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Ritual Abuse

Ritual abuse has been defined as:

a brutal form of abuse of children, adolescents, and adults, consisting of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse, and involving the use of rituals. Ritual does not necessarily mean satanic. However, most survivors state that they were ritually abused as part of satanic worship for the purpose of indoctrinating them into satanic beliefs and practices. Ritual abuse rarely consists of a single episode. It usually involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is severe, sometimes including torture and killing. The sexual abuse is usually painful, sadistic, and humiliating, intended as means of gaining dominance over the victim. The psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual/indoctrination, which includes mind control techniques and mind altering drugs, and ritual/intimidation which conveys to the victim a profound terror of the cult members and of the evil spirits they believe cult members can command. Both during and after the abuse, most victims are in a state of terror, mind control, and dissociation in which disclosure is exceedingly difficult.[13]

WHAT IS RITUAL ABUSE? (BROAD DEFINITION) Ritual abuse is the abuse of a child, weaker adult, or animal in a ritual setting or manner. In a broad sense, many of our overtly or covertly socially sanctioned actions can be seen as ritual abuse, such as military basic training, hazing, racism, spanking children, and partner battering. Public ritual abuse may be either open or secret. WHAT IS RITUAL ABUSE? (NARROW DEFINITION) The term ritual abuse is generally used to mean prolonged, extreme, sadistic abuse, especially of children, within a group setting. The group's ideology is used to justify the abuse, and abuse is used to teach the group's ideology. The activities are kept secret from society at large, as they violate norms and laws.[14]

Pazder introduced the term "ritualized abuse" in 1980, describing the experiences of an adult survivor that was disclosing satanic abuse memories. He defined the phenomenon as "repeated physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assaults combined with a systematic use of symbols, ceremonies, and machinations designed and orchestrated to attain malevolent effects." Later definitions came mostly from professionals addressing ritual abuse in child care settings. Finkelhor, Williams, Burns, and Kalinowski elaborated on Pazder's definition, defining ritual abuse as "abuse that occurs in a context linked to some symbols or group activity that have a religious, magical or supernatural connotation, and where the invocation of these symbols or activities are repeated over time and used to frighten and intimidate the children." Kelley referred to ritual abuse as the "repetitive and systematic sexual, physical, and psychological abuse of children by adults as part of cult or satanic worship"[15].

There is a great deal of evidence supporting the existence of ritual abuse crimes as a worldwide phenomenon. Bottoms, Shaver and Goodman found in their 1993 study evaluating ritual abuse claims that in 2,292 alleged ritual abuse cases, 15% of the perpetrators in adult cases and 30% of the perpetrators in child cases confessed to the abuse[16]. "In a survey of 2,709 members of the American Psychological Association, it was found that 30 percent of these professionals had seen cases of ritual or religion related abuse (Bottoms, Shaver Goodman, 1991). In a summary of the survey [19], it was found that ritual abuse/mind control is a global phenomenon. Fifty five percent stated they were abuse in a Satanic cult. Seventy seven percent of the adult survivors that responded "had been threatened with death if they ever talked about the abuse." Also, "257 respondents reported that secret mind control experiments were used on them as children." Eighty two percent reported being sexually abused by multiple perpetrators.

Anne Johnson Davis in her book Hell Minus One reported that her parents confessed to her abuse in writing and verbally to clergymen, and to the detectives from the Utah Attorney General Office. Her suppressed memories started when she was in her mid 30s, which were fully substantiated by her mother and stepfather[20][21].

Many scientific journals copy van cleef & arpels necklace articles have discussed the reality of ritual abuse and its effect on its victims. Some of these articles have discussed the extreme nature of these crimes[22], proof of the reality of the ritual abuse phenomenon and victims' symptoms[23], the connection between ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder and mind control[24] and the connections between ritual abuse reports and the higher levels of symptoms of childhood sexual and physical abuse[25]. Several additional studies and organizations have compiled research on the reality of ritual abuse crimes[26][27][28].

Ritual abuse and mind control crimes have also been confirmed in other books[29][30].

A study which identified 270 cases of sexual abuse in day care settings found that allegations of ritual abuse occurred in thirteen percent of the cases[31]. Additional evidence of ritual abuse in day care and child abuse cases has been found in news reports, journal articles and legal transcripts[32][33][34][35][36][37].

