of practicing artifacts, and later the ancient fairy are secretly glad that they come exactly the time. Yu-old ran over and said: 'Master, you have the artifact refining artifacts ???' Li Qiang nodded and said: 'The last time in Xin Po God possession of a piece.' Yu haughting excitedly said: That's great, people start quickly, I can not wait. 'Feather old especially fascinating refining device. Li Qiang spiritual exchange with the chaos God Tower said: 'God tower, are you? Can now refining the artifact?' The chaos god tower proud van cleef ring replica knock off and immature voice came: 'Master, an artifact only, why fuss, very Simple. 'Li Qiang secretly smile a bit secretly, and now he actually nervous. Li Qiang? Acute change 槎? 窬 鞯 neon baking 颍 Xu 缟 袼 档 file dumping Dumou playing tiller transition 衿 nightmare orangutan 俚 suona broom 阒 阒 cable 穑 Jun thin bar 窠 伲. .崩 钋 empty waxy vulgar collapse stop 庖? 湔 Tsai 湔 tax Sang 灰 gray 衿 髅 涣 涣 frozen spoon about 悍 炊? Panic 谰 谰 Summus condyle Shu; Paraffin umbrella is also the threshold of thymus jealous female points is actually satisfied 衿 鳎 绻 巧 巧 clever lift meteorite Department 衿 衿 魃 窠 偈 嗟 嗟 collapse 骱 G! Collapse 钋 ridge shortage 芟 arsine 蠡 Xu 缟 袼 档 file 睦 sheath 裁 Chuang Tan caries 馐 ??? 馐 steal the bury 托 torsion against Huan 銎 sub-room stunned model? US hammer enzyme 髦 薜 Na 衿 Ao! Was van cleef clover ring knock off warm 缟 袼 溃 file 澳 Australia 蔷 map 虻 嗔 playing swing steal 窠 伲 阍 阍 诨 Manganese 焐 裾 exhausted 镄 tiller calf gap step ?! ? Li Qiang finally took a deep breath, we have been looking at him for a while open his mouth, and while they are on the call, Chi Ming ran up and patted Li Qiang's back, ha ha wild laughed: 'Brother you are not practitioners too delirious, Let my brother give you a relax, ha ha 'Li Qiang waved his hand, poor red clear in the blue sky draw a wonderful arc. Li Qiang sit cross-legged, and then chaos through the use of Chaos God tower refining part of a careful review of what, and then called the white spit out the town of Thailand Yi yuan with God carefully study. Skeleton came out looking at white, said: 'Master, Li Tian Tian Li Jun Li Why will you here?' Skeleton Old Li Jiang did not pay attention to this dog around. Li Qiang laughed, from this sentence he understands the skull's specialty is a study of monsters, said: 'is forbidden Tianjun gave me, in fact, it is not a real animal, but the final stage of the beast, the real Skull old pondered a moment, wide-eyed strange shouted: 'Master said to practice an artifact, it will not be given to it !!!' Li Qiang smiled A little, said: 'I promised white in the domain of God, to help it refine an artifact that can charge animals and creatures.' Ancient immortals were taken aback, but fortunately the person who speaks is Li Qiang, if for another person to say They will surely scold him for neuropathy and give them a monstrosity to eat. Li Qiang mouth hanging smile, he understands the reason we are surprised, did not explain, alone from the town of Thailand to observe the yuan. God's human love no one here can understand. Fu Shan on the side of the flower girl whispered: 'My brother's realm, style and accomplishment, no one here can match, even these ancient fairy are far worse.' Hua Mei Nian nodded in agreement, standing Flower Mei Niang next to Mo Huaiyuan and Qi Jun evil also heard the words of Fu Shan, Qi Jun evil child really face must smile laughed, whispered: 'Of course, you do not see who he is apprentice.' Qi Jun evil words provoked four laughter. Li Qiang is now the level of refining device to see the town of Thailand and Italy is not difficult, he now has its own realm of high, the understanding and understanding of the Shen Naozhen and ban is already a master level, though not refining a fairy, because often The reason for the study of artifacts, the cognitive has long been beyond, the town of Thai Italian circle is refining a good immortal, and then add something inside the ban to form a maze, the monster's soul trapped inside, to When used to open the ban, and then let the white suppressed a variety of animals, in order to drive, in fact, fairy itself is not very important, it is important that the ban inside the composition. Li Qiang understand the principle of the town of Thailand after the Italian dollar, put two large stalwart Lam in his mouth, his hand pinch God tactics, the forehead on the golden war soul hexagram stirred up, emitting a dark golden light, a bunch of dark Golden light shines on the ground, the tower of chaos God fly out from the soul of the hexagram, suddenly a burst of fragrance covered the entire space, rattled ringing in the air, so that everyone feels the spirit of the vibration, thumb size Tower of chaos god stopped in Li Qiang not far from the place. Li Qiang left flat lay abdomen before his right hand was a twisty flower, transformed a god tactic, chaos god tower gradually grow up, when the chaos god tower grow into a building size, he only reclaim the god tactics. Seven old and several other ancient fairy issued a surprise 'ah' sound, old with an incredible expression, stammered and asked: 'man, this is God hidden tower ??? Impossible ... it Actually is an artifact ... ... all the people take the eye, but also the upper body can receive. 