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Technical Effect On HR Activities Technical Effect On HR Activities December 7 Jalen Reeves-Maybin Lions Jersey , 2013 | Author: Joseph Jacob | Posted in Careers

The industry has revolutionized by the modern technology. Many firms greatly depend on technology and they cannot operate without technological assistance. The influence of technology on business functions is huge. Main impact comes through computers and the internet. All business activities rely on the technology including the human resource management. Let’s discuss some HR activities aided by the modern technology.

Choosing workers are one of the key events in HRM. These days, the influence of technology on recruitment and selection is enormous. Previously, HR divisions completely relied on print publications like newspapers and magazines when posting their job openings and when enticing potential applicants. They also hardly ever used networks to post their vacancies. But, those print publications introduced a small number of applicants because they had a restricted coverage. These days, with the development of the computer systems and the internet, HR individuals have so many methods to post their job ads, and a vast number of individuals see their vacancies. This brings more possibilities to find the best applicant easily and successfully.

It also decreases the cost affiliates with employee hiring.

Technological innovation also helps to enhance the training and development function in business firms. HR groups can successfully release their training and development activities for new and the current workers. Previously, training functions were always done through the actual interactions between the instructors and employees. Now, it is not essential to do like that way. HR sections can perform exclusive trainings with new technical gadgets and methods. Trainers can provide company information and conduct classes remotely. Hence, it decreases the cost and the amount of work linked with training and development.

Documentation is another essential procedure of HR management. HR individuals should keep plenty of documents and other HR details. Previously, this procedure involved plenty of documentation, and HR divisions kept large file storages with those gathered information. Now, the procedure is pretty much easier with computers. Data saving and accessing is very simple with the latest computers. Human resource people no longer need to keep large file stocks in their file storages.

HR people should monitor employee performance continually in order to maintain and control the human resource of the organization. This process is easy and effective with new performance monitoring systems. This is another assistance given to the HR activities by the modern technology. It improves the ability of performance monitoring and company resource utilization.

These are some crucial things to remember about recruitment india.

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