Ritual abuse occurrences have also been found in the Netherlands[38]and England[39]. Reports of ritual abuse have also been found in multiple personality disorder sufferers[15]. Kent believes that intergenerational satanic accounts are possible and that rituals related to them may come from a deviant interpretation of religious texts[40][41].

3. Lacter, E (2008 02 11). Report of the Ritual Abuse Task Force Los Angeles County Commission for Women "Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the key element in the subjugation and silencing of its victims. Victims of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system of mind control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose upon them the will of the cult and its leaders. Most often these ritually abusive cults are motivated by a satanic belief system van cleef alhambra diamond necklace imitation [only on the surface.] The mind control is achieved through an elaborate system of brainwashing, programming, indoctrination, hypnosis, and the use of various mind altering drugs.

15. a b Van Benschoten, Susan C. (1990). Multiple Personality Disorder and Satanic Ritual Abuse: the Issue Of Credibility Dissociation Vol. III, No. 1 "A large number of adult MPD patients in psychotherapy are reporting memories of explicitly satanic ritual abuse beginning in childhood. A survey knock off van cleef arpels necklace by Kaye and Klein (1987) reveals that 20 of the 42 MPD patients in treatment with seven Ohio therapists describe a history of satanic ritual abuse. Ilopponen (1987) states that 38 of the more than 70 MPD patients she has treated report memories of "satanic type ritualized abuse " (p. 11). Two inpatient facilities specializing in the treatment of MPD report that approximately 50% of their patients disclose memories of satanic ritual abuse (Braun, 1989a; Ganaway, 1989). Similar accounts of satanic ritual abuse are being reported by personally unrelated MPD patients from across the United States (Braun, 1989b; Braun Sachs, 1988; Kahaner, 1988; Sachs Braun, 1987). Data from Brown, Scheflin and Hammond (1998). Trauma Treatment, And the Law (W. W. Norton) ISBN 0 393 70254 5 (p.62) Bottoms, B. Shaver, P. Goodman, G. (1993) Profile of ritual abuse and religion related abuse allegations in the United States. Updated findings provided via personal communication from B. Bottoms. Faller (1994), Ritual Abuse; A Review of the research. The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Advisor , 7, 1, 19 27.
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Sommige aspecten van Franse ontkenning

schurft (gegeten), parle (gesproken), die ongewijzigd in termen van gespannen blijft] en een ondersteunende (ondersteunende) werkwoord hebben zoals avoir (hebben) en tre (worden).

Het is de hulpwerkwoord die is gemarkeerd voor een gespannen, en het is dus de hulpwerkwoord die wordt ingeklemd tussen het eerste deel van de constructie, ne, en het tweede (kwalificatie) deel van de ontkenning:

'Je n'ai pas dormi chez moi. que' de negatie knock off van cleef arpels alhambra necklace bouw is niet strikt noodzakelijk, en de zelfde gedachte positief kan worden uitgedrukt met het woord seulement (alleen):

"J'ai seulement pris une pomme." = "Ik duurde slechts een apple."

Gesproken en geschreven gebruik

In de omgangstaal Frans is het gebruikelijk te laten vallen van het 'ne' helemaal in snelle toespraak (maar niet schriftelijk).

Het is ook gebruikelijk in huidige literaire stijl naar het weglaten van het deeltje pas met de werkwoorden vouloir (willen), pouvoir (om te kunnen) en savoir (te weten).

Mensen die genteresseerd zijn in het bovenstaande artikel zijn ook genteresseerd in de aanverwante artikelen hieronder:

Learning Duits stap voor stap

Duits en Engels hebben sommige gelijkenissen met elementen van van cleef and arpels necklace clover replica zowel Latijnse en Griekse in hen. Ze bevatten veel cognates die words that remain vergelijkbaar zijn in beide talen. Er zijn echter valse vrienden lurking zowat hoek, een woord dat vergelijkbaar in het Engels klinkt zou kunnen hebben niets te doen wat u zou kunnen denken dat het betekent.

