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The use of real laser pointer has become widespread. Pointers are useful tools for classroom and conference education workers. However, due to the cost is low, supply is everywhere, the pointer is now, including children, the public purchase and use, and use in the form of manufacturer has no intention of using. As a result, the danger of a laser pointer is serious. Although most of the low power laser diode is contained in a laser designator, but on the market the most powerful laser, most imported from other countries. There is no limit to the laser pointer purchase in the United States. The fda has issued a 2,000-megawatt laser of purchase warning, insisting that the use of indicators is different than toys, not children, unless adult supervision.

The sensor is composed of the photosensitive resistance of LDR1, which is simple, because we know that there is a resistor with a large dark resistance and a very low voltage, such as 3000mw laser pen or infrared hit potentiometer R1, resistor R2 and phototransistor have the code, where R 3 is the transistor saturated charge collector R1, and the bias resistor voltage divider is set in the diagram, with the laser beam to the power alarm switch, the circuit must have influence on the photoelectric transistor, and the basic element drops to almost zero before the resistance is low, the transistor will be shut down, so the two pins are the collector height.
When a person or object is laser irradiated by an obstacle of 2000MW, it has the photoelectric interference, which is a high resistance dark. Whether or not activating the zero collector has programmed the time base to trigger the beam 555, and the current R1 and R2 to keep the triode puncture.

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