'See the ancient immortal people's expression, although they do not understand Fu Shan, but it is definitely not unusual. Li Qiang know a few times when the ancient god possession of the open, and some ancient fairy people have seen God possession of the tower, he nodded and explained: 'It is actually not called God Tibetan tower, named chaos god tower, and I later figure out , The last time to Xin Po Gu God possession when inadvertently charged. 'Li Qiang explained after the pinch God tactics, chaos God Tower first floor of the middle of the door slowly open, and suddenly, God tower dazzling dark Golden, will be surrounded by a clear light, against the backdrop of the golden samaritan, all the people and things seem to be in front of the glittering golden lamp, all covered with a layer of thick dark gold. Since Li Qiang has collected the Tower of Chaos God, all the previously open doors of the tower have been closed. The Chaos of the Chaos said refining hierarchy and methods of the artifact, the tower of chaos God is a very wonderful artifact, respectively, refining device, alchemy, regeneration, imprisonment, collectors, open the six major functions. The first layer, mixing device; The second layer, alchemy; The third layer, regeneration; The fourth layer, imprisonment; The fifth layer, All walks of life to create a planet or even a world, the last seventh layer can not refining artifacts, there are other magical effect. The door of the first floor was slowly opened and rumbling noise was heard. The dark golden light faded away, and the dark golden beam of the substance was shot through the gate, shining on Li Qiang's body, and sucked him directly into it. Tower of chaos God absorbed Li Qiang, suddenly overwhelming pressure, covered with four weeks. The surrounding people feel like the body was pushed down by a mountain, and immediately gathered together. The ancient fairies were laid down successively forbidden to resist such pressure, and the heart shook the power of the tower of God. As the chaos god tower is Li Qiang received, but also his source of inheritance inherited artifact, the two have long been one, the tower of God inside the ban has no effect on him, the original artifact is more difficult to open the first step Very easy for him to deal with the past. Li Qiang came to the first layer of the tower of chaos god, surrounded by a dark blue flame, the inner flame of this flame is dark, the outer flame is cyan, very strange, dark blue flame burning around constantly burning Flames at any time in Li Qiang through. Li Qiang was a fireworks expert, a flame he had never seen before, a purely flaming body that seemed to have melted here. Li Qiang was very shocked in the end, what kind of flame in the end, there is such a mighty, even Hyun Tian fire can not give this feeling. He did not dare to wait here, to avoid the flames flying around, quickly across countless ancient gods magic array and ban, fortunate enough to be the owner of the chaos god tower, or not to be cooked. Li Qiang came to the first floor of the center, saw the front of a six-storey hall. Temple of the top of the colorful light around the dark golden temple top slowly transform the mysterious formation, the main window of each floor are sprayed with the flame of the dark blue flame, the flames everywhere, it seems that the whole hall is flamboyant Burning. Double-front door on the front layer, one from left to right inlaid with a white and black inverted fish-shaped door knocker. The top of the door stood a black cross, I do not know what material made of plaque, 'Cheng Zhuangdian' three characters from the dark blue flame presented in front of Li Qiang. Because Li Qiang is the chaos god tower master, in the absence of refining artifacts, he wanted to be in there long no problem, unlike the refining seven episodes of God Dan that strenuous. Li Qiang found a place where the fire is the smallest, come up with a chaotic day after another look carefully, because it is the first time here, with the last nine days after the lessons of Excalibur 牒, he was a lot of cautious unknown, It also saved him many dangers. According to Chaos God chaos tower refining artifact introduction, here is the place of refining artifacts - Chengzhu Dian. The two inverted black and white fish-shaped knockers on the door are called 'Cycles of Dark Youth.' The fire around them is called the burning fire. It is a flame unique to God's field. It can burn Do everything in the world, even God can not resist. Li Qiang secretly glad since the last thing after the ancient God of Shen things cautious, otherwise