Rhyme is belangrijk deel van de Engelse taal

Rhyme is een interessant onderdeel van taal die kan worden gebruikt in een verscheidenheid van verschillende manieren. Het wordt vaak gebruikt in pozie een punt te maken. Nochtans, kan men een pakkende slogan ook maken met behulp van humoristische woorden om een bericht te maken. Rhyme is een essentieel onderdeel van de Engelse taal en we gebruiken het de knock off van cleef arpels necklace hele tijd, of we nu bewust van het of niet. Wat is rijm? Dat is een heel goede vraag, en in deze gids, bieden wij een diepgaande analyse van rijm en haar doelstellingen.
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Stop Stressing at the Gas Pump and Start Saving

Almost everybody is trying to save money on gas these days. With gas prices rising faster than both employment rates and household incomes it is a hot topic for everybody. Focusing on saving money for gas is always a good idea, but how many of us focus on how to also save gas in imitation van cleef gold clover necklace general? Let's throw van cleef alhambra diamond necklace imitation around a few averages that many people don't consider before we get to the saving tips. The average American gets 22.4 miles to the gallon in their vehicle. The average cost of gasoline as I am writing this article is $3.80 a gallon with the average person driving 1,000 miles per month. households have two or more cars with two drivers. That takes the cost of fuel to upwards of $4,000.00 a year for many households that don't have the income to balance out a figure like that. The problem is compounded because of the added costs that come with high fuel prices like some of the rises that we are seeing at the grocery store. So what can we do? Lots!1. Avoid prolonged warming up of engine2. Accelerate slowly when starting from dead stop.3. Buy fuel during coolest time of day early morning or late evening is best. During these times gasoline is densest. Gas pumps measure volumes of gas, not densities of fuel concentration. You are charged according to volume of measurement.4. Different brands of fuel can provide you with greater economy because of better quality. Research and use the knock off van cleef and arpel necklace brands which are most beneficial.5. Traveling at 55 mph give you up to 21% better mileage. So leave the house a few minutes earlier and slow down. Not only will you save gas, but you will be less stressed, and safer!6. Keep the windows closed when on the highway. Open windows cause air drag, reducing your mileage by 10%.7. Automatic transmissions should cool down when your car is idling at a standstill, like railroad crossings, long traffic lights, etc. Place gear into neutral position. This reduces transmission strain and allows transmission to cool.8. Regular checks, tune ups, and oil changes will keep your car running efficiently saving you gas.9. Be sure you don't have any excess wait in the car that doesn't need to be there like in the trunk or back of a truck or van.10. Keep tires inflated to the maximum level.1. Many places that we shop everyday have some kind of fuel points reward system. Look into the ones in your area and take advantage. A lot of these perk programs allow customers to build up to .30, .40, and .50 off per gallon.2. Many of us have daily access to the internet, research your local gas prices daily and go where it is cheapest along your normal route. Avoid going out of your way to the point where it is no longer worth it.
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rse Photography Foundation Prize 2017

The Deutsche Brse prize, now 20 years old, continues to reflect the enormous breadth of photographic techniques and strategies. How to compare Sophie Calle's witty, emotional conceptualism, with the pure photography of Awoiska van der Molen's silver gelatin prints?

Calle's display here is typically confessional, funny and moving, recounting her response to the recent deaths of her mother, her knock off van cleef and arpels bracelet cat and her father (in that order).

Where Calle's images are essentially pointed illustrations, starkly and cleverly placed within a textual installation, Van der fake van cleef bracelets Molen's are artisanal objects, steeped in photographic tradition. Her landscapes, unnamed, rise out of blackness, often evoking to me that almost hallucinogenic experience of seeing nature in the dark.

Black and white is big this van cleef arpels bracelet replica year. Dana Lixenberg's 20 year project in the Imperial Courts housing estate in Watts, Los Angeles, captures a community in its humdrum reality setting up a baby shower and its tragedy a portrait of a child in 1993 and a memorial to him 17 years on. And Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs's multimedia display features similarly powerful portraits of people and places found in their travels across the vast territory of Eurasia.

Click the Adblock/Adblock Plus icon, which is to the right of your address bar.

On Adblock click "Don't run on pages on this domain".

If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, "Tracking Protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar.
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Serena Williams and coach boyfriend Patrick Mouratoglou cosy up for a selfies at Perth airport

Posing for the fans: The pair,who have been dating for more than two years, looked relaxed outside the international airport as they greeted fans

Herjewellery was kept to a minimum with just two rings on one fingers, a simple chain and a gold bracelet.

For his part, Mouratoglou, who runs a tennis academy in France and has been working with Williams since her early departure from French Open in 2012, looked relaxed in slashed jeans acasualjacket.

The pair appearedcomfortablein each other'scompanyoutside the international airport as they greeted fansand journalists and chatted about the week long tennis tournament.

Taking it in her stride: The World No.1 appeared relaxed as she arrived in Perth into the blazing sunshine

At one stage Mouratoglou placed his arm gently on her back as they chatted to fans, standing barely inches apart.

Williams has previously been linked to actor and rapper Common, with whom she split in May 2010 after two years of dating.

The breakup came less than two weeks after Common, who is ten years her senior, told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres he was planning to marry the tennis champion.

Fired up: The American will use the tournament as a springboard for her assault on the Australian Open and a 18th Grand slam title

Prior to her relationship with the entertainer, Serena dated actor Jackie Long and was also linked to film maker Brett Ratner.

Last month, she and Novak Djokovic were named as men's and women's World Champions for 2014 by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

Williams won the US Open, the 18th Grand Slam title of her career, the WTA Tour Championship and was also ranked number one by the WTA.

At 33 she is the oldest player ever to be named an ITF Singles World Champion.

Most watched News videos EXCLUSIVE: Ariana Grande plane arrives back in the US Homeless man describes how he helped after Manchester attack Moment bomb explodes at Ariana Grande concert Eye witness describes spotting the Manchester attacker Armed police prepare to raid of Manchester suicide bomber Threat level now CRITICAL: PM raises terror level Blood seen dripping from victim leg after Manchester Forensic officers raid of Manchester suicide bomber Man is arrested by police outside Buckingham Palace Moment armed police storm of Manchester suicide bomber Sickening video warns of more attacks after Manchester Mum of Manchester attack victim Georgina Callander releases balloons

Help for the homeless heroes: fake van cleef pendant Millionaire West Ham owner. The schoolgirls massacred by ISIS coward: Five teenagers. Was bomber's family in global terror network? Killer. 'Our little princess has been so lucky': Father's joy as. Britain on lockdown: Army deploys 1,000 heavily armed. Mother of child actress pictured hugging a female police. Horror on the M6: Lorry driver copy van cleef pendant is arrested after four. Grisly photos of scorched remnants of suicide bomber's. Tourists watch in horror as armed police arrest man. Aaron Hernandez's hell behind bars: NFL star killed. More than 24 hours on, desperate families still search. Heartwrenching scenes as the mother of 15 van cleef & arpels bracelet fake year old. BREAKING NEWS: My son is innocent, insists father of. Comedian Jason Manford deletes Twitter after being. 'I won't forget what you said!' Trump tells Pope after. Melania and Ivanka wear black veils to meet the Pope at. White women's burrito shop is forced to close after. Bomber from a red brick semi who 'knew an ISIS. MOST READ NEWS Previous.
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Secrets of The Longest Lived Person 122 years

1. You can claim you are the oldest living human, but French woman, Jeanne Louise Calment, had the records to prove it.

2. What did Ms. Calment do, that you I can duplicate for health longevity. She remained healthy and with all her marbles, until she kicked the bucket at 122. Nice, right?

b) Jeanne Calment drank Port wine as part of her daily diet. She exclusively used Port from Duoro, Portugal. It is still the best healthiest. c) Chocolate: ate two pounds of bitter sweet, every week of her adult life.

4. She was born in Arles (Guiness Book of Records) in 1875, and cashed in her chips in Arles in 1997. She said she knew Vincent van Gogh, who she thought peculiar, the town thought was a professional wacko.

5. Calment smoked intensely until five years before age 122 164 days. Would you give up the ghost even Days, before your time, if you were healthy and in your right mind? It all precious time, right? Ask an 80 year old, if he/she would give away five good Days?

6. Weird fact: her maiden name was Calment, and she married her cousin, who was Fernand Calment. She lived an upper class life, and never indulged in chronic stress. I cannot change it, I ignore it like a dead, smelly cat. She was to the end.

7. Briefly, what so great about Olive Oil, extra virgin (first pressing) or not? Even 1 2 teaspoons daily for a week, causes apositive chemical effect in your body? What kind?


The latest research (Google it) indicates EVOO helps control your blood pressure, improves respiration van cleef and arpels necklace imitation and circulation. It allegedly inhibits heart disease, and some forms of the big C.

9. Some scientists offer van cleef and arpels necklace sale copy evidence EVOO slows aging. The big action is its Vitamin E protect you from the negative effects of Free Radicals. Like death. Yes, really.