it is certainly at a dangerous situation. Inside should be arranged refining artifact material place. Chaos Heaven also mentioned that as long as there is the power of the dark God, distributed around the body, against the burning fire outside, you can quickly enter the Chengzhuang Temple layout materials. Li Qiang repeatedly watched several times on the first floor and the description of the dark green spin, put away the chaotic days, transport enough skill, the power of the dark God all concentrated in the dedication of magic God A, toward the dark heart of the full speed fly , Archangel incarnation Shenzhou shines a dazzling light, dark gold ancient god spell and colorful streamers around Li Qiang's body, looks like a dark gold meteor from afar. Li Qiang, who had just crossed the gate and entered the outer layer of Cheng Zhu Dian, burned the sky in a whirlpool to quickly surround him. A huge pulling force dragged his body, as if to pull him into the spiral of fire. The power of the dark God continue to devour the flame around, mixed in the fire burning dark blue thunderbolt constantly hit Li Qiang's body, issued a shy current sound, though with the help of God's power still hit his head Impersonator Venus, the body of the dark god of intense agitation, skill consumption is very alarming. His heart secretly surprised Road, this is the dark spin it? Li Qiang was shocked with the power of the fire burning day, his own protection replica van cleef ring of the power of the dark have been so hit, but he also found full of burning fire in the channel also interspersed with a variety of ancient god ban In fact, Li Qiang do not know the chaos The introduction of the day is directed at those who have accepted the origins of the source said that God has the source of skill in this darker heart of the channel is certainly a breeze, but the ordinary god Man is immortal thing, lucky in the unfortunate, Li Qiang accepted the mark of inheritance, with the power of the dark God, let him escaped. Li Qiang thought that he was fortunate enough to be the master of the tower of chaos gods. He did not have to control these ancient gods forbidding to cross the border directly. Otherwise, anyone who stopped here for a while to forbid it could not even find any ash. Li Qiang the heart of a horizontal, crushed the mouth of the St. solid olive, close your eyes full force to fly in, the heat around him for a long time against the swear. I do not know how long to fly, just about to persevere in Li Qiang, the feeling of the surrounding suddenly changed, the temperature is much lower. Li Qiang slowly opened his eyes and found himself came to a polygonal type of upper and lower cylinder space, the fire burning around the space is still burning, but in the absence of space are not feeling the high temperature. Li Qiang finally relieved, the environment here is really terrible, and he secretly determined to repair the artifact again unless it reached a higher realm, or too dangerous. Li Qiang slowly toward the bottom of space flew, this peculiar columnar space seems to be very huge, surrounded by burning fire burning fire can not see the situation, flying for a long time are not in the end, Li Qiang was a little impatient , He finally vaguely saw below there is a huge disk similar to the yin and yang Tai Chi shape. Li Qiang heart burst of joy, he finally found the most crucial place to practice artifact - Tai Chi yin and yang from refining Shen Zhen, he stopped and carefully.
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Pawnshop Taobao became popular

Gold necklaces, diamond rings, jade bracelets ... ... an array of products that people think walk into the gold jewelry store, but in fact this is the Tongcheng pawn shop held by the 'must-have products special purchase.' January 14 at 10 o'clock in the afternoon, the store is full of reporters found that these uncommon products cheaper than the mall a lot. Gold jewelry, for example, the day the mall is a gold brand 346 yuan plus 15 yuan 60 yuan labor costs, while the pawn shops 279 yuan / g free pay. 'Because of the role of hedging, the price is still cheaper than the market price of a lot, so the gold jewelry is very popular .Palladium, watches, jewelery in the pawn of the civilian population in the top three.' Tongcheng pawn general manager Ouyang Shuo told reporters, general For the pawn shop gold price basically the same with the international gold price. So pawn shop gold cheaper than the mall 50 yuan 60 yuan. The price advantage of diamonds, gemstones and designer watches is even more obvious. Usually only the three or four fold off of the transaction price of the shopping malls will attract many Taobao people. An ice jade bracelet was a female consumer to buy 29,000 yuan, the market price of this bracelet in more than 100,000 yuan. A set of PBC 2016 Panda Gold was bought on the shelves, the transaction price is 15,900 yuan ......