10. We like Calment favorite natural condiment because it tastes delicious, and has less calories than any other oil. It is healthier than vegetable oil, and some experts claim it stabilizes dieting success.

11. Port wine is a sweet dessert beverage. International experts claim Port fights and repairs damaged cells. Want more? (skin seeds) of the grape prevent (maybe), heart attacks.

12. in the grape used for Port, accelerates healing, acts as an But wait, there more. It ages in a cask for three years, and has replica van cleef pendant a dose of Brandy for sweetness.

13. Port wine has 20% more alcohol than other wines. More calories, but healthier. Remember this line: Port aids, flight, and luv at first sight! Now you never forget the benefits of Port.

14. Oh yeah, Ruby Port from Portugal is the best. It is with seeds vines at the bottom. Strain it or choke to Brainiacs: free radicals are atoms with an odd, unpaired number of electrons. They attack the nearest stable (heathy) molecule, and steal its electron. Destabilizes, and knocks it off.

So drink your daily Port, Why? what gets results! suggest (ask your primary physician or Reflexologist, first) you test Jeanne Louise Calment longevity diet. You be the judge of its effect on your mind body connection. Bernard Wechsler.
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Some foods make my arthritis worse

For centuries, the effects of food on arthritis symptoms have been discussed both in the scientific literature as well as in lay writings. Food allergy has been reported to play a role particularly in RA.

In a study published in 1980, 22 patients with RA consumed a diet that excluded common allergens. Twenty patients (91%) experienced an improvement in symptoms, and 19 found that specific foods repeatedly exacerbated their symptoms. The mean time on the elimination diet before improvement occurred was 10 days, and the longest time was 18 days. The mean number of food sensitivities per patient was 2.5; the most common symptom provoking foods were grains, milk, nuts, beef, and egg. (Hicklin JA, McEwen LM, Morgan JE. The effect of diet in rheumatoid arthritis. Clin fake van cleef arpels alhambra necklace Allergy 1980;10:463.)

In a later study, 53 patients with RA were randomly assigned to consume a diet that excluded common allergens, or their usual diet (control group) for six weeks. After one week, the patients on the exclusion diet began reintroducing one food at a time; any foods producing symptoms were removed from the diet. The hypoallergenic diet group fared significantly better than the control group for each of 13 different parameters of disease activity. The patients in the control group then underwent the same elimination and challenge procedure that the diet group had, and experienced similar, though somewhat less impressive, improvements (Darlington LG, Ramsey NW, Mansfield JR. Placebo controlled, blind study of dietary manipulation therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. Lancet 1986;1:236 238).

Long term follow up of 100 patients who underwent dietary therapy in this study revealed that one third remained well on diet alone, without any medication, for up to 7.5 years after starting treatment (Darlington LG, Ramsey NW. Diets for rheumatoid arthritis. Lancet 1991;338:1209).

While the knock off van cleef and arpels alhambra necklace possibility of placebo effect needs to be considered, the long term benefit experienced by these patients van cleef and arpels necklace replica is noteworthy. Also, while there was some weight loss noted in the treated patients, there was no significant correlation between weight loss and clinical improvement in RA symptoms.

In another double blind controlled study, 94 patients with RA were randomized to one of two diets for four weeks, followed by a return to their usual diets for another four weeks. One diet ("allergen free") was free of common allergens, additives and preservatives. The other diet ("low allergen") was similar to the allergen free diet, but contained milk allergens and azo dyes. Seventy eight patients completed the study. The effects of food elimination and re challenge varied considerably among patients. Nine patients (11.5% of the total; 6 in the allergen free group, 3 in the low allergen group) had a favorable response to the elimination diet, followed by marked disease flare during re challenge. In these patients, subjective improvements were confirmed by improvements in objective parameters of disease activity (Van de Laar MA, van der Korst JK. Food intolerance in rheumatoid arthritis. I. A double blind, controlled trial of the clinical effects of elimination of milk allergens and azo dyes. Ann Rheum Dis 1992;51:298 302). The small number of patients exhibiting changes is an argument against significant benefits associated with a diet manipulation. Nonetheless it appears that there is a subset of patients for whom diet is an important component of their symptom complex.

A smaller study looked at eleven RA patients. Two of the 11 RA patients showed a favorable response to an elimination diet and experienced worsening after eating offending foods. In that study, the elimination diet did not exclude certain common allergens (wheat, corn, egg whites, sugar, and coffee). It could be argued that the response rate would have been higher if the elimination diet had been more restrictive (Panush RS, Carter RL, Katz P, et al. Diet therapy for rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis Rheum 1983;26:462 471). Small numbers in this study make comprehensive validation impossible.

These studies seem to imply that avoidance of allergenic foods might benefit a subset of patients with RA, although the proportion of patients responding to dietary change varies a lot from one study to the next. The difference in response rates may be related in part to the patient populations studied. Older patients and those with relatively severe RA may not respond to dietary manipulation as well. The divergent results in published studies may also be explained in part by strictness of dietary restriction and/or compliance. Finally, RA is a spectrum of diseases; not all therapies work for all patients. This divergence of effect has been noted even with biologic therapies.

The possibility of food allergies accounting for RA symptoms makes the use of food allergy testing a viable weapon in the arsenal of the clinical rheumatologist. In our clinic we use food allergy testing in patients where symptoms don't seem to respond to conventional therapies.
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The city car with hypercar roots

Gordon Murray is something of a mythic figure in the car business. A former designer of Grand Prix cars for Brabham and McLaren, Murray is perhaps better known as the father of the vaunted McLaren F1 supercar. Since 2007, Murray, who turned 70 last June, has been working on a vehicle that is somewhat less scintillating as the F1, bit that may yet prove more important to the world.

The car made its first public appearance in 2010 as the T.25, and it carried with it some ambitious, even outlandish, design elements. For one, it was very small, but like Murray's F1 supercar, it managed to cartier love bracelet lock contain within its carbon fibre shell space for three humans, a centrally located driver and two rear passengers, whose legs extend to the driver's left and right. a car to fit three adults is almost impossible, Murray told James May back in 2012. But his tiny city car, two feet narrower than a Smart ForTwo, does just that. It can be parked nose to the kerb, and three of them will fit comfortably, side by side, in a standard British urban parking space. And the car doesn't have doors. A button on the key fob prompts the body shell to crack open like an egg; the front half tips forward to yield access to the cabin.

Murray conceived more than a car; the T.25 since renamed the Shell Concept Car for Murray's technical partner and the car's benefactor demonstrates a philosophy of car building, one centred on supreme energy efficiency. The car is designed to be inexpensive to build, operate, park and repair. It uses no exotic propulsion system or impractical concept car weirdness, but rather an exceptionally frugal three cylinder petrol engine and a maniacal attention to aerodynamic efficiency and weight management.

Top Gear's Ollie Marriage recently had an opportunity to take the middle seat of the Shell Concept Car. His thoughts on Gordon Murray's small wonder? "Very polished, complete and clever." But what about that name? "I know, I know, there a certain irony that a fuel company is involved in energy saving, but stick with it for a bit."

On Shell's contribution

The message from Shell is basically that if they involved earlier and more fully, then the lubrication can be designed in conjunction with the engine, which would help to extend engine life and improve efficiency. Put simply, the thinner the oil, the less friction, the better efficiency. I don know how familiar you are with your 15w 40s, but the bigger the number, the more viscous the fluid. The Shell concept car runs on 0w 12. [It's] about the consistency of coffee. I don know if we talking Italian espresso or instant I forgot to ask. Anyway, thin oil is part of the virtuous circle that Gordon Murray is so fond of. The car itself used to weigh 627kg, but now weighs 550kg.

On obsessive weight management

[The Concept Car] seats three 95th percentile adults and has a 160 litre boot that extends to 720 litres cartier love bracelet 16 copy with the two rear seats folded. And yet it only 2.5 metres long and 1.35 metres wide. Way smaller than a Smart ForTwo, small enough to fit on a table tennis table. Weight has been stripped from everywhere: body, suspension, brakes, steering, exhaust, fake cartier love bracelet 16 cooling, interior. There practically no NVH materials in it. They call it the weight waterfall removing weight from one area means you can take more from another so no power steering needed to turn the 145/70 R13 tyres and with only 550kg to shift, outputs of 43bhp and 47lb ft are enough to push it along at up to 100mph. At the moment it uses the old sequential manual from the Smart ForTwo, which is borderline hopeless and results in a 0 62mph time of 15.8 seconds.