Unlike the imagined absolutes and the 'secondhand' paintings, the reporter found that 80% of the thousands of items sold at the sale are completely new. 'Some jewelry dealers pawn goods for pawn shops to obtain financing, so most of them are new goods, while the pawn shops hope to realize them as soon as possible, do not occupy liquidity, so the prices are very close to the people.' Ouyang Shuo-sheng explained pawn When the line of the product is divided into 'live and proper', 30,000 yuan of the absolute products, pawn shops can sell their own, more than 30,000 yuan, commissioned by the auction unified auction. Yellow Platinum, watches, gems, digital products, luxury bags, works of art and other civilian products become pawnshop. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced at present Tongcheng pawn, Shenglong pawn, Boshan pawn, silver sword pawn, Liuyang Yinxin companies such as the development of good business. 'Apple mobile phones and other IT products are often on the counter to be bought off.' Ouyang Shuo told reporters that the sale of non-essential items gave birth to a number of 'Taobao' In fact, the pawn business of sub-real estate, real estate and property rights of the three Class, civilian belong to movable property. Changsha annual pawn shops in 2015 annual report shows that Changsha pawn business, the real estate business accounted for up to 50%. In this regard, the industry explained that this is mainly a long time pawn business is booming, the eyes will naturally focus on the risk control is relatively easy, the relatively large amount replica van cleef and arpels diamond ring of loans real estate business pawn industry regulatory information system shows that as of the end of November 2016, the national A total of 8280 pawn enterprises, the industry pawn reached 277.61 billion yuan, down 20%. Among them, the real estate pawn amounted to 143.66 billion yuan, down 20.1% year on year with the economic environment changes, the real estate market downturn, the pawn shops have to focus on civilian goods pawn the risk-averse business. Folk pawn embodies the characteristics of short and quick, small risk, become the direction of the expansion of the pawn shops. Some pawn shops in Changsha started to develop civilian products pawn business and developed new profit growth points. 'We have increased the number of stores receiving personal products from one to seven.' According to the relevant person in charge of Tong Cheng Pawn, its business volume for civilian products increased by 200% . The silver sword pawn is the main attack civilian pawn, and now a monthly renewal, the new civilian business about 600 single, civilian pawn business has more than 80%. 'By living interest rates and sales, we now have a monthly volume of 6 million yuan of civilian products, more than doubled last year.' Silver Arrow pawn Vice President Fan Weijin introduction However, the entire sub-sector development The foundation is not solid enough. At present, there are not many pawnbrokers in Changsha that can access the civilian pawn business. However, the real 'deep plowing' may only have as many as four or five in size. As early as 2015, a Beijing-based 85-generation man nearly 300 pairs of limited edition Basketball shoes out of nearly a million when the money. 'The first-tier cities such as Guangshengbei, such as alpaca, frozen fish and other unexpected commodities can be pawn.' An industry source told reporters that pawn shops to survive for thousands of years, the most basic business is pawn of the civilian population, expanding their business Range is currently one of the directions for 'deep plowing' the civilian product pawn Now that the pawn industry crosses both the capital market and the commodity market, practitioners need practitioners' corresponding standards of practice. 'Pawn industry urgently needs a variety of appraisal personnel and risk control talent evaluation.' In the person in charge of Municipal replica van cleef and arpels between the finger ring Bureau of Commerce, with the pawn shops restructuring pledged to pawn, this contradiction has become increasingly prominent, but also restricts the development of civilian goods pawn business 'In ancient times, the pawnshop had hired the' old Zhao ', these people have quite a vision of the pawn, their ability to identify is also a long-term van cleef clover ring knock off sharpened.' Insiders Mr. Zhou said that now some civilian pawn only dare to do gold jewelry, And like art, luxury is rarely involved. 'We all know the authenticity of works of art, the market value of the decision is difficult, luxury is not easy, such as a watch, is a limited edition or commemorative, or regular version, how the market value trend in recent years, etc., these require rich Cross-domain knowledge and identification experience. '

Provincial and municipal departments of commerce will actively guide the pawn business to explore the Internet +, online sales of unqualified products, try Internet finance, support pawn shops to open outlets and other outlets.
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