In its performance

It feels perky enough off the line and despite being a concept rides competently and isn anywhere near as unrefined as I expected. The central driving position is easy to adapt to, the only curious bit being the tall, upright, van like driving position necessary to make the packaging work. It a novel experience. Which is the kindest way to say odd. Despite being predicted to attain a four star EuroNCAP rating, you feel vulnerable because you sit so close to the perimeter. It better in the back, shoulders tucked back and legs stretched out past the driver seat. Three of us got in and went for a pootle around Dunsfold outer road. It was perfectly comfortable. And you can stand up and walk out of it.

On its fuel consumption

On the regular combined cycle it returned 107mpg remember this isn a hybrid at all and nor does it have a start stop system to make the most of idling periods. If it did have one they believe economy would go up another five per cent. Shell didn run it on special fuel. I asked if they ran it on V Power, but no, regular 95 as that what people would put in it. They also ran the engine with conventional lubrication fuel economy fell by five per cent as internal friction in the engine went up by 20 per cent.

On its future

At the moment this is just a test bed a very polished, complete and clever test bed, but a test bed nonetheless. It would need a bold, forward thinking manufacturer to step up and take it on because it challenges conventional thinking so deeply. However, conventional thinking has only got us so far and if we serious about energy saving, this shows there another way.

View image of Shell Concept Car

Read Ollie Marriage's full story here, and if you haven't already done so, join the TG community on Facebook.
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Riots In The Netherlands After Caribbean Man Mitch Henriquez Dies In Police Custody

AMSTERDAM, July 2 (Reuters) copy cartier 18k love bracelet Dutch police fired warning shots and arrested 34 people during a third straight day of unrest on Thursday triggered by the death of a Caribbean man in police custody, and a temporary ban on public gatherings was imposed in a neighborhood hit by rioting.

The death from apparent asphyxiation on Sunday of Mitch Henriquez, 42, from the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba, has been likened to incidents in the United States that sparked protests over excessive police use of force.

Disturbances erupted anew overnight on Thursday and police on horseback charged protesters who set fires, hurled bottles and rocks and smashed shop windows, according to a police statement.

Later on Thursday, the mayor of The Hague imposed a rare temporary ban on public assembly in the neighborhood, where more than 60 protesters have been arrested since Monday, to try to stem the violence, the Dutch news agency ANP reported.

Protesters demonstrate in The Hague, the Netherlands, on June 29, 2015, after Mitch Henriquez died in police custody a day earlier. (AFP/Getty Images/Arie Kievit)

Under the measure, no more that three people were permitted to gather in one place while "dangerous objects" and scooters were prohibited, other local media said.

At one point during hours of rioting bracelet like cartier love bracelet copy early on Thursday, police fired warning shots to ward a mob of youths who cartier bracelets fake had cornered them, before riot officers arrived in jeeps, enabling their colleagues on foot to flee to safety. (0200 GMT).

Preliminary findings from an autopsy indicated that Henriquez died of asphyxiation after being held in a chokehold and pinned down by five white police officers. His death was almost certainly caused by rough police treatment, it said.

Floral tributes and small notes have been placed by family members of Mitch Henriquez, a man who died of suffocation following his arrest at a music festival in the Zuiderpark in The Hague, on July 1, 2015. (AFP/Getty Images/Bart Maat)

Henriquez, who has three children and was visiting the Netherlands, was arrested at a concert on Saturday for allegedly shouting that he had a gun, and died in hospital on Sunday. He did not have a weapon, investigators said. [ID: L5N0ZF4X4]

Police initially said that Henriquez had become unwell while on his way to jail. But amateur video emerged on Monday showing him being taken away in an arrest van, apparently already unconscious, after the heavy handed arrest.

The five officers involved in Henriquez's arrest have been suspended pending results of an investigation.

The Hague's police force has previously been criticized by Amnesty International and in a 2013 Dutch TV documentary for targeting foreigners and immigrants disproportionately and with greater use of force.
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Kate Upton mette un display leggero mentre tiene le mani con il fidanzato Justin Verlander

Catwalk: Kate Upton ha tenuto le mani con il suo beato Justin Verlander, mentre lampeggia i suoi spettacolari perni in una gonna rossa tagliata alti, mentre si era appoggiata lungo la strada a New York domenica

Kate sembrava stordito collaborare con il suo numero sexy con un collo nero e un tacco nero.

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